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Comment 27 Aug 2015

I am with you on this, Steve. Of course ultimately I know Coach Meyer knows what he is doing when it comes to hiring assistants, but it is hard to overlook how average Nebraska's QB play has been the past several seasons. There could be other factors I am not aware of that contributed to that, obviously, but it is just something that sticks in my mind. I hope I am proven way wrong on this. 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

It just goes to show you that all of the team recruiting titles mean nothing until those guy hit the field. All that talent that the Buckeyes have yet so many questions from a "true depth" standpoint. Great read. 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

This makes all the sense in the world right now. For one thing, he'll get very limited reps as a back-up to a back-up QB, and this is a way to get substantial reps as an athlete right away. He can decide what he wants to do next year, whether that is going back to competing for the QB spot, or if he likes it at wide out he can stay there. At least he'll have a close up and more importantly early look in his college career at which position gives him a better chance to go pro at. 

Comment 05 Aug 2015

My money is and has been on Terry McLaurin. The guy lit it up at the opening during his senior year in high school...he's flat out an elite athlete. If he gets a chance to play early on, I have no doubt he'll shine. Either way it is exciting just to think about right now. Fall camp, season can't come fast enough!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

I'm glad to see that this young man is trying to get his life back on the right track, and quite frankly, I feel sorry for Valparaiso and everyone else on Eastern Kentucky's schedule, for he is going to cause outright havoc on their offensive lines and QB's. I wish him the best and will be rooting for EKU. 

Comment 29 Apr 2015

Well written and a great read, Ramzy. I always pulled for Grant and never saw him as a bust because he improved every year he was in Columbus. To solidify his position in Buckeye history for all of the intangibles that we don't necessarily get to see displayed on the television is just and well deserved by that young man. 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

To me, this should tell us, once again, that there is no substance to these transfer rumors. The Doctor lives in Alabama yet people still feel the need to speculate as to why he's been visiting?? Even Urban knows about it, so as far as I'm concerned this is now a non-story. Braxton is all Buckeye. 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

So let me see if I understand this correctly. While Braxton Miller is in D.C. with his entire team and coaching staff, including former players and coaches from last year, he just happened to sneak away to get examined by a Bama team Doctor? Or perhaps the Doctor just tagged along the white house visit with his equipment and examined him in the oval office? 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I'm hoping the Penn St game ends up being a night game because that's the one I've pegged to make the trek from Austin to Columbus to attend. 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I'll echo what's already been mentioned in the comments a couple of times, and that is that Gareon Conley showed up for the spring game, which was a welcoming sight. If he can fill in for Doran Grant, then the secondary is going to be solid once again.

Also Nick Connor and Sam Hubbard are going to be scary guys for OSU as depth this season and as future starters. 

Comment 07 Apr 2015

i would agree with this. Having someone at the opposite end of the defensive line capable of causing his own havok would likely mean less double teams on Bosa which you would think should translate into more sacks, TFL's etc.  

Comment 07 Apr 2015

I know this is unlikely and a long shot, but I wonder if Joey would stick around for another year so that he could play for a year and share the college experience with his brother Nick, assuming that he commits to OSU of course. I don't know how close the two are, but if they have a good relationship, it is not impossible to think that it may have been discussed.