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Spent most of my childhood and adult life in Toledo. Went to TOSU for 3 semesters before I had to come back home for personal/family reasons. Finished my degree at University of Toledo, but I will always be a Buckeye. I've been living in Austin, TX for the past 6 years as a result of work relocation.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the inaugural College Football Championship game in Dallas on January 12th, 2014 and witnessing Ohio State win it all. Every moment of that game from pregame to kickoff to the team celebration afterwards. Me being there was quite simply the best sports moment of my life.
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Comment 12 hours ago

Yes but the deep pass only works if Zeke is running rampant., which until the 2nd half of the IU game simply hasn't happened yet this season. I was surprised that he didn't try and take a few shots downfield late in the IU game to put it away. I think there are some trust issues with Jones because he hasn't fixed his mechanics yet, but now that it seems the O-Line is beginning to gel again and resemble last year's unit, expect them to try much harder to establish the run game early and then take some shots downfield vs Maryland. Then and only then will we know if this team has a deep threat. Of course, losing Corey Smith will make that much, much more difficult. 

Comment 12 hours ago

3 things:

1) Buckeyes will get the win

2) Buckeyes will not cover

3) I don't care about the point spread and never bet on my Buckeyes anyways.

Comment 12 hours ago

It quite frankly surprised me that they didn't try to hit a deep ball or two late vs IU to put the game away. At that point Zeke had clearly gotten going, and to me that is what has been missing from the past 3 games before that and hence why the deep game was ineffective. to me it says that Urban just doesn't trust Jones yet. Remember vs Bama last year in the Sugar bowl, late in the 4th and up by 7, Meyer took a shot downfield to try and put the game away when Jones tried to hit Spencer deep. It almost worked too and who knows, had that been Smith instead the Buckeyes probably win that game by 14 instead of 7. After under throwing a few guys vs Western, however, we didn't really see many deep balls and again, it surprised me especially in the 2nd half after the run game was torching IU's defense. To me that is a red flag. Now, with Corey Smith out (even though he hasn't been targeted much so far this year), Zone 6 is starting to look thin at receivers capable of getting open downfield. It makes me wonder if this will affect Meyer's decision at QB, if at all. I would guess not, because Coach has made his choice and is sticking with it-rightfully so. In the end, the Bucks are winning, and while it may not be pretty all of the time, it is a win and you can't blame all of the mistakes on Cardale. He isn't responsible for all of the turnovers and penalties. These are fixable issues. Whether or not they get fixed remains to be seen, but I have faith in Urban to get it done. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Every time Marshall touches the ball, I get nervous because he's always trying to make one last move, one last effort to get a few extra yards or turn a small gain into a big play. Normally that's not a bad thing and he gets an 'A' for effort, but because of his poor history with ball security, I'm always worried he'll fumble. If you think about it, however, Coach Meyer always preaches effort-aka '4-6 seconds of relentless effort'. It seems he is okay with players making mistakes as long as they are putting in the effort. It's when they jget lazy that he has no tolerance. My question is where do you draw the line when it comes to constantly fumbling during that effort? And when a guy like Marshall is constantly leaving the ball exposed, at what point does that become part of "effort". He's so damn dynamic it is a shame that I have to hold my breath every time he is trying to make a play.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

While I do hope and fully expect the offense to get back to it's semi-old self on Saturday, after what has happened the past two weeks in regards to OSU not covering, I'm surprised to still see people predicting blowouts. I never bet on the Buckeyes, but if I did, I'd be hesitant to pick them to cover just yet. I hope I am wrong. 

Comment 23 Sep 2015

I don't mind this choice and I am not surprised by it either. I just hope that they stick with Jones for the long haul now, even if he has a few bad series, throws int's or makes some mistakes. Neither guy will ever be able to gain the confidence needed to get into a rhythm if they get yanked after a few series. I think that each of these two guys brings something unique to the offense but I think that Meyer wants the team to pick up where it left off last year, which is throwing the ball deep and running Zeke right up the gut of defensive lines, and he knows that Jones is the guy to do it, but not until the other offensive units get it together. You can't determine if you have a deep threat guy to replace Smith until the O-Line starts blocking up front and the WR's are blocking on the perimeter, because until that happens, Jones won't have enough time to let those deeper routes develop. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I know exactly which play you were referring to, and if you ask me, that showed me Cardale's leadership abilities. You have got to let your receivers know if they made a mistake when it costs you the ability to move the ball. You should note that after he gave it to Marshall about missing the route, he held out his fist for a bump. Nothing at all wrong with the way he handled the situation. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Who care's if they are still no 1. Mentally it may do them some good to drop. Perhaps it will be a wake up call. You'd think these are fixable problems with as many playmakers that are on this team (unless that itself is the problem) but the x factors here are the two new coaches on offense with Warriner calling plays and not full time w/ OLine and Beck coaching QB's. Not impressed with either in their new roles so far but still lots of time to correct.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

So far, the last two games have felt like last year's VaTech game on a continuous loop. Defenses show the offense different looks and the Buckeyes unprepared. Yes, they miss Devin Smith as a deep threat and Spencer's blocking, but just go back to last year's game vs VaTech. OLine couldn't block to save lives, and therefore Barrett had no time to throw. The truth is we don't know if OSU has a deep threat because Jones or Barrett haven't really had enough time to let plays develop that much to throw deep. I felt that play calling was atrocious last year vs VaTech, and I feel the same for Hawaii and NIU. During the 3rd, OSU started to move the ball by going tempo and giving it to Zeke. They either ran power, or the counter trey (not sure, but if I have the stomach for it I'll re-watch) but the important thing is that it was successful. Did anyone forget how great the counter trey worked in the playoff run?? Then for some reason, they ditched that plan mid-drive, and OSU had to settle for a FG. Didn't see them go back to it for the rest of the game. If you are willing to re-live that nightmare, think back to that VaTech game and tell me if it wasn't the same feeling. Yes, I get it was a different defense, but the results are the same. Just my opinion and the funny thing is the only time I didn't feel I was caught in that loop was when they played VaTech this year. 

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I hope we see major improvement on the offensive line this weekend. Their blocking has been average at best for the first two games in my opinion, especially when it comes time to running the option. Cardale has had no choice but to keep the ball nearly every time because the defense had already swarmed Zeke, Braxton, or whoever else might have been the option guy. Defenses are getting penetration immediately on either side. Part of it was both defenses were dialed in and ready, but I also think there can be improvement. I am hoping this full and normal week of practice is just what the Dr. ordered. Go Bucks! 

Comment 01 Sep 2015

What kept boggling my mind last year was how they lost to bad teams after beating the Bucks. I said last year that I think OSU put so much into preparing for Navy because of the triple option that Vtech just kind up snuck up, while VTech spent most of their camp prepping for OSU, and that's why they played so well against us and but played bad the game before and after Ohio State (which the lost). This year, however is it a different story. Even if Vtech wasn't the week one opponent, there was no way that OSU will be surprised. Add to it that we'll have an experienced Offensive line, QB's, and RB this time around and I think we'll be ok but it will be a battle at least through the first two quarters. If you think about it, the receiver situation is very similar to last year. Had unproven talent with exception to Devin Smith, and this year we have Michael Thomas. The key is going to be the Offensive line. JT or Jones will have more time to throw, so receivers will have more time to get open. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I am with you on this, Steve. Of course ultimately I know Coach Meyer knows what he is doing when it comes to hiring assistants, but it is hard to overlook how average Nebraska's QB play has been the past several seasons. There could be other factors I am not aware of that contributed to that, obviously, but it is just something that sticks in my mind. I hope I am proven way wrong on this. 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

It just goes to show you that all of the team recruiting titles mean nothing until those guy hit the field. All that talent that the Buckeyes have yet so many questions from a "true depth" standpoint. Great read. 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

This makes all the sense in the world right now. For one thing, he'll get very limited reps as a back-up to a back-up QB, and this is a way to get substantial reps as an athlete right away. He can decide what he wants to do next year, whether that is going back to competing for the QB spot, or if he likes it at wide out he can stay there. At least he'll have a close up and more importantly early look in his college career at which position gives him a better chance to go pro at. 

Comment 05 Aug 2015

My money is and has been on Terry McLaurin. The guy lit it up at the opening during his senior year in high school...he's flat out an elite athlete. If he gets a chance to play early on, I have no doubt he'll shine. Either way it is exciting just to think about right now. Fall camp, season can't come fast enough!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

I'm glad to see that this young man is trying to get his life back on the right track, and quite frankly, I feel sorry for Valparaiso and everyone else on Eastern Kentucky's schedule, for he is going to cause outright havoc on their offensive lines and QB's. I wish him the best and will be rooting for EKU.