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Comment 06 Dec 2013

Fickel said in an interview that he is not concerned with tackling. "We just need to flow to the ball." Live tacking drills are not a part of the routine by report. If I'm wrong please let me know. If that is the case then you reap what you sow.  Missed tackles and poor angles all year long.  Would love to see a pressure defense with corners up and make Cook throw to a tight spot all game long under pressure.  Unfortunately dont think this will happen.  Bend and then break.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Hope you right.  I kind of have the same feeling in some respects but also see so many missed tackles and a scheme that gives up 8-10 yards on obvious passing downs.   Dont quite get that.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Don't have a direct quote but I do recall Fickel in a news conference indicating he was not concerned with missed tackles due to the team flowing to the ball and lots of bodies in place to make the play.  This was the gist of his comment.  In my view this is a recipe for disaster as evidenced by a number of games this year including SAT. You might decrease injuries but if you are not having live tackle drills the most important aspect of  defensive football  suffers.  Still cant get over having Mich pinned on the 3 yard line and having the corner play 10 yards off.  Easy first down.  What are they thinking?  We dont want to give up a big play?  2 missed tackles and a 99 yard big play. Scheme and fundamentals.  Go Bucks!!