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Comment 21 Jul 2014

I, too, think this will be the best OSU team that Coach Meyer has fielded.

I agree as well.  What is funny is that I remember listening to Colin Cowherd last summer say that '14 would be the year for Ohio State.  I thought he was crazy back then, but I now see that his, then, outlandish claim has some validity to it. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014

field goals can make or break you in a tight game..

See Alabama 

Comment 18 Jul 2014

While I'm not ruling out the possibility that there was some exaggeration within the article, it is possible that there is some truth in it.  I listened to a recruiting pitch when I was in high school that was contrary to what I had been taught and I was instantly turned off to the idea of playing football for that coach.  It is possible that the kid responded negatively to the negative recruiting.  He most likely has spent his football career in positive coaching environment.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I don't know if you follow recruiting closely or not but you should try and make it to a Bishop Luers game this year.  Austin Mack is a junior WR and we are recruiting him to come to Columbus.  Also fun fact the head coach of Carroll High School is a Buckeye.  I'm pretty sure Doug Dinan was a walk on QB.  (He was the offensive coordinator/QB coach when I played at Snider)

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I know there are a lot of Buckeye fans in Fort Wayne.  I grew up in the Georgetown/Blackhawk area.  What part of town are you residing?

Comment 15 Jul 2014

but Devin hasn't proven much outside of his ability to run in a straight line really, really fast.