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Comment 26 Mar 2015

I was thinking the same thing.  I remember reading that they were just trying him out at RB and then Urban was surprised with how well he did and how hard he was running in between the tackles.  So he just kept him there.  At that time he didn't exactly know what he had in Elliot (had an idea, but Elliot hadn't fully blossomed yet) and had Wilson and Marshall at the H.  

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Bingo!  I'm guessing the order of the list that Birm produced of potential WRs for this year is very similar to OSUs big board.  IIRC Layne was lower on the list.  

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I agree.  My hope is that Booker closes the gap and is able to see significant snaps.  By significant snaps I don't mean quantity, I mean quality.  It's one thing to get on the field during garbage time, it is another to get on the field for a series or two in the first half.  We know what we have with Perry.  If Booker or any other players are getting PT that is incredibly encouraging to me, because that means we have true depth.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

I don't understand why everyone is offended by what Stephen A. Smith said.  Please tell me why in a manner that is coherent, thoughtful, and not demeaning to him.  

Comment 09 Mar 2015

There is no point in speculating who will leave.  Attrition happens and it is always sad when it does, but that is part of it.  

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Penn St's THON is it's on separate beast that is similar to Dance Marathon.  Campuses that hold a Dance Marathon give the money raised to children's hospitals.  The THON gives money to different organizations each year because they raise soooo much money each and in some ways want to "share the wealth" among various health research organizations.  

In college I was highly involved with Dance Marathon on my campus and was one of the directors my senior year.  I know that all the money we raised went directly to the children's hospital.  The money we raised did not go directly to the families and help with their medical bills.  It went to help fund the Child Life Specialists who's job is to make the children in the hospital feel as normal as possible while they are receiving treatment.