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Comment 17 Aug 2015

With alot of the top tier guys off the board or trending elsewhere, it feels like another year where the staff may just wait and see if someone takes off this year during their season and offer one of the late bloomers...

Comment 17 Aug 2015

Trending away from Ohio State ( not as if there was a time he was really trending OSUs way)...While im sure the staff will continue to work on him, it might be time to start ramping up the efforts elsewhere IF they want another DT in the class.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Wiltfong now is going with Pryts to PSU...obviously not the best sign and things are trending away and quickly.  Guess the next question would be where does the staff turn now? Who are the legit options to fill the S spot(s) in this class.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

DT recruiting is puzzling.... only 2-3 targets in Gary, Jackson and to a lesser extent Lawrence..but OSU seems to be well behind in the recruitment of all 3...not sure what gives to be honest... Position of need, great coaching, Championship program.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

The 2017 class at WR looks unreal for Ohio State...They could have 3 very good WRs wrapped up by this summer. Some tough calls will need to be made and id guess Nixon is one of those.  Judson/Greene/Grimes then add one of the Ohio WRs ( Davis or Richardson)..thats a hard WR class to top.

Comment 18 Jun 2015

I dont think its as much about not being impressed as not really getting those "tier 1" DTs that the staff pinpoints as the top choices...Both the DTs we took last season we snagged later in the year, and were , most likely guys the staff knew they could wait on and still get commitments out of if offered late. I think its more about missing on the DTs that we recruit all year and are the obvious plan A guys.  This doesnt mean Hamilton and Landers arent good prospects and cant be future All Americans...but they also werent the main focus of the DT recruiting for most of the year.

Comment 18 Jun 2015

Good topic and one I am also curious about. Of what seem to be the 3 main DT targets in this class, it appears OSU trails for all 3. I know it doesnt help that there arent any " elite" DT prospects in Ohio. OSU does appear to be in a good position for Jerron Cage next year, whom is a highly rated DT, but that class is a long way off and will be another ND/OSU battle. Cam Spence in another 2017 DT that is high on Ohio State.  Is there any way that the staff only takes 1 DT in this class and hopes to take 3-4 next year? I wouldnt call it worry persay, as it always seems to work out in the end.

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Jones and Bush Jr they probably land...Gary they have a good shot at but I wouldnt pencil him in yet...and I dont think they get Kelly. UM has always recruited well, that wont suddenly change....on the bright side, Meyer recruits and coaches among the elite...UM has a very nice OL class so far, but ill take a Johnson Sr + a Bosa every time...

Comment 10 Jun 2015

I think he is one of those " tough choices" the staff had to make. From what ive heard/read, he just isnt a take at this point, which will most likely push him elsewhere ( Michigan) . Seems like the staff wont take another WR not named Corley or Craig-Myers right now...Small WR class this year, paired with what looks to be a strong WR class in 17, I think gives OSU some room to be picky and wait for their guy and afford the risks that come with that.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Its a recruiting board, talent is and should be discussed...kids are ranked by multiple sites for everyone too see. I would also assume a player that OSU would/could take wouldnt be void of talent. Plenty of times its been said Player A is priority over player B, etc etc.  Yes , I am curious as to opinion on the remaining OTs on the board and what kind of players they might be in the grand scheme of things.  You also dont need to say a kid is a major step down to get the point across. Could say, " He's lower on OSU's board" or " A lot would have to happen for him to get taken" or even the " He's more of a project"...

Comment 20 Apr 2015

No, but given the circumstances ( NC last season, Ohio kids,etc) losing both is a tough pill to swallow. OSU had a GREAT weekend. Meyer and staff pulled in some fantastic prospects, but Id bet even Meyer is focused on the 1 battle he lost, how he can prevent it in the future and whom he can find to replace Liam on the board...

Comment 19 Apr 2015
Turn up the heat on Bredseon, not in state but could be an upgrade. Will be amusing when Warriner getsa HC job and Meyer hires NDs OL coach.