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Comment 16 Sep 2014

Nice to see you think Baker ends up in this class....do you think that is a result of Muschamp losing his job, Durkin getting a HC position or just deciding he would rather stay in Columbus? Think it goes til signing day?

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I wouldnt write Collier off so fast..He will have advantages over any QB coming in now ( experience w/ the offense and time in a college weight room) not to mention, no one really knows what he is capable of..The kid certainly looks the part physically and by most accounts may have one of the best work ethics on the team. I dont think he is just going to concede the QB spot to other prospects simply because they were rated higher or garnered more attention coming in. Predicting JT's successor at this point is just a wild guess.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Not the best news...things can change in a hurry though. Just a week ago, alot of people liked where OSU stood with him. The Buckeyes have some promising young CBs, but would have been nice to add another.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Could be nothing more then the staff just trying to plan for the future w/ Knox. It looks like a smaller class of linemen in the 15 cycle, and the 2 we do have look to be tackles...OSU may not take a true guard type in the 15 class. You've gotta look ahead a bit, especially w/ the OLine and make sure the unit can rebuild itself when players leave. I could see the staff being comfortable w/ guard play enough that they will redshirt Knox to get some seperation from the current guys and use him as a big piece going forward.

Comment 14 Sep 2014
IF OSU does miss out on the 2 highly touted in state olinemen in 2016, as is being foreshadowed, who then might the Buckeyes look to fill those spots? ( any kids that OSU is in good or great position with.)
Comment 14 Sep 2014
Skill position recruiting in the 15 class has been a bit lackluster thus far. What has caused such a lull and does the class finish w much offensive firepower?
Comment 11 Sep 2014

Mike, will his commitment have any bearing on Stump possibly getting a offer and joining this class? I know you mentioned Stump as a good possibility at one point.

Comment 09 Sep 2014
A&M has 1 key component that OSU currently does not, and that's a pretty darn good offensive line. It all starts w the big guys in the trenches...any weakness up front will have a negative impact on everything else.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
Awful news, but not unexpected. Almost seems like Buckeye fans are being warned about missing out on these top 2 OL prospects too soften the disappointment a bit when it does happen. No good excuse for Ohio State to miss on two top instate prospects, especially nationally recognized offensive linemen..and while Urban has proven that he can usually replace those misses w guys of equal or greater talent, it feels unlikely in this case. As if Josh Meyers wasn't already a must have in the 2017, he becomes even more of major must get.
Comment 02 Sep 2014
Wasn't OSU #1 for Smothers towards the beginning of summer? Given a few misses at the WR position, id love to see Stump get an offer. Seems like a solid weapon to add. Curious how he would respond to a late offer as kind of a plan B/C guy.
Comment 31 Aug 2014
ND is said to be in a very good spot for Kraemer as well. Its early, but a strong possibility that 2 elite OL prospects in Ohio will be leaving the state to further their football careers.
Comment 28 Aug 2014

lol, Im not saying TG will be a WR...but honestly, if you list Gibson,Cager and Stump in order at the WR positon as far as talent goes, would TG not top that list?

I really like Cager too, I would want him in the class even if OSU did land Kirk and Van. Just seems for one reason or another OSU is having a bit of trouble closing the deal on a top WR prospect.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Skill position recruiting this cycle has been a bit of a let down...obviously still time, but not alot of names being linked to OSU. Of the above mentioned only Cager could be considered likely to end up in this class. Would the staff be content with only Cager? Does bringing in a guy like Torrance Gibson give the Buckeyes enough of a viable option to not take another WR. (if he cant land the QB job).

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Odds are WRs commiting  to this class will be catching balls from, Braxton (if he returns and they are good enough to get minutes early), JT , Then Collier/Gibson/Burrow..thats a decent group of QBs to look at. I know they may focus mainly on the QB in their class but in most ideal cases the QB is going to see the field a bit later then the WRs. Skill position recruiting in this class has been a bit of a bummer this far. If Van does indeed go elsewhere thats a couple misses on kids who were all but guaranteed in this class a few months ago...while other players are trending elsewhere and I really havent heard alot of new names pop up. Outside of EGW, id be curious if the staff now sees at least 2 quality WRs in this class. ( not counting Gibson as a WR either).

Comment 13 Aug 2014

By most accounts UM will not have the shear numbers to finish quite that high...they will have a strong star average, but they have very limited spots remaining and a already small class.

Comment 01 Aug 2014
Would be curious if the 11w staff sees at least 2 quality WRs in this class when its all said and done.
Comment 29 Jul 2014

It feels like skill position recruiting has hit a tiny bit of a speed bump thus far. Perhaps its because of all the young talent already in Columbus, maybe its just bad luck. OSU has been fortunate to land that "homerun hitter" type player the last few cycles (Wilson,Samuel). Kirk is obviously that guy this year but with him trending away, id be curious if there is anyone else that would fit that "homerun" label , that OSU has a legit shot at. Does OSU get a guy like that this class or turn its sights onto the 2016 kids?

Comment 25 Jul 2014

For some reason i think this one is just a matter of time...