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Comment 9 hours ago

Seems like the end to this 2016 class is anyone's guess.....Victor.. likely, Jackson..maybe..the next 3-5 spots...lord only knows..Part of that is exciting, obviously some big names could end up in Columbus...the other part a bit concerning...we could miss on the remaining top targets and be looking at some late offers and some plan C and D guys ....Wont sweat recruiting when it comes to Meyer though, the class even if it was finished now would be outstanding, anyone else is just gravy...

Comment 15 hours ago

I seen a few weeks back that 1 of their insiders suggesting that they would could go as high as 34 for this class...they honored 44 seniors/4th year juniors last Saturday..( obviously not all were on scholarship, but still a huge number)..I think a bunch of kids are going to be asked to leave or not asked back as 5th year seniors...

Comment 30 Nov 2015

1. Not very many (if any) prospects out there that OSU leads in the CB and not a lot of Buckeye predictions coming in...So, are we looking at a bunch of surprises, late flips or perhaps some plan B & C guys to finish out the class.

2. Chance OSU finishes with the #1 class

3. How many guys is Michigan going to sign? They already have a ton, and new UM predictions flying in every day....so how many can they take 30? 35?

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Samuel will be the starting RB for the next 2 seasons...he will have his time to shine....Ohio State has tons of talent, it is literally impossible to get everyone the touches the deserve or would get if they played elsewhere. OSU is just one of those places that kids need to know going in, will be a battle for the ball and they may need to wait a year or 2 for their turn...its both a good and a bad problem to have

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Still, he was developed under Meyer and staff....same goes for Devin Smith....I have no issues with the WRs, besides not passing to them enough. The WR group has dealt with some pretty significant injuries, and outside of Thomas our two best WRs have played more QB in their lives than WR...Not every kid progresses quickly, id wager most dont...These young WRs will be just fine, and next season Brown will be back in the mix...we'll be fine at RB as well when Curtis Samuel moves to the backfield full time...I have 0 doubt he will be Urbans next 1,000 yard back...

Comment 27 Oct 2015

Not sure I would call it " out recruiting" but they look like they are right on the same level....landing Gary, flipping Walker and a few more blue chippers could very well place them ahead rankings wise ( due in large part to the numbers...30 commits vs OSUs say 24) But there are some elite prospects heading to Ann Arbor, cant dent that...

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Any "off the radar" guys that you could see or are hearing OSU looking at? Seems Meyer is good for at least 1 late addition recruit ( from the South), will this cycle be any different?

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Good to hear....seems this kid really wants to be a Buckeye...hard not to love that. Hope he enjoys Columbus and meeting his future teammates. I look forward to seeing him in S & G ...and Black (once a year ;) )  Is he still planning on being an early enrollee?

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Hill and McCall are both exceptional prospects...but short answer is No....OSU is not cooling on Walker...he was the #1 RB target from day 1 and still remains that. Plus 3 RBs isnt exactly 3 RBs when it comes to OSU and the offense... McCall isnt an every down run between the tackles back....odds are he comes in and plays a similar role to Miller/Wilson/Samuel.....Hill is the question really...can he be that feature back? I think so....but he could also make a very nice WR or even DB....Hill offers alot of versatility...Walker is your true, every down, 25 carries a game RB....

Comment 12 Oct 2015

The kids at this point hold most of the leverage ( at least the very elite ones)...they can visit where they would like and most often they wont get their scholarship pulled. ( though at a certain point I wouldnt fault a program from doing so)...Im not sure anyone is crying, but yes losing a longtime 5* RB commit to your most hated rival, whom is starting to pick up alot of momentum, isnt really a positive. Losing one late in the game also handcuffs a staff when other RBs are already going elsewhere....BUT when it comes to recruiting it is very hard to be worried about any team with Meyer at the helm...its one of the many things he does better then most. Its very odd to say that the #1 team in the nation and #1 recruiting class doesnt have any momentum themselves but it almost feels that way...night game, in the shoe, vs PSU ...sounds like a pretty good way to get some of it back.

Comment 10 Oct 2015
Think this is very telling....hopefully not too late in the game to snag a quality RB IF OSU needs too.