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Comment 22 Apr 2015

Its a recruiting board, talent is and should be discussed...kids are ranked by multiple sites for everyone too see. I would also assume a player that OSU would/could take wouldnt be void of talent. Plenty of times its been said Player A is priority over player B, etc etc.  Yes , I am curious as to opinion on the remaining OTs on the board and what kind of players they might be in the grand scheme of things.  You also dont need to say a kid is a major step down to get the point across. Could say, " He's lower on OSU's board" or " A lot would have to happen for him to get taken" or even the " He's more of a project"...

Comment 20 Apr 2015

No, but given the circumstances ( NC last season, Ohio kids,etc) losing both is a tough pill to swallow. OSU had a GREAT weekend. Meyer and staff pulled in some fantastic prospects, but Id bet even Meyer is focused on the 1 battle he lost, how he can prevent it in the future and whom he can find to replace Liam on the board...

Comment 19 Apr 2015
Turn up the heat on Bredseon, not in state but could be an upgrade. Will be amusing when Warriner getsa HC job and Meyer hires NDs OL coach.
Comment 16 Apr 2015

While anything can happen in recruiting, most of the insiders whom know Liam seem to agree that he isnt the type of kid to waffle on a commitment..sounds like one that will honor his verbal. Hopefully he decides on OSU, if not, I would consider this Meyer's biggest recruiting loss really...In State kid, whom had a early offer and one the coaches persued very heavily. ( not to mention all the hardware won) Wanna sign the top class, ya cant let these ones get away.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Agree on Ferns, hopefully he is in, but if not...It would be nice to land at least 1 legit LB since it'll be a small group (1-2).

Comment 13 Apr 2015

All possible, though I think OSU is fighting an uphill battle for Corley,Eichenberg and Mitchell.  I think Wohlabaugh might be a realistic option there if ND snags Liam.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

1. Which class in your opinion will finish higher nationally, 2016 or 2017

2. QB croot'n, how likely is Wallace for OSU? soon? If not Wallace whom are some prospects w/ legit OSU interest and talent to earn an offer.

3. Over/Under new commitments for OSU this weekend

4. LB- Ferns or bust?

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Looks n sounds like there is something too this....hopefully, Meyer and staff can set Walker's mind at ease. Losing a player of his caliber would certainly sting. Going into the Spring Game and coming off the National Title, I was hoping to have a little more positive momentum. Perhaps Birm will give his take in the Hurry Up.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Tom suggested that Kareem wasnt aware that Hill was already in the class, and only found out through twitter. (after he committed)

Comment 08 Apr 2015

So the focus moves to Wallace....whats the "inside" intell there...good chance? great chance? are other QB offers going to start going out?

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Though its far from an exact science, the TN CBs on 247 for Guarantano have continued, and coming off an OSU visit that seems very telling. fwiw I think this class ends up w/ a plan "c" type QB. One that isnt really on the radar now and isnt really among the top tier of QBs in the nation. 3* project of sorts....Would love to be wrong though and see Wallace commit to OSU.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Both talented and OSU may simply just take the 1st guy to pull the trigger, so to speak...I assume they got their #1 target in Hausmann..the next 2 guys are probably on equal footing.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Birm typically says relationships win out....truthfully I dont know his relationship with the Rutgers staff, but it does seem that he and Meyer have a very good relationship. Perhaps a 1 mister Walker has spoken with his friend...Walker appears to be taking a leadership role.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

I guess the biggest issue with Haskins is that it seems like the JG situation all over again...he's trending away, depth concerns plus he knows he wasnt the #1 target ( some kids take issue with that). Talent wise he may be next up, but as far as odds of landing him and where best to place OSU resources, im not so sure.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

The QB in the 2016 class seems like thet would be in a great spot, depth wise. Redshirt year 1 ( as most do) , sit a year behind JT as a RS Freshman ( most likely), then as a RS Sophmore you are given the chance to win the starting job. Doesnt sounds like a awful positon to be in. 2 years in the system and a college weight room, and IF you win the job, its likely yours for the next few years. Hard to imagine a much better situation to be in really.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

Is there a guy you think OSU stands the best chance with? Seems safe to assume the 2016 class wont get a QB commitment anytime in the near future, so will that have any effect on what most think will be a stellar 2016 class?

Comment 15 Feb 2015

Lot of options imo, Hooker for example was one I think that was being looked at as a S...big, super athletic..then of course like mentioned Burrows, Erik Smith and a couple nice prospects in this most recent class.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

So the staff will wait for him to pick Rutgers ( which it seems a few think will happen soon) then they will start to show more interest in other QBs? Seems like a risky move to a point, but obviously this staff knows what they are doing more then most. My only concern would be like I mentioned , a year in which the staff puts all the focus into a kid committed elsewhere , whom they cant flip and then are left with little options to replace him. FWIW I think the QB in the 2016 would be in be in great position to earn the starting job.