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Comment 22 Jul 2014

Looks like he plans to announce next week....

Comment 26 May 2014

3 TEs doesnt sound like alot of depth to me but yes the concern isnt so much for this season but next when OSU loses Heuerman. I think in large part the fustration is because OSU is missing on the top targets at this position...lost both Brenneman and Gesicki to PSU, Hentges to Bama and looks as though Clark is heading elsewhere...those are  4 of OSUs top TE targets over the last few seasons. OSU will land a good TE this cycle no doubt, but odds are it wont be one of the guys they have on the top tier. Combine this with the fact that OSU recruiting has the momentum of an anvil right now and alot of the guys going off the board were at one time OSU "leans" or at least ones alot of insiders had predicted in this class. Bama's class will fill up faster now as spots become a premium while OSU targets can wait it out because, well...there is plenty of room ...

Comment 27 Apr 2014

Per Steve Wiltfong- UM leads Buckeyes for Chris Clark. Clark says players on the UM team and hanging out w/ them put them #1 ahead of OSU. Both will get a visit again.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Wiltfong tweeted that Burrow will be visiting OSU this weekend...


Comment 15 Jun 2013
They like what they see, but not enough to offer at this time, correct? He may not be "settling" persay, but his isn't plan A,B,C or maybe even D. Its too early to worry about recruiting just yet, but it'd be nice to land one of our top tier guys...that goes for all positions but especially QB imo.
Comment 03 Apr 2013

Prince for sure and perhaps even Knox now as well...id be curious if the Buckeyes have a legit shot at Lorenzo Carter, he could ease the sting of Hand going elsewhere...