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Comment 18 hours ago

Most under-rated kid in this class?

Alot of kids were labeled as "heavy" OSU leans at one point or another but ended up elsewhere, was this simply OSU getting beat out or more to the story (ie negative recruiting, OSU changing its stance on a kid, depth chart, etc) guys like Harris, Cager, Jefferson, etc

What positions will be key in the 2016 class.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Kids have decommit'd before....then got to sit at home and watch Ohio State capture the National Cahmpionship ( along with a couple of extra trophies)..its unfortunate, but Meyer rarely disappoints on NSD...or any other day for that matter

Comment 28 Jan 2015

My question would be, can Ohio State take- Hill, Prince and Gustin? While the odds are against it, all 3 have at least a few CBs to OSU and  some by respected insiders. ( I seen Alex CB'd Gustin recently)..so, while not likely its not exactly impossible either, and OSU has done well against the odds thus far...Can the 11W staff see any scenario where the Buckeyes end this class w/ a major BOOM, and take 3 more?

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Nothing against Davis, but id gladly swap for Gustin, Prince, Hill, and/or Beckner....if him going to Auburn means we fit one of those guys in ( obviously no guarantee) then I think Ohio State comes out ahead...

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I think the amount of quality young DBs already at OSU and in this present class lets the staff take another position if needed. The DL depth probably needs addressed more so then the defensive backfield at this point.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

While I dont see that happening, IF it was to go down like that I have no doubt that the staff could find more then suitable running backs if needed. ( Jalin Marshall, Paris Campbell, Jerome Baker, etc)

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Unfortunate, but OL is literally the last position of concern with me as long as Coach Warriner is in Columbus...

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Hopefully thats how it shakes out...Beckner and Hill are the top 2  that I am hopeful OSU could land (Beckner being the longshot)...adding another explosive weapon to Meyer's offense would be a great way to finish out this class.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

The OSU RB depth isnt as great at some think.. Its Zeke and Samuel right now...after that its anyone's guess. Ball and Dunn both got leaped by younger guys so unless they take major strides I dont see them getting many carries going forward. Paris Campbell might be the #3 guy. I know he was taken as a WR/Hybrid type, but if he put on the right mass, he might just earn carries from the backfield.It would be nice to have a solid #3 guy. FWIW I think the carries for Weber would come easier at OSU right now then they would UM...

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Yeah, just taking a look on 247...#2 CB and #3 player in FL...still early but those numbers sound like a 5* to me...or at least one to watch for. Great pick up, now just gotta hang onto him for a few years :)

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Bama will have a few talented RBs...Flowers in this class is a solid RB and they have Bo Scarbourgh from last years class that sat out ...carries wont be a given at Alabama.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

Im sure the staff wants Beckner, but they also have a better idea of where they stand with him then the general public...plus its a good idea to always have another plan in place...for all we know OSU could very well take them both.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

For some reason ive thought for awhile OSU might get back in the "Van Sweepstakes"... his early love for OSU combined w/ the fact that OSUs QB play has been great, and now  Devin Smith's draft stock going up...I dont know if OSU will get 1 of those visits, but it just makes sense imo.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

Either would be nice...also never count out a "surprise" as some have suggested...gotta keep current players in the fold as well. OSU just seems like an easy sell...championships, best HC in the game, great path to NFL...etc, etc ,etc...but then again, I am biased.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

Seems like alot of kids this cycle were almost "ALL" Buckeye...until they werent...if that makes sense...lots of misses on kids that were penciled in this class at some point...feels like OSU was the CB leader for a ton of prospects at one point or another.  No complaints about the class though, its another great 1 that will fill a bunch of needs. Hard to argue that Meyer and Co. arent making the best pitch to recruits right now on primetime television...if they cant buy into that, O well

Comment 05 Jan 2015

I almost felt like Wilkins was OSU's best shot at adding another DT . I wouldnt be shocked if this class is done at this point. I know the staff will make their pitches to a few more kids, but they are fairly big longshots right now.

Comment 29 Dec 2014

I dont care if UM is good or bad...however if they are going to improve, id rather it not be at the expense of OSU ( losing out on recruits to them). I wouldnt be shocked one bit if Weber was to flip, but outside of that I think the biggest impact will be on the 2016 class. The OSU staff made some great in roads to the state of Michigan, but pulling those kids just got a lot tougher. No doubt Harbaugh will take a few Ohio kids that OSU wants as well,  along w/ some others around the midwest.  Meyer will get talented kids and still build highly ranked classes...but his job as a recruiter just got a lot tougher. OSU really needs to hit a home run w this next hire... Harbaugh/Durkin are going to be a pain in the ass going forward...