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Comment 20 Jun 2015

I had to login to up-vote this because it's the angle of the story most don't bring up. MLB is really to blame for all this...

Strike happens, they need fans, these guys start shooting up to hit homers which leads to all the attention of the 61 homer summer chase (McGwire vs. Sosa), they turn a blind eye while their popularity rises again, then they act like they are disgusted by these actions. 

Dont get me wrong, the guys who used PEDs shouldn't have done it, but the commissioner's office had A LOT to do with how out of control it got.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

Decker coming back is huge.  Then the right tackle spot is the only one that has to have any change unless someone else steps up and takes a spot. Love the stockpiling of talent and competition that is being created on this team!

Comment 28 Dec 2014

He is only headed to Duke if he's planning on walking on for Coach K. He isn't changing sports, so Duke is not an option.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

The obvious answer here is Bosa. I can't be the only one upset with his nonchalant attitude. If he only played with a little more intensity and didn't "shrug" off every play, he wouldn't have to be looking over his shoulder to see if someone is passing him on the depth chart.

(If you need the sarcasm font to see what's going on here, I would assume you are a fan of the other side Jan. 1st)

Comment 06 Nov 2014

I say Michigan State scores 24, I am hoping the Buckeyes can find anyway to put 25 on the board. (11 Bosa sacks for a safety and a late field goal would be fine by me.)

I'll go with 31-24 Bucks!

Comment 02 Oct 2014

408 yards...

(Before I get killed for this, I am about as bad at my prognostications as possible. Said Samuel over 100 for rushing against Va Tech, he had 26, Corey Smith the leading receiver last week with 90+, nope, 1 for 17 yds. Here's to hoping the trend continues and we end up with less than half of that total!!!)

Go Bucks...

Comment 11 Aug 2014

11W confirmation or it didn't happen.

Seriously, what is that comment. If that isn't a "save me a place while I look around", I don't know what is!

Comment 08 Jun 2014

Was going to ask for confirmation as I saw it on Bucknuts (last page open on my iphone), came here to look for verification because I don't count it as official until I read it here...

Comment 20 Oct 2013

I am of the mind-set that we play all our games and win them we should be playing for the title because there is only a little over one undefeated team per season on average in the BCS era. However...


I worry that at the end of the regular season there are three undefeated teams: tOSU, Oregon, and Bama. Based on my beliefs thus far in the season, we would be left out of the Championship game if that was after the conference championships. However, in the conference championship, Bama loses a close game to a two loss SEC East champ that is still ranked top ten, because all SEC teams are top ten material, and stays number two in the BCS, narrowly squeaking ahead of us when we beat a "marginal" team in the B1G Championship game because they don't want to leave a SEC team out of the last BCS title game...

Oregon and a one loss Bama (who didn't win their conference) play for the title, we play in the Rose bowl.

Comment 10 Oct 2013

Agree with this theory. If some of the games coming up are blow-outs, he has to get to the century mark in the first half, as he will see limited if any action in the third and fourth quarters.

That said, with the 14 game schedule, I think he gets to 1,000.

Comment 31 Aug 2013

2 hours... Longest two of the year!

It's finally back after the longest offseason I can remember! Even the Tat-gate summer didn't seem so long... Maybe just more anticipation this year...