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Comment 20 Jul 2016
Thank you 11W for posting this. I too would rather read about buckeye football related news here. Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Damn you Brionte Dunn. As additional punishment to being kicked off the team each "slob" should get a left and right hook to your jaw and the victim and her family each get a kick in the groin on your way out the Buckeye door. Then go try and become a man if that is possible.
Comment 19 Jul 2016
I love quick cals. If anything expand them a little. They were put in for the students not the whole stadium. But anyone can participate. I liked the comments we are 50-4 with them and I pity the fool that tells MM they are meh! Keep the quick cals and Go Bucks!
Comment 19 Jul 2016
Thank you Urban for sticking to your discipline policies. Hello.......Saban.....life lesson for you big boy......minimal impact imo. Weber was going to beat him out anyway. Samuel thrown in there is going to be nice as well. Not as much sympathy from me for Dunn. He knew the rules. He knew the consequences. He went to far physically with a,woman. He is now getting what he deserves. Hope he turns this into a positive and does good in life. But little sympathy here.
Comment 19 Jun 2014
Well next it will be the Indians logo because he looks funny and will offend somebody then some farmers will get together and say Cornhusker is disparaging in some way. If you don't like it, don't support it. The Redskins will win this again on appeal.