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Comment 10 Nov 2016
What? Any opportunity to bash scUM is a good one. Don't like the topic then don't participate
Comment 11 Sep 2016
With our talent, recent history, Urban Meyer, etc. It is easy to see how writers from all across the country would rank the way they have. No issues with it other than scUM is not logical at all
Comment 07 Sep 2016
I 100% agree with this one. In HS targeting is a point of emphasis but beyond that illegal contact is a high priority. The UT / ND incident is borderline targeting but most definitely illegal contact and should have been called. As far as the whistle, we are taught and talk about holding whistles until you are 100%. I have no issue wit the two plays described here on not blowing the whistle. They reviewed and got both right. The system worked.
Comment 07 Sep 2016
Thanks but serving our country gets a million more props than a lowly HS sports official. Thank you!
Comment 07 Sep 2016
Being a football official I can tell you they are most certainly going hold whistles on purpose and let the play go. Much better to be overturned on being down than not allowing a fumble. Replay cannot fix an inadvertent whistle.
Comment 07 Sep 2016
I was at the game. It was not good. Many did not wear black. Blow up your pic and you will see the scarlet and othere littered in the crowd. It looked awful in presin and most tv views when I replayed it. The only decent shot of it to me was the blimp shot. But mostly that did not look at all like Ohio state on the field (other than the win of course )