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Comment 13 Dec 2013

All I can say is, praise be to the football gods and Ryan Shazier if he stays.  He's the brightest spot on an utterly underwhelming defense.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

Yeah, I'm with this guy.  I can kinda maybe see what you mean about the D-line if I squint real hard because there were times they just didn't get pressure, but linebackers and secondary have been the biggest issue, I think, from the games I watched.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'll be honest.  After Michigan put up 41 on our Bucks, I kind of expected maybe not this exact outcome, but a loss either here or, if not here, the championship game.  Right now, this just isn't the kind of defense that wins championships.  Glad the Bucks got here, the defense absolutely must improve.  I don't care who went down.  Next man up, train 'em up.  I don't care about what flavor of the week is giving the defense fits, because everything has seemed to give this defense fits.  No more excuses.


I'm not saying we shouldn't be glad the Buckeyes did as well as they did this season.  It's been a good season, fun to watch, yeah.  But I'll also say we shouldn't make more excuses for the defense.  It absolutely has to improve.  Getting to the B1G championship is great, yeah.  But as long as we keep in mind to be all-weather fans, I don't think asking for our team to figure out how to contend for titles every year and legitimately try to reach that point is too much to ask.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

Sorry to hear about this.  Sure, he had his gaffes, and some things could have been handled better, but he raked in the cash hand over fist for the university, which is what really matters at the end of the day.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Still kind of amazed Tressel never won this.  And I'm kind of wondering how there are teams with zero conference championships whose coaches have gotten it.  College coaching is a very holistic thing insofar as you can't be a great coach without being great at all facets of the college game, including building teams, getting those recruits, and managing to win on Saturday, and it takes all of that coming together (or the two teams above you being sanctioned by the NCAA) to win the conference.