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Comment 17 Jan 2017

Not only high jump, but his ability as a sprinter to keep his head almost completely still at top speed (which in turn keeps his eyes from bouncing around) made him exceptional at tracking deep balls. I wanna say I saw a sports science on it but can't be certain

Comment 05 Jan 2017

In fairness to the Crystal Ball system, anybody who thinks he is sticking with Bama can't put that in, as he is already committed

Comment 20 Dec 2016

10 years ago I'd agree with you about the ACL comment. With modern medicine/technology, first time ACL injuries are almost negligent as long as you don't come back too soon. If you let the knee fully heal, often times it recovers even stronger than pre-injury as long as there wasn't nerve damage.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

At 4.5 second hangtime per punt, thats 15 minutes of hangtime. Assuming he has someone with a jugs machine just launching them in the air so there is minimal time between reps, it wouldn't take more than an hour to get 200 reps in

Comment 16 Dec 2016

2014 is the exact reason you need a QB in every class, especially in an offense that relies so heavily on the QB run. We had 2 Qbs go down that year. You always want at least 4 scholarship QBs on a roster, which means bringing in 1 per class.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Lebron is hardly the first or last athlete to do this, and the NBA will continue to be just fine. Memphis isn't going to go bankrupt because Lebron/Love/Kyrie sat one game in Memphis. If the kid is a fan of Lebron, he's going to buy that jersey regardless if he has seen him play. Willing to bet 95% or more of kids who own a Lebron James jersey have never seen him play in person

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Unfortunately for the fans who have an issue with this, members of the Cavs organization have zero obligation to fans of another franchise. The Cleveland Cavaliers don't benefit from the ticket sales of a Memphis Grizzlies game, so why rest the players for a home game as opposed to an away game? Lebron, Lue, Gilbert, and everyone else in the organization couldn't care less what fans of any team outside of Cleveland opinions are.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

This is a joke, right? Conley had a fantastic year. Opposing QBs had a rating of 19 when throwing his way. 19!!!! 3 completions allowed on targets more than 10 yards down field, 3 INTs, and a pretty highly ranked guy by most NFL scouts. I'm not sure what Conley you watched that needs another year of college...

Comment 17 Nov 2016

We have arguably the best tackle in the nation headlining our recruiting class with Josh Myers, I don't see him moving inside unless its just to get him on the field early

Comment 09 Nov 2016

Curtis is only Buckeye in History to my knowledge with a TD run and TD rec over 70 yards each.

I believe you are correct. Ted Ginn got close with a 68 yard TD run against ND in the Fiesta Bowl

Comment 08 Nov 2016

So because he didn't live up to the insane expectations the fans put on him as a true freshman, he's a me first guy? That's one hell of a jump man, and an absurd one at that. If Urban any HINT of a me first attitude from Dontre (and Meyer has a much better grasp on that time of thing than any of us do), he'd be sitting firmly on the bench. Too much talent on this team

Comment 28 Oct 2016

People knock Marshall's punt returning, but its as if everyone only thinks about his RS Freshman year and forgets he was one of the best punt returners in the nation as a RS Soph. He had 0 fumbled punts as a Sophomore, and was like 7th in the nation in average yards per return. There was nothing sketchy about having Marshall back deep last year