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Comment 19 Nov 2015

I'll be toting this sign at gameday, with two Block O's as the O's in "too" Feel free to rock it too, I don't really care if I'm not the only one with the sign

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Oh I agree, I have no issue with us being at 3 I think its the right spot for us currently. But Ok State has as much or more argument based on this year alone (which it is supposed to be) to be included in the top 4 than we do. Our name, and our status as defending national champs has our ranking up where it is

Comment 18 Nov 2015

As much as I agree that Ok St deserves it moreso than ND, using the argument you did is a bit hypocritical as a Buckeye fan

Strength of Record: 8th
Offensive Efficieny: 35th
Defensive Efficiency: 7th
Notable Wins: @VT, PSU
Notable Losses: none

That doesn't scream number 3 team in the country to most unbiased observers. The eye test DOES matter

Comment 27 Oct 2015

I'm saying he's not worth a penny over 10 mil in the new cap rules either. That's All-Star money they are paying him and I'm sorry he's not close to all star caliber 

Comment 27 Oct 2015

I watch plenty of NBA basketball, and Tristan Thompson absolutely 100% does not deserve 16 million dollars a year. There isn't another team in the league that would have paid him that money and he knows it. Lebron strong armed the franchise into overpaying TT. When you're as far over the cap as Cleveland is, you don't pay a guy with a limited skill set a near max contract. He's a great fit on the Cavs roster but isn't worth a penny over 10 mil a year 

Comment 25 Oct 2015

To tie Osbourne's run we would need a repeat and a 7-0 start next year including wins @oklahoma @wisconsin and @penn state. Not an easy task by any means, let's talk about it AFTER we win the CFP this year 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Late to the party and literally went up number by number from 300 till I found one that hadn't been picked.

So JT Barrett is going to shatter the total yardage record and go for 443 Yards

Comment 21 Oct 2015

16 million a year is a drastic overpayment for a guy who essentially makes you play 5 on 4 when he's on offense. He's a great asset, but not at that price 

Comment 21 Oct 2015

Well, depending on your profession, you probably aren't randomly drug tested throughout the year the way the players are. Pass the first one, and your free to use drugs as often as you wish until you look for another job and have to pass another drug test.

Not saying its okay, but I don't agree with a perma-ban for a college kid doing what most college kids do. Yes, we have to old athletes to a higher standard, but give him a whole season, not a whole career

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Last years playoffs stats don't count for anything statistically, but they did provide the Heisman hype that Zeke had to start the year which is huge in winning the Heisman. People have to be talking about you and the playoffs started that conversation

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Did you know that if you say "ESPN hates OSU" in the mirror three times, CincyOSU will show up?

in all seriousness, if you think there's an anti OSU bias in sports media you didn't turn on the TV from 1/12-9/6

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Yes I'm aware of this, just decided to extend all of their seasons to the max possible games played to make it an "even" comparison numbers wise (Fournette's is actually incorrect here and I posted his actual projections below as I forgot about the cancelled game that isn't going to be made up). Didn't want to take away from any of the other backs performances thus far by skewing the end of season projections with different game totals. Obviously it's not guaranteed even one, and only possible that 2, of these guys will play 15 games 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

He's the perfect example of the typical "every down back" label. He'll run through you, around you, over you even. And then on third and long when it's clearly a passing down, he'll take you out of the play as a blocker or be the safety valve in the flat. Pretty sure the only thing we HAVEN'T seen him do is throw the football, which I wouldn't doubt he could do at this point 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

True, but anybody who knows a little bit about college football and its history knows that Barry Sanders 1988 season is quite possibly the single greatest season by any RB (maybe any player) ever. 2850 yards, almost 240 YPG, 7.6 YPC, and 42 TDs on the ground. Pure insanity

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Michigan State made one as well that I can't seem to find currently. Its a green shirt that reads "NOPE" with Michigan's current most popular student replacing the O

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I'm giving him credit for a nice long NFL career ending at the age of 39 with 8 superbowls, allowing 5 years of retirement for him to become a first ballot hall of famer, and then get the itch to come back and coach.

All joking aside, Barrett's future is in football whether it is playing or coaching, that is for sure. If he, god forbid, doesn't enjoy a seasoned NFL career (average career of an NFLer these days is something like 3 years), he could be a HC before he's 40

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I forgot about that cancelled game, so Fournette will only play 14 games should they make the title. Stats adjusted for 14 games would be:

350 carries
2805 yards
33 TDs

So Sanders 11 game record would still fall, though including his bowl game he sits at 2850 (the NCAA does not count bowl game stats prior to 2002 I believe)