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Comment 09 Oct 2014

There will be an SEC team in the playoff, so I'm rooting for Auburn to go undefeated. That would effectively eliminate Bama and Georgia, while also forcing Miss St to win out (still has to play Ole Miss) to remain at 1 loss and hope for a playoff bid without a conference title.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Put both back there, similar to how we used to put Ginn and Gonzo back together. Whoever doesn't field the punt can make that first block to spring a potential return. I always liked the two returner system, and I believe a number of Ginn's punt return TDs came with two men back deep

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Haven't commented in a longgggg time but saw this thread and had to sign in. 

Keg of Shocktop was picked up today for the pregame keg and eggs at my house

Comment 14 Jan 2014

Early in the year there was a thread in the forums about bold recruiting predictions, I predicted OSU would land 7 of the top 50. Currently at 6 of the top 51, not too shabby

Comment 26 Sep 2013

I fully expect OSU to put up 45 or more, and given how our defense hasn't looked phenomenal (save for FAMU) thus far I think Wiscy could put up at least 11.

In short, I took the over

Comment 18 Jun 2013

Just finished my freshman year at OSU. I got 33 and a 3.8 in highschool and am receiving $2,000/year in merit scholarships. Comparatively I was offered full tuition at Ohio University, but couldn't say no to OSU haha

Comment 18 Jun 2013

I think that's because the recruiting game is changing over the years. The recruits are getting so much publicity nowadays that they want more and more, so many of the top guys are waiting it out and announcing at AA games or take all of their officials so they can be courted by the best coaches CFB has to offer. As we continue to give these kids celebrity status, I think you'll see more and more players committing closer to signing day rather than early on. 

Comment 18 Jun 2013

While it may be easier on the DL, with the emergence of the spread in college football you would think that coaches would emphasize DL being in good enough shape to stay on the field for a 10 play drive if absolutely necessary. Often times though, an offense won't go straight Nascar for an entire drive and if even one sub is made by the Offense, the defense is allowed to sub

Comment 18 Jun 2013

In last years class, a class ranked 1, 2, 2, and 3 respectively across the 4 services, our highest ranked recruit was Vonn Bell, who was ranked just 27th by 247 composite (though Apple was I believe 9 on ESPN, he was around 30-40 on the other 3). I don't think you need consensus top 10 guys to have a strong class.

If you look at this year, we are actually in good shape to land 2 top 13 prospects in the 247 composite (Prince #11, McMillan #13) and a 3rd 5 star (Lattimore  #32). And with 6 of our current commits attending The Opening, they could see a ratings bump in the future as well. If we finish strong like Urban Meyer tends to do, this class could very well be better than last years (purely speaking in terms of rankings)

Comment 16 Jun 2013

The other receivers may be able to blame Braxton, but Devin Smith dropped almost as many balls as he caught last year. Against IU he had 2 catches for 2 TDs, and if he caught every ball that hit him in the hands he would've had 4 catches for 4 TDs. He's gotta be more consistent catching the ball