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Comment 07 Oct 2014

I believe Thompson will be the starting 2 with loving at the 3.  Like was mentioned the buckeyes may play a lot more 2-3 on D and with Thompson's length up top that makes some sense.  Things may certainly change by the start of games and Russell or Kam may certainly play their way in to starting at the two, but this is my take away from the practice on sunday.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

My assessment is a little different from yours after watching the practice.

Russell did look great but by no means the best player on the team.  He will serve as the back-up PG and play some minutes at the two as well.

I was really impressed with Kam Williams as well. Quick on D and anticipates well.  Can really shoot on O as well.

Trey looked much more engaged in practice than Amir.  I definantly think Trey will start at 5.  He just gives more effort and looks physically stronger.

Shannon Scott looked real good. Shot looked smooth and was consistently knocking down jumpers. 

Starting 5 will be Scott, Thompson, Loving, Lee, Mcdonald. With Russel Williams Bates-diop, and Williams coming off the bench

Comment 22 Sep 2014

In my opinion, I don't ever see Burrow or Collier being a starter at OSU, especially if Gibson commits.  Looking at it like this 2015-Miller, 2016-Barett, 2017 - Barett or Gibson, 2018 - Gibson, 2019 - Clark.   

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Actually you can be held accountable for that action, not as an individual but as a student of The Ohio State University.  I agree with the point of Winston being a more well known figure making his actions dumber, but at least he did amongst his peers other people who find his dumb antics just as funny as he does. Our students are doing it in the presence of children, respected alumni, season ticket holders, donors, visitors from other schools, and whoever else can hear it on TV.  People who would find it to be vulgar, immature, and a poor representation of the distinguished University they have helped build.  What Jameis Winston did represents him, what the student section does represents the whole University

Comment 18 Sep 2014

well clearly that makes it ok then.  I'd rather our students do it at the student union that way the only people that have to hear it are other college students, not at the stadium where people watching on TV hear, or young kids can hear it. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I don't like it, not only is it trashy and not funny, but it's no different than what Jameis Winston did.  Everyone calls him an idiot and rightfully so for shouting what he did at the union (a public place at the university, but then our students say something almost as vulgar multiple times at a stadium (an even more public place at the university)? Tell me again what the difference is?

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Let me first say I absolutely think Braxton should and will start next year.  However, for the sake of argument say JT does really improve and impress this year.  Would Braxton be willing to move to RB or H-back?  It is his more likely position in the NFL may help prepare him better for the next level.  It's not a completely out there thought.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I think what needs to happen is everyone (at the game or not) needs to txt that number about the three obnoxious fans in the front row that are yelling into the camera the entire damn game and ruining the game experience for everyone around them and watching at home on TV.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Thank God he is no longer an Eagle.  Being an Eagles fan I wouldn't be too thrilled at Coleman being on the team, he was awful to watch as he can't cover anyone and misses way too many tackles.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

try buckeye ticket exchange season ticket holders will sell their seats on there.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I remember playing the game with the Philadelphia eagles and for whatever reason they couldn't use Randall Cunningham's name so he was "EAGLES QB #12" maybe just putting a position and number of current player. Like "WR #2" or "QB #16"

Comment 29 Apr 2014

Don't get this twisted Sterling was not suspended for being a bigot and racist, he was suspended for being bad for business.  This guy is 81 years old, he has been a racist for 81 years.  Had he made those same exact comments about mexicans would he have been suspended for life??  I highly doubt it.  Nobody would want to play for him or coach for him, that is why he is being banned from the league and forced to sell the team.  If the NBA really wanted to punish him they should have done a contraction.  Eliminate the clippers as a franchise and allowed all the players to become free agents.  Would have screwed over all the employees which is probably why it wasn't done but then there would have been no franchise to sell thus no money to be made by sterling.

Comment 29 Apr 2014

So you make fun of Tennessee fans tweeting at him by tweeting at him?? logical

Comment 28 Apr 2014

My argument isn't as much with whether or not I agree with the rule ( I do believe you should be punished for it though).  My argument is people blaming the NCAA for McGary being suspended, instead of blaming McGary for knowingly violating a rule.  Why does he get a pass??  He made a poor decision hold him accountable, instead of saying well it's ok that shouldn't be a rule anyway.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

Your absolutely right, smoking pot with friends is not dangerous to anyone else, ya know because doing drugs has never led to people being killed ever.


Tell me after smoking the pot how does Mr. McGary get home?? I mean i'm sure he would have called a cab and not tried to drive himself home and putting others in danger, because athletes are known for calling cabs and not trying to drive themselves home after a night of partying. Again the basis of your argument is I don't agree with the rule so I won't follow it but then I'll be mad when I am punished for not following the rule.  I like how you dismiss my argument of it being illegal by simply saying dont give me the "it's illegal" reasoning, because that just makes too much sense.

Comment 26 Apr 2014

So your logic is that if you think the rule is stupid then you don't have to follow it??  I think the rules against drunk driving are stupid therefore I should be allowed to drive drunk? I get that there are far worse things to do than smoke pot and a lot of college athletes do it, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be punished for it. It's still illegal (yes I get that it is legal in Colorado but last time I checked scUM isn't located in Colorado.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

This is my first post on here.  For me this isn't a michigan/tOSU thing. Probably wrong thing to say on here.  For me this is more about, is it really too much to ask that college athletes not do illegal drugs??  I agree a year seems excessive but McGary knew or should have known the rule, and he did it anyway.  Don't blame the NCAA, hold McGary accountable.  If I'm Boehline I would have kicked him off the team for the positive test.  I just don't get why people think it's ok to do illegal drugs and expect no punishment or a slap on the wrist, perhaps that is why so many athletes smoke pot.