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Comment 13 Dec 2013

Nice Skull Session DJ. And 16-Bit Bar is amazing. I really thought going in the first time I'd be more mature and patient than in my original arcade days. Turns out I was still standing in line for X-Men thinking "These guys are hogging the game!" Only real difference was I had a beer in my hand and everyone's shoulders had gotten too wide to play four wide on the machine.

Comment 21 Oct 2012

Now I feel like an even slightly bigger tool than I already did for raining on a solid post.  Though that may also be due to the flood of memories that has come back as a result of the comment.  Most notably that I only knew this because I specifically asked the band director (of the band that I may or may not have been in) what kind of saxaphone Kenny G played because I thought he was the coolest.  

In other news, I'm new to the site but your avatar looks oddly familiar.  You didn't happen to live in Haverfield circa 2003-2004, did you?

Comment 21 Oct 2012

I tried to think of a way to write this without sounding like that guy, but I couldn't, so here goes:

Kenny G plays the soprano saxophone, not the clarinet. The soprano sax looks similar to a clarinet, but, in fact, resides in the much cooler wing of the woodwind family (I may or may not have played the saxophone in the school band).