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Comment 06 Mar 2014
I could understand if WVU pulled a move like that like say for instance when they beat that one team in a BCS Bowl game like 88 - 7 a couple years ago...ohh yea that was Clemson they destroyed. But to win in the last few minutes against a team missing a couple key pieces to their roster seems very petty IMO
Comment 19 Jul 2013

actually your statement about Tressell being the guy with low self esteem would be more accurate if you said he is the guy who is too picky in who he goes after 

Comment 02 Jul 2013

I was not thrilled with the announcement of adding Rutgers and Maryland to the B1G but it looks like RU understands what it needs to do in order to be competitive.  Obviously NJ is a hotbed for recruits and now they have a solid reason for staying close to home.  For that matter both NJ & Maryland are well known to produce big time talent so hopefully both schools will utilize this and become prominent contributors to the competition in this conference.   

Comment 01 Jul 2013

In all due fairness ~ there is no one outside of the SEC who could ever have that sort of big game experience you are speaking of.  Bama can only play 12 games so there will be 12 teams who have achieved that experience plus the SEC championship game.  That will not be a factor in the outcome anyway.  This coaching staff knows how to prepare their kids for the next game as well as anyone else in the country & that is exactly what will determine the final score.  Saban will come out with the typical power run / play-action pass style which tOSU's D has to stop it or not and I dont think there will be any chance for any Defense in the country to shut down what this offense should be bringing - as long as Miller has made that progression in his passing technique that is being expected.  To have the ability to power run / power sweep / option-run along with down-field passing attack forces the opposing defense to play man to man and that opens up a whole lot of holes to attack.  It is not all that more difficult for tOSU to run the table again this year either ~ the fact that they did it last year only proves that it can be done but will not have any bearing on what they do this year.  If they can handle the pressures that will build from week to week then they will finish undefeated BUT pressure is a difficult thing to master and can ultimately be what does in the run for the NC.  Don't discount THE GAME as just another game either...that is as big as it gets.  Rest assured ttun will bring everything they got on every play. There wont be any let down from them and IMO they are the only team on this schedule who could ruin this years unblemished record.  

Comment 01 Jul 2013

I think the point is that ttun's kids are all talkin junk while they are not even at this event.  To be fair - anyone who has a T-Shirt printed up over the past 60+ years is only "copying" someone else's idea.  It is not a new invention.  ttun can use whatever means possible to assist in their recruiting process - the fact remains that tOSU owns you & until the scoreboard says otherwise they should all just shut-up because all it does is prove their envy of the Buckeye's.  

Comment 26 Jun 2013

I can't say that I am surprised by the completely insignificant consequences handed down on Oregon from the NCAA.  They are a fraud of a "governing body" who picks and chooses who they will go after and for what reasoning.  They have essentially stated that it is O.K. to cheat in recruiting just as long as the kids do not receive any Tattoo's which is a complete joke.    

Comment 28 May 2013

when was the last time 100k+ and a national televised broadcast showed up and then paid to watch a class take their final exam??  My point is that the football program is what drives the budget and without the players then it is all for naught.  I have yet to hear that any of the utility companies have been accepting IOU's as payments on the promise that once the player turns pro they can then pay their bills.  And is it too much to ask that a kid be able to go out on a date & take her to a decent restaurant other then MacD's dollar menu?? Or is it perfectly fine with you that all the kids do is go to class & practice taking up the 11 or more hours of his day required to achieve success.  The narrow minded thinking that the scholarship is payment enough makes me cringe.  Until you actually try to live that life then your opinion should count for nothing.  The players should be allowed some spending money being as though they are the ones putting forth all the effort to bring all those millions in to begin with.  

Comment 16 Apr 2013

i really appreciate thes type of comments from us Buckeye fans...i can tell it is geniune & it is also what separates us from the knuckleheads.  To demonstrate classiness & good will allows the nice side of Karma to hang around a lil longer too

Comment 12 Mar 2013

  Thank you for this honest insight into Clarett - I would say that even through all his adversity - he has shown his will to evolve has been on a high level.  I have read numerous articles, quotes and his own blog and it has been apparent to me that he is a person who has struggled with his own inner demons.  It is not uncommon for a person to have his type of experiences but what is unusual is how he has grown from them.  It makes me cringe when I hear people criticize Clarett because it is way too easy - almost lazy - for a person to just assume that he is all they make him out to be.  It is obvious to me that Clarett is good hearted - intelligent person who has gone through some bad times only to come out that much better.  I wish him nothing but the best with his remaining days and I would like to thank him for the inspiration he has provided not only to me but to many other people.

Comment 28 Dec 2012

 I agree - it is sad.  That is exactly why the B1G  as a whole has slipped into such a funk.  Other then tOSU, scUM & sometimes PSU or MSU the rest of the group is comparable to the MAC in recruiting - that whole premice of doing more with less is garbage.  Go get the best available in-state recruits then pick off who you can OOS and put together a good recruiting class.

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Comment 28 Dec 2012

  I agree - it is sad.  That is exactly why the B1G  as a whole has slipped into such a funk.  Other then tOSU, scUM & sometimes PSU or MSU the rest of the group is comparable to the MAC in recruiting