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My father's childhood best buddy was Bo Ryan. He met & thought highly of Woody. He also raised me on OSU football. Some of my earliest memories were OSU vs. scUM or USC in the Rose Bowl. I've been following OSU since the early 70's.


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Comment 29 Jul 2014
Did tOSU lose their last 2 games?? I don't know that I've been reminded of that nearly enough for me to know for certain. Seems like the 06' version of THE GAME started later in the day....maybe 3:30?? I know it was dark by the time the game ended. And I've been to many of THE GAME's but that one just had an even extra sense of wowness to it.
Comment 29 Jul 2014
So apparently my "smart" phone decided I meant to say mute point instead of moot point and because of this one instance of a spelling error some twits thought they would point out the error and attempt to belittle me. I hope they finally felt like they were really cool & popular & that finally all the hot chicks will chase after them. But I doubt it.
Comment 27 Jul 2014
Tattle tales & goodie goodies really irk me. Who gives a flip if you feel it's against NCAA rules?? Save it for confession dude...2 Hale Marys & whatever else those priests say afterwards. Its not as though Mr. Elliot travels across country to go to these kids homes & sell them on why they should pick OSU. Try relaxing & enjoy the show dude.
Comment 27 Jul 2014
BUT...we're they saying those things to TG on twitter?? I imagine there were some pro OSU comments directed towards him on twitter but to go raving mad?? I doubt that.
Comment 27 Jul 2014
True dat Victory...I, too, was a little annoyed with the comparisons. Its as if she is trying to appease those rednecks down there & sway them back over to their side. #1) who cares why Urban left UF - that's a mute point. The fact is that he did leave and that alone should be respected. #2) anyone who buys into the b.s. talk that top 10 recruiting classes are "leaving the cupboard bare" have completely lost their fricken minds. Finally #3) Meyer has proven to be a disciplinarian & IMO was coerced to stray away from his values while at UF resulting in an unbalanced life. Anyone with any amount of knowledge can tell you that once you compromise your values for anything or anyone then everything sorta starts falling apart. UFM by all accounts appears to be at a lot more peace with himself & thus able to handle the stresses awhole lot better.
Comment 15 Jul 2014
This is the first time I have heard "deep south Buckeyes". My guess is dude made that up in an attempt to make his story believable. I will say though as far as I'm concerned - the hatred I have for ttun is by far an all year thing - it never rests & while I dis-like ND or USC & the SEC...I don't hate them like I hate scUM.
Comment 14 Jul 2014
The only credit I will give to Franklin is he won a few games at Vandy BUT big fricken deal! He lost to UC a bowl game! He didn't exactly scorch the Earth on his way to State College. Its not as if he turned Vandy into a powerhouse. So he has 1 bullet to fire at recruits & that's Playing Time. Once that is mo longer the case & he has an awesome 5-7 or 6-6 record to boast about. ..then what?? PSU will never be what they were. It is grey skies in their forecast for a long long time.
Comment 10 Jul 2014
While I realize there is no such thing as TOO MANY OL...especially elite OL...the way things look for 16' OL haul I wouldn't lose any sleep on missing with anyone this year. I wouldn't turn him away either but we look to be solid for a long time. Then again - now that I've just re-read my crazy chit...I'm gunna try to down/vote this myself lmao....I just asked myself if I had any clue wtf I am talkin about / I answered that obviously I do but why say the Same chit as every one else...uhhh huh...okayyy then
Comment 03 Jul 2014
I don't really like it when people use the "level of competition" factor in trying to access a kids talent. The fact of the matter is no matter who they face in the future what really matters is their will to win. Its not really something that can be taught. The great ones are great because they refuse to be beat. So...hopefully we have a bunch of guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to be great.
Comment 25 Jun 2014
Uhhh yea...aren't they (Iowa) like LB U or something? (sarcasim)
Comment 25 Jun 2014
If it were to be true that there's only going to be 15 tops...does the staff honestly believe those who have commited thus far are really the best they could get?? I doubt this very seriously.
Comment 24 Jun 2014
16' class will be back to full scholarships - can u imagine all the talent that will be brought in?? Prince Ssmmons looks good for 16' as well...this could be a monster class
Comment 23 Jun 2014
I've read some stupid stuff before but wow stupid
Comment 23 Jun 2014
He comes across as an intelligent kid who has a plan & is going to put all the necessary effort into finding the right place to help him achieve his goals. Kudos to him on that level. I also liked his perspective on identifying his personal relationships vs. the business side of things...if nothing else - I believe he has developed a solid foundation to build his future upon.
Comment 22 Jun 2014
Lmao...45 years'd think that I'd have caught that