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Comment 23 Jan 2013

This is a topic I'm passionate about.

Revenue does NOT translate into winning, simply look at how The Big Ten has been doing in bowl games.

Big Ten schools indeed are recipients of large sums of cash due to the conference being a cash cow. If I were commissioner here's what I would do.....I would set benchmarks as to how that money is going to be spent by member schools. The hiring of competent assistant coaches and upgrade of facilities would be mandatory when I'm giving you literally millions of dollars. Instead of padding the salary of coaches like Ferentz that aren't getting it done.

Comment 01 Jan 2013

First of all fellow Buckeye fans stop already with the whining about bowl games being 'away' games for us. It's always been that way with bowl games, I think we should be able to adapt to a reality that is decades old.

Secondly, the perception of The Big Ten can only be altered by winning the national title multiple times and winning a large percentage of our bowl games. The conference was stymied this year if you think about it like this...everybody played 2 bowls up. Our top 2 conference teams..Penn St and Ohio St are on sanctions, everybody now had to play up in the bowl selections.

This conference will not change until fellow conference members hire better head coaches and open up the wallets for top assistants. This conference is a money making cow, fellow member schools have been sucking on the teats of successful teams like Ohio State and Michigan for years. If I were in charge of this conference I would force these schools to spend the split revenue from the bowls and Big Ten network money on hiring better coaches instead of allowing that money to be funneled into other sports programs at the respective schools. This is football have to spend it there.

Comment 05 Dec 2012

Don't shoot me, but my take is completely different than the rest. I think we've already seen the best of Miller. Actually, my contention is that in regard to running a true Urban Meyer offense we regressed as the season wore on..putting us in a position to go back in time and rely on a punishing running attack featuring Hyde.

Miller has all the intangibles, speed, vision, and big play ability. What he lacks is judgement and decision making up to this point. I'm not confident the mental part of the game will match his physical ability. He obviously misreads when to hand the ball off or not, takes way too many sacks, and seems to miss wide open receivers.

Opposing defenses like Wisc and Mich figured out how to stop him. Sure..he's going to get a couple big plays on you...but if you contain the ends and make him beat you with his arm and head instead of his have a legit shot at containing him.

IF he can get it figured out he could be great..if not...I think he may spiral downward.

Comment 03 Nov 2012

Smith is a walking and talking sock puppet for the NCAA.

He has completely mismanaged our off field problems and is as much to blame or more so than Tressel.

Instead of inviting investigators in for coffee and donuts, and calling the NCAA evertime we use too many sheets of toilet paper when a player takes a crap....act like the SEC for a freaking change. Deny, stall, cast the blame somewhere else, and actually make the NCAA build their own case against you.

Smith should have been replaced with the hire of Meyer as coach.

Comment 18 Aug 2012

Seriously, another freaking article about Michigan...with pics??


Who cares, it's Michigan.


I can get all the UM content I want going to their sites if that's really what I want to spend my Saturday am reading about.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

I think you've got the wrong take on the ESPN show, given their history and all.


I am soooooo glad there is NO commentary. You simply cannot hear any bias against the program because there is no reporter or talking head putting their two cents in or trying to get you to follow some storyline fabricated within the bowels of ESPN that most probably would come off as a dig at the program.

Just let me watch our camp with our coaches yelling and our players hitting. For once ESPN got it right.

Comment 31 Jul 2012

Overreact?? Everybody needs to remember....we are on probation. The coaches and players I'm sure get reminded frequently. Like it or not..right now we are under the mess's going to be scrutinized.

Comment 31 Jul 2012

For those of you that say you're not excusing his behavior....stop bringing up the damn Alliance police department then.

Cops have been pulling people over for broken tail lights with the intent of discovering more serious infractions since the invention of the automoblile. I think it's their job.

If you're going to roll through rural America at 11 oclock at night with a busted taillight..AND you got dope and paraphenalia on board then STFU.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

Another article about UM?? I don't want a warm and fuzzy experience gushing about how great a UM recruit is and how well he's recruiting for them.

Let's stay focused on Ohio St. shall we?

Oh yeah..UM sucks.

Comment 23 May 2012

Horrible piece. Look, I don't get on this site to read about your relationships with the enemy. I don't get on this site to read about why UM's coaches succeed or fail. I certainly don't get on this site to see Rich Rod's face looking back at me (not unless you've farked him or something)

I don't want a warm and fuzzy reading experience about my enemy. They suck, you could have just written that and taken the rest of the day off and I would be much more impressed.