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Comment 03 Jan 2011

"Well thank you Big Ten for laying that egg on saturday.  Yessirree.  Nothing like living in the SEC backwaters and being forced to take a big dollup of this Razorback swill on monday morning."

I live in Savannah, Ga and trust me you can throw this in their faces. Just say University of Central Florida and the Tarheels to shut em up. Also South Cacalacky got beat. Wisky sucks, though I knew  they were no match for an awesome QB like Dalton. Michigan State did not even show up. Penn State had floriduh on the ropes until the refs got crazy with a phantom interference call and a horrible review of a 4th and goal.

Comment 18 Oct 2010

You know the Big Ten is so tough top to bottom (minus Minnesota) getting through it undefeated is impossible. - Taken from these South Eastern Conference hypers!

Comment 22 Sep 2010

2 and so forths! They will not cover this week. New wagering rule: Any less than 8 solid and so forths and I am on upset alert. :)

Comment 08 Sep 2010

Silver Bullets! 38

Thug U - 12


Trust me this defense will hold it down all day!