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Comment 30 Jan 2014

It is. And Arkansas is in Fayetteville, and Oklahoma is in Norman. I"m guessing they just used large(r) cities which were in close proximity to the schools, and would obviously have a strong rooting interest.

Either that, or whoever ran this study made a bit of a blunder.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Tripping over your words a few times under the bright lights would be completely understandable for anybody, including a 20 year old (who is already quite familiar with speaking to the media, might I add).  When Jameis speaks, it seems like he needs Rosetta's Stone in order to speak proper English. Different concepts.

Please note that I never said that I was not very highly amused watching his interview last night, it will likely be my longest-lasting takeaway - "We strong, den!"

Comment 24 Oct 2013


Honestly, guys, the whole "We only have one rival and it's Michigan who cares about Penn State harumph harumph" thing is getting a bit old. In the past ten years, we've played, essentially, for three or four Big Ten titles

^ This is just like the younger sibling that hangs on your ankle begging you to play with him even though you know he usually can't keep up. Not to mention, they've won a whopping 2 BIG titles in the last 15 years (which were shared with OSU). You can play, essentially, for all the Big Ten titles you want in your imagination - its not realistic to imply that Penn State has been on par with OSU in recent memory.

Comment 26 Sep 2013

"Son, that was a helluva play. Helluva play, that's exactly what we're looking for out there."

**Takes deep breath, looks deep into Jamal's soul with a steely glare**

"I do want to make sure you're aware that, while sacking the mighty Aztecs' QB in garbage time is a great sign, there are greater things on the horizon for you, for me, for Buckeye football. I need you to fully buy into what I'm saying. And in order to fully understand what I'm talking about.... TUNE IN TO ​11W TONIGHT AT 8:00 FOR 9ROUTE'S EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!"

Comment 08 Aug 2013

Did you mean, "I heard it was a very hard class"? I can't imagine a principles of coaching class being too demanding....

Comment 14 Jun 2013

I hope Nebraska becomes more hate-able over the next few years. Their kicker was certainly doing his part last year by warming up during halftime while the band was still on the field....

Comment 04 Jun 2013

On one hand, I agree with you in regards to the fact that you're not going to see it on ESPN unless it relates to sports somehow.

On the other hand.... have you watched ESPN lately?!? Haha

Comment 04 Jun 2013

"Faggot" is a term that, I believe most would agree, is offensive in nearly every setting, regardless of context. So, obviously not acceptable. 

What Gee said did not include the use of offensive terms, and there was also context around what he was saying. Thus, acceptable in my eyes. Obviously, not acceptable in the eyes of Yahoo, THEMOSTBRIAN, ESPN, and others.



Comment 04 Jun 2013

Ultimately, you're giving in to the "Pussification of America" mindset which is making a mockery of our country, and I'm trying to fight against it. 

Maybe I'm fighting a losing battle by refusing to give in to the new age of extreme political correctness, but if that's the case, so be it. We can agree to disagree.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

If he called everyone that then people would rightly be outraged and the board should have, and would have, taken appropriate action.

In this case, they succumbed to the mock outrage sensationalized across the country by media outlets. If the board would have released a statement saying essentially, "He shouldn't have made those comments as a public figure in today's highly reactive environment. However, we recognize that the comments were very clearly made in jest and obviously do not reflect the actual views of Gee or tOSU. Thanks for your time. Screw off ESPN," then I feel like 95% of rational adults would be on board w/ that course of action.

Maybe they would leave the last part off of their sentence. Hopefully not though.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

You're not making sense. 

  The fact that he was fired only when it was made public shows definitively that the BoT didn't care about the comments themselves - they only care about the FALLOUT from the comments, namely the impact on the university

That's what I'm saying. The sensationalism perpetuated by the media is what caused the issue, not the content of his comments.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Calling someone a pussy or faggot is not okay, I think 99+% of people would agree w/ that.

Joking that "you can't trust those damn Catholics" is not on the same level. If it were clear that Gee really believed that you literally can't trust any person who is Catholic, that would be a different story (and would actually be worthy of the backlash). Or if he really believed that nobody in Alabama could read or write. Its pretty easy to infer that Gee does not really believe these things and was simply trying to make people laugh (which they did).

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Oh really - the PC Police doesn't exist in reality?!? Thanks for pointing that out!

This happened because of the massive media backlash that has happened since the story became public. The media got wind of "controversial comments" - mind you, JOKES that were laughed at by those in attendance - and ran with the story because these non-stories are things that drive page views these days. If "those in charge of managing the university's overall brand and positioning" were that concerned with the comments, they would have taken action when they first learned of the comments awhile back - not when the comments became widely known to the public via the various media outlets.


Comment 19 Apr 2013