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Comment 01 May 2016

Someone should mention to Shaun that us Northerners treat our Southern brethren better than they do, all day. every day! Get the Hell out while you can, stay committed and reap your rewards on and off the field. Schiano is the difference maker. What a great get is Greg!  Has more influence in the D than just safeties development. Greg just might be able to keep S.Wade with the good guys.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

The biggest thing that stuck out to me, was the Alabama game, where Marshall got creamed every time he touched the ball. Tough ass kid, but you can't take those kinds of hits in the NFL and expect to make a career for yourself, ala that White kid from Rich Rods WV team. I don't mean white like white boy, just can't remember his 1st name. What a career ending hit he took on the side line. The worst hit I ever saw was watching Johnny Knox get folded in half backwards. Incredible he healed, wow!

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Webb needs to have the whole field in front of him because when he has to turn and run with his back to the ball, he can't track the ball and was burned consistently in last years spring game the same way Norwood was this year. I was really impressed with Webb as a safety and it seems to be his true calling. EGW was impressive as well!

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Good point. He's die hard like we are, so every little dig damages his faith. When Jimmy stumbled into the press conference and said,"a lesser athlete would have fallen", I kind of warmed up to him, until the fucker smashed the buckeye on Bo's grave. That victory could not have been any sweeterrrrr!

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Thanx, that did the trick. Cannot stand the man. My brother in law said when hairball was hired that they were in the penthouse now. I said your stuck in the elevator on the ground floor. Wouldn't take my call after the game. Loved it!

Comment 26 Apr 2016

That makes me sick to my stomach, reminds me of hauling broken up curb and gutter concrete in a frameless semi end dump where I hydroplaned  sideways on that 2 lane between Douglas and Bisbee Az. Fortunately I saved it and was hardly able to keep going because my leg was shaking soo bad I couldn't keep it on the throttle.  AZBUCK-1 you know how greasy the roads get during a once in a blue moon rain. Thanx for the trip down memory lane, I think?

Comment 23 Apr 2016

It's because Mr. Eds the OC and he has Witten and Romo, Gates and Rivers to compare to and incorporate for Barrett and Baugh. We sure as hell have the talent to do this. Baugh is potentially better than Jeff and Nick put together.