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Comment 14 Nov 2011
You had to expect some backlash when you knocked college b-ball. This site is obviously football first but it also does a great job covering buckeye basketball. When you come out and say you don't even like a sport you are going to hit some nerves.
Comment 29 Sep 2011

The thing that makes this guy so good is he is so forward thinking.  You know, I have never heard this SEC is better thing until now! Amazing work.  Good Job Paul!

Comment 20 Sep 2011

Unfortunately for Bauserman, he looks like he is playing to not turn the ball over.  His favorite play right now is to throw the ball away so he doesn't get intercepted.  You just can't win with that mindset.  I have no hope for an offense where the quarterback doesn't trust his own pass.  I truly feel for Bauserman, but I have to think his time is over.