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Comment 23 Nov 2015

This seriously has wrecked my morning.  What happened?  What was affirmed by him doing this?  And why?

It's all so troubling!

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Why is this surprising?

Dude would play in a pro-style offense with opportunity to compete for carries almost immediately.  And there's a heavy New Jersey pipeline they're leveraging.  Not to mention -- it's Harbaugh we're talking about.  It's not friggin' Randy Edsall over there.  Harbaugh is intriguing for any elite kid who sees himself at the next level.  Let's not pretend Michigan doesn't have a compelling argument for kids like this.

Still, I'd bet a gallon of Graeters he stays S&G.  We shall see....

Comment 12 Aug 2015

There has been a lot of discussion on this very topic since the balance of "debt to earnings" has changed dramatically over the last two decades.  The math has changed the decision from an easy one to a much harder consideration.

You have to be realistic with the numbers.  Check out the article below (great read, albeit depressing).  If you come out of grad school with an average debt load of $140K, you'll need to make $190K to have your payments equal 10% of your income.  If you're hardcore about killing off debt, you can change the math to, say, 25% of your income which would make a big difference obviously.

If it's me, I'd rather have minimal to moderate debt going to decent school than heavy debt going to a stellar one.  But, I'd be UNwilling to go to a lesser school -- even if it meant zero debt.  But that's me.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Like I said, Law & Medicine (and arguably Engineering) are at the top of my point.  

My wife is a physician.  She went to Sparty for undergrad.  And then UM for Medical School.  Her UM Degree (combined with passing her boards) got her access to some of the top residencies in the country.  In her case Northwestern's residency program for pediatrics (Northwestern Children's Hospital).  I'm not saying you can't get into that program without a UM Medical Degree.  What I'm saying is it greatly increases your chance of getting consideration to begin with.  From there -- offers FLOODED in for her with great jobs all over the country.  Make no mistake.  In professional careers of higher education, it definitely makes a difference since it allows you access to higher paying gigs earlier on.

But to your point, I'm an executive at a global staffing company.  I have an undergrad degree from Michigan which affords me nothing but ridicule from friends and colleagues because I run a sales organization.  I could absolutely support your argument that in my world -- I'd take someone with average educational credentials and a HUNGER to succeed any day over a pedigree.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Whew.  Glad THAT hot mess is over.  Yikes.

When is "Better Call Saul" back on?

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Respectfully, I disagree with this -- depending on the career one chooses.  

For professional careers (Doc/Law), your graduate program choice can have a dramatic impact on your career trajectory and your ability to get out of student debt quickly.  A Michigan Law degree opens doors that, say, Marshall College of Law might not.  In today's world, assuming the average grad student comes out with between $50-100K of debt, you definitely want the higher-credentialed pedigree to gain access to better opportunities with more prestigious organizations.  Of course, this all assumes debt.  If no debt, then this consideration is greatly diminished.

I will, however, agree that in the long run, hard work and fortitude is what make all the difference.  Say 10+ years outside one's graduation.

Comment 12 Aug 2015


I like to make fun of our rivals probably more than anyone.  But give me a friggin break.  I would throw all the rest of this crap out the window.  UM Law opens doors nationally for you.  Unless you're talking Ivy League or Northwestern/UChicago, there aren't many better Law programs in the country.

Go to Michigan.  Wear your scarlet/grey with pride -- and tell all your jagoff friends who give you a hard time they can suck it.

"It's not personal, Sonny.  It's business..."

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Rode the Magnum a few months ago.  It had been a while and I forgot how freaking jarring that ride is.  My neck hurt for a week!  I think my Magnum days are over.  But....

Made me realize how special (and smooth!) Millennium Force is.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Cut Golic some slack.  He actually made fun of the domers the other day when he called them soft.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Totally agree.  He's not going anywhere.  And Urban would have already released him from his LOI (if that was actually a possibility).  And since I can't imagine he'd be willing to sit for a year, what alternative does the dude have?  Then again -- he might redshirt anyway, so who knows.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Respectfully, Canuk, I disagree with you.

We can paint this with a few different brushes, but in the end, the story is about Urban running a modern and effective recruiting engine which exposes college football as a BUSINESS, and is unapologetic in its "win at all costs" methods.  This is in contrast to a public HS coach whose relationship with Ohio State is leveraged completely on relationship-building and trust.  There exists a chasm between the two, which was essentially ripped open this week with the Weber saga.  It's modernity versus legacy.

Yes, Wilcher feels victimized since he's coaching these kids with their futures.  It's not just football X's and O's.  He feels he has a right to be part of the inner-circle with these kids, and when it becomes clear he didn't have all the data -- his advice becomes moot.  His credibility is affected.  That reality creates mistrust.  And I, for one, believe trust is critical to the future of all HS pipeline relationships, particularly in Detroit.  He's pissed, and it's pretty understandable.

Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan, LSU -- these are all great programs with elite coaches who rely on relationship-building to separate themselves from each other for top kids.  Ohio State is the defending national champ, yes.  But it's not the "top university in the Nation."  Let's not overstate things.  Because of this, I wish the Weber situation never happened.  I believe it was woefully mishandled by Urban.  My hope is it won't have long-term impact, or be exploited in a manner that far exceeds the benefit of getting one kid out of Detroit pipeline school.

Just my $.02

Comment 07 Jan 2015

I'm a huge fan of the Stub Hub iPhone app which I use all the time -- particularly to last minute events.  The trick with the iPhone app is to know ahead of time if the gate agents can scan off barcode on the phone.  Some venues can and others can't (more can't at this point).  Call the venue and ask specifically if they can scan the Stub Hub iPhone app.  They may direct you towards a specific gate.  Otherwise, just go a few mins early and find a FedEx/Kinkos.  I've done that a few times too.

I've probably used StubHub 25-30 times and have never had a forged ticket/# issue.

Comment 01 Jan 2015

Umm.  Not to be "that guy" but the Sea of Galilee is in Israel (with parts bordering Syria and Lebanon).  None of this geography is located near lands potentially part of a future Palestinian state.  And until negotiations bear fruit, there isn't even a place called Palestine. 

Envious of the trip, though!  Stay safe!

EDIT:   I think I misunderstood.  You were in the occupied territories before, and today you'll watch the game from Israel (Sea of Galilee).  Now I understand. Apologies. 

Comment 10 Jun 2013

Thought it was interesting, the part about an autopsy revealing Secretariat's heart being twice as large as a normal horse's.  Dude was born to be a dominant race horse, and as that owner indicated --- he just had a bigger "engine" than everyone else, which kind of made it unfair.  I have no doubt horse breeding has attempted to engineer that advantage into future lines of champions.