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From Toledo to Columbus to San Diego... Buckeye fan for life.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Maurice Clarett stripping the ball in the 2002 NC game.... or Holy Buckeye.
  • NFL TEAM: Wherever Carlos Hyde plays.
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Comment 17 Jan 2015

oh it's absolutely the pistol.... just with different skill players in different places and with a different philosophy how how to actually run it 

Comment 17 Jan 2015

I like your thoughts with that modified idea. also maybe we should line up Cardale under center in case of said interception so he can light up said linebacker or DB

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Is it possible to ask for the NCAA to require teams to wait until after bowl season to interview coaches? Seriously this and the Herman thing couldn't wait two weeks? I understand it's a business but it also doesn't seem fair to the players. It also doesn't set a good example or show any sense of loyalty to be a one-and-done assistant coach. This is all sorts of lame.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

If only I still lived there I would drop 150 for that jersey, especially because it is really cool looking. I went to the Dick's out here in San Diego county and all they had was some crappy San Diego State sweatshirts and lots of surf gear.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

thank you for that review. everything i had read about that website was negative, especially after googling the website name and "reviews" after. But if you actually have experience ordering through them, and twice, and with good things to say, its worth at least giving it a shot. thanks.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

i would but i'm a size medium. thank you though for the offer

Comment 19 Dec 2014

you're right. I looked and I guess I made this account in 2012. it was when my friend was an intern for this site and right after he and I drank bourbon with ramzy after a bucks game. it sounded cooler than the site i frequented at the time, I've probly posted less than 10 times since I created the account, but I'm sure you can help me find the exact number. thank you for the fact check and my sincerest apologies for any misleading representation of my background on this football website. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Been on this site for well over a year now, always only reading. Just made an account and began commenting. Not sure how to +1 but.... +1. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Yeah that was my failed dry sense of humor. Been looking for a Barrett jersey. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I used to live off sawmill last year...actually right by that Dick's, the one next to the Meijer there, I assume. Oh the nostalgia. But I forgot to mention that I moved to California and there is rarely a Block-O to be found out here.