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From Toledo to Columbus to San Diego... Buckeye fan for life.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Maurice Clarett stripping the ball in the 2002 NC game.... or Holy Buckeye.
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Comment 20 Nov 2014

Step 1: Mute the video above.

Step 2: Play the video below in a new tab (I have it starting at 5:50).

Step 3: Wait about 5 seconds and press play on video above (so it aligns with 5:55 on below video).

Step 4: Enjoy. 

Optional step 5: Play around with other times that the below soundtrack makes the above video even more epic.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Agreed. What bothered me was how many times the announcers were talking about the hypothetical situation of Minnesota making that missed FG and OSU not scoring at the end of the half which would have made it a one score game. No sh*t ESPN, but if you count Grant's TD that got called back for a very questionable P.I. call, Marshall's should-have-been touchdown that resulted in a Goldy touchback, and all the other dumb turnovers on our part, the game was actually much more likely to have been a "hypothetical" blow-out than a one score game.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

To address the elephant in the room: 

What's the plan for Braxton going forward?

Heard rumors today about the idea of him transferring to FSU for grad school... not trying to spread those but just curious what you guys think is actually going to happen next year... Bring him back as starter? Late round draft pick? Transfer?

No matter what happens, I will always be a huge fan of Braxton and appreciate what he did for OSU football.

Comment 02 Nov 2012

My friend played under Beckman at UT... Said he was a good coach but a real A-hole. Lied to players all the time and didn't connect with them well... Funny and insignificant example: someone farted in the locker room while he was talking. He repeatedly asked who did it and ensured that if they fessed up, they wouldn't get in trouble. As soon as the player fessed up to passing gas, Beckman kicked him out of the locker room and punished him the whe week w/ sprints, etc. at practice. A very insignificant example, but somewhat humorous, nonetheless.