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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02-03 & 014-15 NC'S !
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie, Pancake Pace.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Bobby Orr's Boston Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: Cav's
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Comment 28 Nov 2016
When your team of 44 freshman just beat their team of 43 seniors... Don't know how to embed on this galaxy s5 ?
Comment 27 Nov 2016
Your welcome and thank-you for taking the time to express your heart. I lost my Father a long time ago, but still miss him very much 'everyday.' As many on here have already shared, we are with you in this difficult part of your adjusting. If there is ever anything we can do please know we are here.
Comment 27 Nov 2016
"MICHIGAN GOT DUMPED IN ALL LANGUAGES." The deaf-inate sign of our young bang'rs double O.T. 'W'...anyone can lip read...hairball & co...*C.H.O.K.E.D. ! And their tears taste SO g.o.o.d. !!! **Sympathies loosing your Dad WC, prayers too.
Comment 29 Oct 2016
Another shout-out: Wahoo's 1st ever to record 5 post season shut-outs ! Francona started his designated hitter, Carlos Santana, in left field. He lifted his starting pitcher, Josh Tomlin, in the middle of a shutout after 4⅓ innings. He burned his most dominant reliever, Andrew Miller, with nine outs to go. And he used each of the 13 position players on his roster; = Masterpiece ! Believeland we're coming back to Progressive Field !
Comment 25 Oct 2016
Been a Redleg forev'r, (& Ohio born & bred) for this diehard Buckeye = Oh. against the world, Go Tribe ! *The Bron/Cav mojo gives the Wahoo's the Edge...enjoy Believeland it's #2 World Champion time ! Book it.
Comment 11 Oct 2016
Yes this is our favorite 5:59 daily football skull fix, owned by the one and only Best 11W writer DJ. (Did Jason ever get that plaque made for him & put up on the P Lounge wall honoring our elitest). And yes there is a forum catagory for 'other sports' but, but...kudos, UV's, high 5's, & shout-outs go to Chief Wahoo's Tribe, for brooming the Sox. Now only the Jays stand in your way of being the new AL Champs ! 1st Da Cavs, now Believelandrs Crown #2 awaits. Congrats Coach Francona on your statement series, & to last night's MVP Coco Home Run Crisp: "I hit it, and I was like, 'OK, I got it. It's a homer,'" Crisp said. "And then I was like, 'Wait a second. I hit it, and that's the Monster out there, and that wasn't really a pull homer. I started running and had my head down, and I looked up and saw the second base umpire twirling his fingers. That's when I got pumped up." *It's definitely time fellow Cleve fan dubbers & dubberettes, if your pump ain't up its time for a pump check or get a new one...GO Tribe WAHOO !
Comment 09 Oct 2016
National exposure in any of our 34 different sports is it only gives recruiting, & coaching greater effectiveness. Just thinking about the recent grappler commits; plus the academic excellence offered gives the total package. Thanks Andrew for this write-up. Howdy Ling, always glad to see when you're on duty, get'n kinda chilly here in the east, don't ya miss probably having similar tho.
Comment 08 Oct 2016
It's Ohio against the world: Da Cavs brought-it for Cleve's first Crown since '64, Bron & Co. are all-in with the Tribe bang'n on the same door, he's got the Bucks back we know...that mojo be here this year ! *Today UFM will be 55-4, OSU 5-0...the ind. hooies...3-2 !