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My Father: OSU '56 Alum; my aunt '59...inherited scarlet-n-grey blood by birth !


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Comment 23 Nov 2015
Gonna be "lights-out" against #18 Albright this Sat.; just so the Bucks get the "W " bring it home ballrs !
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Nailed it DY, ""I'm talking about the play calling. So whoever calls the plays," Elliott said. "I was lobbying to Coach Meyer all game. I heard no explanation."
Comment 21 Nov 2015
Again, the point here was never to "get Herman back" ! "We come in with something to prove," Dantonio said. "When you have that, you have a little chip on your shoulder and play a little bit better." We all have a chip to grind after today, seems our Ballrs need to find one is the point !
Comment 21 Nov 2015
You missed it obviously, it just shows who was the primary reason for last years Natty, is just as human as Urb not getting us there again this year without him.
Comment 18 Nov 2015
The XBRAX "Spin-Move" right there as one of THEE bestest among the "Incredibles" Thank-you young man for flat-out *spoiling us ! #Time for The Silver Bullets to take their Nasty-Ness where even they've never been before !
Comment 16 Nov 2015
"The heartiest of welcomes to the 2015...Heart of the Season !" Ftfu. Excellent skully DJ, great Monday 5 a.m. Mich. St. "primer" time to "RUMBLE in the jungle" Buck-nuts... *GO Buck Ballrs take it to the House !
Comment 15 Nov 2015
Rowdy got her time card punched BIG time. As stated above she obviously had poor pre fight advice. Seems her focus got lost in all the glamour & glitz, celebrity status -1. If she's truly a champion *seems she has a big heart, & if right prep instead of doing all the magazine shoots and interviews she should train more, only the rematch will smack all the if's. Yet her style of brawler banging beat her this time, Holms dominated the whole fight. We'll see if RR get'n her clock cleaned knocks her back to reality ? Maybe Ronda needs to move on and look for an acting career in Hollywood. For now, Holly is the new UFC cash cow. Give me some Holms/Cyborg !
Comment 14 Nov 2015
Tied up 14 all, 8 min to the half.