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Comment 05 Apr 2014

Well, from the OL-school-days..."The Game" was and still is the 1st-Championship, before Rose Bowls, Fiesta Bowls, etc. and we have basically owned the team up north for the past 10 yrs. Sure the bar has been raised, so has leaving early for the pros. So including Nov. anything past that is a gift, but don't forget The Game regardless what happens after it.  Coach Urb is getting settled in with his own recruits now, the future is as bright as all the (3-4-5) STARS !



Comment 03 Apr 2014

How many times over we all know the National Association of Basketball Coaches National Defensive Player of the Year for 2013-14 would trade any award for: one more game, one more opportunity to get his best-buds one step closer to a NC...the total-TEAM-player...Crafty  

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Watch this get what few helmet stickers I do have get d-v''d...thx.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

How is it when a racial-slur is directed to a Caucasian, like "whitey, white-boy, white-trash" its O.K. ? Haven't seen it on any national news sites ever. Racist- M-F is O.K....from either side ? Sure some white people are low-life bottom of the pond-scum. Can you say ''double-standard"...

@ EvanstonBuckeye: you said, "The distraction argument is a cop-out." Then is Tebow different ? He's not being singled out, or a distraction because of his religious preference ? According to you, sexual preference, and religion preference are two totally different animals...


Comment 11 Jan 2014

The ''two'' KEY pieces in all this is ''who'' Erb hires for Whit, & Vrabes !_! Bama n *ichigan did their did PSU. Its just this simple: T.E.A.M. = together each accomplish's MORE!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

@ Travis: "2 years isn't long considering he came in so late for his first year and considering that his recruits aren't starting yet." 

Yes very true, but Urb took the defensive-reins last year by switching a fullback to a LB. Why didn't he make any kind of move somewhere on either side long before the mid-season gaffs came about this year ? 

K. G. proved in one game last yr. & 3 games this yr. he was TOTALLY able to come in for Brax but an Orange-size injury isn't enough proof for a COACHING adjustment ? C'mon.

Love, love, love these kidz hearts...some boys became men out there last night ! We're behind you ALL...GO BUCKS !


Comment 23 Dec 2013

Linebacker U. you ROCK ! Bucko's the Urb-pieces are being "precisely-placed" in their Columbus Home: Proof...Kwon's Home, K. Berger Home, D. Booker Jr. Home...

Tony Glazer, an assistant coach at Liberty County told Eleven Warriors when McMillan was awarded the Butkus. “He turned into the best LB in the nation (because) he was the ultimate team guy. It was always about just trying to get in the win on Friday an not how many tackles could he get. He's a better person then he is football player.”  

*This is continued Proof: When Coach wants Quality...he GETS Quality...♫ ROCK'N around the Commit-Tree, till the #1's [he wants] all get Home !_!

Comment 24 Nov 2013

It'll take more than a new-hokey-wardrobe to help THAT tent-n-awning repair. The University of Mediocre under this joker may NVR recover, at least as long as the Donut Klunker fails to deliver.  Unless he eats himself into a coma at the Choke-Hoke buffet. The Titanic never went down this fast...

AweSOME Remy, thx. Let's see a follow-up next Sunday ! 

Comment 28 Oct 2013

GR8 Monday Morning Skully to wake up to Byrnie...keep'n 11W...&...tOSU...The GR8EST...O.H.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Clemson 7 - FLA ST. 48 4th quarter the BUCKS still won't move up >:|

WSU 21 - ORE 27 only 2nd quarter; Div. 1 is showing parity ALL over the place.

Correction: Clemson 14 - FLA. ST. 51 ...can you say KILLED !!!!

Watch them stay in the Top 10...if in the same boat, the BUCKS wouldn't...GRRR...>:|

The final polls could keep tOSU from the NC this year, but next year anything similar to this there WOULD  be NO...NC...for the good guys regardless of any undefeated season.

Comment 28 Sep 2013

2nd half...playing to WIN...or FROM losing...Coach don't won't qb controversy, but I think we see a different flow with K.G. ! A W is A W !

Comment 25 Sep 2013
Do this one thing this Sat. how often anyone of our offensive linemen after a touchdown when they try to SHARE in that team-moment celebration...get almost & all to often "ignored" completely by the runner, or pass catcher...Why ? Sure game time moments move at super-sonic-speed, sure linemen don't...sure if they chest-bumped it could be severely injure time...sure would be GR8 to see them get MORE than an empty-moment they EARNED as EQUALLY...thx for let'n an old-schooler...vent !
Comment 22 Sep 2013

Thx Jerv, it is a W. for the maze-n-bleeders...but their *supposed to be the {2nd BEST} the B1G has to just CONFIRMED our point by saying they, "didn't make the Big Ten look good...they looked like crap...and Gardner looked like crap much of the game."

Did we say EM-BARE-ASSED the B1G AGAIN..from the "#2 hole." >:|

It doesn't work for me...1 out of two of our ? Best...

Comment 22 Sep 2013

Excuse me Nic..."...but the Big Ten is no longer an embarrassment."...and your school-up-north statement, "...chalk it up to another bad game against a poor defense."  And then you noted  " D. Gardner, no touchdowns, two int.'s, several fumbles..." NOT an embarrassment ? 21-7 just after the half, FOR UConn., not an...I won't even say that word AGAIN... >:|

You said, "It took four weeks to be certain..."... of what again ?

Comment 22 Sep 2013

Talk about a recruiting statement for Coach Urb's future back-up QB choices at tOSU. Yesterday Florida lost starting qb Jeff Driskel for the season to a broken leg, then this...""It wasn't the way I wanted it, but an opportunity is an opportunity," said Tyler Murphy, who was a very late addition to Urban Meyer's 2010 recruiting class. Florida's back-up wasn't what Tenn. wanted to see to the tune of 31-17. Terrible for Driskel a junior, he'll be back.

Brax has Kenny G., *Smooth Jazz has Cardale who was a 'beast'....8 rush's for 52 yrds. 1 TD...that's 6.5 avg., did we forget he's 6'5" & 241 lbs. Can anybody say, "Back-up U."

B.t.w...69 days till The Game >:|



Comment 15 Sep 2013

Probably gonna break the 'down-vote' record, but with SO many WEAPONS in the Tool-Box, does Coach M. lock in only 3, D.Smith, J. Hall, K.G. ? QB = No brainer; but we have the 3 Yards n a Cloud of Dust...SMOTHERED...with MORE than ready for a full house back-field, ya that system is ancient-history, but where was our tight-end combo ? NOT. THRILLED how K.G. is the MAN for NOW ! Yea, I'm an Arm-chair qb, maby...Erb isn't sure how to use all the AMMO ?

From Kyle's skully: "He’s a captain, a source of inspiration and a producer when he goes on the field. A half hour before Guiton was to start his first college game, he bobbed up and down to the music inside Cal’s Memorial Stadium – filled with 25,000 screaming Ohio State fans – and flashed his trademark smile.

Guiton’s personality and poise rubs off on his teammates who exude confidence. Faced with the challenge of a Pac-12 school on the road, it took the signal-caller all of two plays to get the scarlet-and-gray-clad fans on their feet. And he did so in historic fashion.

The 90-yard scoring strike to Devin Smith was the longest play from scrimmage in Ohio State history. It was the beginning of a 608-yard evening that represented the blue print for an Urban Meyer and Tom Herman-led offense. Few, if any, would have believed Guiton and not Braxton Miller would lead the effort.

“I watched so much film,” Guiton said. “I killed myself with film. I just wanted to know everything Cal could do and everything they could show me. I think when you’re nervous about something, it helps you prepare harder.”


For the second straight season – and with a completely different offense – Cal managed to befuddle the Ohio State defense. Sonny Dykes’ up-tempo offense gained over 500 yards and scored 34 points.

Those numbers didn’t please Meyer, but when you consider the Bears ran 90 plays, it becomes less damning. What was evident, though, were missed tackles by the bushel. There were also ill-advised penalties, including a personal foul by captain Ryan Shazier.

“We missed tackles,” Meyer said. “We made some stupid penalties, too. We knew there was going to be a lot of yards. You’re crazy if you think you’re going to just shut them down...”


Comment 10 Sep 2013

Is it just there some written Coach-CODE only one qb HAS to stay-in almost the WHOLE half/game ? BEFORE they can be alternated/shuttled etc. ???  Like HAYBUCKS said ? No getting tOSU, n Brax his statue isn't the MAIN thing...his health back IS ! Even if he maybe is a M.Vick Jr. Any help here Kyle, any thoughts from the 11W staff ?

IBUCK this is SO right ON..."Cal's frosh QB is calm, able to read defenses & toss the ball quickly. He's passing for over 400 yds/game.  Silver Bullets are going to need their A game."