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Comment 46 minutes ago
Eze, "We needed to come out like we did today for ourselves and for (the fans)." Always an Up-vote for Zek want'n to pay it forward! Meyer ALWAYS optimistic, “You still have a sick feeling in your stomach about last week, but we're moving forward, and I see a lot of young guys that are going to have great futures at Ohio State." UFM, "...great futureS..." plural...can u say DynastyS!  Thanks Pat for the scully !
Comment 19 hours ago
Everyone always wants to be the first to knock us off..."we beat the Bucks"...think of it. What it says, be'n the one pebble that puts Goliath down. In one sense connect it to The Game, for the ya-hoos out there it makes there season if only to be 1-11. Now we have NChampions tattooed across this team they dream of add 'n to their trophyless-season. We be #1...& gonna be the King of the Mtn. for yrs. to come. See'ya saban. Forget it Hairball. All these diamond-recruits are proof! Gonna be a good-looong run of fun for YRS to come, we just started, for all the wanna-be, nvr-will-be's: It Ain't happen'n...its our Dynasty... tOSU UFM Ballers are here to STAY!
Comment 25 Jan 2015
Just made a True-Forever-Buckeye...bleed scarlet-n-grey tears even 12 years later... Exteme-Thanks Nicholas for honoring the GREAT-OSU, its un-rivaled-tradition (s): Band Script O-H-I-O...*dotting-the-I Carmen-Ohio; *Best-EVER univ. song anywhere...did we say Period. Best student-body, & alumni 11W: BEST college football web-source of OSU football EVER-made ! BEST-BUCKEYE-NATION in Creation !
Comment 23 Jan 2015
The city of Dublin changed two different street names to commemorate the 2014 national champs, with Meyer getting one all to himself and thus making him an official local legend... Next: UFMeyer-town, Ohio UFM-51st State in the Union !
Comment 23 Jan 2015
There are up-votes...this one deserves a New- category: BEAST-VOTE(S)!!!! This GIF would be 014-15's Ultimate... TOTHEHOUSE...well, so far...
Comment 23 Jan 2015
 There's just something about this team. Call it mojo. Call it momentum. Call it playing for one another. Call it whatever you like. But this team has navigated its way through tragedy, key personnel losses and an embarrassing home loss, and has only gotten stronger along the way. Why would anything change... Except more W's!
Comment 22 Jan 2015
The Buckeyes average 163.9 rushing yards per game between the tackles, which is second among Power 5 teams. They are the only team in the past two seasons to run for more than 200 yards between the tackles against Alabama. Elliott is a product of that, as is an offensive line that continuously improves...the present is bright; the future is brilliant !  It's also nice to have a 6-foot-5, 250-pound quarterback who can bull his way to the tough yards...Wo...who else has a combo: qb/tight-end/7th lineman... Did we say: BRILLIANT !
Comment 21 Jan 2015
We've got Ft. Knox in Col.: Meyer is worth his weight in gold on these big stages. there's a reason Meyer is 2-0 in BCS National Championship Games and 4-1 in BCS, 1-0 in the CFP bowl game. His teams play big in big games, and as good as he is at getting his teams ready physically, he's even better at the mental part of the game. As the stakes have gotten higher, Meyer has gotten this team to play with even more confidence, more savvy and more of an edge. The Buckeyes will be at their best from the 014 B1G Championship till after UF-CHAMPIONSHIP-M retires his legacy to the next-up Urban M... Excellence breeds success !
Comment 21 Jan 2015
Zeke, JT, Brax, Buck-Up... Put'um all on the plane to N.Y...all others b-sitn on the poarch watchn !
Comment 21 Jan 2015
There's nothing like inserting a NChampion qb into spring-practice till your 2-Heisman-hopefulls can take the reins... Or until UFM comes up with his next champion-coach-wowzer to give us sum new-smack !!!!BOOM!!!!