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My Father: OSU '56 Alum; my aunt '59...inherited scarlet-n-grey blood by birth !


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02-03 & 014-15 NC'S !
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie OSU Griffin, Pancake Pace, Eddie G.
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  • NBA TEAM: Cav's
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Comment 9 hours ago
Happy 4th Buck Nation, this is The Best July since 2002... Undisputed Natty Champions !
Comment 01 Jul 2015
The run to the 2002 Natty proved that NB91 ! "Ohio State is always "the team to beat" in the B1G, but those stakes will be even higher this year." In the URBANATOR we trust !
Comment 29 Jun 2015
"(Now if we can only figure out how to get D'Angelo Russell back into the fold...)" Our highest pick since Greg O., Silk a forever Buck will rep tOSU till they put #1 in the HoF ! No doubt Vegas would have put us in the Final 4, with the heavy to win it had Patient O stayed...but we'll be reaping long term benefits (when his schedule permits) with him flying in & sitting court side at the Shott; and any time he mentions his alma-mater throughout his career ! DJ he'll find ways to be back by paying it forward, but we know what you mean, DAR in S & G with the quality bballrs com'n in next season would have added a B1G crown in the trophy case plus MMadness memories we can dream about!
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Here= (this 11W write up) is how 11W maintains=(keeps bringing this great write ups) Buck Nations #1 total pigskin coverage package=(anything Buck football)...kep'n dubers=(11W's=u & i) Sept 7th itch'n finger=(the VT game + what we all use to type with) on the #pclapandriod keyboard for the next #skullyforumarticle ! * Comprehende Hermano TS...
Comment 26 Jun 2015
"On top of all that, it's a great academic school that will provide me with a meaningful degree." tOSU offering the "total college experience" the next pancake artist at Linemen U. !
Comment 26 Jun 2015
Well, once again I was overlooked in the NBA draft ! One day they'll know the error of their way, right now Silk is The Double 00 LAMan, & with no surprises the next *Rookie of the Year ! G-pa Kobe & G-son DAR...that chemistry gonna blow-up !
Comment 25 Jun 2015
Was it a punch or a tomahawk chop? There is a it one of the ex Domer Golson's qb technics in Advanced Winstonism ?
Comment 22 Jun 2015
The Art 'Voo-Doo' Modell curse put on our qb's right after the Bernie era will move over to qb wannabe WR's. Just watch...que in the Twilight Zone theme song & I can wait till next year ...
Comment 22 Jun 2015
The blocked punt returned for a TD bought the team a Rose Bowl ticket, there outta be a "special colorded game saving play hs" ! Thanks Rem for this 11W Top 100 to Grind us 'thru' the off-season !
Comment 22 Jun 2015
 URBAN TALKS RIVALRY Meyer will not remove his shirt. “That,” he said, “will not happen.” *The correct way where to place a 3 pt. stance !
Comment 21 Jun 2015
"My dad immediately sent Mark Pantoni a Twitter message remarking how impressed he was." This from observing the respect coming from coaches & players, you Mr. Barrow are earning Buck Nations respect off the field & we're definitely looking forward to you getting it on ! Thanks Birm for sports writing excellence, kudos !
Comment 21 Jun 2015
To all the men in "step-dad" role...Mega up - votes for your daily sacrifices, in alot of lives you are a "father" that they might not have ever had. My Dad was killed in the line of duty USAF when I was 7. My step-father with none of his own did his BEST for me & I'm very blest. Thanks again for stepn-up & paying it forward !
Comment 21 Jun 2015
Totally enjoying Father's day on my wife's birthday, & being with our oldest son who lives 6 hrs away from us while in college in O-H...
Comment 21 Jun 2015
“amazing young man for making it a priority to provide smile therapy” to her son, adding he “is class on and off the field.” Happy Father's day to all the 11W Dad's who provide 'smile therapy' almost daily on & off season ! & to the fathers who have departed from us to that Great forever Natty in the sky...we sure miss you Dad ! You may not have always felt like you did your best but in our hearts you were "class on & off the field" all the time, thanks again!