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Comment 3 hours ago
And the off-season rolls right along: top cruits rolln into committs, top Bucks makn the draft, top bballrs next men up, top 3 qb's shapn up, top HC & staff keep grindn so complacency won't get started, &, and hairball's scratchn tryn tp figure out how to get outta all that mess up north...
Comment 14 hours ago
The new Minnesota Vikings stadium, scheduled to open in 2016, is already slated to host the 2018 Super Bowl. Isn't it about time for a new stadium in Ohio, wait, shouldn't there be a rule ya gotta win...o.k., o.k.forget that...well then let's just put a bid in for the Shoe !
Comment 14 hours ago
You actually think there will be sum left when Choke hears about food-anything ! I'm not getting in the way of Monster Chompers, ugh-uh !
Comment 15 hours ago
In terms of logistics in the Twin Cities, Dayton and others heralded the state's public transportation, including the light rail, and noted the skyway system in downtown Minneapolis that would allow visitors to explore the city while staying warm."I came here four years ago and I didn't know all the things the Twin Cities had to offer," said Kill, who is entering his fifth season as the Gophers' coach." We all KNOW Kill will be the B1G COY, & probably be handing the, "Keys of the City" to the entire CFP committee...
Comment 15 hours ago
Your definitely onto something Spell, "The College Football Championship people have been very clear that they want to look at some -- what they call -- non-traditional cities," Kelm-Helgen said. "They have given a pretty strong signal that they are looking to go to other places than just the South. We're very hopeful that we will definitely be in the running."
Comment 15 hours ago
Organizers of the first-ever CF title game this past January in Dallas estimated an economic impact of $308 million. Not to hateful for one of 3 mega $uper revenue bangr's !
Comment 15 hours ago
Gov. Mark Dayton hopes the third time is also the charm. Dayton announced Tuesday that Minnesota has entered a bid to host the College Football Playoff National Championship game in 2020. The game, like the Super Bowl and Final Four, would be hosted at the still-unnamed future home of the Minnesota Vikings, which is set to open in July of 2016. "Let's go for the trifecta," Dayton said. Well, the weather IS a small part of it, & they do have time to put up a new facility, even if it is in MN Bucks back yard...
Comment 21 hours ago
Only the NATIONS #1 Stud Punter...Drue_Man made #CincoDeMayo decision...! Don't forget 017 offensive tackle Josh Myers has given his verbal commitment to the Buckeyes recently. Myers is rated as a five-star recruit and is ranked in the top three prospects in the country at any position. Just the NChampions usual day at the office !
Comment 23 hours ago
"There’s simply no substitute for experience, even though the team will be dealing with every school’s best shot..." "If the players can continue to respect the grind and Urban Meyer can keep his charges properly motivated, there’s no telling what heights the Slobs will reach in 2015." " If they stay healthy and can raise their game, the Buckeyes could be celebrating back-to-back titles in January." MCitro Great off-season, 'Grinding' here Michael, no 'complacency' on 11W !
Comment 05 May 2015
Clarification: this draft wasn't realistically that disappointing cuz Decker, Dolo, even those who coulda went: Zek, Diesel...stayed Home, yea I didn't mention the ones your thinking of but you get my pt.
Comment 05 May 2015
"OSU OFFERS 2017's No. 1 SAFETY. Ohio State pulled the trigger on 2017's No. 1 safety, Grand Praire (TX) product Jeffrey Okudah." Nation's top punter @Drue_Man set for #CincoDeMayo decision... 2017 offensive tackle Josh Myers gave his verbal commitment to the Buckeyes. Myers is rated as a five-star recruit and is ranked in the top three prospects in the country at any position.  As we all know, UFM has 016 stud quarterback four-star Tristen Wallace commitment to Ohio State. Who is Ohio State's quarterback of the future? You'd think that would be enough to satisfy Meyer's appetite for quarterbacks, at least for the day. It wasn't. On the same day we landed Wallace, Meyer offered 018 - yes, 2018 - quarterback Joey Gatewood of Jacksonville (Fla.) Bartram Trail. A 6-foot-3, 206-pound prospect, Gatewood doesn't yet have a rating from 247Sports. However, considering Gatewood already has offers from Florida, Florida State, Miami (Fla.) South Carolina, Louisville and UCLA despite only having his freshman season under his belt, it's clear that he's an elite prospect.  My point here, there is a skully "common-thread" developing, the cruit'n bar has been "raised" primarily to the elite *5-star not only the skilled positions, but its soon if not already, all positions. And the 3-star offers are not any surprise's that become top elite 5-star ballrs by the sophomore year, we all can see NC-SHIP Buckeyes pipelining 016 draft day ! Sure this recent draft surprised us, obviously disappointing...but we are on the cutting edge of not only Nat #2... Thanks DJ, Birm, 047, & others for seeing the present, & future is "blindingly-Brilliant" !
Comment 04 May 2015
"a three-star CB, flipped from Virginia Tech to the good guys last night." UFlipnM does it AGAIN ! Nothing like letting the sunlight reflect off the cruit'n knife-blade before stick'n it IN come Sept 7. Next up, the nation's #1 punter, an o-h-i-o ballr looks to commit Thurs...been 2 wks since the last boom beefore yesterday, now 2 in 1 wk. Must sting be'n a vt...O-H...
Comment 03 May 2015
Yes sir Robo..and what's going to keep us at the top is the our year after year championship offense facing in practice a rabid Silver Bullet defense. Keeping our turnovers from beating us, & overcoming injuries, which didn't stop getting Natty #8...
Comment 03 May 2015
Boom !...just practice'n for when the nation's top punting prospect commits to the nation's top CF team. Drue's college experience will almost entirely be made keeping his skill sharp in weekly practice, he may never get to in a game, did Cameron suit up against the ducks...