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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02-03 & 014-15 NC'S !
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie, Pancake Pace.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Bobby Orr's Boston Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: Cav's
  • MLB TEAM: 1st Reds, 2nd Tribe

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Comment 11 Jul 2016
He paid it forward & gave back all during a stellar career. The league will definitely continue to benefit in whatever capacity his next step-up will be: HC, asst. coach, Gen. Mgr., etc. A future HOF'r that will show how class continues to represent in retirement ! Kudos & much thanks Mr. Duncan !
Comment 05 Jul 2016
* 61 24's BGSU is 0-1. "Urban Meyer's finishing move on Jim Harbaugh...." * The Urban Psych 42-13 Master Meyer on Nov. 26 will 'own again' The shirtless hairball psycho. 'Dat Larry Johnson' * Recruit & parent(s), "Why did you leave punk st. for tOSU ?" No hesitation or pause, "Because it was lost cause nattylessness vs. Finishing 1st On & Off the Field. * (Still soaking: Believeland's Kinged it's 1st Finals, No mistake by that lake No more). Brownies please catch the Cav/Tribe mojo...paaa-lease ! * Thanks 5:59 a.m. Skully, another 'get' closer to The Finish of off-season !
Comment 02 Jul 2016
Read the article, why continue on with the op. Thanks 3M, & Linga for bringing your comments, maybe best just to put this whole thing in the toilet bowl, not enough TP to help.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
Take any OP thoughts with a grain of salt, this Article, it's a very good commentary. * Take a potential bad thing & turn it into a good thang. Never new salty anything to accomplish anything.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
He (Oscar) the compatriot (fellow countryman) The King (LBJ) and anyone who has sport infection (addicted to sports) shoot even that unique that doesn't seek to be a sport freak (any individual who is not a sports nut) can make a weak comment on. (Sorry you're confused, thanks IBB for trying.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
This articles Lebron and the Oscar Robertson Rule some here may not remember: It was the Oscar Robertson Rule that enabled LeBron to bypass college and join the NBA right out of high school. (This was before “one-and-done” was put into effect.) Whether we agree with or not, inovation in any form does have a price.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
As a kid Lewis Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar was this youngmister's idol, when he & Oscar took them father than ever before. Your right the Milk. Bucks were not much there after.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
"Milwaukee" Bucks. Kareem. Oscar. NBA. Cleve. Bron. Court. Pro's thread. Even remember when he brought his then 5 yr old a Black BGSU SWEATS *apologies no cinn. reference. Certainly know writer/blog'r, Dad even went to & was a Falcon back in the day. Even remember when he brought me back a black BGSU sweatshirt with a Falcon on it, simply boss. Still try to follow them, go falcons except when against our Bucks.
Comment 02 Jul 2016
Extreme appreciation to those who gave & are still giving their all for all our freedom ! One very *!Special!* is my deceased (he went down with his F-84 Sabre) USAF Captain pilot Father, thank-you Dad love and miss you too. Congrats Mrs. House on your 27th Wedding aniv. yesterday, to have survived this long with this rascal defines a true patriot. The off-season will officially be "off" in 63 24's & BGSU is 0-1.
Comment 30 Jun 2016
I may be one of the very few that had a Buck Grad Dad & a *ichigan raised Mom (they met in the Air Force). Its obvious where this diehard loyalty is. He's been deceased for yrs she's a semi-native Floridian. 900 mi. keep her from seeing TTH perpetual beam since The Vest & Urb own her cropped wingers ! "WHERE THE WILD #CROOTS ROAM....In the end, championships are worth the Ohio talent drain on the roster." * May the Ohio Pipeline reign supreme for EVER ! ** 73 24's till BGSU is 0-1 !
Comment 29 Jun 2016
"R.I.P. Fikayo Idowu...expect Buckeye Kingdom to turn out in force this Sat., July 2nd." Sympathies & prayers to the family, & friends. Have always appreciated tOSU, coachs, team, 11W, and Buck Nation stepping up to honor & support the passing of any commrade for any reason. See example : (#63 Michael Bennett wearing #53 in honor of Kosta Karageorge).
Comment 28 Jun 2016
5-3 Tribe. Longest win streak in 34 yrs. ! Lindor had his first career steal of home. Believeland we're pounding on "the door" again ! KC down 8-4 in the 8th.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
Sympathies and prayers to the family, friends, and fans of a HOF'er on & off the court !
Comment 27 Jun 2016
Freshman linemen, well yea...there once was one named Pancake Pace. He was only the second true freshman ever to start on opening day for the Buckeyes. He won the Lombardi Award for the best college lineman in 1995 and 1996, becoming the only two-time winner of that award. He was a finalist for the 1996 Heisman Trophy, finishing fourth in the voting, the highest finish for a lineman (offense or defense) since some guy Hugh Green was 2nd in '80. He also lined up at defensive tackle during some goal line situations during his junior year. Its worth mentioning he did not allow a sack his last two years at Ohio State.  Could we be seeing another phenom freshman in the making...I'm all-in on our "pace" ! Can I get a 11W bro give me a Pancake gif, thx. *76 24's till BGSU is 0-1.