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My Father: OSU '56 Alum; my aunt '59...inherited scarlet-n-grey blood by birth !


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02-03 & 014-15 NC'S !
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin, Pancake Pace, Eddie G.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
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Comment 22 hours ago
Ramz doesn't get even he gets OVER, waaay...
Comment 22 hours ago
In advance when you post, thanks Birm your the Bestest Cinderfella 11W has !)
Comment 23 hours ago
Clearly conjecture: He was fairly successful before having to nip the "buds" in the butt. Maybe someone here knows for sure if there are regular mandatory urine tests ? If he has went cold turkey, could be a major why his game doesn't have its consistent high. W/o subtsances, his motivation jive doesn't ? We don't know what all these kidz deal with daily & no that's not a license to indulge, but haven't met anyone who doesn't have a grind. *Hope he can soon beat it, & not it beat him whatever it is !
Comment 08 Feb 2016
"For two weeks straight, that's all we heard was 'Cam this, Cam th4at, dab this, dab that.' They were dabbing in their team photos. It was very disrespectful. We wanted to come out and prove that we're the best. There was a certain point where it was like guys on the sideline were saying, 'Cam is very stressed,'" Bronco CB Bradley Roby *So was B1G OC's, qb's, & receivers that faced you, thanks for making tOSU & Buck Nation proud on The Biggest Night of your career, so far. **What a "Super Boom" for present & future OSU Robys coming to the 614 ! ***UFM Culture = B1G, Natty, & SB Rings, In Urb We Trust!