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Comment 17 hours ago
Ling, I've got a mod that likes to give me a (-hs) when he's feelings get salty for one of my 58 yr old off the wall (try to be sarcastic without italics takes), pretty sure it's Cal-poopy. If its his turn to spot check this here will soon have one...but if it's you, I deserve it...sniff-sniff...
Comment 05 Oct 2015
The New Chemistry:'s exclusive look. FORUM POST 03 OCT 2015 SlumLord6973 3 OCT 2015, 2:54 PM: "Nothing wrong with Meyer's statements. He is setting boundaries. People need boundaries. Otherwise nobody knows how far is "too far". This is healthy and helps everyone."
Comment 02 Oct 2015
Those Cincy-kitties making Ohio proud: Freshman leads Cincinnati to win over Miami in first career start ! AP OCT 1, 2015 AT 11:15P ET
Comment 02 Oct 2015's gonna be a HAPPIER Birthday after this Sat's W over the "hoosier-etts" !
Comment 01 Oct 2015
Reminds me of the 2 questions the judge asked the little boy in a custody dispute in court: "Do you want to live with your Mother ?" Little boy, "No, she beats me !" "Do you want to live with your Father ?" "No, he beats me !" "Then who do you want to live with ?" Little boy, "The Maryland Terrapins, that don't beat no one !"
Comment 01 Oct 2015
D.J. +1 on your Noah "hope he stays on the right path" Spence take !
Comment 01 Oct 2015
#1. It is his skully & his, "opinion." #2. We don't have to like or agree w/it. #3. See #2 !
Comment 29 Sep 2015
Didn't think anyone ever needed shame-day to do this..
Comment 28 Sep 2015
Thanks for the inside/undercover update AABuck. Gotta be brutal for ya, alota dubbers would be in a *ichigan jail after 60 sec. in that student-zoo of ya-hoos !
Comment 28 Sep 2015
Exactly, would be another worthwhile asterisk to know just how many away games we prove (based on ticket attendance) to be the "home-team" !
Comment 28 Sep 2015
And nearly all Buck Nation can now take a collective sigh of relief, thanks XB !) * Xenia always had my Spfld. North Panthers #...just say'n.