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Comment 24 hours ago
Tress & Urb: the main difference in 5 more yrs is the Gov 7-1 & UFM 8-0 against SCum !
Comment 23 May 2015
What's the statistics of coming back against a former #1 CF power 21-6 ? Or 4 turnovers in the CFC ? Urb handled the kickoff return drops pretty good & incompletions. We know how he fine tooth coombs everything so we should see maybe not a huge difference next year but in UFM we Trust !
Comment 23 May 2015
The pipeline here to the next level since Urbz arrival jumped with the 1st Natty, replacing saban yr after yr is already making the off-season wait till Sept 7 for me seem shorter. Thanks for the work Tim always look forward to these 11W takes.
Comment 23 May 2015
Wouldn't be to surprised to see in only 2-3 yrs. a Meyer/Herman that would be a ROCK the House one for the archives ! Anyone want to speculate the outcome of that...wo !
Comment 23 May 2015
39 pts 11 assist & 9 rebounds. Just another King night ! Looking more and more every game like LBJ & Co. (minus any major injuries, #knockonwood) will be bringing Clev. & Oh. it's 1st NBA Crown !