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Comment 30 May 2016
One important factor here is whichever wins this will face a much more rested & better prepared Cavs team Thurs. Yes Bron & Love are older, but them getting those legs a leg up to start with a 1st game W whether at GS, or at home vs's the Thunder could very likely be the key to going onto their 1st Crown !
Comment 30 May 2016
"BENEFITS OF PATRIOT WEEK." Urban Culture knows how to seal paying it forward & back on and off the field in red, white, and blue Memorial day gratitude & thankfulness. Urban makes young soldiers into Warriors ! * Thankyou to my USAF Captain Father (deceased active duty) & to every veteran who gave their lives and those who bravely fight today we appreciate our freedom, Thank you ! Blest Memorial Day to everyone !
Comment 27 May 2016
Anybody remember, "99 beers on the wall" ? Well, 99 days till the off-season is 'over' & the 1st W officially starts this Natty run, nothing wrong with moving that getting a little dusty 014-15 trophy over right. And with dominating drafts gonna be the norm from making 3-4*'s into 1st rounders, and the UFM Coaching Tree growing, & with URB Culture ruling not only the 614 but the B1G (((yes one game, one B1GC at a time)))...hey only one Memorial day, one 4th of July left before we Rock the Shoe (Donald Joseph a.k.a. DJ are the never stop ROLLING Stones scheduled again before Sept 3rd)... *Nov. 26 lotta OSU grads now Pro Rookies will be Home for the "smack-down"...gonna be sweet ! 98 days, 98 days...just practic'n !
Comment 24 May 2016
Ling you be'n probably the most semi sane individual on here is very scary, don't take this personal just take it. & maybe call the 1-800-Uh-Oh Hotline while your at it... J/k btw. Jus git'n my brown mo'nin rib in...
Comment 21 May 2016
"Ohio State loses 6,531 defensive snaps and 6,539 offensive snaps from their 2015 roster. The loss of 13,070 snaps seems substantial!" Yes this is an astute: (of keen discernment; sagacious) observation but never under-estimate, not that you have, The UFM Wizard. Who would have ever thought the Super Soph's of our most recent Natty (with its 2 time B1G POY going down, with JT record breaking Barrett going down, AND with a 3rd string qb) would have ever been substantial enough ! So get on board the "Believe Train to Natty #2" (go'n through Believeland's LBJ & Co. & the Finals) to 1st W Sept 3rd !
Comment 20 May 2016
Sir know exactly about this 'suffering head downstuff' you speak of but believe it or not I am old enough to remember watching the '64 Championship from a black and white screened box that had tubes in it. My ((((Head down)))) x's seemed to out number the ((((Head Up)))) moments but that pre-historic Victory over the Colts & wasn't it Johnny U...keep this "die-hard" looking !
Comment 20 May 2016
"I knew 100 percent I wanted to commit a couple days after I made my visits to Michigan State and Notre Dame." Sure he could have saved himself the effort of inquiring, but glad it *locked him in. Plus if it got those 2 "other" competitor's hopes up even a smidgen, well then !
Comment 20 May 2016
"No, I don't think we have to lose," James after shootaround Thursday. "We don't want to lose. That's what we're here to do. We want to win every game that we step on the, we don't want to lose. That's not our mindset, should never be our mindset. I don't get, people say you need to lose a game to go through something. I think we've went through some things and if we happen to lose a game, we have to be able to bounce back from it, but that's not our mindset." But, but...what does a MVP & multiple Championships guy know ! And besides I'll be that guy...they have the Cleveland Curse !
Comment 20 May 2016
Two majors on the West's side, GS very possibly won't be back to defend their crown, and if they do can they do it w/o Curry at full strength with not near the rest Cleveland has had ? *BTW, hairball & *ichigan still suck ! I am rootin they come into the Shoe undefeated, so the W taste that much better !