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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02-03 & 014-15 NC'S !
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie, Pancake Pace.
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Comment 11 hours ago
"I'm excited to see what Jinks cooks up." According to what we know about Urban's x's & o's (50-4) Jinks is 'cooked' (BGSU 0-1) ! Wasn't there several opening day W's that led to several 12-0 seasons, yea. Oh and thanks to UFM for that Undisputed Natty ! And Urbz still 'owns' *ichigan, 3-0, & hammering wack-o hairball (42-13) is still sah-weet ! 4 day's. *Thanks D.J. for getting us another skully closer to ending the off-season !
Comment 29 Aug 2016
Was Urban justifiably scared when down 21-6, maybe but he sure didn't panic. Was UFM justifiably scared at the half down 21-20, not. Then there was 85 yrs of reason not to be justifiably scared ever. All this was preceded by replacing his starting qb, and another after beating *ichigan, then waxing Wisky. So no, justifiably scared is not in our HC vocabulary. The only "Urban is justifiably scared" could possibly be if he would forget Shelley's birthday or their anniversary.
Comment 24 Aug 2016
"Maybe the Browns could acquire Bosa in next year's draft, but he'll probably be gone by pick No. 32." Well they've not been below a 21 pick the past seven, & since then only just three DE. Their draft future considering they own the Eagles' 2017 first round #8 (pls. correct me if I'm wrong) & second round pick. * We need Barf or anyone to put up a Big Bear #97 in a Brownie uni.
Comment 21 Aug 2016
Thanks Kyle & to your family & coaches for representing the U.S.A., the State of Ohio, tOSU, giving Buckeye wrestling it's most recent highest sports recognition, & providng young grappler integrity Gold on & off the mat ! Thanks Eric for all your hard work helping keep 11W Gold medal proud of the best Buck sports site ever !
Comment 17 Aug 2016
*Thought all Urban's coaching staff were a phone call away from being added to his HC Tree !