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Comment 19 hours ago

Watching last night's preseason NFL game, Eagles - Steelers, and what The Distributor (Nick Foles) did against the Steeler D, to me was a precursor of things to come for our own Buckeyes. Barrett will be asked to do the exact thing that Foles is doing. Correct reads by getting ball to your playmakers. I believe that J.T. is the perfect Urban qb for his type of offense. With an already strong defense and loads of playmakers on the O-side this will be another impactful season for us. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hoping and praying Braxton has a full recovery. I believe, as was reported, that JT is tailor-made for our offense, which calls for quick reads and ball-out-of-hand. JT gives our playmakers the best opportunity/advantage of any of our qb's including Braxton. The ball will be out of his hand in a millisecond to an in stride playmaker who will then make things happen. The days of our receivers waiting for the ball is over. Our short and mid-range passing game will exponentially improve (tight ends hear me!!).  In other words, the field will be spread or maximized, with the concept of playing in space indicates. I'm excited for this young man. I'm going out on a limb here, but as an old adage says "you heard it here first" JT Barrett will destroy our qb completion percentage records. Go Bucks!!!! 

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I voted Curtis Grant. I believe the light bulb has turned on and this guy will show incredible leadership and outstanding play, good enough to elevate himself in the eyes of pro scouts.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Obviously our team is well coached to take each opponent seriously,  With that being said Teams that I believe will give us a "punch-back" are in order: Michigan State and Minnesota (and both of these teams are flawed). I believe the jury is still out on Mich St. Are they a 1-year wonder? Overrated? True they have matched our win total over the past 5 yrs. Obviously they have good coaching and have done a good job of coaching players up. However, I believe the well is more half empty, and as such leads me to this conclusion:  Football is a numbers game and in order to execute the x's and o's you got to have Billy and Joe's. Do they?

Minnesota will be the surprise team. They are fundamentally sound, execute with good precision, and our well coached.  I believe we will play this team twice; the second time obviously for the BIG title in Indy. The good news for us Buckeyes are their offense definitely plays into our defensive strengths.

The remaining games I see as double digit wins. Not to disrespect our opponents but I believe on both sides of the ball our personnel is stronger, bigger, and faster than anyone. Matchups should favor us in almost every category. Coaching and team health are the key variables. In the near future PSU will join Mich St as a consistent formidable opponent.  We will always be up for ttun regardless of their ineptitude. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 11 Aug 2014


  Aug 31 -  59  OSU   9  Navy

 Sept 6  -   45  OSU   17  VA Tech

 Sept 13 -  77  OSU     6  Kent State

 Sept 27 -  52   OSU   17  Cinti

 Oct 4    -   59   OSU   28  Maryland

  Oct 18  -  66   OSU     6  Rutgers

  Oct 25  -  63   OSU     3  PSU

  Nov 1  -   70   OSU    7  Illinois

  Nov 8  -   41   OSU   10  Mich St

  Nov 15 -  38   OSU    17  Minn

  Nov 22 -  66   OSU    28  Indiana

  Nov 29 -  49   OSU    24  ttun

  Dec 6  -   39   OSU    10  Iowa  --BIG Championship

  NCAA Playoffs:  Wk 1:   42  OSU    24  Oregon

  Championship Game:    24  OSU     21  UGA


Comment 04 Aug 2014

Robert was one of my favorite athletes as a high school track star. I watched each of his 4 finals races against Dunbar's Chris Nelloms in the 400; each outcome had Robert finishing 2nd. The amazing thing was Robert's 400 times were in the 46 sec range which would have won most all States state championships. But, against Nelloms, who had the Nations fastest 400 (45.5) for years, he was 2nd best. I've always said that had he beat Nelloms in either the 200 (2nd in those races for 3 yrs) or 400, coupled with his being named Mr Football 2 yrs running, he would have arguably been Ohio's greatest athlete. He did win the 100 as a 10th grader by the way.  A tremendous talent.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Looking at their schedule the only predictable wins are Appy State and Miami (OH). Scum is terrible on the road under (c)hoke, thus their game in Piscataway on 10/4 is not a gimme. The other road games: ND, MSU, NW, OSU I see them being underdogs, thus losses. At worst scum will be 2-10; at best 4-8. The 2 possible wins (in addition to the "guaranteed wins) will come as a combination between Utah, Rutgers, PSU, IN, MD. GO BUCKS1111

Comment 03 Jul 2014

QB: 1. Troy Smith; 2. Joe Germaine (Best pure passer in Buckeye history).

RB: 1. Eddie George; 2. Archie Griffin

WR: 1. Cris Carter; 2. David Boston

Honoralble mentions at each position:  QB: Braxton Miller;  RB: Keith Byers; WR: Terry Glenn

Comment 28 Jun 2014

Brax will win the Heisman if: 1) Buckeyes are 13-0 (going into the semi-finals); 2) passes for 3,700 yds (avg 280/game and 36 td's); and 3) rushes for 700 yds and 8 td's). I believe these Stats are reachable. GO BRAX, GO BUCKS!!!!


Comment 24 Jun 2014

My list of OSU 2014 All-Americans (4-teams consideration):

1st Team:  DT Michael Bennett, CB Doran Grant

2nd Team: QB Braxton Miller, DE Noah Spence

3rd Team:  OT Taylor Decker, LB Curtis Grant, SP Dontre Wilson

4th Team:  TE Jeff Heuerman, WR Devin Smith

I believe Curtis and Devin are going to surprise Big Time during their senior year. GO BUCKS!!!!



Comment 23 Jan 2014

Replacing Hyde is (only) part of the battle. The biggest challenge is replacing the outstanding seniors on our Oline.  If/When our "new" Oline gets in synch with our running game and the offense as a whole, with the skill set of our rb's, we will be better than Good.  I believe we can insert any of our rb's and find success.  However, there is one kid who I believe stands out in terms of "hunger", "work ethic", "passion" and "drive" and that is #15 EzE.  This assessment is based on all I have read about this rb, and it points to stardom in the future.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2014

As much as I like Dixon, I believe the receiver group is extremely talented and will be difficult for any of the new guys to break in. Raekwon in my estimation has the best chance of seeing the field opening day, don't know as a starter though. We need to remember most of our guys were everybody's "can't miss".  We're talking about Raekwon the same way we used to talk about Curtis Grant: same body, same skill set. Our problem at the lb spot is coaching scheme. Kids have to think way too much instead of just playing. Erick Smith is the "most" ready to play opening day freshman I can remember in years. The Army game with his play and never being out of position demonstrated that to me.  In the end I'm hoping success for all of our guys!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 15 Jan 2014

Stats for qb Verlon Reed, Findlay University. 8-3 record; 1791 passing yds (67.4%), 11 td's 7 int; 389 net rushing yds, 2 td's, long of 79 yds.  Gm avg 198.2 yds.  Not too shabby.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

This will be a great great hire for us. LJ brings instant national name recognition and we will be players for the top d-linemen in the country.  I'm sure Solomon Thomas and others will welcome LJ with open arms.  The man is a highly recognizable brand!!!! All we need now is for Travaris Jackson to take over the db's, and we will have an incredible upgrade to our staff.  GO BUCKS!!

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Great read as always. I feel great about JT, who I believe will be our best passing qb, since Mike Tomczak, and that's saying alot.  Young man is poised and accurate. Hope he can maintain these attributes under a BIG rush.  I'm looking for Jeff Greene, Mike Thomas, and Johnny Dixon to (perhaps) supplant Devin and Evan as starters.  The latter 2 have proven their mettle as blockers, but are "challenged" as "complete" receivers. Greene was a solid starter at GA Tech. Dixon might be the best of them all.  We all know he played in Fla's highest classification as a prep. He understands route running and getting open, something that Devin and Evan still need assistance doing.  Devin will undoubtedly go down as one of our best ever deep threats.  But, we all know that a receiver has to be able to run all the routes to be successful and give the team its best chance to win. Excited about the wide-outs for 2014!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 29 Dec 2013

RichRod going away a far better coach then Hoke. Hoke is a good recruiter but does little or nothing (so far) with his 4* and 5* players. Development then, is terrible.  RichRod is an offensive genius, guy can coach a 3* player up. Only problem with his teams have been abysmal defenses. I still believe tsun let this guy get away too soon.  Hoke sells tsun history -42 big championships, etc..

Comment 29 Dec 2013

By all accounts I hope tsun KEEPS Hoke; he is the perfect medicine for Buckeye football.  In fact, moreso than RichRod.  RichRod's teams had a top offense that scored points against every team. It was his lack of defense that did him in. This current tsun team is challenged on both sides of the ball, save the moral victory over us, which I believe gave tsun brass the courage to award this coaching staff another year. I love beating these guys. Hope they keep Hoke and groupies for a long time. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 28 Dec 2013

It was obvious from the start that BOB is an NFL-lifer.  They need to get a "college guy" in there to see them thru.  From previous posts there are many who would love the opportunity; namely, guys who have worn the blue and white, and are currently outstanding coaches. 

Comment 26 Dec 2013

Minn and their rushing attack should withstand anything Syracuse brings.  Tsun minus Gardner is asking too much for them to win against (anyone). The media and self-proclaimed golden one (Morris) will be exposed for what he is Hype. The next 2 games are mismatches favoring sec (hate to write that). Wisky over Gamecocks, solid run game, mixed w/Abrederis, and stout D can beat a team that is often unprepared on the big stage and under the bright lights.  Pre Bullough suspension favored Sparty.  Now matchup clearly favors Cardinal.  BUCKS Big Time over Tigers. 3-4.

Comment 24 Dec 2013

If I were a friend of TP I would tell him "TP be grateful for your opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars doing something you enjoy doing. TP in the real world you wouldn't even be able to command a $30,000 salary.  TP button that lip and be the best teammate you can possibly be. With your size and being a good teammate you can enjoy life in the league for at least 15 years.  TP financially you will be set for the rest of your life."


TP, as a qb, will probably never be an nfl starter. There are just too many deficiencies in his game: his inability to read coverages at a rate that is required to be successful; and his lack of accuracy (many nfl wideouts dread a qb who "hangs them out to dry OUCH).

His strengths are his phenomenal athleticism, which I believe he should, for the sake of staying in the league, be open to a position change; and his work ethic is beyond reproach.  So there are selling points, just not as a qb.  I'm a Buckeye, and a die-hard one at that. My assessment of TP can be a ditto for Brax. Same guy, just a little quieter. Brax, with another season at TOSU, could move beyound the TP comparison.


Comment 23 May 2013

One key fact I left out of this writing was that Coach Chaump was the lead recruiter for Art Schilister (sp). He left TOSU to become the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Bucs, where he tutored qb Doug Williams. Also John Harris's contribution to the 1968-69 team in which coach was offensive coordinator were te Jan White and ol Milan Viconski (sp).

Comment 23 May 2013

Earle was an alumnus who was a worthy choice as successor to Woody, but, when the clock struck midnight the man who went to bed with the title head coach of TOSU was longtime offensive coordinator George Chaump. George was a masterful offensive genius who followed up his career at TOSU by winning national championships at the D-II and D-1AA levels. As an alumnus myself, and someone who knew Coach during his John Harris (Harrisburg, PA) days as a coaching legend in the 1960's (team lost 3 games in 9 years), and who left John Harris to join TOSU after qb Jimmy Jones went to USC in 1968, I often wondered why the Board reneged on naming Coach Chaump as rightful successor to Coach Hayes. I truly wished his hiring would have played out because I'm sure our boys would have been better than 9-3. Of course 9-3 is a cause celebre at most universities not named Ohio State. Coach just concluded his career as a high school coach at Central Dauphin East in Harrisburg this past season. What a good quality man.


Comment 16 May 2013

I have us scoring +45 a game in every game - in fact I have us averaging 8 td's (56 pts/game) and I do not look at that as being absurd or ludicrous. I just feel our offense is that much ahead of other teams in the BIG, and the under whelming non-conference schedule will allow us 2 things: 1) to ramp up our offense to take on and destroy anything a weak BIG has to offer, and 2) to allow our defense to catch up and match the level of excellence by our offense. Let's face it folks, this is the easiest schedule our Bucks have ever had. I mean, it's laughable. UFM and staff understands this from a strategic national point of view. There can be no hiccups (close games) or we risk letting a 1-loss sec team leap-frog us. We have no choice but to manhandle and destroy other teams. We are the face of the BIG. Other things:

ttun ain't no joke when it comes to recruiting. This year's game we will pound them because they still have pieces missing. I believe in the future though, fellows, we will have to really pack our lunch pails and knuckle down for some good old-fashioned Woody-Bo ball cause it's coming sooner than we think. What they have done in building both sides of the line is incredible. They have created tremendous depth that we lack on our O-line, but have on our D-line. And as anyone who has any ounce of football savvy will tell you games are won up-front, especially competitive games. They're at least 4-5 O linemen ahead of us, and that's a lot. I'm sure UFM and staff understand this problem. However, we separate ourselves from everyone in the BIG in skill position players. WOW!! Not even close. Our lber recruits are 2nd to none; our wr, slot back, and tailbacks are awesome collection of talent. It's just that the engine (O-line) that revs everything can't afford a break-down. That's where quality back-ups come in to play. With what we have now, and everyone stays healthy, as last year, this team will Bust at the seams all offensive records. And never count out our Defense. The Silver Bullets are Back!!!! Awesome time to be a Buckeye.