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Comment 4 hours ago

I don't know if this is "apples and oranges" but, which is really better? 44 completions for 511 yards (11.6 yds/catch), or 12 completions for 226 (18.8 yds/catch). Hill threw 3 td's, J.T. threw 2. One thing I see happening for J.T., the quicker the O-line comes together the more opportunities the ball will be in the air to our playmakers.  20 pass attempts in a half may be a realistic expectation going forward, and his nickname "the distributor" will be just that. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 30 Aug 2014

Congrats to our Bucks on gutting out the victory. I was dead wrong in my prognostication of Navy. Wow what a train wreck lol. Knew they had an awesome run game but I thought for sure our D would be up to the task. Boy I was mistaken. One glaring defensive lapse that didn't get fixed till with like 6 minutes to go: olb never covered the pitch man. D-E (Bosa) always forced the pitch but glaringly and frustratingly the olb (mostly Lee and sometimes Perry) never once (till the end of the game) came up to force the line of scrimmage. That one play, on both sides of the field, gained way over 200 yards. I just knew our D coaches would make the necessary adjustments at half. Anyways I'm just happy that we won't see that type of O again. Good news is that I saw team growth and unity as the game wore on. This was a great 1st game. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I understand our "lack of experience", but as multiple readers have consistently pointed out on this site "That's why they are at The Ohio State University".  More than reloading the Meyer scheme takes into account "the fit mode", and that's where I think J.T., Eze. Dontre, Jalin, Bosa, Apple, and other Meyer-recruited players talents will rise to the top. I have never seen Coach as relaxed and confident as I have seen him with this group. I'm excited about tomorrow. I think both sides of the ball we will do extremely well. Our guys are talented and well-coached. I don't believe there's another recipe for success. J.T. projections:  28/34, 345, 5 td's; 8 for 76, 1 td.  Defense: Navy u 150 rushing, 3 fg's.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I agree with TMAC's comments about Gerry. There's a reason why he is no longer coaching. It makes you wonder (duh) what appeal does a guy with a losing record bring to the studio as a reputable opinion of football. I don't get it. To say we lack tailbacks (Seriously) is beyond being inept and ill-informed. Before putting foot in mouth pal do your research.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Over the past few years I've been very consistent with my comments in regard to the inconsistencies in our passing game. Although both TP and Braxton were top-notch athletes, they were both lacking as pass-first qb's. Both took too long to process through the progressions, more time than not making the wrong read and subsequently throwing to a covered receiver (our YAC was probably the lowest in the BIG). If the reader would review game film, as I have, Devin and other receivers were always open, especially Devin. I believe with J.T. in the lineup we will see quicker decisions (similar to Guiton) which will yield  an increase in our YAC yards. I believe that multiple receivers will have up to 30+ receptions. For Devin, who will probably leave us with the 2nd most receiving career TD's, his future will shine bright in the NFL. He has the size, speed, and athleticism to earn his pension. 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Watching last night's preseason NFL game, Eagles - Steelers, and what The Distributor (Nick Foles) did against the Steeler D, to me was a precursor of things to come for our own Buckeyes. Barrett will be asked to do the exact thing that Foles is doing. Correct reads by getting ball to your playmakers. I believe that J.T. is the perfect Urban qb for his type of offense. With an already strong defense and loads of playmakers on the O-side this will be another impactful season for us. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hoping and praying Braxton has a full recovery. I believe, as was reported, that JT is tailor-made for our offense, which calls for quick reads and ball-out-of-hand. JT gives our playmakers the best opportunity/advantage of any of our qb's including Braxton. The ball will be out of his hand in a millisecond to an in stride playmaker who will then make things happen. The days of our receivers waiting for the ball is over. Our short and mid-range passing game will exponentially improve (tight ends hear me!!).  In other words, the field will be spread or maximized, with the concept of playing in space indicates. I'm excited for this young man. I'm going out on a limb here, but as an old adage says "you heard it here first" JT Barrett will destroy our qb completion percentage records. Go Bucks!!!! 

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I voted Curtis Grant. I believe the light bulb has turned on and this guy will show incredible leadership and outstanding play, good enough to elevate himself in the eyes of pro scouts.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Obviously our team is well coached to take each opponent seriously,  With that being said Teams that I believe will give us a "punch-back" are in order: Michigan State and Minnesota (and both of these teams are flawed). I believe the jury is still out on Mich St. Are they a 1-year wonder? Overrated? True they have matched our win total over the past 5 yrs. Obviously they have good coaching and have done a good job of coaching players up. However, I believe the well is more half empty, and as such leads me to this conclusion:  Football is a numbers game and in order to execute the x's and o's you got to have Billy and Joe's. Do they?

Minnesota will be the surprise team. They are fundamentally sound, execute with good precision, and our well coached.  I believe we will play this team twice; the second time obviously for the BIG title in Indy. The good news for us Buckeyes are their offense definitely plays into our defensive strengths.

The remaining games I see as double digit wins. Not to disrespect our opponents but I believe on both sides of the ball our personnel is stronger, bigger, and faster than anyone. Matchups should favor us in almost every category. Coaching and team health are the key variables. In the near future PSU will join Mich St as a consistent formidable opponent.  We will always be up for ttun regardless of their ineptitude. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 11 Aug 2014


  Aug 31 -  59  OSU   9  Navy

 Sept 6  -   45  OSU   17  VA Tech

 Sept 13 -  77  OSU     6  Kent State

 Sept 27 -  52   OSU   17  Cinti

 Oct 4    -   59   OSU   28  Maryland

  Oct 18  -  66   OSU     6  Rutgers

  Oct 25  -  63   OSU     3  PSU

  Nov 1  -   70   OSU    7  Illinois

  Nov 8  -   41   OSU   10  Mich St

  Nov 15 -  38   OSU    17  Minn

  Nov 22 -  66   OSU    28  Indiana

  Nov 29 -  49   OSU    24  ttun

  Dec 6  -   39   OSU    10  Iowa  --BIG Championship

  NCAA Playoffs:  Wk 1:   42  OSU    24  Oregon

  Championship Game:    24  OSU     21  UGA


Comment 04 Aug 2014

Robert was one of my favorite athletes as a high school track star. I watched each of his 4 finals races against Dunbar's Chris Nelloms in the 400; each outcome had Robert finishing 2nd. The amazing thing was Robert's 400 times were in the 46 sec range which would have won most all States state championships. But, against Nelloms, who had the Nations fastest 400 (45.5) for years, he was 2nd best. I've always said that had he beat Nelloms in either the 200 (2nd in those races for 3 yrs) or 400, coupled with his being named Mr Football 2 yrs running, he would have arguably been Ohio's greatest athlete. He did win the 100 as a 10th grader by the way.  A tremendous talent.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Looking at their schedule the only predictable wins are Appy State and Miami (OH). Scum is terrible on the road under (c)hoke, thus their game in Piscataway on 10/4 is not a gimme. The other road games: ND, MSU, NW, OSU I see them being underdogs, thus losses. At worst scum will be 2-10; at best 4-8. The 2 possible wins (in addition to the "guaranteed wins) will come as a combination between Utah, Rutgers, PSU, IN, MD. GO BUCKS1111

Comment 03 Jul 2014

QB: 1. Troy Smith; 2. Joe Germaine (Best pure passer in Buckeye history).

RB: 1. Eddie George; 2. Archie Griffin

WR: 1. Cris Carter; 2. David Boston

Honoralble mentions at each position:  QB: Braxton Miller;  RB: Keith Byers; WR: Terry Glenn

Comment 28 Jun 2014

Brax will win the Heisman if: 1) Buckeyes are 13-0 (going into the semi-finals); 2) passes for 3,700 yds (avg 280/game and 36 td's); and 3) rushes for 700 yds and 8 td's). I believe these Stats are reachable. GO BRAX, GO BUCKS!!!!


Comment 24 Jun 2014

My list of OSU 2014 All-Americans (4-teams consideration):

1st Team:  DT Michael Bennett, CB Doran Grant

2nd Team: QB Braxton Miller, DE Noah Spence

3rd Team:  OT Taylor Decker, LB Curtis Grant, SP Dontre Wilson

4th Team:  TE Jeff Heuerman, WR Devin Smith

I believe Curtis and Devin are going to surprise Big Time during their senior year. GO BUCKS!!!!



Comment 23 Jan 2014

Replacing Hyde is (only) part of the battle. The biggest challenge is replacing the outstanding seniors on our Oline.  If/When our "new" Oline gets in synch with our running game and the offense as a whole, with the skill set of our rb's, we will be better than Good.  I believe we can insert any of our rb's and find success.  However, there is one kid who I believe stands out in terms of "hunger", "work ethic", "passion" and "drive" and that is #15 EzE.  This assessment is based on all I have read about this rb, and it points to stardom in the future.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2014

As much as I like Dixon, I believe the receiver group is extremely talented and will be difficult for any of the new guys to break in. Raekwon in my estimation has the best chance of seeing the field opening day, don't know as a starter though. We need to remember most of our guys were everybody's "can't miss".  We're talking about Raekwon the same way we used to talk about Curtis Grant: same body, same skill set. Our problem at the lb spot is coaching scheme. Kids have to think way too much instead of just playing. Erick Smith is the "most" ready to play opening day freshman I can remember in years. The Army game with his play and never being out of position demonstrated that to me.  In the end I'm hoping success for all of our guys!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 15 Jan 2014

Stats for qb Verlon Reed, Findlay University. 8-3 record; 1791 passing yds (67.4%), 11 td's 7 int; 389 net rushing yds, 2 td's, long of 79 yds.  Gm avg 198.2 yds.  Not too shabby.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

This will be a great great hire for us. LJ brings instant national name recognition and we will be players for the top d-linemen in the country.  I'm sure Solomon Thomas and others will welcome LJ with open arms.  The man is a highly recognizable brand!!!! All we need now is for Travaris Jackson to take over the db's, and we will have an incredible upgrade to our staff.  GO BUCKS!!

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Great read as always. I feel great about JT, who I believe will be our best passing qb, since Mike Tomczak, and that's saying alot.  Young man is poised and accurate. Hope he can maintain these attributes under a BIG rush.  I'm looking for Jeff Greene, Mike Thomas, and Johnny Dixon to (perhaps) supplant Devin and Evan as starters.  The latter 2 have proven their mettle as blockers, but are "challenged" as "complete" receivers. Greene was a solid starter at GA Tech. Dixon might be the best of them all.  We all know he played in Fla's highest classification as a prep. He understands route running and getting open, something that Devin and Evan still need assistance doing.  Devin will undoubtedly go down as one of our best ever deep threats.  But, we all know that a receiver has to be able to run all the routes to be successful and give the team its best chance to win. Excited about the wide-outs for 2014!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!