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Comment 18 Sep 2014

Agree with Warriard's comment about Powell being soft in coverage and shaky as a tackler. He takes terrible angles to the ball (receivers always gain YAC against him) and often receivers bounce off of him because of his style of tackling. Yes, kudos to him for being an academic guy and nice guy. I get that. But we need db's that can tackle in space. Not sold on Cam either, as a pass defender. In our secondary I like Bell, Grant, Apple. These guys are solid tacklers in space. I would love to see the Buckeyes work E Smith into the rotation. He has an unbelievable nose for the ball, and can flat out play the position. We will see what happens against Nati. If our pass rush is on then it will minimize what I've just written. Here's hoping so. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 16 Sep 2014

It's obvious the coaching staff has confidence in J.T.'s passing abilities. Comparison sakes, the coaching staff limited Braxton's total throws (how many times has he attempted 25 passes a game?). Subsequently, comparing J.T.'s total air yards to Braxton's is way south of the border; it doesn't compute because the coaching expectations for both players are so different. Braxton brought so much more to the table than J.T. His mere presence, as the Real dual threat (of running/passing) had to be taken advantage of. And our overall record with Braxton as qb bears this out. On the other hand, as I had written about yesterday, J.T. represents Urban's best (system) qb since Alex Smith. The kid is accurate and has the right demeanor (so it appears) to effectively be the Distributor. I believe we will see him pass as many as 35-40 times a game, as again, to maximize Urban's offense is to get the ball in the hands of playmakers in space. Having said that, don't be surprised to see this kid accumulate 300+ yds passing games. He's built to run this offense. No season predictions yet, yardage or td-wise. I will go out on the limb and say don't be surprised if records crumble. Here's hoping so. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Our Bucks definitely have the pieces to excel on O, it's just the coordination piece that is a little flimsy at best. In other words we are not consistently good. The Kent game gave us an eyeful of J.T.'s potential as the Distributor. Not only was he accurate as a passer (23/29 (3 drops), but his read option decisions were almost flawless. If somehow we could extrapolate his success over the remaining games WOW!!!!

Going forward J.T. holds the keys to the Caddy. If our line gives this young man time, I believe he will make the correct read and get the ball to our playmakers in space for them to make plays. Right now, Michael Thomas gets it. He is that short to intermediate receiver that this O needs to jump-start everything. I would like to see Jalin get more touches, the kid has magic feet. I like our tight ends and they need to be more of a presence each week. Them, and our play-action game will only spread and open the field, making it merely improbable for defenses to defend. Devin and other long-ball receivers will have increased production.

Our identity is different from a year ago duh. We are more of a true spread-action team, versus the power-run option. Therefore, the significance of the running back is a little different. We're more Gator than Buckeye (ouch), mainly because of J.T.; and, Urban's true Offensive philosophy. Our backs do not have to run for 100 yds a game for us to be successful.  Regardless, look for our O to ramp up and put up pin ball numbers going forward. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I don't see Jim Harbaugh coaching at ttun. Remember a few years ago he fell out of favor with them after the comments he made about ttun lowering their academic standards. Don't think he will forget/forgive the alumni and fan base for the bashing. Of course the almighty dollar may influence. But the guy is a rock star coach and could probably have his pick of prime time jobs if he so chooses.

The other rock star coach is another ttun alum, Les Miles. I've been told by ttun loyalists that ttun would never stoop that low (lol), that Miles wouldn't go to a school that honors academic integrity. Guy, they say, is built for the sec/big 12 schools. But, honestly, he is the one coach I would not want to see at ttun. He would turn those guys around in a millisecond. Here's hoping Brady stays.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

J.T. could hit a growth spurt, and let's hope he does, but any comparisons to him being the equal of Braxton no way. I was one of those guys who was influenced by the media reading about J.T.'s emotional maturity, leadership capabilities, et al, but until I see his whole game unfold on the field (to be fair to the kid he has only 2 games under his belt), no way will I ever confuse him or any other roster qb as being as talented and as decorated as Braxton. I for one have taken Braxton's abilities for granted. I miss this guy. Can't wait till his return next year. In the meantime here's hoping the ascension of J.T. going forward. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

1. Bucks 45-9. Bucks rebound offensively, and Spence addition welcomed and impactful for D.

2. Hoosiers 56-17. Offense has record day. Shane over 100 yds, 3 td's.

3. Terps 27-21. wr play aids Terps over Mountaineers.

4. TTUN 42-10. Rebound game against MAC basement.

5. Iowa 24-17. Defense rises to shut down Cyclones.

6. Crusaders 27-16. Run game wears Gophers down.

7. Huskies 38-17. Balanced Offense wears Illini out.

8. Fighting Irish 45-7. Boilers no chance whatsoever.

9. Scarlet Knights 31-27. Game not as close as score. Nits shoot self in foot but pays for it this time.

10. Huskers 35-21. Rushing game full tilt.

6/9 for BIG.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Qb looked like the 2nd coming of Johnny Football. Kid is elusive and accurate. For our sakes hope the Hokies run the ACC table.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Disagree with beatdown of wr play. Our wr's are the best since probably 2006, as a group. "If the qb has absolutely no time to throw the best wr's in the nation won't do you any good PERIOD". I do agree with drops. that's inexcusable, especially time and again. The "blame game" is perpetual. Poor play calling is the #1 culprit, plain and simple. Putting our linemen in negative defensive alignments exacerbates the inexperience of the unit even more glaringly.

Against the "double eagle" defense going forward, quick screens, slants, and other plays designed to counter the rush must be employed to give our line and wr's a chance to meaningfully impact the game. We were outsmarted and outcoached, plain and simple. Our wr's are not the issue or problem, far from it. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Luckynutz, agree with you on the Fragel volunteering to move to tackle. It was a career move on his part. In our system the tight end is a glorified lineman, obviously doing everything a lineman does except occasionally releasing to catch a pass. A whole new world asking a d-lineman to switch over.

Obviously all was not Warriner's fault. He is not the play-caller. Herman should have been able to assess our inability to move the ball and tried counter plays to offset the double-eagle defense of Va Tech. A lot of blame to the O staff as a whole, not just to the line coach. GO BUCKS!!!! 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Warriner is obviously a proven OL coach. However that doesn't exclude him from blame when things in his room are going bad. Can't have it both ways. I agree with Bucksfan 70: converting D-Linemen to O-L is a time process. with muscle memory and all that goes with the conversion. It also undermines the efforts/abilities of your recruits. It's a slap in the face, if you will, insinuating that you're not good enough, and we're going over to the D-side of the ball to get some bodies to play the position you were recruited to play but obviously are not good enough. Also agree with the Boren analysis. A good guy, from a great family, whose brothers played here. All of that and a bag of chips. Too small, slow, and several bad snaps in 2 games. Chad Lindsay who started 4 games at Bama needs to be inserted in the lineup ASAP. We still need to be supportive of our coaches and the program. We will rise above this. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Roby looked great covering future hall of famer Reggie Wayne. Had at least 4 pass defends, a fumble recovery, and at least 7 tackles. In same game Mewhort was cited for staying on his blocks in the run game. Very positive for the Bucks alumni.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

One thing for sure I learned this weekend -lol- is the defensive term "double eagle", the defense that confounded and confused us ALL Game long. With the way the Hokies played that type of D I don't care how fast our skill players are, that D will serve as kryptonite to everything we throw against it. That D is used to minimize/shut down the run game. and pressure the pocket. As I stated before this is not the last time we will see its use.

On the D side of the ball our line did a good job of pressuring the pocket. What's amazing is how did this guy (Brewer) completes so many passes with that much pressure. Credit is to him on the one hand, excellent receptions by glue-fingered tight ends; but the onus comes back to our lack of coverage whenever a 3rd down conversion of more than 10 yards is made. I don't get it. Can't wait to read the writing coach's analysis of this later in the week, GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I agree, Chris, on your assessment of Bell. He should be The starting safety Period, based on his tackling abilities alone. In my estimation Burrows should be the other starter. Powell doesn't wrap on tackles, he just hits and hopes his hits end with the ball carrier on the ground. Over the years this is what we have seen with many Buckeye db's. Also Powell takes bad angles to receivers and is often exposed. Burrows should be alternating with Powell until one proves clearly above the other. I would like to see E. Smith in the rotation, He's another guy that can tackle.

A clarification needs to be made in the wr assessment. For as fast as he is (?) Wilson gets absolutely no separation. Another in that category is Spencer. The one who does get separation with great routes is Corey Smith but he laid a giant goose egg, and right now he's a liability going forward. Guy has to work his way back (on the practice field) to earn his trust. My starting wr's for what's it's worth are Michael Thomas, Devin Smith, and Jalin Marshall.

The qb in my estimation did not hold the ball too long. When he came out of his 3 to 5 step drop dude was looking down a fully loaded barrow. Vick couldn't even escape what J.T. had to endure, No way. Our coaching staff has to design quick trigger plays to offset this type of insane pass rush. J.T. developed a reputation in high school as a master of the screen pass. Implement that as a counter weapon.

Our line was definitely exposed. Put Chad in at center. How many high snaps did Boren have in the game? Way too many. We need to go back to the drawing board on who (right now) gives us the best chance to run the ball, and pass block for our qb. Decker, Efflein, Chad. 2 spots clearly open. Defensive guys need to go back to the other side of the ball. Their play right now is not working.

Rb's I have no issue with. All are interchangeable, and no one is clearly above the other. And that is alright. Football has always been won in the trenches, on both sides of the ball. Fixing the O-line is paramount to our season's success. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

1st time ever team played a "double-eagle" defense against us. Won't be the last. According to coach Herman it's when the D "covers the center and guards making it almost impossible to run against". Couple that with a relentless pass rush, our coaches will have to put our offensive guys in a position to make plays. We definitely have the skill to get it done. That double eagle is a mean nasty d. According to Va Tech coach Beamer it's the same D they use to defend Ga Tech. We may need to review film of how (for future opponents who likely replicate what Va Tech did to us) Ga Tech attached this double eagle. Interesting.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Dontre as the kr and pr guy? Every return he runs straight to a tackle. Jalin needs a chance. Wr play, Michael Thomas has earned 1st team all-the time playing time. Never quits and is full tilt. That guy can ball.

In any league at all levels (most of the time) your rb's and qb's are only as good as your ol. As the OL goes so goes the offense. Football is a very simple game, a chess match so to speak. An ankle breaker like Barry Sanders would be hard pressed running behind a line like ours. We just need to identify a scheme (and I know our coaches know because they get paid the big bucks) that works against an all-out blitz. J.T. Barrett had a reputation of being a screen-master. Screens, draws, 1-step slants (Thomas td) can beat pressure most of the time. Well, this game is a precursor to the Nov 8 game. They're bringing the kitchen-fricken sink, count on it and get used to it. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

The Hokies minimized us tonight. We couldn't get any of our weapons in space because each was covered, except the qb. J.T. mostly made the correct read in the read option series, thus in a game like this he will have the most carries and most yards. I'm not saying that that is not a good thing. I would rather utilize our speed, which we did one time with EzE scoring. Other than that, Nothing. The only other play that had a chance to work was in the 4th qtr when a wide open Dontre (40 yds of open field) was overthrown. Other than they kept us in check with their timely blitzes. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

With the BIG down this year, and as bad as we looked, especially on offense (line as a whole, along with #84 who appeared to not give a whole lot of effort (including a dropped pass in the end zone), a safety who made one play (#23) and on another hit the tight end sideways (huh?) before guy was creamed by Perry. Cam Burrows and Vonn Bell need to be our starting safeties' going forward. I for one was wrong for crowning J.T. too soon. I know baptism under fire is rough, and he appears to be a good young man, but I think we need to seriously give Cardale a chance to see what he can do. As it appears now, and in a way I'm glad the BIG is weak, we will probably lose to Sparty; the other games are winnable with maybe the Natti and Maryland giving us a hard way to go. Ticked off Buck.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

What an inept and inaccurate statement for an NFL exec to say about our D-line pro potential, On record to say that 1st rd grades for Bennett, Bosa, and Spence; and 2nd rd grades for Schutt and Washington (and I'm only looking at upperclassmen (realize that Bosa is a 2nd yr player who may have the best upside of the group).  I don't think I'm exaggerating  in the least. In fact, another year in the system and Washington may be the best odds of sliding into the 1st rd. I call this line extremely talented and soon to be extremely and filthy rich. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I'm not sold on the Ducks. Year after year they struggle against teams that punch back. 13 1/2 pts. Gotta be kidding. Take Sparty every day of the week and twice on Sunday with this spread. Sparty wins straight up.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I've been hard on Braxton for what I perceive as lacking the ability to make the correct reads in the passing game. On top of that is his lack of accuracy and touch on the short and intermediate throws, I've said the same thing about TP and why I believe both will not be long-term NFL qb's. Having said that, however, Braxton has been the BIG's most decorated football player in its History. Now that says something. The guy is a winner and a class act to boot. But that aside, from a pure football point of view, he is a phenomenal athlete playing the qb position. In J.T. Barrett I believe we have a total qb who will prove exceptional as a distributor. Only 1 game has been played. The jury will be out, but I believe in a few games we will come to the definitive conclusion that J.T. Barrett will be our best option going forward. Braxton can do 1 of 2 things: 1) enter the NFL draft and be picked as a late round qb; and/or 2) seek and accept professional opinion and return to OSU as a rb/h-back and possibly play 10 years in the league on his immense physical talents. GO BUCKS!!!!