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Comment 17 Jan 2017

A valid reason for Okudah being moved to FS is incoming former 5* JC CB, Kenny Sheffield. It appears that we may not have anyone on the roster with this guy's skill set, including Ward and Arnette. I'm sure he didn't come to Columbus to sit. So, spring and fall camps will be interesting in the DB room. People who may not know this about Kenny. He was the Nation's #1 110-meter HH in 2015, with a time in the 13.4 range. The National Record in the event is a former Dayton Dunbar guy (Chris Nelloms) with a 13.3. That being said, I can easily see Kenny on one-side and possibly another new-comer, maybe Wade at the other. Either way, lock-down city. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Fav on mgoblog: "Charles White fumbled", "MSU tripped Desmond", and "Barrett was short". LOL. Hilarious.  Anything else, whining at it's best. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 21 Nov 2016

As long as UFM is HC of The Ohio State University Buckeyes, and J.T. Barrett decides he wants to return for his redshirt senior year, J.T. Barrett will be The QB. Senior leadership, The 1st 3-time Captain in the History of this Great University (should he return), All of the Records, including (if he returns) the bashing of Drew Brees all-time TD record, and the Most Wins of any Buckeye QB (past) (if he returns). As good as the recruiting of QB's has been on our roster, if J.T. Barrett returns, He will be The Starter and add to his growing legend. NFL (?) will be secondary. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Offense:  J.T.  22/25 347 6td; 8 rushes 42 yds.  Defense: Raekwan McMillan: 12 tackles 2 tfl  1 sack.  70-0.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 28 Sep 2016

With the possibility of 12 more games in this season, with the number of yards he has now (500), I can realistically, on the short end, see him averaging 60 yds rushing/60 yds receiving, giving him for a 15-game season, a few yards shy of 2,000. Now what Buckeye can't see him doing that? In fact I'm going to push the envelope by saying he will be in the 70/70 ratio which would push his yardage north of 2100. Kid's a baller. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Sep 2016

As a commenter responded in a post on yesterday's Eleven Warriors: "... against lesser opponents our Buckeyes will be close to the 250-250 pass/rush ratio". But, against top-tier teams this ratio will probably not be realized. I didn't want to buy this rationale but against our recent toughest opponents (exception being 2014 MSU) we were almost 100 yards below avg on passing yardage, if not more. Our reliance on the rush game suggests three things: 1) overall confidence in the Slobs to create running lanes (291 yds against the Sooners). How many of you honestly saw this happening? Most of us buy hook, line and sinker what the media feeds us. Even coach-speak glowingly gave over-the top praise of the Sooner's rush defense; 2) revisit of WW Hayes "3 things can happen when you throw the football and 2 are bad"; and 3) It's obvious to me that the zone-read option is our carrot, the one concept that the coaching staff and players fully embrace and trust. The run game sets up the short passing game with a mix of long throws on 2nd and 2. We have had our share of success with this strategy. My take is, if it isn't broken don't even try to fix it.      Fast forward to 10/01 Rutgers. Buckeye stats: 345 rushing, 335 passing. Ohio State 66  Rutgers 13.  J.T. becomes all-time passing TD record holder. Currently has 55 (needs 2 to tie) and I have him passing for 6 td's in this game.  GO BUCKS!!!!  

Comment 16 Sep 2016

Says Stoops, describing J.T. "...a great athlete playing qb...".  Another bulletin board poster which I hope comes back to hit Sooners square in their behinds. Stoops at post-game press conference: "J.T. Barrett is a great qb who is also a great athlete".  45 OSU  24 Oklahoma. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 14 Sep 2016

No respect to defenseless Big 12. Bucks D will be all the difference in this game. Sooners will score 1st O td allowed by Bucks D. J.T. will be firing all cylinders, accounting for 5 td's (4 passing, 1 rushing), 300+ in the air, 12/82 rushing. Final score: OSU 45  OU  31. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 11 Sep 2016

April Fools dress rehearsal. We will play the same up-tempo Houston used to beat the Sooners, plenty of misdirection (Curtis, Dontre), vertical passing and our base power zone read option. Urban has been there, done that.

As one contributor mentioned Erick Smith is balling out. His aggressiveness, ball-hawking, and tackling abilities will lead to increased playing time. This former Army AA is getting back to where he was when he enrolled. Another Glenville product that has to be on the field. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 11 Sep 2016

This is the Marshon we have heard about since his recruitment from Glenville. I get it now. All the fuss. Kid has big time game. Man, this guy has incredible ball skills. Also good tackler in space.  I know our history of producing All-American db's; but question: When "was" the last time we had a cb-safety duo (Lattimore - Hooker) like these two? I know I'm crowning these guys, but I truly believe we are looking at 2 future 1st round picks. Love both Marshon's and Hooker's aggressiveness. Both traits, in addition to their elite athleticism plays into what will ultimately get them to the League. We are blessed to reload at DBU. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 09 Sep 2016

Would love to see this young man become a coach. Dad's a rb coach, and brother is a scout for the Redskins. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 09 Sep 2016

66-13. J.T. 24/30 336 6td's, 10/83 1td;  Weber: 19/157 1td; Samuel: 10/165 3td's, 8/56; Wilson: 4/67 1td, 5/35.    Def. Holmes: 3 sacks, 4 tfl; McMillian: 12 tackles; Hooker: 1 int.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 28 Aug 2016

Enjoyed the games I watched. I have never seen h.s. football played at this level of execution and competition. IMG was a defensive hard-hitting machine. They just kept bringing the juice. Wasn't impressed with the qb play, as I believed it hampered and slow-downed the entire offense. But Grayson just did not have an answer for that imposing defense.  The best team (for the competition) was the Vegas Gorman game against a talented Texas squad. Gorman is the best h.s. team I have ever seen. Both sides of the ball these guys were talented, most will play D-1 or 1-AA. Tate impressed me in the zone read. He had Texas guessing all night (did he hand the ball off to Welsh, or did he keep it). Guy is a master of this offense. I believe when Lindsay returns his completion percentage will go up. Looked better as a passer as the game progressed. The player, however, who had me shouting was Buckeye lean, lb'er Gaoteote. In a game of great players this young man stood above the best. IMO he is a 2018 MUST GET.  Dude has it all. What a prime time player. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Excellent analysis BM. I'm also believe the football-side of Brandon's attributes as a teammate are upside-tremendous. the guy is a baller and an intense player, who can serve as a positive role model for an up-coming player. For Brandon to validate Jalin is big time. Also, both Decker and Fitz gave glowing endorsements. Jalin has done a tremendous job to date. Just keep grinding and be a part of the opening day 53. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I truly believe Jalin will develop into a high-level slot receiver, ala Wes Welker, Danny Amendola. Kid has phenomenal athleticism, can block/catch, and has huge yac abilities. As has been written, both Decker and Marshall spoke highly of Jalin and his abilities. Jalin will figure as the teams 3rd option. GO BUCKS!!!!