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Comment 23 May 2016

The reality of her hire has a lot to do with her academic credentials. The woman is very intelligent, and above this, has displayed unabashed loyalty to OSU. A definite Buckeye win. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 22 May 2016

J.T. is one of the best leaders ever for the Buckeyes. I believe he will return for his redshirt senior season. The only 3-time Captain in the illustrious history of The Ohio State Buckeyes. That alone speaks volumes. Plus, ALL the records. GO BUCKS!!!! 

Comment 27 Feb 2016

Interesting figures for both Brax and Jalin. Even though their 40 times were "lower" than what many people, including me, expected, their overall Combine experience was Very good. I compared both to the results of Will Fuller, who ran a ridiculous 4.32 40. However, in the "explosion", "quickness" categories both Buckeyes finished near the top among their position groupings. (1) Vertical Jump: Braxton: 35"; Jalin: 37.5", Fuller: 33,5. (2) Broad Jump: Braxton: 123"; Jalin: 125"; Fuller: 126". (3) 3-Cone: Braxton: 6.65 secs.; Jalin: 6.80 secs; Fuller: 6.93 secs. 20 yd shuttle: Braxton: 4.07 secs; Jalin: 4.13 secs; Fuller: 4.27 secs. 60 yd shuttle: Braxton: 10.84 secs; Jalin: DNP; Fuller: 11.44 secs.  What can be extrapolated? The consistency I see of Buckeye participants so far in the combine have been this: No one Buckeye "blazed" the 40 or put up high numbers in the repetitions of 225 lbs. Again, speed is great when you have the other qualities of a football player. Bench pressing 225 lbs is, what an NFL GM said earlier in the week, a non-football exercise that wouldn't be missed if they excluded it in future combines. All Buckeyes have done very well in the field tests. This is a testament to the overall strength of Mickey Marotti's program. Our boys looked good out there. No one was out of place. Shout out also to Michael Thomas. He had a strong day and I believe he has elevated his status/stock. Can't wait to see what the DL, LBers, and DB's do. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 27 Feb 2016

Reality is this: Jalin Marshall is a football player and a good one at that. Speed is important if the person has the other parts of the package. With Jalin's athleticism, quickness, and football skills he will be alright. The "underwear Olympics" is just that. The film doesn't lie, and there's a reason he was invited to Indy. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 23 Feb 2016

To me, both Brax and Denard were probably 2 of the most athletic qb's ever to play the game of college football, regardless of conference. Both had jaw-dropping shake and bake moves, displayed with extreme athleticism and speed. Even though Denard ran indoor track at ttun, I will not give him the edge in speed, because all Buckeyes have seen Brax's long distance speed on display throughout his career. Brax would prob get the edge because of his height/weight advantage, and the fact that he can do the same things (speed and flexibility-wise that a much smaller person can do). GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 23 Feb 2016

Excellent pick of the 4 Buckeyes who can improve their draft stock. I'm high on both Jalin and Brax, both of whom have insane athleticism. Look for both to score at the top on the agility part of the workouts, cone drills, vertical and long jump. Jalin was the Ohio high jump champion his senior year (6'8"), which is a lot of pop for a 5-10/11 guy. He stands to move up the most of any of our guys. Brax, with a 4.3ish, is a almost-sure 1st rder. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 22 Feb 2016

Braxton: 4.36; Zeke: 4.41; Eli: 4.42; Thomas: 4.49; Tyvis: 4.58; Vonn: 4.51; Jalin: 4.41; Darren: 4.49; Joshua: 4.62; Joey: 4.75; Nick: 4.68; Cardale: 4.72; Adolphous: 4.80; Taylor: 5.08.

People are sleeping on Jalin Marshall. Here's predicting that his stock will rise to early 2nd rd based on combine results. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I'll still take 12-1 any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Good thing for Brax is he has learned how to be a complete receiver: route running, blocking, and catching the ball, and maybe above all, patience. He'll do well in the NFL. Thank you TOSU!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 28 Jan 2016

Brax definitely made money this week. Happy for him!!!! Watching him run routes (and not even a year plying the trade) is a thing of beauty. With his size, speed, hands and explosion he can be a pro for a long, long time. The only thing that can hold Brax back is the injury bug. 1st rd is not a stretch. One of my fav Buckeyes was Devin Smith. Hate to say it but Brax runs better routes already, dayuum. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 26 Jan 2016

Very exciting times for a young man who deserves it. What an amazing athlete. Loved the comment "Not a project". Brax clearly has the tools to be a high profile wr. His stock is borderline 1st rd, definitely 2nd. Great reward for an all-timer. Hope Brax's success rubs off on and is emulated by our young qb/wr Torrence Gibson. With his athleticism, speed, etc, could be a Brax clone. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 23 Jan 2016

Dane Brugler, has on his (January 22) top 50 Big Board 8 Buckeyes: Bosa, Elliott, Lee, Apple, Decker, Thomas, Bell, and Miller (49). Former Buckeyes Spence and Cash also made the list, and Cash was 2 spots ahead of Bell. A lot can happen before NFL draft day in late April. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 23 Jan 2016

I don't know how to explain this but it appears the safety position (and its worth) is similar to the running back position. Both positions, in the past few drafts have been devalued. RB's I understand to a point, with the emphasis on passing and more passing. Safety devaluation I do not understand. Help. Vonn Bell, by the way, is rated higher than Cash. In fact he is listed in most evals as the #1 safety, and if I correctly recall I believe he's in the low 40's on big board. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Lock Haven has had a good reputation in collegiate wrestling. PA's best high school wrestler ever (my opinion) Cary Kolat won 2 ncaa titles there, after he had left PSU. Also, Easton sensation Jamar Billman, another PSU transfer, won ncaa gold. Good spot for Haines.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

J.T., in my opinion will play out his 4 years of eligibility. Think about it, records aside, he will be TOSU's 1st 3-year captain, nothing hardly to sneeze at. He could easily end up on the right of Archie Griffin on Buckeye Mt. Rushmore. He will be a true Buckeye legend. What Buckeye captain wouldn't want that? GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2016

2014 J.T. td stats: 11.5 games: BIG record, 45 td's. 2015 stats: 7 games: 22 td's. With the 2016 offense projected to be more passing than rushing, look for an avalanche of passing/receiving records to occur. For the record the OSU career passing td record is 57, held by Bobby Hoying and Terrelle Pryor. With 2 years remaining J.T. has 45 td passes. I'm guessing that before we enter BIG play he will have surpassed the all-time record.   The OSU career td record is 88, held by Braxton Miller. With 2 years remaining J.T. has 67 td's.         As a freshman, J.T. was in the Heisman conversation. I believe, with an injury-free junior year, he will be in NYC, and could possibly win it. His passing numbers, including td's should border on the ridiculous. I'm not even going to guess. Numbers could be "Big 12ish", which for the BIG is unheard of.  Anyways, the Buckeyes offense will be manned by the greatest offensive Buckeye of all time. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2016

With Dunn being a 5th year senior I look for him to get a long hard look. Don't be surprised if he outright wins the job. Fellow can block and has the wheels to move the chain. None of the guys has EzE's speed, other than the H-backs, Wilson and Samuel. I believe we will see, at least early in the season, a lot of Wilson and Samuel at tail, just to offset and/or compensate for the perceived lack of long-distance speed. Should be interesting. Here's hoping that senior Wilson remains healthy for the whole season. I believe we could be in for a treat from this speed guy who has added good weight to himself. GO BUCKS!!!!