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Comment 9 hours ago

Be careful what you wish for my fellow Buckeye fans. Harbaugh insists on physical play and recruits like an SOB. Anyone who could make Stanford significant in college football has more than mojo working for him.

Wanting “The Game” to be competitive again has lots of downside. The Buckeyes will have a harder time getting a national title. Consider that “The Game”, followed by the B1G title game, followed by the first playoff game, followed by the National Championship game is a stretch of games where top performance in each might very well be damn near impossible.

Besides, the hate is strong in this one. In other words, I want scUM to stay irrelevant!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Far and away the most beloved person in Central Ohio.

After reading the wonderful article by ESPN these two memories came to the forefront of my mind. 

Hearing the excitement in the radio announcer's voice in Archie's first full game "boy this kid from Eastmoor sure looks great".

Coach Hayes on his TV program showing video of an Archie run and saying "just look at the string of pearls", referring to opponents left on the ground after missing a tackles.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

For me it's Curtis Samuel. But don't want to take too many touches away from Zeke or Jalin. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Someone should have mentioned to Jesse that if the Bucks had beaten Oklahoma St. 59 - 0 they still would have been in.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

That's what scares me too. It makes them look incredibly bad that they thought enough of TCU to jump them 2 spots over an undefeated team and then to turn around and say they are not top 4 material after all even after a 55 -3 win. (And they will NOT decide to eliminate an undefeated conference champ, and reigning national champion from the playoffs).

Their story line could very well be that they examined overall resumes in detail and they liked TCU's better than the Buckeyes.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

The committee has the top 4 set unless one of them loses, and that's not very likely. It ought to be obvious that they won't put the Buckeyes in over and undefeated 4th place FSU.

My guess is that it won't matter since I don't believe our offense will be able to keep the defense off the field against Wisky. (Cardale just doesn't have enough game experience) Buckeye D will be tired in the 4th, and that's when Gordon will get most of his yards. Would love to be wrong!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Dear Mr. Campbell,

I played basketball with my 14 year old boy yesterday while suffering from a hangover. He came close to beating me. Today he wants a piece of Michael Jordan.

Comment 05 Nov 2014

Buckeyes are very young on offense. I would be absolutely shocked if the O-line gives JT time to get comfortable, and that my friends is the most crucial need for his game, and for the Bucks to be successful. Narduzzi will prepare packages of pressure with disguised coverages and JT will need to be at the top of his game. IMO the best opportunity for success will be to spread the field as much as possible with Jalin, Dontre and Curtis. Use every bit of speed we have.

Sure I want the Buckeyes to win, but I wouldn't take the spread if it was at 6.

Comment 03 Nov 2014

I watched the "74" gave live, and was livid that MSU players would not get up and kept a Buckeye player under the pile so that we could run another play. The boob refs let them get away with it too. Oh, and Champ Henson steadfastly maintains that he crossed the goal line on the play that those boob refs also flubbed.

I busted the leaf of an oak dining room table that day in anger. I still have that table and it's a reminder not to get too upset over cheating players, incompetent refs and Buckeye losses.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

IMO the technique Spiels was demonstrating is just fine for those spot on passes, but in many cases arms and bodies are contorted and twisted going for the ball. It's not so easy to knock the ball out of the receiver's hands when you never see it until the last second.