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Comment 16 Mar 2017

Matta is the seventh (7th) highest paid coach in college basketball.

Last ten years in Tournaments:

2007-2008 – NIT - Won                               

2008-2009 – NCAA  - out first round           

2009-2010 – NCAA – out in sweet 16

2010-2011 – NCAA – out in sweet 16

2011-2012 – NCAA – out in final four

2012-2013 – NCAA – out in elite eight

2013-2014 – NCAA – out in first round

2014-2015 – NCAA – out in second round

2015-2016 – NIT – out in second round

2016-2017 – NONE

You see a pattern? Salary commensurate with performance?

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Nice work Gene, Matta hasn't been able to coach "reach" any of his players/teams in years, but gets rewarded with another chance to show his mediocrity. It ought to tell you something when the halftime announcer at the Rutgers game said that the Buckeyes on the bench acted with no encouragement or emotion, almost like they didn't care.

EDIT: LOL another B1G announcer that interviewed a Rutgers player after the game asked him "was there a point in the game when you sensed that Ohio State did not want to be here?".

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Buckeyes may have one really good game in B1G Tourney but the next one will make you wonder what game they think they are playing.

On to the NIT where you will see brain farts, discombobulation and an early exit provided by a team that wants it more.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

You can't use logic with the mentally challenged.

1) Forget that it is generally acknowledged that Oho State played the strongest schedule in the country.

2) Discount that the loss was to Penn St. due to a botched/blocked punt and a weird score on a botched/blocked field goal. and please ignore the stats of that game that show who clearly dominated it.

3) Avoid considering the fact that Ohio State had to play two night games back to back on the road with top 2 top 10 teams who both had 2 weeks to prepare for them due to byes (Penn St. being the second).

Comment 01 Jan 2017

The Buckeye offensive problems aren't all Beck's fault (but it is best that he go). But why didn't the O-line improve? Why didn't the abundance of 4 and 5 star receivers show no progress?

It pains me to say this but I think it is critical that wholesale changes are made with the coaching on the offensive side of the ball or I think we could very well begin to see a program in decline somewhat, with kids deciding to go to elsewhere and Urban deciding to hang it up.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Who knew.

Seriously, the offense never improved all season and that is coaching. Decent opponents in the last half of the season knew our weakness and only defense kept us hanging in those games.

Warinner needs to go back to coaching the O-line. Smith needs help with the receivers. Don't ask me about Beck.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

I always wanted Tress to explain exactly what happened in 2006 but he never said much. Of course we heard rumors that Troy gained weight and was too busy making rounds on the Heisman circuit to attend all the practices.

But I think the clearest and most logical explanation came from several players who later said that they never saw any of the schemes Florida used that night on any film they watched and they were never a part of the game plan.

Urban had too much time to prepare an improving and excellent Florida team.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Understand where you are coming from since it is common for the Buckeyes to be "up" for a top team early in the year. That always gives fans a lot of optimism for the year until reality of a long season against good B1G teams brings us down to earth.

That said, I do think this is a tourney team and that Thad has enough talent on this team to make life hell for the teams at the top of the conference.