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Comment 11 May 2012

As much as you would like to think that Columbus is a great NBA market it is not.I lived in Minneapolis for 8 years  It would become another Minnesota Timberwolves…and Minneapolis is the more progressive city. (look it up and compare). You would end up with a team that can’t afford to put a decent team on the floor. People only coming to the games to see the superstar other teams etc. You are not going to have another OKC Thunder moment, they moved a franchise that was a historically successful franchise for decades 

You can't count heavily on OSU students paying premium prices for NBA tickets in your business plan and if you take the students out of the picture you have gutted your ticket base.

Think about it, Ohio State Basketball is not a guaranteed sell out as we speak.   Not including student tickets that the university makes no profit on... as far as they are concerned. 

Hockey, Football and Soccer fits the market... go with what you know

Comment 16 Mar 2012

Great Win…. I can’t wait until all of the players show up for the same game at the same time.

FYI; Kentucky had a larger lead, and practically had all of their starters in the game until the end. You don’t take chances in the tournament. The underdog is playing what could be their game of their college career and will not let up. 

Comment 11 Mar 2012

We defiantly suffer from immaturity, you can see on their faces when a team puts on the heatOther than Craft, They all get that blank, glassed over look with no emotion. (Unless they score of course).  

I love my buckeyes, but the early season hype got in their head. They are a good YOUNG team; with a lot of Mr. Basketball egos and a lot more locker-room issues than we know.