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Comment 05 Oct 2015

I be happy with no polls of any kind until 1st week Nov.  that's just me. I think everyone - media, so called experts who do nothing but waste time debating this topic, and even fans - should just cool it and let teams play Sept - Oct before making any calls. it's just pure waste of time, paper, etc.

I guess media has nothing better to do than create dissensions, controversies, difference in views -- better ratings I suppose, so I know this will continue for ages from pre season polls all the way up to playoff team announcement.

For me, I really don't care where we are this early.  I like to see us get wins... and when we play MSU, TTUN.. then, I will know where we should be ranked...

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Do not waste time .  Sports fans will always be emotional and childish and since invention of twitter, their inner feelings and frustrations come out in the open.  You think fans are abd at college level wait til NFL ...

i juat ignore ...and love my Buckeyes no matter what...through the good times and bad...

CJ can take it and need to learn to ignore noise...he better because when he turns pro, this comes with the territory

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Buckeyes do not deserve #1 ranking based on actual performance in the field.  Not even close. 

TCU and Baylor haven't played anyone and their defenses are always suspect.  But they play exciting and people get excited - overly.  I do agree though they both are good teams and given there are no dominant teams this year, they should be top 5, for now.

Pac 12 - lot of good teams but no dominant teams this year.

ACC - Clemson is good and FSU similar but both can be beaten.

SEC - many good teams but no dominant teams I think.  LSU or Bama will win it.

B1G - NW and Michigan and Michigan and MSU will tell us who is real and who is pretender.  I think NW is pretender and Team up north is a good top 15 team that I think will be harder to beat than MSU for Bucks.

I don't care about rankings in Oct.  I do think Bucks can be better (and should be) but some years, things just don't gel like they should on paper.  After 5 games, it hasn't and I wonder if it will this year... not like you can turn the switch on and off against MSU, TTUN, B1G champ, and playoffs... I am not one of those "in UB we trust".. as some things, he has no control and not like we can change coaches in mid-season.  I do hope we change QB to JT as I have always believed he is better fit for this team than CJ. 

Let's revisit rankings and how we are playing in Nov and see if we are worthy of #1 and more importantly, whether we can repeat

Comment 04 Oct 2015

CJ on video says he played alright... He needs to have higher standard and expectation.  He 'did indeed' play just alright but 'he' shouldn't be saying that... To be best team in the nation he has to play better, accuracy wise and communication with receivers.   

An alright play is acceptable for mediocracy...not for a defending champ who just four weeks ago got unaminous AP votes and thought to be above the rest.  To achieve that status at end of yr, everyone needs to step up and play at higher standard.   And not be fine with an alright day.   Sorry but not a fan of CJ.  For many reasons but mostly for leadership and calmness JT brings

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Chemstry issues - new coaching staff, new starter QB, some new players, etc.  Just not a fine tuned machine out there even after 5 games.  I disagree with UM on QB - JT is better fit to run the offense ( not because of CJ on this game or even last game but based on longer evidence and leadership attributes ).  

More issues than just QB but it is most important player .  

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Urban's rationale is one any one can appreciate - CJ won the championship, started in spring and started the year.  From there, JT has done nothing to dethrone him (unfortunately as I, like many of you, would have loved to see JT as a starter, having seen his entire body of work last year). 

JT just hasn't looked good this year.  maybe it's Cardale thing... maybe new coaching staff.. whatever it is, he doesn't look good.  his throws don't have velocity and inaccurate (again maybe it's the receivers not doing their route, etc).

But now, at this point, Urban needs to let CJ practice w/ 1st team entirely and stay in the game for the entire game (until game is out of hands).  I really do not want to see the shuffle every 1-2 qtr just because CJ had a pick or something.  Imagine if every QB got taken out for one pick or even two. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

perhaps with JIM T in house w/ ceremony, it was fitting that we won today playing "Tressel ball"?  it sure looked like we turned the clock 7 years today... ugly win with Defense closing it out...

I SURE do NOT miss that era..... so please no more

Comment 19 Sep 2015

I support coaches and players fully, but imho, in this case, our great UM is not doing this team any good by doing this in QB situation.

stick w/ 1 QB system. it works. no QB plays well every quarter every game at any level.  this 'rotation' after 1-2 bad qtrs, I hate it. 

unfortunately, neither QB has take the job from the other.. but in this case, pick the QB that has the best chance to win with the caliber of talent we have on offense.  no deep threat this year, thus short to intermediate passes/accuracy more critical and JT being 'smarter' runner and faster than CJ (although CJ can be bruiser), I go w/ JT and stick with him every game ... until he isn't (i.e. 2 to 3 bad games in a row, or something longer than 1-2 qtr).

I hate this QB indecision.  OSU is not fun to watch this year - which would be very stunning given all the talent and hype. 

need to get better each game but we have gone the reverse each game. 

last week, players said that was 'wake up call'.  all talk ... after today's game?  will know soon enough

Comment 19 Sep 2015

A lot of people say great defense, but I would not go that far.  solid and consistent defense but against whom?  will make that judgment later in the year.  but so far, encouraging re: Defense

Offense: lot of weapons sure, but surely not a well oiled machinery out there with 2 QBs who refuse to take full ownership for the starting role and keep it.  I personally hope Urban just goes with one and sticks with him - let him overcome and gain confidence w/ this team.  Is Urban going to start JT next week?  probably.. and I have no problem but keep JT in entire game and go with him ....

Comment 19 Sep 2015

deep threat or at least threat of deep threat does matter in football at this level and in NFL.  affects how opponent plays its scheme against us.

social media: it might not play huge role but it does show me that there 'might' be some complacency and related attitudes toward playing these 'soft' opponents.  I am just not big on players - any player making national headlines on twitter every week and CJ and Elliott have been doing that for weeks/months.  Difference in attitude by 3-5% (or lack of focus) show up HUGE in the playing field when your opponents are all wired in to beat you. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

I say again, stop the clutter of social media (twitter) BS and focus on football (yea, I am looking at you CJ, Eliott)

1 QB and stick w/ him! for more than 1-2 QTR. Stop this non-sense.  2 QB system in 98% cases, does not work!

Players play and they are the ones that matter most, but play calling does seem out of sync. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

no doubt national pundits will have bashing us for days:

QBs not living up to hype; both have been mediocre at best

what happened since VA Tech (that offense that lit up the nation)

will be a lot of talk about Bama or even M. State more deserving #1.. and more talk about M State being better than OSU.. I actually think they are (as of today).  but long season to go. 

No deep threat is very evident... Dontre, Marshall, Samuel, Braxton all in hiding today? 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Love my Buckeyes & entire team, but, imho,

1. Stop spending so much time re: social media BS - CJ, Elliott, and others & FOCUS on FOOTBALL. 

2. Stop being cute offense and more power running w/ Elliott and his backups.  

3. Stick with ONE QB: whoever it is.  Personally I prefer Barrett although he has been disappointing this year (so far).  W/o deep threat, we need more short to intermediate accurate passing game, thus my choice for JT. and JT runs well.

Still early in the season and as long as we win out, we will be in playoff (who cares if we are ranked #1 or #2 now...after this performance as national pundits will be all out bashing us next few days).  But like last year, we need to get better as we progress. So far in 3 games, we have NOT. 

Just for me, BIG thing is we need 1 QB and stick with him for more than 1-2 quarters.  I just hate that.  

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Neither CJ nor JT looked sharp today.  Being tired as a team on offense is BS.  I don't buy it.  Letdown after VA tech, along with cupcake schedule that does not get any fan or player too excited may have more to do with today's lethargic performance.  Having said that, I did expect some games this year to be like this and we just have to fight through it.  Until November, it will be hard to get up for any OSU games.  I will prob enjoy watching SEC teams beating up on one another until then.

Comment 04 Apr 2015

I loved the game. Never been WI fan of anything but I must say, I was proud of their play and their win. It's like watching our Bucks beat up on Roll Tide in our semi final game.  Kentucky with their Mcdonalds All American and future NBA millionaires versus underdog kids who came to show that they are not afraid.

Loved it and happy for WI kids.  Although this game might have taken so much toll mentally, can they do it again against Duke?  I hope they do.  Big Ten taking away the Biggest 2 NCAA trophies - FB and BB... I take that in any year

Comment 29 Mar 2015

coach izzo is amazing.  so good so consistent.  i love osu everything but when you watch Izzo team, they play the way it is supposed to be played.  tough, physical, unafraid.  

look forward to osu time in the spotlight (BB that is).  not sure if Matta will be the one to do it , as good as he has been.  player development and recruiting to some degree have not been conducive championship caliber, since sullinger era.  

tough to be a football and BB school.  only UF has won championship in both in the past decade or twi

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Thad is too loyal to seniors, for sure.  and yes, he has to recruit better.  I can't stand kids from Ohio leaving for other schools in BB. elite kids don't look at OSU BB as elite place to play. 

Like in corporate world, a leader spending too long in 1 place makes the place stagnant.  Thad has been great but after more than a decade, it is time for some changes.  Some may not like this comment, but I am a firm believer in changes.  10+ years is too long in one school for anyone.  Even our beloved Urban will be gone some day and that would be good for him and OSU. 

Or just watch top 40-50 OSU Mens BB team and just be happy we are decent next to our national title contending football team. Can't win everything in every sport.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Predictable outcome. AZ struggled first 10 min and we should have been up by 10 or more. When we didn't, you knew deep inside that sooner or later AZ would find its shooting touch and we would bow down.

At least we won 1 game at the tourney unlike last year.

Good luck to all seniors but frankly, we need to change over.  Shannon, Thompson and Amir all, in my personal view, have been a bit disappointing for their 4 years here.  Don't get me going re: Amir.  He had below mediocre 4 seasons; his best two games came this week/weekend actually. Again good luck in their future but man, I am looking forward to new faces (even if new faces are frustrating).

We need Loving to regain confidence and/or energy. He just looks so different since his return. I think Tate will be a force and love his style. We surely need more shooters and next freshmen class should help.  Too bad Russell is gone; otherwise, next year would be more interesting.

Football and Wrestling national champ - can't get any better than that.  I hope we see Men's BB win one b4 my time is due on earth.  Can't say I am that optimistic at a football school like OSU and as much as I love Matta and what he has done here, I don't see him winning it all without better recruits than he's been able to get in recent years.

will watch Wrestling finals tonight and hope we get 3 champions tonight.

Go Bucks

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Loving is off and has been ever since his return.  just no energy and appears indifferent ...  maybe that is the way he is I don't know, but frustrating to watch him out there most of the time. shannon needs to quit shooting the threes and his passes at times are careless.  

amir made free throws!  and key offensive rebounding late in the game.  he had one of those decent games that are so rare.  

OK against AZ.... we are big underdog there.  nothing to lose hard and aggressive...who knows what happen

Comment 13 Mar 2015

as memorable was our football season, this BB season has been absolutely a misery.  

Loving looks timid, slower than snail, gets down and frustrated easily.  what happened to this guy.  only missed three games not 20 and yet he plays as if he just started playing ball last week.  seems mental. 

other seniors - sure shannon had two decent games but his body of work on offense stinks. Thompson has never been more than a dunk highlight film.  amir - well we all know so no need to say anything.  i have nothing good to say.

what a frustrating year.  

sure we have one more game but does anyone think this team can do any damage in NCAA?  

Comment 20 Dec 2014

no way. Wisconsin is really ahead of everyone.. not even close. 

rest of big ten is down this year.  MSU is so so.  Indiana, Purdue, Iowa all just above average.  for that reason alone, i think we might be top 3 or 4. 

maybe next year, some of these youths will prosper but Russell will be gone so, not sure if we are any better than a 20-25th rank team in the country. 

unless Matta brings in another Salinger, Oden type of force in the middle, we aren't likely be any better than where we are now.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

Zone isn't effective against great teams. it seems not right watching it.

Russell is terrible against better teams.  need more time/experience. 

scott and Thompson - same same as before.  Amir is Amir. 

like Tate, Diops, etc.. will be really good in another year or two.

we aren't a 12 rank team that's for sure.  maybe 22nd. 

osu basketball hasn't been fun in a while.  i must say. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

no way we get in unless there are massive losses by Several teams....  

SEC puts 2 teams we r definitely out...b1g altogether will be left out.

we need big 12 to be mediocre...losses by baylor and Ok...FSU to lose 1 or more..

and SEC to send only one team..

and we need to run the table BiG ....not close but big...espec against MSU and big ten champ game

small small chance 


Comment 17 Sep 2014

What an idiot... the kid is an idiot.. better make it in football.. classless jerk... maybe he will mature and grow up... 

FSU is a joke of a school...