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Comment 19 Aug 2014

1st, this is a big Bummer. Not only is he one of the best QB in college football, the team is schemed with him as the central piece in the offense.  but, if he's out for season or long time, we need to get over it.

2nd, I really thought we wouldn't even have Braxton for this year, if you asked me a year ago.  I thought we would have JT or CJ as QB this year anyway.  only thing is either would have had spring and fall to be developed into a starter rather than this last minute promotion due to injury (again assuming the worst)

3rd, i believe championship teams are made, not as much as due to QB being the best player in football, but with great defense (Alabama teams of recent, FL teams w/ Urban, and even OSU in 2001 with Krenzel who really was barely an above average QB).  

in essence, terrible news, but w/ our soft schedule in the first several games, we need to get JT up to speed, get him comfortable and utilize players around him to be efficient on offense.  Defense needs to dominate.  We need to be humming by Penn State game and MSU the week after.

I am cautiously optimistic but bummed for sure

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Aaron is a good kid and wish him best.  but very difficult to make any NBA team... hope he goes somewhere in the world to chase his dream and take care of himself.

Watched DeShaun Thomas today.  scored 21 points to lead the team. like last year, he's doing well on offense. like last year, his defense isn't noticeably any better (not according to me, but the media watching the game).

i hope Thomas gets out of spurs rights as they have too much depth for Thomas to get a chance.  i think he could go somewhere in NBA to contribute this year

Comment 30 Apr 2014

always amazed that these future, potential multi millionaires cannot have common sense and maturity to behave during these collegiate years to position themselves for a lifetime financial security. 


Comment 30 Apr 2014

1.  As an immigrant, I love this country - freedom of speech is one of the inherent rights we all have regardless of race, color, religion, etc. 

2. Freedom of speech comes with accountability for one's words both written and spoken.  Especially in era of social media, one needs to understand that what one says, posts, twits, all can be used against you.  Sterling apparently said something in private to one of his girl friends, but he is accountable for what was said.  IF he were just a regular Joe, no one would prob care and his girl friend prob wouldn't use it against him, but he is a billionaire who owns a NBA team.  enough said

3. i have many African American friends, and unlike what media reports, at least my African American friends think there is some over-reaction.  Some think it's no big deal (mostly because through their lives, they have dealt with bigots I suppose).  To me, the society in 2014 (through media who reports it and won't let go of it), has no tolerance for anything like this - issues related to race, sexuality, etc.  This isn't our grand father's times. 

Lastly, Sterling will make out big time here from monetary view.  NBA might even have to pay him to exit / force sell, and I am sure NBA or other owners will pay him to get the heck out.  Of course, the world will outcast him, but doubt he cares. 


Comment 29 Mar 2014

Good news.  At least from the videos I've watched, he's not Amir 2nd coming.  Not even close.  This guy is intense, powerful, plays w/ authority and emotion - all the things that Amir is not.  Need to work on hands - OK... hope he does... it is his final year to impress NBA scouts, so I hope he plays w/ purpose.

I definitely think we got an upgrade and good addition.

No, we are not getting Turner.  That was a long shot anyway.  We are stuck w/ Amir and McDonald.  Just hope they improve from last year.  Anyway you look at it, this team is solid in all positions now, except Big Man.  We will compete better than this year.  Losing Ross hurts in terms of points, but I like this addition. 

We need Russell and other newbies to score for us... Thompson needs to be more consistent and do more than dunks; Shannon from Michigan game needs to show up at least few more times next year 


Comment 28 Mar 2014

he is off to Europe.. can't see him making NBA with his work ethics.  he has talent but rest i haven't seen it.  good money in Europe. he has kid so good luck.  can't say i will miss him that much 


Comment 26 Mar 2014

i am happy for Flyers.  i grew up in Dayton in my childhood and hated the city but loved my Flyers.  Remember Roosevelt Chapman in the 80's?  prob too young to remember but i grew up watching that.  Then I became a Buckeye.  I hope Flyers beat Cardinals and reach elite 8 against (probably) the #1 seed.  That might be their last dance, but who knows...

More worried about OSU  next year and beyond.  This year, for the rest of the tourney, i am a fan  of Dayton


Comment 24 Mar 2014

sorry but Chad Ford must be really really optimstic.... and haven't seen Ross play in 2013-14 season (maybe just last season's NCAA tourney only). 


Comment 22 Mar 2014

i get it that he has a child and that is extremely important factor.  but i just don't see him drafted in first two rounds.

i do see him in Europe though, and money is ok there - prob 200-400K a year.....

can't say i will miss Ross.  but wish him luck if he goes.  

yes next year will be vastly different.  Thompson, Scott, hate to say the next name....but i suppose Amir, and two freshmen?   

Comment 22 Mar 2014

How did we let Sibert go?  he had key 3 pointer(s) today against Syracuse.  Definitely a good player - candidly better shooter than any of our player not named Ross. 
love Thad, but I don't know about sitting Sibert on the bench for two years... of course, being a Monday morning QB is easy, I know... but we sure could have used Sibert this year

Comment 22 Mar 2014

good luck.  good move for him.  he prob would never start at OSU...prob not going to be drafted in moving early to Europe, make good money, lengthen his career, leverage his excellent run for the Italian team, etc.

good move based on incoming freshmen class...

we need Turner....but prob won't get him

Comment 21 Mar 2014

you know with Salinger, Thomas, I had an absolute clear preference - a selfish one but crystal clear.  I wanted them to stay.  They didn't.  I understood.

With Ross, I don't care.  If he stays, he stays.  If he goes, he goes (I know he won't be top 2 round kind of guy, but hey..)

He scores... but... there are too many buts... his temper, inconsistency, out of control offsense at times, improving but less than stellar D, etc.  I can't say that he's in my top 50 Buckeye BB players of all time... just not a fan of him


Comment 21 Mar 2014

proud to have had Craft at OSU... PERIOD!

now, let's get back to winning ways next year on both BB and FB...

2001 now seems so long ago... 13 years...i have aged.. we have all aged... 1 or 2 more championships before i hit the dirt in this thing called life.. 

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Of all professional sports, NBA is the hardest.  Afterall only 5 from each team start and several more on the bench. 

Ross is no way NBA ready.  Has potential, maybe.  He has yet to really come together consistently.  I am sure he wants to turn PRO, but he won't be 1st or 2nd round with the resume he has so far.  He would have been better off turning pro last year.  This year, his stock is prob down. 

Do we want/need him next year?  I guess so, although I am just not a big fan of his style of play.  He's not consistent, he has a temper, etc.  But who do we have other than incoming freshmen who can really score?  Not Shannon... Not Thompson (take away dunks, he is inconsistent at best), DV is OK but still too unreliable.

I won't be crying if he leaves.  if he stays, he stays.  I am looking forward to new blood.  new leadership.  I don't see any upper classman who has that potential.  Maybe Russell can be the leader despite being a freshman.   


Comment 20 Mar 2014

that wasn't what the writer wrote.  he's talking about last two games... Craft does weird things at end of games... error prone. the flagrant or intentional foul (whatever it was) was a BAD BAD move.... he's a senior and a leader, you just can't do that in NCAA tournament. 

Shannon's 3 point foul was another one...

Right there was the game breaker there... both w/ 2 min to go in the game...


Comment 20 Mar 2014

i posted same message on other threads, but Amir needs to really look in the mirror and ask if he wants to be here.  Maybe we don't know some things going on between him and the school.  Maybe he isn't happy.  I do not know.  All I know is that he is the laziest BB player I've ever seen at OSU in 3 decades.  I am a disciplinarian by nature and I absolutely do not think he deserves a starting role here - no matter how much we need a big man.  Sit him down.  I think Matta did that in 2nd half, but throughout the season, I saw the same thing over and over.  The Junior needs to reflect, get out if he's not going to give his 100%.

LSJ:  i don't know what to say.  he cares, he hustles, but he just has not delivered this year.  good luck

Craft:  love him; but at end of games, just error prone.  did i say i love him... glad he was a Buckeye. 

What an awful year - in FB and BB

Comment 20 Mar 2014

hey Dayton played really well.  deserve it. too bad two OH teams had to play 1st round.  i always liked Dayton as I grew up near by.  during the days of Roosevelt Chapman (if you remember that long ago)....

hope they do well.

now.... we OSU need to regroup for next year.  this year stunk big time - FB and BB...

and AMIR - please either get out of town or come back and play like a MAN... he's such a lazy BB player

Comment 20 Mar 2014

i would have called a time out ... maybe we would have 2 sec?  set up a play.. i know it's tight  but still... had 4 seconds... anything can happen.


i just don't get Craft who should know that he's not much of a shooter, taking charge at the end.  I rather have Ross or dare I say Smith have last shot at the buzz...

Where was Ross all day?  other than mis handling the ball few times and getting mad all the time at the refs

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I normally never criticize my own OSU athlete ever, just because they are like my family but Amir is one I do.

I might be wrong .. but on TV, I see him as lazy, slow, buttery hands, not mentally strong, you name it.  I never understood why Matta keeps him in there so long.  He took him out in 2nd half today w/ good 10 min to go and kept him on bench after bad T/O.  he went small ... that was right move... but as usual, we missed FT's... Craft (god love him) but at end of game, I am not that crazy about his 'take over' mentality and driving the lane like a madman out of control (he got couple today but more often than not, he turns it over). 

better days ahead i am sure, but this past year in BB and FB, very frustrating.... watching our FB defense and our BB offense... wow... just bad

Comment 20 Mar 2014

now now.. Thomas did all he could here at OSU.  his draft wasn't going to get better.. he has a child.. needs to make money.. i wish him best. 

Thad should have recruited better last 2 years.  it caught up w/ him.  need more talent.  of course we let great kid from OH go to Michigan and now a NBA player.  but I am OK w/ Craft.. good kid. 


Comment 20 Mar 2014

yup.  very disappointing year in both major sports.  but future is bright.  i just hope before i leave this earth, i get to see a championship football AND BB just once more...

Thad did a great job this year i think, given the lack of talent... BUT it is his fault for not bringing in some A players last two years.. that catches up w/ you.  I just don't get how after Sullinger (before Oden, Mullen, etc)... we can't get an impactful big man here. 

If Thad thought Amir was that man, boy, is that a mistake.  He's one of the worst big man i have ever seen.... he fooled all in HS i suppose.  and he was all american ?