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Comment 16 Mar 2017

I firmly agree Zeke needs to outgrow this behavior... I know I wasn't mature at 20 yrs so I won't talk all that...but given his stature and exposure as a professional athlete AND being an elite player for an elite team, he needs to just shut it for about 10 yrs... get the $, get the records, get to Hall of Fame.. then go play when you are mid to late 30s.... plenty of time left w/ all that money to go play...

Comment 12 Mar 2017

love Night... and I am sticking to it..

love TP.... was asking too much but Browns should have found a way to keep him... now I have zero reason to watch Brownies play this year.  and I can't stand Redskins... so double negatives for my Sundays...

Matta should have been fired period..... way too much lenience there.... not like 2016 was one fluke year... been bad for years and will be again next year....  amazing we are not even top 3 Ohio teams each year..... I guess Gene is happy enough w/ Football success....

Comment 10 Mar 2017

1. TP prob thought he could do better testing the market but didn't pan out... you can't blame him for trying though

2. Despite what he said about Cleveland, he is better off playing elsewhere w/ better organization and QB.  you can't blame him for that either.

3. Cleveland may have been right about not paying TP the kind of $ he wanted, for sure... but just lost one of the most popular players...they could have easily done something to bring him back for less than what TP originally wanted and more than 8M he got from Redskins, but they didn't try or TP didn't want to return...

So, I am not watching Browns games .. TP was 90% of the reason I watched stupid Browns... now I watch the scoreboard at best...

Browns suck in every way... been that way for decades... can't believe this is the Browns I grew up watching as a kid when Brian Sipe, Bernie Kosar, etc ruled the field and I was a happy kid... now, I am disgruntled middle aged man who watch the game just to see ONE player play... (now that ONE player is gone).

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Bob's not angry. he's just da truth... love the Coach... sure he's an ass... but appreciate his contributions to game of basketball... can't stand Coach K but love Knight... (Knight coached at West Pt; Coach K played at West Pt; and I am an alum of that institution)...

But being from Ohio, and family members are all from OSU... I can only hope for one day, our men's BB is relevant again.. been depressing few years...

And can't believe Gene gave Matta another freaking year of mediocrity... and yes, we will be no better next year... and yes, Gene will fire or Matta will step down next year...

Comment 04 Mar 2017

Matta should learn a bit about graceful exit (enjoy life w/ those 8 digit $ figures you've earned (or not earned but received $ due to contract) over the years). 

by now, graceful exit is out of the question.. just an exit of some kind to save school from further embarrassment...

go enjoy broadcasting or something more healthy for your mind/soul

Comment 04 Mar 2017

haha.. one step back.... we've taken about 50 flights of stairs back over past several years....

I don't watch the games... nor expect NCAA tournament any more. Not with this coaching staff and mediocre recruits.  Until school cares about men's BB and wants to compete at the elite levels, we will just be next to Penn State's of the worlds in basketball. 

I am just fatigued about writing about Matta and recruits after doing so for 4 years now...  Watching Wright State (my home town) is more enjoyable... Dayton, Xavier, Cincy, all more exciting... even Cleveland State can be more watchable than Matta and gang.

Sad but true state of men's BB program. 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

this is kind of games that happen right b4 a coaching change...

and yes, after past few years (not just few games), it's well overdue....

no coach stays on forever people... even coaches who win Nat'l Championships move on.... Thad hasn't even won any of those and it's time to move on for both parties. 

Not expecting immediate change just b/c of a head coaching change but need new blood, new culture, new recruits and set a new foundation for next 3-5 years...

Comment 28 Jan 2017

been an OSU fan of BB and FB for 3 decades..

hate to say it and admit it, but this year, I just can't get around to care about our men's BB.. over the past few years, interest has waned and it's at indifference at this point.  I look at score time to time, but I don't watch it. 

I say this to express how sad our men's program is at this point.  Not my job to fire anyone or call for change.  I just state the fact - our men's program is a stinking bad and has been for years (versus what we 'ought' to be, based on brand, facility, budget, etc).

I am just one person, but if someone like me after 30 years (who has seen it all under Ayers to Matta) can be totally indifferent, it's sad indication of our program.  

I just hate it... I hate NBA but has made me a NBA watcher in the winter vs watching OSU

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Bama would have won w/ this kid.. he's a stud...

but I m glad Clemson won..

now bama, osu and Clemson each has 1 national championship in this system..

rather that than Bama having 2... of course, Bama still is favorite next year... I doubt Clemson will be back w/o Watson...Watson is the best QB by a mile last 2 yrs.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

dang..JT is going to have nothing but newbies and inexperienced on offense next year... new coaching but players will be very young...

oh well.. it is what it is...

lot of 4-5 star players w/ 1 yr or no experience on offense.. a lot of new secondaries too next year...

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I am not a #fireThad fan club member... but I am a fan of mutually parting ways b/c it's TIME.... Thad has had a good run here but sometimes in life, it's time to move on for both parties.. that time has come already... well b4 this year...

need new blood... new coaching.. new philosophy.. better recruiting..etc..

Comment 04 Jan 2017

to be honest, I rather see another QB as starter... new QB might not have leadership and may make freshman-like mistake, but I am ready to see someone else take the helm...

nothing but love for JT but enough already... coaching might help a bit, but JT is not a good passer period and his limitations are obvious and upside limited. 

in any case, we blew a golden opportunity last year with BEST talent in college....this year, I am less disappointed as I didn't think we should have been in the playoff to begin w/ (b/c of pathetic offense and inability to throw and inability to develop receiving corps) year, playoff or not, I just like to see a better balance and have some IMAGINATION on offense (beyond a pee wee level)

Comment 04 Jan 2017

no surprise here... but I can't say I am 100% enthused... optimistic sure w/ new coaches, but dang, watching 2 years of JT was not easy..

nevertheless, it is what it is and he's coming back, so I have no choice but to root for the TEAM.. whoever the QB is..

but sure like to see some other QBs in genuine competition in the spring... don't just give it to JT... (although I am sure they will)

Comment 04 Jan 2017

based on today's report, Beck was headed to Texas 3 wks ago so it wasn't POST Clemson game decision.

BUT, if you think about it, Beck knew his end at OSU was imminent... unless you are stupid, which Beck isn't, he knew last 2 years and struggling QB play and offense, he wasn't going to get a 3rd year at OSU... anyone looking at future would have done what Beck did.. prob reach out to Hermann (or visa versa) to get a fresh start elsewhere...

this is plainly on Urban and his poor judgment in giving MOST important role to someone like Beck

Comment 04 Jan 2017

sometimes, when you think you can do anything.. Urban prob thought he could bring in Beck and make him a star like Herman... but we all know it didn't happen.. maybe partly due to Beck.. partly due to relationship w/ co-coordinator (I hate 2 people sharing responsibility)..etc..

didn't work and Urban finally needed a kick in his teeth (31-0) to finally pull the plug..

should have never took this kind of chance on Beck.... or even Warriner promotion to play calling.... those moves never made sense even last year...

Comment 03 Jan 2017

JT is a horrible passer period..especially in 1) BAD WEATHER, 2) against good competition.

Is it all b/c of coaching? no way.  partly? probably.

is it all b/c of receivers? no way. partly? probably.

at a place like OSU, we need QBs that have potential to play on Sundays... JT has no shot at that, barring miracle next year which I am not holding my breath.  toughness, leadership...sure he has it.. but these qualities themselves don't win games as a QB.

I don't want to put JT under the bus, but either have open competition in the spring for the starter job or if JT doesn't want any chance of being benched, he needs to go elsewhere he is guaranteed to start..

I have seen enough for past 2 years.... not like many here are saying these things after 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 games.. 20+ games past 2 years is more than enough sample

Comment 03 Jan 2017

you are blind if you don't think JT has regressed.. He absolutely has.  He should NOT be a starting QB for 90% of power 5 teams...

loyalty is one thing, but you need a better passer... and JT is not. 

you get 4-5 star players for what?  so you can over / under throw constantly ?  (besides the fact that we need receivers to perform better w/ coaching and better route running etc).

Comment 03 Jan 2017

not sure why we all get so excited...

unless we think no where to go but up from Beck/War experience...

only time will tell... I would be better if Wilson indeed gets hired... at least he's known to have some imagination w/ 2-3 star players.. so give him 4-5 star players and see what he can do.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

decent hiring here... beat Tim Beck (who already had shady history at NEB) and promoting OL coach to playcalling duties, which I never quite understood.  2 years is more than enough ... killing our talented recruits w/ bad coaching is not conducive to winning or recruiting future talent. 

Chip Kelly would have been a star hire but that's prob difficult to do for a coach who can prob get a job as HC in many college openings (should there be openings)... vs coming in for 1-2 yr as offensive coordinator.

so in lieu of Chip, these two are decent... only time will tell but Wilson has an imagination with 2-3 star athletes so I hope he can do more w/ 4-5 star athletes here

Comment 03 Jan 2017

In retrospect, playoff committee 'should' have put us in last year... we were really talented and solid except 1 game that cost us.. I think committee realized this after MSU got blown out by Bama.  So perhaps this year, we were included in the playoff by the committee (and media mostly talking on behalf of OSU inclusion).  but we did NOT deserve to be included this year.. just too much holes on offense.

all I can say is, I hope Clemson wins it all and make Bama 1, Clemson 1 and good guys 1 and let next year be a tie breaker... not saying we will win next year, but I think we should be much better than this year and scheduling favors us too next year.. We play up north but play at home against OU, MSU, etc.