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Comment 25 Nov 2015

biggest test ... in many ways... we just lost a game.... TTUN is best defense not named AL... in their stadium.... TTUN is hungrier than ever...

we better pull our head out of "feeling sorry for myself" bin and play their best game of the year.  No TO's... diverse play calling... deep throws whether we are successful or not... give Ezkiel 20-25 carries no matter what... minimize QB runs... if nothing else works, bring Cardale and throw something different.  Their players have never played against Cardale..

win win win...

Comment 25 Nov 2015

dream on.... MSU is well coached, disciplined.  plus it's at home and PSU sux.  have you seen them play this year?  I am certain PSU QB just wants to move on to NFL.. he's had a rough 4 years w/ crappy o line. 

there is no reason for PSU to get up for this game. they still go to a bowl game... win doesn't mean much.. I just don't see a real motivation for PSU... of course for MSU it's ticket to BIG champ game and playoff.. I don't think they will have a let down.

if Connor does not play, and PSU scores some points, it might be close in the 4th qtr..

Comment 25 Nov 2015

it's last game of the regular season and it is against TTUN. 

if offense/JT plays like last weekend, I would expect Cardale to come in and 'try' to do something different.  if TTUN stuffs the box like MSU which they will because they won't respect JT's throwing game, then JT and Elliott's strengths will be minimized.  Cardale should come in and throw and if anything ram into defense w/ his big body. 

do whatever it takes to 'try' to win the game (vs try not to lose last game). 

I don't have a lot of faith in this year's team - chemistry, leadership, coaching incompetency, etc.  but still let's try to win this. 

I hated it when AP voted us #1 unanimously - that right there was a sign of bad things to come in these young 20 year olds..... no one cares what you did last year... that's reality of the world... in real life as well. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

yes, being at MSU, chance is slim, and PSU is so banged up, I doubt they will have much fight in them... prob want the season to be over with, so their QB can move on w/ NFL.  He had a rough 4 years there.. I respect him for coming to PSU during the scandal era.  But man, his O line sucked for entire tenure. 

Their D is good but their best player is hurt. 

I don't see a close game, unless it is MSU itself blows up with let down, complacency, and just think they will win w/o showing up.  then, there is a chance. 

More plausible scenario is IF OSU wins (big if), MSU wins, we need chaos:

1. OSU (the other school) beats OK

2. TCU beats Baylor

3. Stanford beats ND


IF above happens, MSU, AL and Clemson are 100% in.  1 slot battle among teams - OK State, Stanford, Ohio State.  1 loss OK State would have quality win over OK, but schedule sux.  OSU has prob best 1 loss against playoff team MSU and would have win against top 10 TTUN.  2 loss Stanford some good wins (ND for one) but still 2 losses vs 1 loss OSU and OK State. 

So I think OSU good guys might make it.  

again, ND, OK, Baylor and Iowa would all need losses.... I think 2-3 of these losses very possible.  all 4 improbable but who knows.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

1. yes, being young isn't an excuse.  in BB, freshman playing in lime light is a norm, especially in today's one and done world. 

2. Thad needs to recruit better, period.  He hasn't done much of that in recent years, less Russell.  of course, another excuse many use : OSU is a football school.  No 5 star BB player wants to come to Columbus - Duke, KY, Louisville, etc.  Very true, but again, it cannot be an excuse for a major school like OSU. 

3.  Tate has passion, but man, he is full of mistakes on both sides of the ball.  Loving high scorer last night but maybe it's me, but he always looks like "I am too cool to hustle".  Giddens - I like him a lot.  in another year or two, he will be solid.  The rest?  not sure.

4.  Thad should probably move on to another school.  Only reason for me is he's been here too long.  sometimes in life, people need to move on and organizations need to move on.  (not the same reason Les Miles might be fired....I don't think that would be the reason for OSU BB program, but 11 or 12 years in one program is 2 long).   change in culture, way we recruit, the way we play, etc. these things, time to time, need to be revamped and changed (for better or worse).  Great man who represented OSU well, but time is coming soon.  I would like to see this team head to different direction than past 2-3 years.  I don't see progress as a team since the days of Sullinger.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Time for new coaching at OSU BB.... Like Thad and he has represented school well but sometimes, you need different coach....diff approach.... People can get stagnant staying in one place for too long.   For good of Thad also - maybe time to move on....

i do not see BB team moving in better direction past few yrs....  

Sure OSU is fb school but we should also set higher standard and expectation in BB as well.  Why settle to be a spoiler?  

I have been saying for couple yrs now.  Time to move on from Thad

Comment 24 Nov 2015

La Tech is actually good but losing to outside 100 ranked teams at home at OSU is quite depressing.  We have had mediocre teams before but this is quite pathetic.  Team is young, sure but they look like a high school team.  Seems like we have few Shaq like players in free throws.... Awful defense.... Turnovers...

thad has lost his recruiting touch past few years except Russell but that was for one yr and done.  

Thad can't recruit like he used to?  I can't even see this team in 1-2 yr doing much better......

First football follies..  Now two games of BB follies...

good to be a buckeye lately.

damn...beat TTUN

Comment 24 Nov 2015

right on man.

Urban, sometimes does not heed his own advice.  he says the right things in public via media, but I wonder sometimes...

1. 2 yrs ago B1G champ game against MSU, 4th and short:  give the ball to QB instead of Beast Hyde

2. Saturday against MSU again.  QB run 1000 times.  Forget Elliott, we don't want to send him to NY for any trophy. 

Puzzling stuff in two of the biggest games in his 4 yr tenure. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

how about we set a new record in QB runs.. use all 3... Braxton, JT and Cardale... pound them .. not a single throw needed.. maybe we win. 

joking aside, I do hope win or lose, we try all we have in our arsenal to win this game... no fear.. no worry about playoff or Big ten champ game.. just go out and focus on 1 team and beat them

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Urban spends enormous time in recruiting 4 and 5 star athletes. 

Maybe Urban needed to spend more time and analyze potential coaches in the same way... try to get 4/5 star coaches and not 2 or 3 star coaches or walk on.  What do people think of Mr Beck?  is he a 4/5 star coach BEFORE he arrived here? 

College football is business.  It's not bringing in nice guys or likeable guys or those Urban like personally.   Do you think Saban really likes Kiffin personally and invite him for X mas party in his home?  I doubt it. 

Hire coaching staff like you do w/ star athletes, Urban.. that would be a start.   

Comment 23 Nov 2015

you are entitled to opinion just like I am.

why is that my post gets censored?  there is a lot of truth there.  everyone should be able to post his/her views even if it is not popular.

I have been OSU fan since the 80's... been through it all.  Of course, I think Urban is good coach.  I just don't worship him like some of the other posters.  And clearly, in big games other than last year's stretch run, Urban has not looked good.  I stated in my post that I am thankful for the last year's run, but I also have seen Urban screw up majorly against MSU twice now.  Do I have high standard, absolutely!   Do I expect to win every game, no!  Do I expect national champion every year?  no!  I have seen few dozen losses since 1980s as a fan and it's part of game and life.  But Saturday's loss was pure incompetency. 

so shade out my post - whoever is doing that.  It does not change my view and I have plenty of evidences that support my view that Urban is a good coach who chokes at times.  It doesn't mean I don't want him as the coach.  It just means that I think he's got a long way to go be a great coach. 

I hate Mark Mays w/ passion but one thing I agree with his constant criticism is who have we played last few years?   again, barring AL and OR last year, we have not played against anyone decent but MSU and we lost 2 of 3 there last 3 years.  TTUN sucked so that doesn't count.  rest of big ten? 

Being .500 against the only team in Big ten power - MSU doesn't convince me that urban is a great legendary coach that many are stating.  Not to my standard.  If you don't like my high standard, that's your view.

I can handle loss... I hate it when total incompetency in the coaching staff does not give our team a chance to succeed.  Saturday was a major showcase of incompetency.  show me evidences to the contrary....

go Bucks.  but anytime I read "urban this and urban that"..... please~~~~~...

Comment 23 Nov 2015

In Urban I Trust my ass... Urban has said same crap entire season.  It's clear coaching staff is dysfunctional - new hires, worse yet, average hires who don't know what to do with the talent that is notably better than Nebraska. 

Other than two games against AL and OR (trust me, I am forever thankful), I haven't seen Urban live up to the coaching legend that everyone here talks about.   Against WI game last year was against WI.... and rest of big ten he has dominated, well, it's Big 10... we lost 2 key games against MSU last two years and lost (Big ten champ game and past weekend).   Beating the Indiana's, Illinois, 20 game streak against pathetic competition doesn't impress at all. 

In 4 years, other than 2 games in playoff (again, BIG games there), what has Urban done that's so much above the rest of the world?  I don't see it. 

Michigan has been down for 10 years... Urban won 3 games there against pitiful school under Hoke.  He has lost to MSU 2 times.  Rest of Big ten isn't even worthy of talking about...

Please, no more this BS - "in urban we trust"..... he's good coach but this God like praise is stupid

Comment 23 Nov 2015

for whatever reason, OSU is a team that seems to perform better hunting...being an underdog... a stunning loss to awaken the sense of purpose, etc. 


wish it was earlier in the year..... but I think a loss is what we needed to get the team back in the "chase" mode... I didn't like this

"grind" mode Urban put the team in... you would think for 3-4M a year, coach can come up w/ something other than "grind"..... very disappointed in coaching this year and Urban needs to pull his head out of his rear when he plays against MSU - 2 out of 3 years we got our rear kicked....

I want the MR Aggressive Urban back... not this soft, "gotta go see my kids play.. .gotta adhere to my contract w/ my family" Urban.  Being a major college FB coach who gets paid multi million $ - it is what it is...

Comment 23 Nov 2015

candidly I didn't need any apology from Zeke.  He's done nothing but work his tail off - blocking, running, anything asked of him.   Sure he made a youthful mistake Saturday interview - just not the place for it, but man, I can only love his passion for the game and university.  He does things right and plays hard every down.

now for Urban - I am tired of his lame ass excuses - "in hindsight Zeke should have gotten more carries".... just like in hindsight, Hyde should have gotten that 4th down call against MSU in Big Ten champ game 2 years ago.... you are the head coach, making 3-4 millions a year, sick of those lame excuses.  It doesn't take 3-4M / year to know as a coach, those are really inexcusable actions - not letting your best player do their thing - even if it didn't work out. 

Best way for Zeke to show Buckeye Nation is go get TTUN.. get 250 yards, get made, pound them and score about 3-4 TDs.. that would be fine w/ me.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Urban and OSU can get pretty much any assistant coach from any where and pay accordingly; yet, I never understood why we got a guy like Beck who has never shown championship pedigree.... don't get it unless it's a favor or he's someone Myers like on a personal basis that's misplaced...

not trying to nuke the coach due to 1 loss but this entire season has been "clueless" from an offensive play calling so it's not just one game. it's 11 games mostly.  more shockingly, Urban didn't see this coming?  we the fans saw this coming for weeks and yet Urban was in denial?  that we could just show up and somehow win w/o winning play calling and players who aren't playing with heart waiting for NFL money? 

this is coaching issue.... of all coaches, I am shocked Urban hasn't learned this after FL run. 

not good for his book I suppose - of course, I can care less about his book... he makes enough money... and how about write a book winning few championships at OSU establishing a dynasty... vs one season that just went well....

Comment 23 Nov 2015

agree on Zeke.. but I will say this..

someone needs to pull Urban and his coaching staff and have a 'talk'... just as in corporate world, the board might do that with a CEO that just screwed up majorly, I think Urban really screwed up this game from coaching stand point (including bad coaching hires).   losing is one thing but Saturday was a total disaster - something I haven't seen in 20 years or can't remember any game like this.  Coaches do NOT get a pass as players like Zeke who shouldn't have said what he said publicly. 

Urban is over rated - have said that for years.  good recruiter and good at many things, but IN-GAME coaching, he's not impressive. 2 times against MSU last 3 years we lost w/ some bad coaching or being out coached by opposing coach. 

Tired of Urban saying "everything is ok"  "we have a mature team" ..clearly everything is not ok and kids are not mature... deal w/ reality and do something about it, rather than live in denial, hoping things just fall in pieces... 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

play the game.... 2 much social media and general media BS... so we lost.. it happens.. it sux... lets win THE GAME and see what happens with PSU vs MSU... and who knows, ND could lose, OK could lose, Baylor could lose.. and chaos ensues...

We can't control anything but TTUN game.. we need to win it period. all other things can wait until we finish this game.

terrible game on Saturday.. I mean one of the worst ever I've watched in 20 years... but it's done now

Comment 23 Nov 2015

coaches call plays scared.. not to make mistakes...not trusting the players...

players play w/ no passion on offense - JT plays scared/panicky not trusting his pass protection.

haven't fixed issues in 11 wks; will it be fixed in few days?  not likely. 

but sure, we can win... it's always possible.  just like Penn State can beat MSU.. just like Auburn can beat Bama... that's why you play

the game.... but this team has no identity, terrible coaching, and with QB shuffle all year, JT has not gotten into groove before most important games.  Urban screwed up majorly.