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Comment 03 Dec 2016

Booster's allegations are probably true - but it happens among coaching community all the time... can you or anyone blame Herman for going to UT from Houston?  even if Houston offered more $, I would go to UT as a head coach.  It's a no brainer.  Houston was always going to be a temporary stop for Herman.  If Houston didn't know that, then naïve. 

At the same time, I wouldn't be so sure Herman would succeed in UT.  I am not on Herman's bandwagon as so many of you are... He did OK with Houston but nothing that leaves me thinking this guy will be nothing but success at UT.  He might recruit better than Strong...

I can care less what happens w/ Herman.... His ties w/ OSU long gone for me... no matter what, he will be a wealthy man

Comment 03 Dec 2016

JT is a good kid, tough player and like him a lot as many fans do.

Of course, he won't make it to NFL and for me, it doesn't matter.  OSU doesn't produce NFL caliber QBs nor do they recruit NFL type of QBs.

Having said that, JT has NOT developed over the past 2 years - for whatever reasons.  Maybe it's his limitation and partly b/c of coaching.  I tend to think it's the former.  JT has had a horrendous 2nd half in passing game and everyone sees it (except him if you listen to his talks). 

I have little confidence that passing will get better in the playoffs (if we make it).  If we are going to be competitive in the playoffs, it would have to be defense playing its best (with 1-2 Interceptions or turnovers) and offense just doing enough and Samuel going crazy.  I be happy to be surprised if JT of redshirt freshman shows up in the playoffs.  our receivers are young or incompetent or both. 

Best scenario would be we get 2 or 3rd seed and avoid Bama.... maybe we play Clemson... (not easy to win but more feasible).  Then, hope for 4 seed to upset Bama?  (I think UW huskies can give Bama a run)... 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

dang.. even at OSU, this crap happens.. so much violence at our schools in recent years... as a parent, I worry about it greatly... it's not like there is a such a place, school or otherwise, that can be 100% safe, any where in the world... (although there are countries where guns are prohibited which is something)..

sad but thankfully it seems things got under control quickly and victims are 'all safe' with minor injuries ?  hope so. 

I remember Va Tech incident ... that was horrific...

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Jim is worth north of 100M$... 10K is like buying Halloween candies.  he doesn't care nor should he... I like his candor on everything...

now, fine him $1M like NBA used to do with Mark Cuban... that might shut him up for a day or two (or game or two).

I think he had 1-2 calls that seem legitimate... but isn't that w/ any football game?  there is never a 100% perfectly officiated game... so stop crying and move on...

hope for UW to lose and hope committee screws PSU or UWis no matter who wins that... and TTUN might just be #4 ranked playoff team playing against Bama...

I wouldn't mind that at all... TTUN beats Bama and we play against Clemson


Comment 26 Nov 2016

to be fair, there is not a 100% clear view of the 1st down.. 2 close to be definitive.. call could have gone either way. 

so anyone saying clearly it was 1st Down or it wasn't, I am not sure about that...

refs are human and they called it .. and review stuck w/ that decision which was the right decision based on how close the call was, and not enough to over turn the field call.

TTUN idiots focusing on that one call is just stupid.  we only made 3 3rd down plays all game, they got 8 sacks and we missed 2 chip shots... if TTUN idiots think they lost the game b/c of that one spot call just shows me how ridiculous they are..

TTUN should have won this game by a blow out ... but they couldn't and didn't because they are TTUN...

stop whining

Comment 26 Nov 2016

really greatest game I've watched since moving to this great country.... (a Buckeye fan for 30 years since my parents brought me to state of Ohio as a child). 

so, thanks for the great game and great day (although some of my organs are missing in action still).

JT is a gutsy warriors and always love him.  Having said that, JT has been a huge liability on his passing for bulk of past 2 years and it again showed.  Sure, receivers are to blame as well, no doubt, but JT has not gotten better as season rolled... and it is very worrisome if we are lucky enough to play in the final 4.  Can't keep saying everything is ok and there is no problem on that offense. 

today was won because of our defense, period!   I wish I had the answer to our offense woes.. but I don't.

All I can do as  fan is to cheer and hope that we keep working at it.

great game..

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I am such a mess right now... My whole body is still trembling and hard to type anything.

What a game... no way you win when you miss 2 easy FGs... absolutely no offense for 80% of the game... and TTUN playing lights out..

But we won.

I can't believe it... wow... wow...

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I am such a mess right now... My whole body is still trembling and hard to type anything.

What a game... no way you win when you miss 2 easy FGs... absolutely no offense for 80% of the game... and TTUN playing lights out..

But we won.

I can't believe it... wow... wow...

Comment 22 Nov 2016

I would be very shocked if he starts at QB.  it's non throwing shoulder, but if head coach put him in harms way against one of the best teams in NCAA (or any team for that matter), it would surely NOT be in the best interest of his future. 

he shouldn't play.... it's not worth it... but not my call..

doesn't matter who plays... we still have to play our game, and our offense needs to show up in the passing game. 

I think we should use a lot of TE plays + RBs as usual in short throws, and hopefully at least 4-5 20+ yard completions to SOMEBODY.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

lot of respect for Dantonio... in many ways, he has done so much more with less.... outdueling Urban in my view.  Urban and staff crawl into shell in these games against MSU. 

hate any state starting with M.. but what Dantonio has done, you have to respect that. 

I have no problem of him going for 2 ....

Comment 19 Nov 2016

thankful for the win any day for sure, but we didn't win it; MSU gave it to us by going for 2 (sure, we stopped them, but..). 

JT needs to be much better but at this point in his career, I doubt he will get much better.  to win next week, our D has to be on top of their game and hopefully get some breaks, turnovers and home crowd to get a W. 

In playoff (if we get in), we won't win like this against Bama or even Clemson... even if we are at best, beating Bama will be a mountain of a task. 

Bama is the scariest team... no one else is close.... Clemson could be great if their offense doesn't turn the ball over and their D is good.  UW is solid but not scary... no one else really. 

if we get in, it better be #2 or 3 so we don't play Bama til champ game.. (or if football god is on our side, Bama loses in semi's in the biggest upset ever against Clemson or another team)

Comment 19 Nov 2016

JT is tough.. but sorry but don't tell me he's a good passer.. he is very average at best... tough hard fighting veteran... I give him that much and no more. 

JT and coaching staff give no confidence that they will figure out the offense against playoff caliber or TTUN next week....

But I have no choice but to rout for the team each week... so let's go bucks.

in the big picture, Urban better do something about his lame shit coaching staff on's been 2 years of this shit. 

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Talking heads always like to talk shit about OSU on TV.... we certainly gave them a lot to talk about after this stinker... against a 3-7 team... even if we beat TTUN... unless UW loses another one...

I can take losing hard fought game better than winning these ugly ones that only show how poorly the coaching staff prepares and calls the game... does Urban so blinded that he does not know this?