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Comment 20 Dec 2014

no way. Wisconsin is really ahead of everyone.. not even close. 

rest of big ten is down this year.  MSU is so so.  Indiana, Purdue, Iowa all just above average.  for that reason alone, i think we might be top 3 or 4. 

maybe next year, some of these youths will prosper but Russell will be gone so, not sure if we are any better than a 20-25th rank team in the country. 

unless Matta brings in another Salinger, Oden type of force in the middle, we aren't likely be any better than where we are now.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

Zone isn't effective against great teams. it seems not right watching it.

Russell is terrible against better teams.  need more time/experience. 

scott and Thompson - same same as before.  Amir is Amir. 

like Tate, Diops, etc.. will be really good in another year or two.

we aren't a 12 rank team that's for sure.  maybe 22nd. 

osu basketball hasn't been fun in a while.  i must say. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

no way we get in unless there are massive losses by Several teams....  

SEC puts 2 teams we r definitely out...b1g altogether will be left out.

we need big 12 to be mediocre...losses by baylor and Ok...FSU to lose 1 or more..

and SEC to send only one team..

and we need to run the table BiG ....not close but big...espec against MSU and big ten champ game

small small chance 


Comment 17 Sep 2014

What an idiot... the kid is an idiot.. better make it in football.. classless jerk... maybe he will mature and grow up... 

FSU is a joke of a school... 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

JT has lost to VA Tech (coaching at fault too)... and beat Navy and FBS team Kent State.. please... stop this non-sense already... START talking about this if he has beaten rest of the teams on schedule, win BiG championship and whatever bowl we play... 

but after Navy and Kent state AND losing to Va Tech at home.. please.... 

Have some respect 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

i think he will be a 'good' QB.. not the Pryor or Braxton type but decent thrower, decision maker and cool/collective type.. which is fine by me.  but we will always need a well rounded game to win tough games, and not just rely on Pryor or Braxton to pull some super human escapes and win one..

need O line, running attack, and defense to win a championship 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

stupid question

Braxton has earned it over past three years.  not even something we should be discussing at this point.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

nice article. 

1) we need Michigan to be national power again. Hoke won't get it done. Need Harbaugh type of caliber. 

2) we also need Iowa to return to the teams they used to have 10-15 years ago.  

3) we need Nebraska to be the dominant teams from Osborne era.

4) we need Wisconsin to continue it's "top 20" type of football team, as it has been for past several years

In essence, out of 12 teams, we need 3 or 4 national power teams (OSU, MSU, and preferably UM and Nebraska / Wis combination)

we will always have bottom tier but that's same in any major power conference

To have several top tier teams, it's RECRUITING 1st, then getting the best coaches, and assistant coaches (and pay the money).  

Formula is simple; executing is tougher especially SEC getting so much talent every year from all over the country.  

I say we (OSU) needs to win a couple of national championships before Big 10 turns around .. but not likely this year.. 

I am hopeful that 2015, we can get everything fall ... Braxton, more mature offense, dominant defense, special teams.. we need to win it all next year

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Baylor and OK would have to lose games...and FsU also lose a game.

basically ACC and Big 12 would have to be considered mediocre..

my best bet is FSU lose game or of that conference ACC gets left out...

big ten winner, big 12 , SEC , and pac 12 winner make playoff..  

of course SEC might get two teams and big ten zero

Comment 09 Sep 2014

when braxton went down, did anyone really really believe we would be a championship contending team?  that's just being silly or blinded by your love for the team. i love OSU and have been since 1979 but when Braxton went down, i knew we would have zero shot at the title... 

I think if we can win the Big Ten, that itself would be an amazing accomplishment... 

To do that, we need QB to grow up really quickly... like the kid, but he is not there yet.. not even close.. of course receivers aren't getting open or dropping the passes like i would have done. 

next year , we should be contender..'should be'

Comment 08 Sep 2014

who cares who wins big ten other than few of us.  for me it is national champ contention that i rout for.  of course we won't be in it every year and winning the whole thing will be even less frequent , if at all...but it is the reason i rout for osu.

this year to me is transitional with year is the year we should compete for the title..

Comment 08 Sep 2014

old stories by Urban.. i m not buying the excuses anymore... not after MSU loss, Clemson, now to a decent Hokies... it's more than youth.. coaching is a major issue in spots... game calling the biggest issue... 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

i have watched osu football since 1979 ....yes i do not think much of our current coaching staff including Urban.... not all any way...

urban is a recruiter....has made a number of mistakes in key games going back to last yr MSU game and Clemson...not sure why..

next yr is his best chance at a title run...Braxton, more mature O line,  more experienced receivers, good d line, and more experienced secondary.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

title is too excessive but not impressed w. urban at all nor his staff....recruiting is strong but i haven't seen anything in 2 plus yr that shows me that urban can coach....he got outcoached against va he did last yr mich state, clemson..

i would give urban next yr and see what he can do...

next yr, u have braxton who has been at osu as long as A craft ( forever ) hopefully more experienced o line, mature receivers, and stacked d line and more experienced secondary..should be a great tea, on paper.  if urban cannot win next yr, i don't think he will be winning the trophy at osu...

very disappointed in play calling and continuing tackling issues, and lack of identity.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Sorry but Fickell needs to move on. just because he bleeds scarlet and grey does't give him unlimited opportunity at high cost to be at a critical position on this coaching staff.  I think Urban and school gives him too much leniency when it comes to his position w/ OSU... 

I miss Tressel and Dantonio.... not like I want them back so much but I loved their philosophy and culture on the defense... 

I think Urban is a great recruiter, but not convinced that he can bring championship to OSU w/ the current staff 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

urban has not beaten any decent teams ...lost to msu, clemson, and now unranked va tech... we beat rest of mediocre big ten..

not impressed for sure.  

Comment 07 Sep 2014

i have lost faith in Urban and some of the coaches at this point.  games against last yr Sparty, Clemson and today...all had terrible play calling...awful boring predictable play after play.

Urban is the head coach.  last time i checked.  is he terrible? no but i surely think improvements can be made in coaching staff and playcalling

Comment 07 Sep 2014

i am so disappointed but once Braxton was gone, all of us prob knew, deep inside, that this season was not going to be THE year....JT has not even played a game in two years til last week.

coaches stink though...terrible play calling...

bad penalties...third down pass interference that led to game winning TD was bad on Eli...

bad out of bound penalty after we tied the game...

JT cannot take all those sacks and think we have a chance to win....bad line yes but bad QB plays there

just very disappinted in every scheme...even punter had a bad day...kicker missed two FG..

lastly big ten sux so even if we win big ten, no one will care in the big picture

Comment 19 Aug 2014

1st, this is a big Bummer. Not only is he one of the best QB in college football, the team is schemed with him as the central piece in the offense.  but, if he's out for season or long time, we need to get over it.

2nd, I really thought we wouldn't even have Braxton for this year, if you asked me a year ago.  I thought we would have JT or CJ as QB this year anyway.  only thing is either would have had spring and fall to be developed into a starter rather than this last minute promotion due to injury (again assuming the worst)

3rd, i believe championship teams are made, not as much as due to QB being the best player in football, but with great defense (Alabama teams of recent, FL teams w/ Urban, and even OSU in 2001 with Krenzel who really was barely an above average QB).  

in essence, terrible news, but w/ our soft schedule in the first several games, we need to get JT up to speed, get him comfortable and utilize players around him to be efficient on offense.  Defense needs to dominate.  We need to be humming by Penn State game and MSU the week after.

I am cautiously optimistic but bummed for sure

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Aaron is a good kid and wish him best.  but very difficult to make any NBA team... hope he goes somewhere in the world to chase his dream and take care of himself.

Watched DeShaun Thomas today.  scored 21 points to lead the team. like last year, he's doing well on offense. like last year, his defense isn't noticeably any better (not according to me, but the media watching the game).

i hope Thomas gets out of spurs rights as they have too much depth for Thomas to get a chance.  i think he could go somewhere in NBA to contribute this year

Comment 30 Apr 2014

always amazed that these future, potential multi millionaires cannot have common sense and maturity to behave during these collegiate years to position themselves for a lifetime financial security.