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Comment 18 Sep 2016

1. he is impatient runner. anxious to do well, but need to show more patience in finding the right holes

2. fumbled 2x today; he's not normally loose with the ball so not worried but he needs to keep that to minimum (like zilch).  otherwise, in NFL, you lose your starting spot in a heart beat no matter what draft pick you were

3. o-line is over-rated in my view, having watched pre-season and 2 games so far.  at least so far, I don't see  how they are one of the best or the best in NFL

4. Zeke didn't play much in pre-season and it shows. he needs more snaps and get used to NFL and Cowboys' scheme of offense. 

5. Confidence.  coupled with impatience - it shows

6. enormous expectations. Zeke wants to do well but again, you can't get 1000 yards in one run or one game.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

yea. backup QB is right.. no way we would win this game... especially now... OSU would be so down reading those comments... scared to death.. OU must be so good for a backup QB to speak up like that...

yea.. we lose by 5 TDs... our D may not even show... why show up to be taken down like that.. just like that backup QB said...

might as well not even watch the game and go hide in my closet for 3 1/2 hours.. 

yea.. what backup QB said

Comment 29 Aug 2016

heard a tutor went to U and said something?  wish we knew exactly what this was over... but given how strongly UM disagreed, it's got to be something stupid that seem to happen in today's society of hyper-sensitivity.  I miss good old days of plain common sense and shit happens and move on attitude. 

I would think this kid is prob a goner at this point.. or at least I wouldn't blame him... he's a super athlete that needs time in the field..

Comment 28 Aug 2016

always loved Corso. just entertaining. but that's all it is.  not worth having a thread over.  waste of time and space. 

that's why the games are played... we will see what TTUN does at the end of season

Comment 13 Aug 2016

non-sense and classless talk by Solo.  take some time off for few days or weeks and cool off.. that tends to help w/ saying stupid

things at the heat of the moment. 

Soccer is all about the final score.  nothing cowardly about winning an Olympic match and winning for your home country.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Not a big James fan.  BUT, I think Kyrie is a huge liability on D.  I get tired of watching him dribble all day long.  He should join Harlem Globetrotters.  He stinks on D and he doesn't know the word "assist".  I would be more than happy to see his rear go. 

Love is similar - no defense Love. 

This team isn't going to win anything this year. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

this team never surprises me. 

do they really practice FT's?   I shoot  better than some of these scholarship players.  It would be one thing if FTs are the

only weakness ...

hate the way we play and how these players not show up ready to play. 

Comment 31 Jan 2016

Candidly Tate isn't very good as everyone makes him out to be.  

Hustle - A 

shot selection - C 

FTs - D

mid to long range FGs - C 

i am not sure why he gets so much love from Thad ...

Lyle is another bonehead...  He is terrible PG and plays  highly inconsistent, and is a huge liability on defense.  He is more of a street baller than playing organized collegiate level.  

NIT at best...  Which i can live w.  But not sure if this team gets much better next yr...or next... I just don't see anything more than NIT for next 2-3 .  Sad 

but lets keep Thad more another 10 yrs ....sure...  I can just ignore BB and focus all my energy and cheer for FB.

Comment 16 Jan 2016

why so many like Tate is beyond me.  he should not be a starter on this team.  if hustle is primary criteria, i be on this team.  liking his hustle is one thing, but dang, the kid sux on defense, shoot selection, too small in many match ups, etc.  Loving is soft as any kid i have ever seen.  girl like emotion in the floor when he should be the tough leader.  

sad team to watch.  play scared, chin down, gives in early when chips are down.  is KY that bad?  how did we win that game??  well, we played with ' nothing to lose ' played hard, didn't give in, chip on our shoulder...  

but iguess we can't at least put the effort ??

Comment 16 Jan 2016

losing is one thing.. having youth is one thing..rebuilding is one thing..

but lack of hustle, mentally packing in, embarrassing the university and themselves - totally disappointing...

how many times this has happened this year?  less KY game, has happened far too often.  Season has matured a bit yet our players play like bunch of girls.  (I am looking at you Loving!... grow up wussy). 

Sure pre Thad years were bad, but that doesn't mean we ought to keep Matta for another 10 years..... it might be time for a new regime.  New culture, new recruits, etc.  In corporate or otherwise, sometimes new leadership and direction are needed.  That time

has come

Comment 16 Jan 2016

they are shooting like that because we don't play hard or much of a defense... yes, some of the credit is due to Maryland or any team that shoots well, but you have to ask why/how they are doing that?  in OSU's case against decent teams - CT, Indiana, Maryland, we just give in and pack up mentally... feeling sorry for ourselves.... beating Rutger's of the world don't do anything against good teams.

this is a mediocre team and fans should not expect much.. I don't... but I do expect and want a team that fights hard.. I hate it when I don't see that.  Matta is not showing much in recent years either.... he's prob been here too long...  we might need new culture and better recruits.... once in a while, you need new blood in coaching too.... 10-12 years is way too long...

Comment 16 Jan 2016

hate saying same thing over and over, week after week, but we sux and not sure why fans get all emotional. 

bad teams usually do not beat good or in today's case, great team. 

although losing by 20-30-40 points (CT, UI and Maryland) is inexcusable.  We seem to give in once the gap gets over 10 and just

pack it in.  That's poor attitude, poor coaching. 

I don't mind having a losing season or mediocre season but we do NOT play hard regardless of the score.  That, I cannot accept. 

Comment 10 Jan 2016

let's be honest shall we:

1. We stink and should not be surprised.  Beating bad teams don't make us 'back on track'.  We do not have talent on this team

2. KY, year in and year out have freshmen and sophomores excel and play like big boys.  We do not have that type of athletes. 

3. excuses - we are young - in modern era of college BB is invalid or lacks substance.  It's what best schools face each year, and the best programs excel at it.  We are NOT an elite program.  We are a decent top 50 program in the country at best and trend will continue.

4.  Matta has been great for OSU and love him; but like any jobs, sometime it comes time to make a change.  It's good for the individual and organization.  That time is near.  Not saying this year, but it should come soon.  We need new energy, direction, approach, recruiting, etc.

5. This group we currently have won't amount to anything.  We will see for sure in 2-3 years but I don't see the talent.  What we have are decent players who will become pretty good, but we will not be a top 3-4 in BiG and won't be top 25... can we make the dance once out of next 3-4, maybe.... but is that enough at OSU? 

We have had many bad years in BB in the last 25 years so I am fine with not being good.  I just wish we were more honest of our current program's status... too many here think we can make the dance.. or we will be very good in 1-2 year w/ this group.  that's just not going to happen. 

Low expectation.  I still watch every game and cheer for a win.  But when this happens, I remind myself that we are just not talented enough and coached well enough to be what we used to be when we had elite players... For some reason, elite 5 stars do not come to OSU any more....

Comment 10 Jan 2016

yea. both steelers and bungles fan base are a bit off the wall.  that was the worst game in past 30 yrs i have watched as a supporter for Ohio team.  head coach is pathetic in not setting the right tone to his thugs.  wins are not everything in life and sports

Comment 10 Jan 2016

ups and down?  i think we had 10% ups ( vs KY ) and mostly 90% downs....  

we do not have cohesion, leadership.  bad shots, panicky shots.  Lyle can be streaky but overall huge liability - TOs, bad shot selection, etc.  Tate is hustle first kind of player but in reality not a very good player.  Loving is soft and gets down easily when things go awry.  just not a good team.  

i have no problem w. bad year or two.  but i actually do not see potential w. this group.  too early i suppose so i will be grounded but i don't see the potential.  my expectation is this group makes ZERO Ncaa tourny.  

but i still watch...and cheer....just w. zero expectation.  need better recruits.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

marvin lewis can never win a PO game and his former assistants will win one in their first try today...Go Vikings and  Redskins....

fire Lewis...been saying it for years.... he is mediocre and can't stand he allows thugs to rule the beautiful game....

fire Thad?   no...but we stink badly and have become a NIT caliber for years to come.  get used to it fans

Comment 10 Jan 2016

not sure why anyone is surprised of this BB team.  we stink.  we beat bad teams and played well in one game against KY.   

forget March Madness.   we be lucky to go to NIT.  

Loving, when chips are down, gives in easily.  Lyle is disorganized.  

watch BB games at your own risk - health wise.  have very low expectations.  this group will not have any March Madness experience ...i don't see much future in men's BB.  just don't have talent to be elite.

Comment 08 Jan 2016

1) live overseas and have for decades but grew up in Ohio and of course, love Buckeyes...

2) even in the 1990's when internet was at its infancy, and there were no streaming videos, or even ESPN to watch games, I used to get up at 1 am (time difference), go to ESPN.COM and just click on box scores/play by play for 3 1/2 hours when OSU played each game.  I love OSU.

3) for past 20 years of ups and downs - I have loved 2 players the most.  one was Eddie George.  and the other is Braxton Miller.

4) I love this man, Braxton.  He is an OHIO kid who had everything..then lost 'everything' but didn't give up and gave a chance at a new position for the first time in his football life.  I will always remember VA Tech game.. wow.

5) I wish Braxton the best in NFL.  It might take time but he has the athleticism, dedication and faith to make good money in NFL. I will pray for him. 

what a classy guy.... great representation of OSU... whatever happens, I hope he has success and happiness for his family

- From a fan in Korea