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Comment 41 minutes ago
THE is a rockstar now, was quoted in the newspaper.
Comment 9 hours ago
The Macho Man. Had a yellow slimjim bandana on and all. I will refrain from naming this one, but I peed on a cubs players car (go Sox) in a drunken college stupor. Not sure if that counts. Also played beer pong with Cat Osterman. Had her sign her picture from ESPN The Mag Body Issue I've met just about every whitesox player that has been on the team in the last 7 years. Chris Sale, Jose Contreras, Mark Beurhle, and Don Cooper (pitching coach) are the coolest.
Comment 25 Feb 2015
Lot if people are firm believers that his Adidas contract is what is leading to all these injuries. Get that man some crisp Nike's and let him soar!
Comment 25 Feb 2015
If I did that I wouldn't be looking for my keys, I would be looking for my minivan. And probably my bike, lawnmower, and anything else one could fit in a minivan.
Comment 18 Feb 2015
5 total, 0 being at the Shoe. (2) at Illini, (1) at NW, (1) at Purdue and the B1G Championship this year. Have Illini scheduled for next year and the plan is to have my bachelor party Nov. 27TH at the shoe against MSU
Comment 18 Feb 2015
Don't blame the current generation, blame their parents / coaches / teachers etc.. I am 25 and like to think I have been raised the right way. Recently coached highschool sophomore baaeball, I was shocked at how little respect they had for their elders, shocked at how much they whined and cried (yes cried), and also shocked at how little they knew about baseball but now I am getting g off subject Edit: forgot the important part: all the other coaches and their parents let them get away with it!
Comment 18 Feb 2015
Pecan pie, medium rare filet mignon, Gene and Jude's double dog, mountain of blueberry pancakes, Three Floyd's Arctic panzer Wolf. In that order
Comment 14 Feb 2015
Everyone Always says boxing is a dying sport. Is it though? Seems like boxing matches generate a lot more money and more viewers then UFC
Comment 13 Feb 2015
Looks like someone snipped his achilles
Comment 13 Feb 2015
Add Arkansas to the West so we can beat the shit out of Bert every year
Comment 13 Feb 2015
This team dominated down the stretch. If it wasn't for the "bad luck" of turnovers in the last two games they would have dominated even more. 02 was very good don't get me wrong, but they also were very very lucky ( Holy Buckeye, Clarett stripping the ball back, McGahee going out, P.I. etc..)
Comment 13 Feb 2015

it seems that most of our play action passing entails a guard or TE pulling or trapping to set the fake, not so much lineman going downfield, so I don't know that it will effect (or affect? always get confused on that) us tremendously.  I could be wrong, this might be a good write up for Ross or one of the other guys to really breakdown how much are lineman actually do this..