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Comment 28 Apr 2014

Just a cover for his mini arc reactor. Similar to Tony Stark's.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

Do college duals always start at the lightest weight? In high school, (if I remember correctly), the ref would flip for the right to choose the starting weight... or something similar to that. Anything like that in college?

Comment 20 Jan 2014

This kid's highlight video has me cracking up. He is so damn big.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

The fan singing Wrecking Ball during the free throw was gold. That's a genius idea.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

14 tackles for a safety usually means a lot of completed passes. Good/bad stat.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

The women's team... earned a birth in the NCAA tournament...

Don't mean to be a proofreading nazi, but that one made me exhale air quickly through my nose while reading.