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Comment 13 Dec 2013

There's not a lot of info to go on. Kiper essentially calls Miller a late round (presumably late 3+) pick by saying better ball placement, overall passing improvement would get him into the early rounds. All sources (google: Braxton Miller draft stock) point to a relative decline.

It really would come down to combine and various showcase events, but I don't think they're as far apart when it comes to NFL stock as you claim.

Comment 13 Dec 2013

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but if Braxton goes pro this year, I wouldn't be surprised if a team wanted to take Guiton over him once it gets to the later rounds. IMO, Kenny G appears to be the better pro prospect right now. I understand he was going to look in to the NFL and go from there, I hope he can make a little $$, spend some time making connections in the pros and then go on to coach.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

No True Scotsman all over the place. It's a moving target when they want to hit OSU.

"You shouldn't count the win streak from last year" -- Will gladly mention the SEC streak of championships and Alabama's recent history in general.

OSU wins big -- "It was bad competition!"

OSU eeks one out -- "See, they're TERRIBLE!"

A team loses (specifically after Oregon lost) - "Well, they weren't playing Oregon football, so we'll have to work this out somehow."

The SOS argument - despite OSU being right up there near anyone who's not in the Pac -12, even being ahead of FSU and the formerly beloved Baylor (in most), they get no love -- rather, other's get no hate. Not to mention FSU's win against Clemson still looks "good" despite Clemson being inflated by a relatively terrible Georgia team. The SEC is also being dominated by two middle-of-the-road Big 12 schools (I mean, they're contending immediately in this "almighty super awesome mega conference of amazomg FOOOOTBAWWWW!!!") Which goes to show that, hmm, maybe the strength always was a bit of truth coupled with a rather large amount of the chips falling in the right places followed by a self-perpetuating cycle. The SOS is simply an argument that may have been true in recent years but, really, this is the year where that rhetoric isn't valid, which is sweet. 

I'm sure there are other moving targets here, but if anyone is trying that, it's best to simply ignore them because if they're starting with No True Scotsman, they're going to keep that up.


**I accidentally a thought

Comment 02 Dec 2013

Well, wins are wins. I do remember an OSU team from 2002 that scraped by a few. The big difference is that one number advantage in the L column.

If Auburn was undefeated, I wouldn't have a problem with them being above OSU (well.. I mean, personally I would have a little bit of a problem, but rationally I think I could accept it).

Comment 27 Nov 2013

I would like to thank Eleven Warriors for some all around awesome writing and something to help my unproductive day be more unproductive.

Comment 27 Nov 2013

That's a good point. It depends on how he thinks the upco_ing guys will develop and whether he wants to accept that challenge. If he succeeds, then he'll look aweso_e. It should help on practicing quick release while the line takes the first few ga_es to gel.

It's hard to i_agine a scenario where it doesn't co_e together, at least for Braxton, if he stays another year.

Side note -- You know, I find it easiest to type out everything with the _, and then do a ctrl+f and search for _ and replace it.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

If he has good workouts, it would be great for him to get the next-level experience (and bench cash!!)

Maybe he even gets to see some time. With the Rams seeing about potential interest from Favre and Brady Quinn being traded around like a commodity, why not spend a small amount and pick up Guiton in the 6th round?

Comment 12 Nov 2013

I, for one, am looking forward to this Iowa/Indiana B1G championship game. It's just too much pressure and worry for the Buckeyes. They can let go of expectations so we can have the real championship game the B1G deserves!

Indiana will represent the conference well in the Rose Bowl!

Comment 11 Nov 2013

That's what I've been seeing based on recaps, stats, and the few times I've watched the teams (and what I based my non-professional opinion on). FSU appears to have the ability to run away with things and get on a roll and not stop. Bama looks strong on the lines and some of the defensive backfield. That coupled with the paper tiger SEC this year (relatively -- compared to years past), Bama is not nearly as challenged or polished as they have been the past couple years.

Looking at it this way -- two Big 12 teams (middle to upper-middle class any given year) have come in and were able to claim their Big 12 standing or higher in the SEC pecking order. That's why Bama - OSU would be best. OSU could have a non-asterisk SEC bowl win and it would knock the SEC down a bit to start next year, setting up a power vacuum for some other conference to take over because, you know, the media has to make it about which conference is the best.

Comment 11 Nov 2013

I want this to happen.

After watching a full Alabama game for the first time of the season on Saturday, I really think the Buckeyes would match up well -- something we should get a glimpse of with the Buck's O vs Sparty's D.

FSU seems a little scarier, and the win against Bama would actually go a long way in getting the Buckeyes out of the media doghouse.

I can see it if they play FSU and win -- "Well, the ACC wasn't particularly tough this year -- we all know the SEC team left out is the real winner."

Comment 11 Sep 2011

How is that stupid?  We do not know what goes on in the locker room or sidelines to merit such decisions. You would be singing a completely different tune if Miller went in and played poorly, then a cold Baus went back in and played worse.  A W was had, the coaching staff have a lot to work with.  This is a good thing.

Comment 09 Sep 2011

Triple T's a hitter, not a quitter baby!

Thank you for reminding me of the greatest ad campaign ever.