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Comment 07 Sep 2012

Chris, with all due respect, I am offended by your comments on tressel

"I had the utmost respect for Tress when he was running things but I think we all grew tired of defending Tresselball to the haters, press conferences full of empty words and the astounding disregard for building an elite coaching staff. But, the bottom line was that he usually won.

With Meyer at the controls, it’s so much easier to be a fan for a multitude of reasons, ..."

Tressel ball was boring, yes, but he brought OSU back into the national spotlight.  

Aside from his love for "the punting game".  Off the field, he emphasized the importance of respect, tradition and most of all family.  

Also, I don't care what the haters think about tresselball.  What bothers me the most is buckeye fans caring more about winning than integrity.  

Yes, Urban is easy to root for.  His on field passion and recruiting prowess is amazing.  However, I find it hard to believe that it's so easy for a true buckeye fan to jump ship so quickly.  

Please correct me if i'm wrong. Or if I read into your comments too much.   

I'd love to hear your thoughts.