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Comment 21 Feb 2015

Damnit you beautiful people make it dusty & blurry in here!

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Sorry - didn't see the other posts in my haste to *break* the info! In related news, I will have an announcement at 5:30 about a certain AD at a certain rival school...

Comment 29 Nov 2013

Really fellas? There are perhaps hundreds of other options for 11W to source Buckeye gear from that don't involve supporting UM/ UM alum. For a connection between my loyalty and my comment above to be drawn is idiotic.  Putting dollars in the pocket of our rival only strengthens their well-known rhetoric of arrogance and position of "someday you'll work for me".

Comment 20 Sep 2013

I wear my App St T-shirt & Block O hat every time I have the pleasure of visiting the mitten on business. I also wear a wide, f-you-very-much grin. The look of utter helplessness mingled with pain on the faces of the UM faithful is soooooooo sweet!

Comment 07 May 2013

Mark May has a sphincter ring....which no one knows since it is hidden because MARK MAY WEARS WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR

Comment 22 Feb 2013

To the point of the first few comments: I have maintained that in order to avoid future potential issues similar to our very own 'Tattoo-gate', why not have a given University physically hold onto B1G Championship Rings, Gold Pants, game-worn equipment, etc until after an athlete has completed their relationship with said school either through graduation or early separation via draft?   Based upon current NCAA regulations (what's the most ridiculous form of the word ridiculous?) that 'impound' process would remove the potential or enticement for an athlete to do what they wish with something that is legally theirs to begin with!  With regard to intellectual property, namely a Minnesota Wrestler's music, it's virtually impossible to physical impound if you will and makes for a much more delicate scenario.  Mark Emmert's recent lack of institutional control in his own House-of-Holier-than-Thou only throws gasoline onto the ground swell of whispers that larger conferences may some day secede from the NCAA and form their own self-governing body.

Comment 15 Feb 2013

I got my Architecture Degree from tOSU and I can tell you from a time-frame perspective that even if the plans are already completed, stamped and approved (hard to believe that that  could stay under wraps to this point in C'bus w/o it hitting the net at least in rumor fashion) it's virtually impossible that an expansion beyond semi-permanent scope could be completed in 12 months time. Think Crew Stadium structure, or the previous scaffolding South Stands.

If I 'm wrong you'll know something substantial is happening when/if they start digging holes for foundation work in and around south stands/scoreboard.

I agree with a previous commenter that the most likely scenario that is feasible in a 12-month window is the addition of lights (Essentially a 'bolt on' exercise to the existing structure) and quick money-grab addition of semi-perm seats to South Stands.

The movement of the Spring Game to Paul Brown Stadium gives the University roughly 5.5 months to do some heavy lifting/site work prior to the start of the season. It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact it might have on Spring Commencement in Ohio Stadium.

Oh ya, one more thing.....Muck Fichigan!