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Comment 20 hours ago

This is one of the few articles from Ramzy that misses the bigger picture, which is that attendance at CFB games is declining slightly overall and the decline is dramatic in some cases with the student base.

The spring game should have sent a pretty clear message.... the core fan base at OSU is VERY keen on the price of the tickets.

THE THING that separates CFB (and CBB to a lesser extent) from all other major sports is the game day experience, and how that is translated to the media. Whether the athletes are "true" students or not is debatable. But there isn't much to debate about the fans.. they are either students at the school now, were students at the school before or in some way relate to the school and the students from outside... and live somewhat vicariously through the them. For example, Buckeye Nation loves the jump in Mirror Lake or Tiger Nation love Toilet Papering the trees in Toomers Corner whether they ever did it or not.

If jackasses like Gene Smith and the folks that run ESPN, CBS, Fox and BTN don't take special care to foster and ensure the stadiums are full, the students are included as part of the action and the tailgates are thriving.... CFB could become just another minor league sport

Comment 26 Mar 2014

My point about Bobby and Woody was a reference to their sideline demeanor (ahem) and their attitude toward the media and specifically critics in the media.

They were also great coaches..... style or not

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Frankly I love Bobby K. Agree with the poster that you're undervaluing his contributions to CBB. I'll also add that if you don't like Bobby then you probably have a hard time with Woody, since there isn't/wasn't much difference.

I also lived in LA through the 80's and 90's and got to suffer through the rise of Connie Chung as the local news co-anchor and more..oh yes and more.

Her interview style was so combative, smug and self righteous. Her marriage to Maury Povich is so perfect it's almost situation comedy.

Bobby's comment was perfect if you consider the broader circumstances. A) Bobby didn't give a damn what she thought and dismissed the entire interview as baseless with that over the top statement B) She thought everybody worshiped what she thought and took herself so  seriously it was comical. Bobby showed it for the farce it was.

He's also spot on that 1 and done is "raping" CBB. You might like a more politically correct term but it is what it is. It's also not really helping the NBA either. A kid who can come in and play at 18/19 = James should just forego CBB. He's just ready.

Comment 11 Mar 2014

The coverage scheme is the clearest manifestation of the problem, but the root cause is a disconnect in philosophy IMO. It's subtle, so it been hard to fix.

A re-org should help, b/c I don't think our personnel at any position is as bad as things looked on the field. Although the personnel fit was a huge problem at all levels.

My take is that Luke and Withers both were very comfy with bend and don't break. As DVO45 pointed out last season the catch phrase he heard at OSU practice was "stop the run and tackle the pass". This equates to leaving the underneath zone open, making sure no one beats you deep and then "tackling the pass".

Urban wants a lot less bend and limited breakage.... I'd say his philosophy = force 3 and out AND prevent explosive plays.

Hopefully Ash can come in fresh and after two yrs of failure make the subtle change which says by scheme we will aim to force 3 and out and by execution stop explosive plays.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

This is an excellent article b/c it forces people to get past the headline in the narrative.

The truth is that a one dimensional team will generally not win a championship. Either they won't make it that far or they will lose the big game. That will be true if the single dimension is offense or defense.

Offense sells tickets is truth. The average fan and the media LOVE offense.

That is why the narrative takes on the tone it does, b/c it seems like more of a "story" when a team with a good/but not outstanding offense but a truly excellent D wins a big game.

The other truth is that the most physical team wins most football games and for sure all big games, and a team with a great defense will be physical so they are on the right track.

While we're at it.... "Establish the run on offense and Stop the run to make a team one dimensional and smother the pass on defense"..... sounds like Dantonio, right? Sparty was outrushed by OSU and Stanford by a wide margin and gave up over 150 rushing yards but had nearly 2x the passing yards in both games.....

Comment 28 Nov 2013

You missed the BIG story within the story with the Clemson SoCarolina game..... a loss by Clemson basically crushes Free Shoes U's SoS...

If the Bucks win out the computers will pull both to very even.

If the Bucks win convincingly this weekend, and especially the D looks good against a bad opponent and clemson loses some voter will take note.

If the Bucks beat Sparty and the O can move the ball ... like I think we can... this may be the biggest late season move of all time... fitting way to end the BCS.


Comment 08 Oct 2013

Vegas doesn't lose..... only the bettors who took the under or NW lost. The $100Mn was a swing.


Vegas makes money on the action.


The point spread isn't who they think will win or lose, but what will entice an even number of bettors on each side.


Thats the lesson for today:)

Comment 07 Oct 2013

100 yards on the ground against the two best running teams in the B1G and top 10 in the nation is DAMN good folks.

There are some serious issues in the secondary, only some of which can be explained away by focus on the rush and CB being hurt.

As mentioned above, we simply have to improve the tackling underneath. This doesn't take scheme or experience, and it would cut the problem down by about 30&% which combined with the rush D would put us in the top 10.

Comment 18 Jul 2013

The somewhat confusing to consider whether it's over or under, the  1 technique or A gap tackle is always resp for the A gap to the formation strength, and the 3 technique is always resp for the B gap away from the strength.

So the 1 Tech just shifts and the 3, 5 and LEO tech has to flip if the TE goes in motion. I think that's one reason the DL align to the field and boundary in many cases so they can ignore the formation shift.

Comment 18 Jul 2013



One way I've always thought about the techniques, esp as we now specialize, is that there is an A gap Tackle and a B gap tackle. There is a C gap End and a guy who stands up between the C and D gap where the TE would line up.


Comment 16 Apr 2013

I fully agree that the TTUN O looked solid against a USC D that was formidable.

Everyone ooos and ahhhs about the Clowney shot on the RB but for the most part Lewan held his own in that game, and Gardner made plays.

TTUN is still rebuilding, but they are getting closer. If the OL comes together, adds some more depth and they add 2 more power RBs along with Drake and one more WR the O will be in good shape.

I think their D may still be two more classes away.

I expect the Huskers to win this season, and TTUN to be 9-3 or possibly 8-4.

Comment 16 Apr 2013

Yes indeed Lou Holtz did the exact same thing for my Father In Law when he was dying of cancer.

I liked him before that b/c of his ties to OSU and  the 68 NC team. I've loved him ever since.

As for Mark May he is like Wolf Blitzer and Mike Wallace who are actors playing news people. Their objective is simple = RATINGS.

The two of them are indeed perfect.

Holtz appeals to the Midwestern audience and May to the South and West. Holtz to traditional smash mouth football and May to wide open offense.

Don't forget that the Blitzer/Wallace game is to take a fact regardless of how small and embed it in their standard stump position that something somewhere is evil.

For Wolfy it's Big Government, for Wallace Big Corporations and for May it's the B1G. In the end it's really pretty funny except that some people take it seriously.

Comment 05 Nov 2012

One part about the case that is often forgotten is Ohio State’s status as a repeat violator due to the violations committed under former men’s basketball coach Jim O’Brien. Combined with the severity of the football program’s violations and a look back at history – Alabama and USC both received multi-year bans – one can make the case for the NCAA giving the Buckeyes a ban in 2012 even with a self-ban in 2011.

Facts are that the NCAA was reacting to the media and the media wanted blood. They got itand now we move on.

The positive note is that the slate will be clean going into 2013 as the court of public opinion will be that we paid the price.

It's too bad to miss 15 practices and see the boys in the Rose Bowl, but life 'aint fair.

Comment 25 Oct 2012

Ross great as usual.

Interesting how such subtle plays have such a BIG impact. Spence taking on the lead blocker and shoving him into the backfield was the first time I've seen anyone do that all yr from that position. They are often just caved in.

That small play forces the RB to take a wider route to the LoS and doesn't get squared up before Shazier can get a beat on him and make an easy tackle.

If Spence doesn't make the play the RB is square and in a position to make Ryan miss. I'm sure it's plays like these that weren't getting made that were driving the staff nuts.


As for a poor man's NE Pats..... I guess you mean homeless.

I see more 70's Bengals in talent and scheme with the late 80's no huddle. The attrition really hurt on the offensive side of the ball for PSU.

Hard to think anything Pats without putting Tom Brady front and center, and McGloin is more Virgil Carter than Tom B IMO

Comment 15 Oct 2012

BTW our TOP was 36 - 23 versus IU Saturday..........

Comment 11 Sep 2012

Urban said before the season that he needed Nate to be in the mix, or the DL was only above average. To be elite we needed an experience edge rusher.

He also said coming out of spring that we needed Curtis Grant to emerge as a solid Mike LB.

We have neither and until Spence comes of age, or Nate comes back, Simon and Hankins are playing out of position much of the time.

Until Grant emerges and we have to play nickel the whole game Simon and Hankins have to play gap sound and keep the play in front of them.

I only noticed Simon cheat once last week and it was on the power sweep where took and inside lane to get to the QB and he was easily turned inside.

Comment 30 Aug 2012

Excellent as always. And I don't think there is any play you can run effectively without constraint. So strange that Tress wouldn't do this, since he was such a student of the game.

I also never liked running Dave in short yardage. I see that it worked in the spring game, but in generaly short yardage allows the DL to get low and dive at the LOS which clutters up the pulling lane. The LB wil also tend to crash which makes it hard for the pulling OL to find anyone to block and the point of attack becomes a dog pile.

You can pull and kick out more effectively, but even so pull action signals both the LB and Safety where to go and the play takes too long to develop. I've always preferred ISO in short yardage where you can still run the constraint plays off of the H back action

Comment 17 Aug 2012

Tressel's game planning was outstanding. I can think of a number of games where we just came out with a super plan think 02NC, Michigan every season, RoseBowl, Sugar Bowl both the win and the loss. USC both the loss and the really bad loss.

His halftime adjustments weren't so hot, which was one of the things that motivated my post above. Again, look at the SC close loss at home, scUM 06, Sugar bowl win and loss.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

Excellent stuff Ross. I do think that halftime adjustments are important as well, as you find personnel matchups positive/negative that may not be as apparent on film and changes to the opponents tendencies where they typically go cover-2 and swapp to cover one man under in the game.


Comment 16 Aug 2012

Excellent stuff Ross. I do think that halftime adjustments are important as well, as you find personnel matchups positive/negative that may not be as apparent on film and changes to the opponents tendencies where they typically go cover-2 and swapp to cover one man under in the game.


Comment 02 Aug 2012

Excellent comment Bucksfan


As Ross said Meyer didn't invent so much as integrate different concepts. The 68 super sophs had a dynamic dual threat QB and a power run game with both the FB Otis and Tailback.


Kern would run the option off of the inside fake to th FB again putting pressure on the DE, LB and safety to the play side to stay home and then get an advantage in space if/when they cheated

The primary difference is the use of the horizontal passing game, which Woody never ever did. This puts added pressure on the D to wait until the play develops which leaves the middle "open".

Recall JT's O at it's worst where there was simply no room to run inside b/c all 11 D were attacking the inside gaps. The same would happen with Woody, when he was trying to wear a team down, but problems developed against top competition who could rotate in more D and we wasted downs in that era.


Comment 03 Jul 2012

Coooop. Nice call Bucksfan. If Coop had coached anywhere else he might have a statue built. He put the T back in tOSU nationally. He couldn't beat scUM and he couldn't get the kids to go to class at the end, but he beat Lou Holtz's Notre Dame team twice and put together the most prolific teams on both sides of the ball since Woody had no scholly limit.

Tress built on the national recognition with much better in-state recruiting .... and of course he beat the damn team up north.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

Well done Matt

I really think the WRs are loaded but inexperienced like the guys chucking them the rock.

In many ways its unfair .... almost like it's hard to play QB and easy to play WR. Not so in Urban's systems.

I als want to emphasize your point about the running game... the OL was crushing their blocks on a pretty good group of DL. All of the RBs (not countin hybrid man Hall) are BIG and Fast. The offense we see in the fall will be punishing. This isn't Rich Rods spread it's Urbans and he wants to POUND it down your throat. There were almost no stops for no gain and most running plays were netting 4, 5 or more yards.

While UM might not be able to recruit 12 top flight receivers he can recruit 2-3 at a minimum (heck even Tressell and Bollman could do that), and he can recruit DOMINANT RBs and OL who can make the zone running game look like Corny, Archie and Pete.