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Comment 11 Jan 2016

I could see Schiano bring in a C3 scheme similar to the Seahawks, where they press the corners... and leave a safety free to either attack the run or help cover the alley.

The best teams in the B10 are power run teams, and the C4 isn't the best scheme there.

The one thing I think you will see is an emphasis on physical toughness.

I think the Ash defenses were surgically efficient - which is GREAT - but not SUPER physical at the point of attack.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Horrible premise to the article.... lets expand the field to 16... oh hell with it let's just ditch the regular season.

Pro sports have an expanded field AND LIMIT HOME over the air or "free" cable broadcasts b/c they have a much more limited live fan base. The media love the playoffs b/c the regular season is so boring.

We didn't play well enough outside of 2 games to be in the mix..... move on.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

The advanced stats have OSU offense at 42 in the country which is spot on to how they have played for most of the first half of the season

The terp game was a HUGE step forward and the competition on D hasn't really varied much since game 1.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

guys.. if you think Urban hasn't been micro-managing the offense....I think you're wrong.

We didn't decide to change the game plan from last year.... we ran the exact same plan against VaT.....with the same results.

Urban is deciding exactly how to use the QB's. It's been his call.

He's also deciding how he wants to use Zeke...

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Great write up Kyle... much needed in the off season!!!!

To the poster who asked......... Whisky - under Chryst in the past - ran a zone blocking scheme. I'd expect them to do the same.

The key to the power running game is to be able to pass effectively. If you can't pick up sure yards when you throw on running downs, you get behind schedule. If you can't pick up key yards when the run game gets stuffed on running's punt city.

THE REASON we were able to shut down Melvin Gordon in the B1GCG was that we sold out to stop the run, and brought the safety all the way down onto the LOS. That was the first time we had done that all season.

The other reason that a traditional run first power O struggles, is that they are competing with a high powered opponent who scores in the 30's or MORE, and scores in bunches. You can't simply go toe to toe and exchange punts until the other guy breaks. You have to move the chains AND SCORE.

I expect TTUN to be a MESS this season unless the kid from Iowa has a transformation of epic proportions and the OL emerges as the 5 blocks of granite.

Comment 27 May 2015

Ramzy that's about as good as it could possibly get for an off season blog! NICE EFFORT!

ABSOLUTELY agree that we DO NOT need anymore playoff games. Period. Debating and whining are as much a part of college football as the band and cheerleaders. Plus it opens the door to multiple teams from the same conference to get in, and I'd rather have one left out in most seasons.

The kickoff classic is a great idea, but why limit the fun. Why not have a wild time and let the top 4 teams play teams 5-8.

The bottom line is that the Chicken Shit Saturday games throughout the season need to go the way of chickenshit ... down the toilet. Whether the chickenshit is flushed in September or November it needs to be eliminated.

The Kids also shouldn't play 12 games against P5 conferences... My vote here would be to shorten the season by at least one game and eliminate all but one non-Power 5 and all D1AA games. So 10 games against Power 5 teams with 8 of those in conference and one tune up / opportunity game. Two Byes, and possibly 3 would be a good idea IMO.

That way the Bucks 2015 season would eliminate two of Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Western Mich... and add one P5 crossover game (this could be the KO classic) and one bye. That would make for 11 games + a CCG if you make it or a bowl/PO + NCG if you make it.

Frankly, I'd rather see OSU with a BYE than Hawaii, Nill or Western. Just an injury waiting to happen with no possible positive outcome. The PO committee won't really count any of those games = NOT ONE TEAM from a non P5 conference made it into the PO T 25 and those are the games they use to make their decision.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

A: I don't think they believe it will ever happen

B: It is an OUTSTANDING political ploy to shift the narrative from "the D1 big sports are evil money sucking minor leagues for the NBA and NFL that don't even pay their players" "D1 sports are really an outstanding mechanism to give kids the opportunity for a college education" ...As an aside, I think it's funny if you compare the relative financial well being to the actual minor leagues of Major League Baseball or Junior Hockey to the kids on schollie at big time schools.... boy those minor league dudes live high on the hog ... NOT.

The rationale up until the early 70's was to lighten the load for the incoming freshman, along with the belief that it gave them a year in the weight room/program to more fully mature physically and mentally before they faced actual competition. It's honestly hard to argue with either point for the average D1 student athlete. I mean look at the pictures of Josh Perry from the time he was a freshman through the start of his junior season.

BTW for all the posters having a negative reaction...most of the stars of OSU's NC team red shirted.....even though Urban proclaims to hate the idea.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

The Base D all season has done a good job of forcing 3rd and long, and generally contained the running game.... this has to be the foundation of stopping Bama.

Their O has been streaky, which is exactly what you'd expect when they focus on one player and are not consistent in the running game.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Thanks Ross... great analysis as always. 

I do think the scheme was intended to stop the Dive and the QB, and let the SB's do what they could. If Burrows holds backside contain the strategy would have worked pretty much perfectly.

what game was Scarlet watching?? Not sold on Barrett? ... looked ok for a RFR? Seriously!!!

His passer rating was 237 for #3 in the NCAA to start the season. This is OUTSTANDING for any class level in any game... let alone their first game under a brand new center.  His YPA was 15 - and 10.2 if you factor out the 80 yard bomb.

The only caveat would be that it's only one game, but Navy D is middle of the road so I'm not sure what he was hoping for?

Comment 13 Aug 2014

I think you missed an obvious candidate in Donovan Munger. The DL will rotate a lot of players and he could emerge and the best 1 technique DT on the team.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

I'm late to this thread, but anyone who doesn't think that THE BAND is part of the FOOTBALL tradition/conversation at THE OHIO State University hasn't been paying any attention to what THE BAND means to FOOTBALL.

It's TBDITL. It's part of the core value of the program and sets US apart from the vast majority of the rest of the 120 other BCS schools. I've met multiple long time PAC12 fans who have gone to a game at the Shoe, and each and every one of this says the exact same thing in the first 30 secs when they find out I'm a big time Buckeye... it goes something like this... My friend told me we have to hurry to get into the stadium early and get to our seats BEFORE the band entrance. .. I said why? and bitched the whole time about leaving the tailgate early... and then ... THE DAMN band comes on the field.... never seen anything like it. That's what College Football is all about. Period.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Priorities .... period. Someone is stupid enough to get married on a Saturday btwn the last w/e of August and the second w/e of January... joke's on them....or scheduling a holiday "dinner" in the middle of the afternoon. My true stories.

1. Dissed the entire family and watched the Game of the Century - OK v Nebraska in 1971... AT MY AUNTS HOUSE. Boy was she pissed, but not as much as my Uncle who couldn't join me in the basement. I'll always love my mom for letting me do this. She hated my Aunt.

2. NY Day wedding for family best friend.... Say What?? I said no as soon as I heard about the date, then OSU was playing UCLA in the Rose Bowl... No became HELL NO. No one ever forgave me for about two months.... I never cared.... pretty soon they all forgot about it.

3- N. Multiple times I've been invited - luckily not part of - CFB Day/Night weddings. SoP was to skip either the ceremony, or part of the reception and watch the game from Home, Hotel or worst case nearby bar. In all cases the bride and groom had NO IDEA. Fortunately, the game in question didn't overlap the meal.... If it did and it wasn't the end of the game, and there was a nearby bar.... I'd make the sacrifice for the quarter...

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Guys get it straight... the NCAA doesn't enforce or even care about the law or morality. They care about one thing = the principal of amateurism.

Winston steals crab legs = no problem

Booster gives Winston free crab legs at a restaurant = violation

Can't you see the logic? Think the judge in the O'Bannon case will see the logic??? Me either.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Miles is great, but Spurrier is THE BEST media day coach of all freaking time.

 couple of faves

On how he got to South Carolina?
“Some people ask, ‘How did you end up there?’ I said, ‘I was available and they were the only ones who offered me a job the end of 2004.' "

On the pending trophy (a bronze sculpture of James Bonham, a South Carolina soldier who died defending the Alamo) awarded to the winner of the South Carolina-Texas A&M game?
“I heard about it. Read about it. Didn’t know it was official yet. I’m actually from Tennessee. I always was taught the hero of the Alamo was Davy Crockett, so this was a new one on me.

“It’s a good story, I’m sure Bonham did some good things. I always thought Davy Crockett was the hero of the Alamo, he and those 33 Tennessee guys that came in there and got killed, so forth. So the trophy was a little surprising to me. I’m sure this guy Bonham was a hero and did a lot of good, after I read the story.”

Comment 18 Jul 2014

First of all HOW FREAKING BIG is Pryor. He makes a future LB for the Steelers look tiny.

Also it's clear he's been in the league and the other two dudes are still buyin shit like it's going out of style, which most of their swag is based on the pics.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

The process to get there will be interesting, but the end game IMO will be 4 POWER conferences with ~64 teams. That way there is a pure playoff and no committee. The 5 conference set up will have to go, and realignment is already underway.

The BIG5 today comprise 65 teams, and all of them will want a seat at the table (the TV money) but not all of them will be able to afford the "ante" (annual cost to enter/stay). Net net if your school is not in one of the existing 5.... it will take some massive luck to make the initial cut.

My crystal ball says some teams that are currently in will opt out, and some others will take their place. It will be painful but a school with crappy FB and BB teams and crappy facilities to boot will find it financially impossible to "play" = Unless you already have a solid foundation OR Phil Knight or Boone Pickens is an alum OR you are located in/near a zip code with a few million eyeballs.... you are done.

Obvious teams on the bubble.... Washington State, Utah, Oregon State, Iowa and Iowa state, Mississippi State. There are others who may simply not want to pay the fee or have faculty/administration issues with the commitment (GA Tech comes to mind), but the previous list of schools look to be in no man's land.

From a conference perspective... the key is to start the negotiation with the optimum mix of TV rights = eyeballs. Here Delaney is a GENIUS. Rutgers and Maryland were available and who else could he get in those zip codes??

The SEC, B1G and PAC12 are IN. The Big XII as it is.... is toast. This is why Mizzou and TA&M moved among other reasons. The ACC has shitty CFB teams but great CBB teams, the U's are generally LOADED and near major media markets.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

School of thought???? try this. Read the DAMN article, which was well written. Recruiting services miss.... a lot. No knock on them. There are 1000's of HS FB players and the talent range from state/division to state/division is HUGE.

Some kids are flat out ballers who don't run around cones very fast, or jump over stationary objects very well. But they can make plays. See Chris Borland.

Some are late bloomers who play in woebegone conferences, see JL or MJ.

Some are absolute studs who may be mature in many ways not having to do with their athletic ability, see Mike Mitchell, or they get injured in a sport where the public isn't always told how badly they are hurt, or they get brain cramps when the lights go on.

Specifically, neither item in your school of thought apply to this case. His coach is excellent, and the kid has worked his ass off by all accounts.

The issue is one that is VERY typical. Curtis should have been moved to WDE. This is what Heacock was going to do with him. But Jim left, and we had a rash of injuries and off field issues with a number oft he other LB recruits so Curtis stayed at his original position. Curtis is built like an armored car and he is FAST. He has grown into a SOLID run stuffing MLB. He struggled last season in pass coverage. He doesn't have the hips for it = plays stiff. Some of that may have been uncertainty in coverage.... he wasn't alone.

I'm one for being solidly in this kid's corner all the way through. I hope he gets a huge ovation on senior day!

Comment 15 Jul 2014

The drop off for the entire passing game happened for one simple reason. The game plan shifted - far too aggressively IMO - to feature Hyde and Smith running the ball, and in particular to emphasize explosive running plays.

The passing game went almost entirely vertical, and Devin was used as a deep threat... and when he was left inside Braxton never checked down to him. Watch the MSU game first half. Braxton is waiting on yet another deep downfield route to develop, while Devin is standing all alone in the flat.

Devin struggles to get off of press coverage, and his route running is inconsistent. His biggest issue tho is concentration and it really falls off if he doesn't see the ball.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

No doubt playing a better schedule is a key. That's been cited everywhere. I don't think dominating a poor schedule matters at all.

Part of the schedule problem is the move to a 12 game schedule, and the "greedy" desire to fill that schedule with home games against teams you should easily beat. Funny huh. Maybe the fan's staying away and the playoff format will fix that. Better to play fewer home games against better opponents.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Good Thread... One thing that John U is all over that seems to be missed in the thread though is TRADITION! Michigan has it. Dave Brandon is ignoring it. It's not simply advertising around the stadium which most folks ignore... sort of like the ads on the side boards in a hockey game.

It's how the game is packaged AND priced.

Gene Smith came ohhhh sooo close to screwing the pooch on the latter this spring game by raising the price for the scrimmage to $20 on day of the game.

Buckeye fans don't want the Superbowl. We want a B1G football experience. Not Beyonce. WE want TBDBITL. TTUN fans want their Damn Band.

John U ALSO GOES ON big time to point out that TTUN didn't play cupcakes in Bo's day. The schedule was 10 games with good competition and no byes. They also didn't tee it up at noon or 3:30 or 8 PM. Shoe hit leather at 1:05. Set your watch to it.

John U's principal point and I fully agree is that the University Administrators need to get their shit together, and specifically take some control BACK from Disney and Fox. He points out the NW did this to a limited extent by telling ESPN where they could set up the live in stadium venue for the OSU NW game in Chicago last season.