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Comment 26 Aug 2015

TSUN football will be back and successful only when it wins a national championship. Having Harbaugh coaching them does not guarantee that. It's extremely premature for anyone -- even a diehard TSUN fan -- to say they are back. And I will reiterate what I've said before on this web site: If Harbaugh can't turn them into national champions, then he's failed. And if he leaves for the NFL in four or five years with no national championships in Ann Arbor, then what? Who will replace him? They will have no big name alum to turn to -- well maybe the worn-out and wacky Les Miles.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I'll believe what Dr. Earl says over a newspaper report on him. I hope he can play as soon as possible, even if he's more than a month away from game action.

I'm sure the people up north are gloating over Weber getting hurt.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

If that report is correct, then Harbaugh's media wall is working pretty good. The two Detroit papers don't have anything about it on their web sites. Good luck to the kid and hope he heals well to get back into action next year...if the report is accurate.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

The games haven't started and some of those fans up north are already unhinged, separated from reality.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

I can see Saban telling recruits: "Why do you want to go to Ohio State or some other school when you can get the highest stipend in the nation from me at Alabama?" This stipend feature will turn out badly for schools who can't match Saban's offers. Bidding wars for 5-star and 4-star football players? You bet!

Comment 06 Aug 2015

I want the Buckeyes to keep beating the team up north for a long, long time so those people in mustard and blue can't throw that line in our faces that they still lead OSU in the overall series. I want the Buckeyes to pass them up so we can throw that line back into their faces.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

Maybe Hall realized he wasn't good enough to beat out our DEs already committed to Ohio State. And maybe he didn't want to work hard enough to do it. But good luck to him wherever he goes, as long it isn't the school up north of Ohio.

Comment 02 Aug 2015

What is that guy going to be like if his team doesn't duplicate what OSU did in Meyer's first two years? I will maintain to my last breath that if Harbaugh can't turn that team up north into a national champion in three years that the program up there will turn into a middle of the road program like Iowa and be that way forever.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

The Mud Hens sell out the place for weekend games. Better get your tickets NOW! The zoo, art museum are also great places to go to.

Better bring plenty, and I mean a lot, of your own bottled water. Toledo is going through another safe drinking water crisis.