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Comment 06 Dec 2013
I'm not even going to watch the game tomorrow because according to the guys on BTN the Buckeyes won't be able to score on their defense or stop their offense.
Comment 01 Dec 2013
My biggest issue, and I'm sure the ciaches have their reasons, is cushion at the line on receivers. That is why screens are so effective. You play close to the line and it negates screen plays,but the question then is can they play well enough on the back end to nit give up the big play.
Comment 01 Dec 2013
I voted 0-2 because although Borges called the game of his career, he blew it here. You don't go with the same play after a timeout. If he is calling the same play then no they dont get it. Funchess wasnt coming open. Ohio State knew the play and the linebacker was waiting for him. If you say they can change the play, then my vote would be different.
Comment 01 Dec 2013
I'm sorry but the SEC is not as good as it was before. That argument may have worked a year or two ago but after watching all season, you cannot with a straight face say or bias say that the SEC is so much better than everyone else. The biggest difference, in my opinion, is the defenses. Before you had 3 or 4 teams with defenses that were scary, now there are none. The best 2 defenses in the country are FSu and Michigan State. That is the difference.
Comment 30 Nov 2013
The anticipation and the wait are so rough. I'm just glad it is a noon game. I might die if I had to wait until 3:30.
Comment 29 Nov 2013
My boss thanks you for rendering me totally useless the rest of the day