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Comment 10 Jan 2014

I am sure Dontre is going to be a great player but nothing he did this year wowed me.  Yes he has speed but he didn't do much as a KR or slot back.  He mostly got the ball on reverses or read options.  He is nowhere near "Percy Harvin" status yet.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got passed by someone like Curtis Samuel.

Comment 18 Dec 2013

Call me crazy but I am not going to expect Raekwon to start as a Freshman.  I seem to recall a 5 star LB recruit coming in with a lot of buzz but not being able to put it all together at the college level.  I am talking about Curtis Grant.  He was the #2 recruit in the country and we needed him to be a stud.  However we got Shazier in the same class which worked out.  Kinda reminds me of 2002 when Mike D'Andrea was the high profile recruit but AJ Hawk ended up being the star.

Comment 13 Dec 2013

He was going to handle it in house.  No point in airing dirty laundry!  After all they didn't commit a "crime."  They traded their own stuff for tatoos.  It's the same as if I sold my own stuff on Ebay!  Tressel is a good man and he cares more for the players then any coach I've ever seen.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Is that where you check the MRP to the MIP.  Then the MIP to change page.  Then the change page to the list of effective pages?

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I've been saying that for months.  This is the only change Eleven Warriors implemented that I hate.  The Houndie was beloved by many and loathed by few.  The biggest problem I have is that those buckeyes that play on Monday Night Football do not get included!  Teddy Ball game won the game for Carolina a few weeks ago and there was no mention on "Buckeyes in the NFL" because it happened after the post was published.  I wonder if the Houndie petition can be put on

Comment 26 Nov 2013

I seem to recall another group of "Sailors" out on the front lines.  I think they are called Seals but someone may have to do a google search to confirm!

M.A.R.I.N.E.--Marines Ass Rides In Navy Equipment!

Comment 22 Nov 2013

I was at the Toledo vs. Buffalo game a couple of weeks ago and the Rockets ran the ball right at Mack and dominated.  He is decent rushing the passer but Toledo's tackeles Hendershot and Nelson shut him down.  I'm sure he will be a great player but in that game he looked frustrated.

Comment 06 Nov 2013

I agree Oyster!  It's amazing how many things around the house I get done during a bye week!  Saturday night with the inlaws?  Who is picking up the tab?