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Comment 05 Oct 2014

The east has been terrible lately and the west is still much better, but I do think the east improved even with the George injury. Knicks and Detroit could do better with improvement in coaching. Toronto is an underrated team with a lot of young talent, that was able to lock up Lowry coming off his best season. Chicago SHOULD have Rose back in some capacity, though him holding up is no guarantee. Still, Bulls will improve either way as Gasol is a high quality big man even as he ages, the guy they have coming over from Europe is considered to be one of the best international players, and McDermott should be an upgrade over Dunleavy in time. Butler also is coming off his best season, so that Chicago team will be a legit contender in the east. Washington picked up Pierce, Charlotte picked up Stephenson, and obviously the Cavs have picked incredible star talent that hopefully will lead to titles in the future.

What I see as the east order: 

1. Chicago 2. Cleveland(will take time to come together) 3. Washington 4. Toronto 5. Miami 6. Charlotte 7. Brooklyn 8. New York. I have a hard time seeing the Celtics breaking through those 8 teams or even some other solid teams like Atlanta or Detroit, although I do think in time the Celtics will have a quality team.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Happens the other way quite a bit as well, you know. Locally, statewide, and nationally. The public is quick to assume especially with the media influencing them and it results in just as many pushes out of stupidity as it does changes for the better.

Too many people are sanctimonious and don't think things out, which is why it also happens the other way.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

uuuhhh LeBron James.....Marion.....Varejoa....Dellavedova(back PG this season). People are really exaggerating their weakness on that side of the ball, the only big piece they lack that could hold them back in the ECF or the Finals against the vicious WC, is a rim protector. They really, really badly need a rim protector, if they don't get one it could be their undoing.

However, Kevin Love is actually positive(DWS doesn't describe it all by any means, but he actually is very high in that stat) on defense between his ridiculous defensive rebounding and top 5 post defense(he is VERY strong). He only gets that reputation because of media misrepresentation and lack of vertical jumping ability. Look up some articles on it and become informed, Love was the top PF in the game last year and his all around statistics were pretty incredible. Kyrie Irving will be better with an emphasis on effort, he clearly has the skill to be at least an average defender if you watched how he played for team USA.

The thing is though neither Love or Varejoa can protect the rim(not to be confused with bad defenders, because it is much more complex than that and both are positive on that end). However when guys get past the perimeter defense they won't have much protection. Now the offense has a chance to be historic(think Nash Phoenix Suns, or some of the Nowitzki Mavs teams), so hopefully that will allow them to be successful until they either have someone pan out for rim protection or trade for it.  

Comment 20 Sep 2014

And Irving is LEGIT one on one. If you've watched team USA, where Irving was the tourney MVP, you can see just how lethal he is offensively. With a better roster around him, and a MUUUCH better offensive coach, Irving will probably be around the top 5 at PG if not 5th. He has a higher on ball 3pt percentage than Curry or Durant, and his dribble moves are sick; some of the best in the nba.

Now I think this was at a camp or something similar, so it is likely Irving would have turned it up more in a nba situation, but it shows to me the way Craft could impact the game game off the bench with defense and energy. He may not be great athletically but his lateral quickness is exceptional and I think it will allow him to guard NBA SGs/PGs.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Definitely this,^^^. I was going to post the same thing myself

People like Marshall because of the overhyped effect. If a player who is starting gets hyped to do so much than doesn't fully deliver, people always biasedly start making it out like the backup is better because they only remember the positive out of their limited touches despite the fact that all the stats say otherwise. It isn't even really fair either because Dontre has delivered in his limited opportunities and he hasn't been getting much help from the blocking. Great against Navy and made an unbelievable catch against VT, he didn't get any chances against Kent St. I really hope they involve him more, he is explosive and deserves at least 8-10 touches again. If he gets that, trust me, he will produce at a high level.

Dontre is better right now, and it is decisive. I am not saying Marshall won't become more involved as time goes on, or that he won't have a good career, but right now Dontre is better as everywhere except possibly returns, but IMO Dontre has done well with some of those returns and the return blocking has been poor. Based on what has happened so far, there is no other choice than Wilson. Projecting in to the future? I suppose it is possible, but I think Wilson just needs more involvement. Remember guys like Harvin and Austin had similar FR stats. I think it is more likely that we eventually see them both on the field for much of the game.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Let us remember that this was against Kent State and he went something around 9-29 with 3 ints against VT. He is good but it is a bit early to say he is better at throwing right now than Miller who has a stronger arm and has shown the ability against good defenses. I will agree that he is definitely further along than Miller was at this point in his career with his poise on progressions and passing accuracy, but don't forget that Miller never got a redshirt season to learn from and he was thrown in a chaotic situation with 2 different coaches in his first two seasons.

Also don't forget that Miller's ability to run and make something out of nothing on broken plays is very absent with him gone. Hell I almost thought Cardale looked better on the option than Barnett. That isn't a knock on Barnett, just pointing out that Miller is substantially better than Barnett in multiple categories; I still think Barnett will take over the job when Miller leaves. However, I think if Miller  does come back fully healthy, he is taking the job back.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I don't think it is possible for them to play as poorly as they did offensively against VT in this game, or have so many chance events go against them. I am a bit worried about the secondary given how great Kiel looked, but at the same time I'm confident the offense will play well enough to win by 7-17 points.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I loved how much more efficient they looked in everything they did today, but I do wish Wilson would get more touches, He was great against Navy and had an unbelievable catch against VT, yet he only got two touches today. I know he didn't run well against VT, but he wasn't given the opportunity to from the blocking. I'd like to see him get at least 8-10 touches every game.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

You missed my point. What do you think I am? I already self admitted that I am a very lazy person. My GPA score is nothing special, I don't study, I have failed a class(an honors class, because of a missed 10 page paper), have trouble focusing on busy work, etc. I can tell you though it annoys me when people act like I must have gotten a lower score because I don't like those types of test, when really I have scored 99% multiple times, though I put little value in that fact towards how capable I actually am. However, trust me when I say getting As in classes like AP Physics and AP Chemistry that are almost solely test based(I know because that is how I passed with As in those types of classes without doing much homework), is FAR more valuable than getting a 33 or whatever on a general skills test that is basically giving you a bunch of non specific random questions, that almost totally rely on speed and how far you have gone with your classes.

The whole concept of standardized testing is pretty stupid(not to say there isn't value there, but I don't like the shift in usage that has happened), especially now that they are doing it at the lower level and forcing pointless numberline systems that have to be memorized in order to preform on the math sections, but I don't want to get in an argument about that.

I looked up the ASVAB and it has been shown to correlate extremely highly .95+ with reading ability.  The ASVAB is more or less a measure of literacy. It doesn't seem very relevant, I was merely trying to give my point of view on what the kid asking had already done, considering I am doing the same things right now. GPA obviously reflects work ethic, but it also reflects understanding of courses that often provide a more realistic setting to the skills you will need in college and beyond, though even it is still very very loosely reflected. However I think it is every bit as legitimate as the test, it measures ability/potential as well as work ethic, and as I have already pointed out there are many flaws in those tests and getting a bad score is nothing to worry about, especially given how many other indicators of ability college's will look at.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

ACT score is heavily overvalued and biased towards speed. It really is nothing more than a random school information test. Good GPA is in my opinion just as good if not a superior indicator of ability, plus things like community service and other after school programs will boost your value. It may devalue your ability to get some scholarships, but with those factors + a good essay on your application and an alumni father will help you a lot.

Trust me though, don't feel bad about a 25. I got a 27 which isn't much higher and I take all AP classes. The ACT is nothing more than general school knowledge, and is horribly biased towards speed(even more so than the SAT), I had to guess for about 1/3 of the test because of time constraints. I know this because I got a near perfect 99% score on the P-ACT which is a very shortened version of the actual test(that I still couldn't finish). I graduate the same year and have gotten interest from tOSU in both email/mail, my ACT score isn't much higher, I haven't done any program fully other than community service, and my 3+ gpa is nothing special though it has come from very hard classes(which I didn't put enough effort in). If someone as lazy as me, who doesn't have an incredible record of accomplishments can get interest, I'm sure you can easily if you put effort in to it.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I don't know, in my opinion without the long injury and early commit Mitchell would have gotten a much higher ranking. He is a FAR better passer than Ahmad, Bragg most likely is going to Kansas or Kentucky so he isn't really the relevant in this comparison. Mitchell wasn't a raw athlete; he had great ball handling skills, court vision, and ability to finish at the rim to go along with athleticism. With his athleticism I'm sure Matta would have turned him in to an excellent defender as well. Sure he didn't have the greatest shooting touch yet, but he had the potential to be a triple-double capable point forward type in college, and with all the shooting they have brought in recently I would rather have him over Ahmad.

Now that isn't to say I don't like Ahmad, because I do quite a bit. However I don't agree with the notion that this is more positive than negative for OSU as I think Mitchell had the most potential of that group, and we don't know whether more openings would have come about after this next season anyways(nor do we know for sure those three would all sign with OSU). I do agree that tOSU will be fine though, they will have plenty of talent in the 2016 class, and they already have a ton of young talent on the team right now.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

I've heard from a lot of Bama fans that Lindsay was actually the better Center on that line. Run game(ypc) apparently improved while he was starting, he is a hardnosed strong blocker, and he knew the Bama offense well so hopefully that means he is good at picking up playbooks. I've heard Bama was thinking about moving their starting C over and having Lindsay start, it shouldn't be made out as if he had to leave because he couldn't play there. I hope he learns the playbook quickly, I'm rooting for him to start.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

"by far, Dontre’s the No. 1 spot."......."He's the staring H at Ohio State"

I think Dontre is going to take the wide majority of the snaps at H, given the history of how much Urban's past starters there were used and what Urban has said about Dontre's improvement(been very praising of it).

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Only if you consider Philly Brown not to have been starting last season - H-B sees enough snaps that it is definitely starting, especially considering many of Urban's best non-RB/QB offensive players have played at the position(Harvin, Brown, etc.)

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Well technically Salt Waters use ocean currents to cross large expanses of open sea, so they are capable of existing in areas of deep water. I'm not that knowledgeable on Great White territory though I assume there would be little to no overlap, but it isn't impossible.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Yeah, that is one of the few pieces they are really missing right now. You never know what could happen, they have 2 first round picks still in 15 so it could also come through a draft that is supposed to have strong PF/C talent. Trade could also be a possibility.