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Comment 26 Apr 2015

I'm rooting for my Cavs for the championship, but I would like to see Memphis come out of the west. Probably unlikely as they will have to go through GS then either Houston or Spurs/LAC(on the road vs everyone but Spurs). All of which are top 5/10 teams in this league.

I'd love to see Cavs somehow get Kosta. The least unlikely of any buckeye in the nba but still not happening. Mozgov is awesome and a great starting C, but they still have one major weakness(bench) and Kosta statistically is one of the best C/PF reserves in the NBA. He'll probably get a big contract and a chance to start though which will be good to see after the pretty incredible development he has made from where he was at OSU. 

Comment 18 Apr 2015

Cavs fan so I'm obviously looking for a sweep. However, I hope Celtics continue to get better with Sully and Turner. When Sully has been healthy, he has had a pretty high level of player efficiency. I hope he can stay healthy; definitely capable of being a 17-9 type of PF IMO.

Comment 12 Apr 2015

I'm extremely excited, my nerd boner is at full tilt. I've got some theories of my own, especially involving lineage. I've heard this season is going to be shocking, with deaths even bookreaders won't expect. Can't wait.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Craft has to prove he can hit a three and would have to adjust to the playbook. Delly didn't play much the previous year and bPG wasn't addressed because of the other acquisitions at the time. Still though, he has become a somewhat decent bench player and statistically had a positive contribtion to the team when he was on the court last season.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Yeah but Mitchell was a top 25 recruit before injuries and the early signing. There is a reason he got offers from Kentucky and Kansas. They aren't going to get all the in state talent when they are signing great players out of state; They have a top ten class and the best in the big ten IMO. I'm not worried about a couple players going somewhere else especially when OSU was pretty low on available scholarships.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Samurai Champloo. Not that it didn't have a great ending, but I'd love to see more of it considering how short the series was and the fact that the end opened it up for that. Probably will never happen, but it was among my favorite animated shows of all-time. Avatar was one the best animated shows of all-time, and the ending was great. However the movie was horrible and made the series look like shit(they actually made fun of it in one of the last episodes). They have plenty of things to work with, especially from the comics on Aang's group.

As far as non-animated shows there aren't a lot out there, as most non-animated shows suffer from greedy networks overextending the show and the writing slowly getting worse over time as the plot starts to go nowhere(Dexter, X-Files, etc.). Those that are possible would be hard to do with the actors aging or even dying. Wire is an obvious one. There are multiple good shows that got canceled quickly that could be done, though the lack of popularity and the passing of time with the cast makes it hard to imagine it ever being done.

I personally think Game of Thrones is the best candidate of the current shows. It has a big enough universe that a movie could be great instead of a disservice to an already overextended show. Not with the current plot IMO as that should be wrapped up in the show, but I'd love to see them do a series of movies on Robert's Rebellion if they were able to get a good director with GRRM on the writing team. There is a shit ton of content there, really almost as much as the plot line they have followed in the show. Could make an awesome movie and would expand on characters that didn't get expanded as much due to early deaths; as well as showing many of the events that created the state show in the show and illuminating the details that have been compiled in to theories by the fans more so than they have already.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Best from what I would consider big enough not to just be a chain, and instead a full on fast food place is Chipotle. I can tell they use high quality meat, much higher than a solid fast food place like subway. They offer some pretty solid healthy options on the burritos; so I don't end up feeling sick to my stomach after eating like I do at many fast food places.

Worst would have to be Rally's, that place tastes like their burgers are cut from the left overs of the cow, left in the freezer for months, defrosted on the grimy floor, and then burnt to shit. Taco Bell is also pretty bad, their meat quality is incredibly low. I'm surprised so many are saying BK, they have way, way higher meat quality IMO than McDonalds(which is part of the reason their burgers cost 3$ more), not a great place but as far as fast food goes their whoppers are solid.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

They need Russell and Scott to continue to play excellently; as well as the rest of the team stepping up. It will probably have to be a near perfect performance for them to win. I think Arizona is the best 2 seed.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Bates Diop has huge potential, especially if he can hold his outside shooting percentage with higher minutes. I hope Loving recovers; he has proven he can be a great offensive piece. I don't know why Loving has been so flat since the suspension, but I hope he comes back strong. If they could have two big wings capable of shooting 40+% on threes, that would be a big lift next season and a tough matchup. 

Comment 20 Mar 2015

To be honest I don't know how great of a trade that would be. Actually it would be pretty horrible. Irving and Lebron are already extremely on-ball oriented(part of the reason Love's stats have dropped). It would hurt Russell's effectiveness to play off ball that much, though his shooting would be nice. Randle hasn't played much and might not even end up as a decent starter. Shumpert is better IMO. And they would be giving up 1sts. There are plenty of non-hypothetical deals with Love that would be WAAY better(he puts up huge numbers when used right), besides the fact that they should keep him if you look at the quality of the Cavs play since the trade(best record in the league, far and away the best offense; actually the best in modern basketball history if we're using the difference from the average team). 

Comment 20 Mar 2015

If I was a fan of the team he did it to I would have went insane, but since I'm not; I found it hilarious.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Yeah he had several pretty mediocre classes since that Sullinger led class. However with this class of D'Angelo, Tate, and a guy who could develop in Diop; I think he is back on track. The next class looks really good IMO, even better than its ranking. OSU might not have anyone close to as good as D'Angelo, but I'm hoping they will get improvement at every other position and the bench.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Lyle is physical and skilled, plus he will help with ballhandling given that they will likely only have 3 players able to do so consistently and they will all be freshman. I really like this class and think they will outplay their star rankings.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

This is what I think. He is having a brilliant season and is in a draft that is weak at PG, meaning it ups his value. Teams are also looking for guys who can handle the ball and shoot at his level. There is a very good chance he is up there for first guard selected depending on what the team is looking for, as Mundiay provides something very different.

We have seen it happen before not only on other teams but also OSU(Sullinger was projected to be up for the 1st pick), however it wouldn't be a smart choice and I don't expect it to happen.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

f Giddens can merely develop solid footwork on the face up and a decent elbow jumper he will be good enough offensively for OSU with all the talent he will have around him. I think focusing on face up rather than back down is the way to go with him given his athleticism should allow him to blow by opposing big men if he improves his jumper to the level where they have to respect it.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Love Gran Turino, but was disappointed in American Sniper, especially when you know how Chris Kyle actually acted. Said CIA had him sniping looters from atop super dome(probably what that idiot thought was justice even though it was the city not preparing for their low elevation that caused the desperation required for that to happen) and that he punched Jessie Ventura(who wouldn't insult soldiers because he was one). Still a good director though.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I think we all know team ranking and preseason expectations play a part in these awards. Still though, I wouldn't say Okafor is relying on his physical gifts; in fact he is far from the most physically gifted big men out there. He is one of the most talented low post scorers to come out in the last couple seasons so it is pretty unfair to say that about him when he has that level of skill. If Russell keeps performing like he is now and OSU finishes strong then he have a very good shot at finishing at the top above two very good players in Okafor and Kaminsky.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I agree with both your points and the poster below you. Part of it is the fact that he isn't shooting as well as he did last year(from almost every area), but that will come to the mean eventually. I think they need to run some of the plays Minnesota did, or at least similar ones. Love is not most effective taking 8 3pters a night, which if you look at a lot of his worst games that is what has happened and he will have periods of the game where he is completely uninvolved.

It isn't unusual for him to miss some shots, but back in Minnesota he got more chances to come back and he usually did since he is so good at drawing fts/working from the elbow. With the Cavs I think he misses a couple shots and comes up frustrated because he knows he isn't going to get many more chances; plus he will be put in spots that make him uncomfortable. So I think it is a good point that those type of factors could be getting in to his head since adjusting to playing with two ball dominant guards is hard.

I did really like some of the plays they ran for him against the Kings. Especially that play with Lebron as a cutter with Love at the elbow. Then they can use Lebron faking the cut and coming around, Love faking the pass and shooting from there, etc. Love was second in assists among all bigs last year(Noah was first), the more they can work in these type of plays without disrupting anything else, the more and more undefendable this team becomes. He is best when he can be put in a position where there are threats for him to pass to and the ability to drive or shoot; which Is usually from the elbow. If they can get him out of this slump(although even in a slump he is near the top in double-doubles), this team has the potential to be no.1 in offensive efficiency. 

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Only problem is they're misusing Love in my opinion, he isn't going to be efficient if he is constantly kept at the 3 pt line and has no involvement other than pick and roll plays. He didn't average 26 12 4 for no reason, and anyone who says he was selfishly stat building for a losing team I ask you how you can think that when the lineup with him in it was one of the best +/- lineups in the league and their bench was one of the worst.

Their defense is much better with the additions, but if they can start to really use the full extents of Love's ability instead of playing him and a glorified floor stretcher I think they will be incredibly hard to outscore.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

The idiotic argument is usually the one that is misinformed. Stevenson didn't replace Matta, Todd Lickliter did. Stevenson didn't coach at Butler till a full six years after Matta left. I never claimed it was impossible for there to be better coaches than Matta, just made my argument against what I see is illogical judgment of him. And if you're going to use the OSU went to the elite eight through luck argument, then I think you should know that during both those championship runs Butler won in the second round by 2, and in the 1st round by 2 in close late game situations. Every team in the tournament that goes far does it somewhat through luck, it comes with the format. I'm just saying that if one looks at the history of OSU's program, it is pretty unlikely we would find a coach capable of getting them to a higher level of success than Matta.

I think you should also know that all these coaches that had success after Matta were tutored underneath him as assistant coaches, but I guess given your argument these coaches learned nothing from Matta and Matta deserves no credit in helping them be in the position they are today.

Even the coaches you're comparing him to like Izzo, Self, Calipari(funny that you argue Matta needs 1st rounders then mention Calipari who has an entire team of them), Pitino , and Ryan who are probably all top 10 or near top 10 coaches, have had similar struggles. Since you mentioned early exits, Izzo has been eliminated in the 1st/2nd round 6 times, Ryan 7 times, Self 4 times, Calipari 0 times(though there was an NIT year), Rick Pitino 3 times(1 NIT year). It isn't like Matta has the best program or best talent brought in out of all these coaches either(especially in the case of Kansas and UK). I'm not saying he is better than any of those guys, but those are top tier coaches and his numbers are comparable(even favorable) to some of them with OSU.