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Comment 18 Jan 2015

The idiotic argument is usually the one that is misinformed. Stevenson didn't replace Matta, Todd Lickliter did. Stevenson didn't coach at Butler till a full six years after Matta left. I never claimed it was impossible for there to be better coaches than Matta, just made my argument against what I see is illogical judgment of him. And if you're going to use the OSU went to the elite eight through luck argument, then I think you should know that during both those championship runs Butler won in the second round by 2, and in the 1st round by 2 in close late game situations. Every team in the tournament that goes far does it somewhat through luck, it comes with the format. I'm just saying that if one looks at the history of OSU's program, it is pretty unlikely we would find a coach capable of getting them to a higher level of success than Matta.

I think you should also know that all these coaches that had success after Matta were tutored underneath him as assistant coaches, but I guess given your argument these coaches learned nothing from Matta and Matta deserves no credit in helping them be in the position they are today.

Even the coaches you're comparing him to like Izzo, Self, Calipari(funny that you argue Matta needs 1st rounders then mention Calipari who has an entire team of them), Pitino , and Ryan who are probably all top 10 or near top 10 coaches, have had similar struggles. Since you mentioned early exits, Izzo has been eliminated in the 1st/2nd round 6 times, Ryan 7 times, Self 4 times, Calipari 0 times(though there was an NIT year), Rick Pitino 3 times(1 NIT year). It isn't like Matta has the best program or best talent brought in out of all these coaches either(especially in the case of Kansas and UK). I'm not saying he is better than any of those guys, but those are top tier coaches and his numbers are comparable(even favorable) to some of them with OSU.  

Comment 17 Jan 2015

@ANDYVANCE - You make some good points there, and I do think there has been a development problem the recently; I just think it is ridiculous to say that Matta has never had a player improve when it is pretty much required to have players improve every season in order to win consistently. I think you would agree though that this consistency even against somewhat lowly opponents was not there before Matta if one looks at the records of the previous coaches and their winning percentage.

I think you would also agree that Matta has had a level of success in a very tough big ten conference that no past coach other than maybe Fred Taylor can match, but that is going very far back. In 10 seasons Matta has finished in the top 2 in the big ten 6 times(no.1 5 times) with 4( tournament) titles. As much as I wish it was, OSU isn't a top tier enough program to expect to win the conference every year; even great programs like Duke, UNC, and MSU struggle to do that. People have to accept that OSU will have down seasons and struggles, there are a lot of young players in the rotation. Even Duke and Wisconsin just recently had some bad losses, and those are top tier teams with more talent than OSU right now.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

I don't really care about the DV, sorry don't take anything personal it is just how I tend to argue when I think an argument has no grounds. How can you possibly know they were always good? I knew you would say that, just because it is something that can't possibly be proven that goes against the statistics that prove my argument. Look at them, because they do not suggest those player were "always" as good as they ended up being. I guess Matta is really good at finding players who were always good, because he has had a consistent level of success winning the Big ten often(going against your cupcake argument) that has really never been seen at OSU.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

I suggest you look at the records listed here to understand what Matta has done for this program

You can downvote me all you want but it doesn't make you any less wrong.

Your argument is irrational and you haven't backed it up with anything other than general statements. I have backed mine up with statistics for all those players(sports-reference) that you can look at as well as the link to coaching records above.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Many players have improved under Matta. Can you explain to me how Matta has never had a season with under 20 wins, and has consistently made runs in the tournament with players that never improve? For one, Scott has improved over his career, as has Loving, Evan Turner, Jamar Butler, Deshaun, Diebler, Lighty, Sullinger developed a 3pt shot, Thompson. They're not huge improvements, but you underestimate the value of being able to develop someone coming off of the bench in to a starter capable of having a higher usage. As I said, just look at Matta's record versus the coaching records of previous OSU coaches. Just give up, your argument is idiotic and based on simple generalizations of what has happened.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Lol "no one sure haven't". That is only very, very loosely English. Anyways, to make such a complete generalization over an entire career....I just can't handle that level of stupidity. A coach who doesn't have players improve doesn't have the level of consistent success Matta does. The guy has never finished below 20 wins and you can't tell me he was getting 5 star guys at Xavier and Butler. I hope you're happy when idiots like you run out what is probably OSU's best basketball coach ever, and OSU's basketball program returns to the mediocrity they had experienced from 1971 to when Matta took over.

I bet you were also one of those fire Fickell guys.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

It is a weak PG draft and Russel has ideal size for the position to make up for not having elite athleticism. He is also skilled far beyond most young players in both his shooting ability and court vision. I just can't see him staying, he has already pretty unanimously moved in to the top 8 picks because he has been one of the most consistent performers out of the freshman. There is a decent chance he ends up a top 5 pick, and he would be stupid to turn that down as much as I want him to stay.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

People have been ripping Shannon Scott, but really he has been a good disruptor on defense and been one of the best playmakers in the big ten especially in transition. He may be a step down as a one on one defender, but I really don't think there is any drop off as far as production at PG. Look at his stats and tell me he hasn't stepped up his play this season; it isn't all on bad teams either, he put up near double-double stats on Minny, UNC, and Marquette.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I don't think we'll get Frost as he is in for a HC job very soon; of the rest I prefer Johnson to be hired due to the connections and what he did with the MSU QB. I just don't know if he is ready for an OC job yet. I think the others have had great results, but I don't want them to come in here expecting to run 40 passing plays in a game, nor do I want to see that. I think Meyer's best offenses almost always have around 250+ running yards and run more/produce more through the option running scheme.  

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Urban has always run a spread option playbook, he even had major success with it at BG(40+ PPG). I think he had more control of it than Herman, the only years Urban Meyer offenses haven't performed is when he either didn't have much at QB or was in a transition year(to a new school). I'm not worried at all.

As the poster above me put it well, they are an extension of him.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

1. Did I not already say he did not deserve the award? So your comment is pretty much irrelevant towards what I said already based on that.

2. Just to prove my point: Minnesota's last conference title was 1967. Since the span from their last conference title winning coach(to the level of program they have been since). Their only coach with a better record was Glen Mason. 194-251(43%) is their record since then, and they have one regular season where they finished with a better record than 8-4. Kill has been able to put up 8-4 twice with some solid wins, and that is in taking over after one of the worst periods they have had(Brewster 15-30). If he continues at this pace he will easily be their best coach in the modern era. I don't think that is mediocre. A mediocre coach wouldn't be keeping Minnesota in the race for big ten titles. He isn't an amazing coach but he is solid, mediocre implies run of the mill and if you look at their program history with their location(not good for recruiting), he isn't. 

3. As I said before, Meyer should have gotten every vote but that doesn't make Kill mediocre. 

Comment 14 Dec 2014

He has the athleticism and raw talent to go very far, if he continues at this pace it won't be long before he gets a UFC shot(Since WSOF is fine with fighters leaving to go to the UFC). This was a good victory against a fighter who has a lot of length for the division; one that is an aggressive striker with power. His only loss is to a very solid featherweight fighter, with an excellent ground game + decent striking.

At 26 years old he is off to a good start, but he still needs to become a lot more polished before he can challenge the truly elite fighters. In another division it might be easier, but he is at featherweight with monsters like Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar, Patricio Freire, etc.........It is a long road to the top 10.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I wouldn't call the way Kill has reformed what was a dumpster fire of a program; without a ton of recruiting talent, mediocre. He didn't deserve the award though.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

If he was going to transfer it wouldn't be to Arkansas, it would be to Oregon.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

That is what I was have been thinking about recently, it would be a hilariously confused position to sort out, and no matter the decision there would be people on here pissed.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

This class is one that in my opinion is much better than its star ranking. Mitchell probably would have been a top 20-10 player had he been healthy and not committed early, you can tell by his offers(Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, UNC, etc.). His athleticism is close to elite and his vision certainly is so, he could function as a point forward for OSU. Grandstaff will be a capable spot up shooter right away, and he is also a solid passer. He'll be a good offensive player immediately with the ability to develop in to a great shooter/scorer. Aj Harris is ultra quick and a good distributor. Giddens is a great athlete with the potential to be a dominate defensive player. Depending on who stays, next year could be a top 5 team.  

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Championship over money? Assuming we don't get there this year, which realistically I don't think will happen, though if they develop well they could make a deep run.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

You're right, he was originally a five star player in basketball and 4 star in football I think. He probably would have ended up as a top 20/10 player in the rankings if he had not committed early and been injured for a season. You know that from his offers, the top dogs like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina were after him. Excellent athleticism and floor vision, he could be a great point forward.