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Comment 15 Aug 2015

That token white guy might end up being the best shooter on the team. You don't have to be muscled up to be good at basketball as Steph Curry(and many others) proved. The other token white guy got recruited by UK and was also offered D1 scholarships in football. Oh and his brother won the SPARQ athleticism contest in college football with the highest rating of all time. The only guy there who is a token is Lorbach.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Stats project him to be a bench level player, or at least whatever rating system used in the article I saw on espn about international rights owned does. I just don't know if it will happen yet with all the depth the Spurs have. It is definitely possible once the ancient 3 retire though, as the Spurs have a track record of developing late round prospects in to NBA level players that fill out their rotation.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I think part of that is the fact that in fighting you have that laid right out there in front of you; the athlete knows the objective is to cause head trauma and participation means they're at the risk of it. Which is of course why much less people choose MMA or Boxing than football.  And typically youth aren't going to be able to go full contact until they're near an adult age unlike other sports. Also in both sports after a knockout they receive extended medical leave, sometimes of over 3 months in which they can not go to the gym and spar. I think in general since the risk is more obvious there is more attention to the medical condition of the fighters, and more caution in how they treat them than in football where players get concussed then are back in practice a couple days later.  

Also, I do think that while MMA has some brutal fights for the most part the lack of full gloves and standing counts causes fights to end faster and lower the rate of excess damage after sustaining a concussion. The problem is if the ref is terrible that goes right out the window and may make it even more dangerous. Which played a big part in the only time a fighter has ever died as a result of what happened in the cage. 

Comment 31 May 2015

True, the draft could give them another good piece. I'd personally like to seem them take Rondae Hollis-Jefferson; he is a great defender who could help the Cavs immediately on that end and he would give them a true back up to LeBron. LeBron probably played a bit too many minutes this season and if we can get a guy who can provide solid minutes at the position, it should help avoid another 2 weeks of rest situation that we had this season.  

Comment 31 May 2015

Yeah he has been denying it all year, but you know how the media acts. I remember reading an article title "Rumor: Kevin Love leaving Cleveland" and the source(of the rumor) was that the writer thinks Kevin Love isn't happy. I laughed at the terrible journalism; that is an opinion not a rumor that has an real backing from the guy who is actually making the decision. As Love said, guys in his position who can opt out are going to get that type of stuff from the media no matter how many times they say they're committed to their team.

Comment 31 May 2015

Haywood wouldn't get 10 million, he would be on the books for it. However his contract is non-guaranteed which means a team can cut him at any time and free up all that cap space. Considering the Cavs are likely to be over the cap anyways, cutting him may not make that much of a difference. However other teams that are in a better position may value his contract as a way to open up space for a big FA period in 2016.

So yeah he isn't worth 10 million but the idea is they may be able to get something out of him. I haven't really looked at their financial situation so if they must cut him to resign the guys who become FAs this year then go ahead, but if not his contract could be their best way to gain more depth while over the cap.

Comment 31 May 2015

The Cavs need to retain all their important players so they can get another shot at the title with injuries making this year's chances questionable. GS's combination of defensive and offensive efficiency is pretty ridiculous; I think it will be tough for the Cavs to keep pace if LeBron has to carry the offense. 

If everything goes right and the Cavs retain Love long term; they could have a dynasty. Love is only 26 years old, and Kyrie is only 23 years old. As LeBron ages he could become more of a facilitator for Irving and Love. They could challenge for the title for 7+ years. That is why I am not going to condemn this season if they don't win the title, everything just happened to work in GS's favor with the injuries the Cavs have sustained.  

Comment 31 May 2015

Haywood shouldn't be released unless we absolutely have to, his contract next season brings a lot of flexibility because it is non-guaranteed, and depending on how the Cavs spend during FA they may want to use it to bring in another player through trade.

Comment 31 May 2015

I wasn't comparing them exactly, but Giddens is bigger than Thompson and is going to play C for OSU. They aren't similar players I never said that, I said their impact might be closer together than the way Thompson helps the Cavs(I expect Giddens to lower opponent percentage at the rim the same way Mozgov did; I don't expect him to be a rebounding machine).

Comment 26 May 2015

This team is still young so I don't expect great success right away but I feel like this is the most amount of talent on one team tOSU has had since 2010 and 11. Even those that end up on the bench have great potential. Definitely should be a wider rotation this season.

As for my guess for the starters, I'll go

PG: Lyle

SG: Grandstaff(unless they land that transfer or Kam improves)


PF: Tate

C: Thompson

I think the freshman will gain time as the season goes on; I'm pretty confident Giddens will eventually start just based on his defensive potential. I think Mitchell and Harris are also eventually going to be starters IMO(Harris is going to be a 4 year guy and he is well suited to the college game), but I don't know if it will happen this season.

Comment 25 May 2015

Great article, I just wanted to point something out if we're considering leaving the region as being in the other category as it seems you are.

"It's also interesting how few players who left the region did well. Only Bill Walker and Drew Lavender had huge success, and Lavender transferred back home to Xavier to achieve it."

I would argue Terry Rozier, who developed in to a great college perimeter defender and a solid all-around player for a very good team, would qualify as a pretty huge success. Especially since he is almost certainly going to be a 1st round draft pick, with some murmurs suggesting he might go higher than expected. You might have not mentioned him because the area he played is very close to Ohio relative to other players in that category, but I just wanted to point that out.

Comment 25 May 2015

I don't think anyone is asking him to stop, it is just a natural reaction to that type of player. I get annoyed by a lot of physical hustle players on opposing teams, just because of the nature of how they make plays(diving in to people, physical defense/fouls, etc.). However if that guy is on your team he is a fan favorite. I mean you can't tell me you haven't at some point been annoyed with one of those types either watching a team you're fan of or playing the game yourself. I was one of those type of players myself because of my short height; people would always get pissed because I would use it to sneak up and pick pocket other players.  

It is a game day type of annoyance though. I don't really hate that guy that got 15 rebounds and got physical with the Cavs on defense because I know it is good basketball for that niche of player. However on game day nothing pleases you more than denying that type of player and getting the win.

For example Draymond Green always pisses me off when I'm watching the Cavs play against him because of his physical aggressive defense, but obviously when speaking objectively I think he has done a great job of working around his physical limitations with skilled aggressive defense and a well-rounded skillset. I don't think logical spectators of Delly who acted as you said are really asking them him to stop doing what he does; it is more of an example of frustration while watching the game.  

Comment 26 Apr 2015

I'm rooting for my Cavs for the championship, but I would like to see Memphis come out of the west. Probably unlikely as they will have to go through GS then either Houston or Spurs/LAC(on the road vs everyone but Spurs). All of which are top 5/10 teams in this league.

I'd love to see Cavs somehow get Kosta. The least unlikely of any buckeye in the nba but still not happening. Mozgov is awesome and a great starting C, but they still have one major weakness(bench) and Kosta statistically is one of the best C/PF reserves in the NBA. He'll probably get a big contract and a chance to start though which will be good to see after the pretty incredible development he has made from where he was at OSU. 

Comment 18 Apr 2015

Cavs fan so I'm obviously looking for a sweep. However, I hope Celtics continue to get better with Sully and Turner. When Sully has been healthy, he has had a pretty high level of player efficiency. I hope he can stay healthy; definitely capable of being a 17-9 type of PF IMO.

Comment 12 Apr 2015

I'm extremely excited, my nerd boner is at full tilt. I've got some theories of my own, especially involving lineage. I've heard this season is going to be shocking, with deaths even bookreaders won't expect. Can't wait.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Craft has to prove he can hit a three and would have to adjust to the playbook. Delly didn't play much the previous year and bPG wasn't addressed because of the other acquisitions at the time. Still though, he has become a somewhat decent bench player and statistically had a positive contribtion to the team when he was on the court last season.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Yeah but Mitchell was a top 25 recruit before injuries and the early signing. There is a reason he got offers from Kentucky and Kansas. They aren't going to get all the in state talent when they are signing great players out of state; They have a top ten class and the best in the big ten IMO. I'm not worried about a couple players going somewhere else especially when OSU was pretty low on available scholarships.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Samurai Champloo. Not that it didn't have a great ending, but I'd love to see more of it considering how short the series was and the fact that the end opened it up for that. Probably will never happen, but it was among my favorite animated shows of all-time. Avatar was one the best animated shows of all-time, and the ending was great. However the movie was horrible and made the series look like shit(they actually made fun of it in one of the last episodes). They have plenty of things to work with, especially from the comics on Aang's group.

As far as non-animated shows there aren't a lot out there, as most non-animated shows suffer from greedy networks overextending the show and the writing slowly getting worse over time as the plot starts to go nowhere(Dexter, X-Files, etc.). Those that are possible would be hard to do with the actors aging or even dying. Wire is an obvious one. There are multiple good shows that got canceled quickly that could be done, though the lack of popularity and the passing of time with the cast makes it hard to imagine it ever being done.

I personally think Game of Thrones is the best candidate of the current shows. It has a big enough universe that a movie could be great instead of a disservice to an already overextended show. Not with the current plot IMO as that should be wrapped up in the show, but I'd love to see them do a series of movies on Robert's Rebellion if they were able to get a good director with GRRM on the writing team. There is a shit ton of content there, really almost as much as the plot line they have followed in the show. Could make an awesome movie and would expand on characters that didn't get expanded as much due to early deaths; as well as showing many of the events that created the state show in the show and illuminating the details that have been compiled in to theories by the fans more so than they have already.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Best from what I would consider big enough not to just be a chain, and instead a full on fast food place is Chipotle. I can tell they use high quality meat, much higher than a solid fast food place like subway. They offer some pretty solid healthy options on the burritos; so I don't end up feeling sick to my stomach after eating like I do at many fast food places.

Worst would have to be Rally's, that place tastes like their burgers are cut from the left overs of the cow, left in the freezer for months, defrosted on the grimy floor, and then burnt to shit. Taco Bell is also pretty bad, their meat quality is incredibly low. I'm surprised so many are saying BK, they have way, way higher meat quality IMO than McDonalds(which is part of the reason their burgers cost 3$ more), not a great place but as far as fast food goes their whoppers are solid.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

They need Russell and Scott to continue to play excellently; as well as the rest of the team stepping up. It will probably have to be a near perfect performance for them to win. I think Arizona is the best 2 seed.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Bates Diop has huge potential, especially if he can hold his outside shooting percentage with higher minutes. I hope Loving recovers; he has proven he can be a great offensive piece. I don't know why Loving has been so flat since the suspension, but I hope he comes back strong. If they could have two big wings capable of shooting 40+% on threes, that would be a big lift next season and a tough matchup.