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Comment 15 Nov 2014

This class is one that in my opinion is much better than its star ranking. Mitchell probably would have been a top 20-10 player had he been healthy and not committed early, you can tell by his offers(Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, UNC, etc.). His athleticism is close to elite and his vision certainly is so, he could function as a point forward for OSU. Grandstaff will be a capable spot up shooter right away, and he is also a solid passer. He'll be a good offensive player immediately with the ability to develop in to a great shooter/scorer. Aj Harris is ultra quick and a good distributor. Giddens is a great athlete with the potential to be a dominate defensive player. Depending on who stays, next year could be a top 5 team.  

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Championship over money? Assuming we don't get there this year, which realistically I don't think will happen, though if they develop well they could make a deep run.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

You're right, he was originally a five star player in basketball and 4 star in football I think. He probably would have ended up as a top 20/10 player in the rankings if he had not committed early and been injured for a season. You know that from his offers, the top dogs like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina were after him. Excellent athleticism and floor vision, he could be a great point forward.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

When the last two years were considered a disappointment, and you go to the E8 and make the tournament both seasons, it says something about the quality of the program. They were in really dire need last season; I think even more so than the season before, of someone who could create their own offense and movement/shooting. I think they really needed a good freshman class and I think this class will deliver well, and this team will look a lot different with multiple people capable of shooting and creating offense, as well as more athleticism.   

Comment 05 Nov 2014

I don't have any statistics on Cardale's his read options so I can't really say, but I already said JT BARRETT IS MUCH BETTER AT MAKING DECISIONS. You aren't even arguing a point there, I never claimed him to be better there. I said he was a better runner, and he is, if you look at how many yards he gets per carry and his athleticism/power. That doesn't mean he has better footwork in the pocket or better decision making in the read option than Barrett.

That is why I said JT is MUCH more polished. I may be mistaken but I don't think Cardale was playing against the second teamers in the third quarter against ILL, a quarter where the offense didn't slow down at all with him at the helm. Sure the offense would be limited in certain ways, but my point was that from what I see, if Cardale was given an opportunity to start and develop, he would possess abilities that JT doesn't have. That doesn't make him better, it just means I think Cardale could do great things as a runner and on deep balls that JT couldn't. Now obviously JT would have a much larger playbook, I just thought what you said indicated that JT is better across the board, which I don't agree with. I don't think he is better than JT I just think he could be a good starter if given a chance, which is why I think it is possible he could transfer.

I never said I wouldn't to keep him and have him change positions with the level of athleticism he has. I think he could have the potential to be a nice TE, I actually suggested that when I was watching him play during the game. I just think that if he wants to be a QB only, he could successfully be a quality starter if he transferred. Maybe you agree, but some of what you said made me think you didn't/

Maybe Meyer was pushing Barrett, but I don't think he would be playing Cardale with the second team for so long if he really felt JT was better already, nor would he in my opinion push competition for only one player(unless the result is a forgone conclusion, which I don't see as true in this case) . Competition is always encouraged because it typically helps both players improve.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

You do realize that he has played in garbage time where they don't typically call passes, and he didn't even get intercepted right? It was an incomplete pass that the corner thought was a fumble. He threw 5 passes complete with ILL def starters out, averaged over 16 yards per completion(with 2nd stringers in at the o-line positions), and threw 2 touchdowns including a beautiful pass to Dontre Wilson. He is also definitely a better rusher than JT, more power and aggressiveness, he would probably get close to 1000 or maybe even over as runner if he started.

Now obviously JT should start because he is more polished; he is a much better passer(although I think Cardale has a decent edge in arm strength), and a much better decision maker I'm sure. However you have to remember that it was a close race over the summer, Cardale led for the majority of the offseason. He isn't nearly as much of a drop off from JT as you think, nor is he only a limitation, sure he can't do certain options on the playbook, but his running and arm would takeaway certain limits JT has. I just think you should let him play a little more real game action before declaring he might not even be as good as Collier. I have a feeling he is going to transfer as a JR or SR(earl graduate rule) if he doesn't feel he will get a chance at QB, though I'd love to keep him at any position. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

"Torrance Gibson committed to a team with Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett, Cardale Jones, Stephen Collier, and a fellow recruit with a 42:1 touchdown:interception ratio... but I guess the idea of competing with Brad Kaaya was too much."

Hilarious and true, Brad Kaaya has been solid after a slow start but to act like he is some force of intimidation against TG is desperate.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

No way everyone stays, too much talent, not enough spots. I can't be absolutely sure about the others coming in later, but I know Barrett has star potential, and Cardale isn't much of a drop off from him(definitely think he could start on another team). And just by talent both TG(would be great as a runner right away) and Burrows(good decision maker and thrower) both look like they'll be somewhere from starter quality talent to star quality talent at QB. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

Well if I am Dontre's mother than BTalbert is Marshall's mother. I'm just getting tired of people trashing on Dontre and saying Marshall is the better player when it hasn't come true yet, and especially tired of people like Talbert who thinks he saw the future, hindsight bias is stupid especially when the result hasn't even come true yet. I want both of them to play a good amount, I even said that in the post. What you confuse as only liking Dontre is really just how I make my points in arguments(aggressively), especially when I am tired of hearing what I am arguing against.

I like Marshall, and he has some advantages like a bit more strength and better special teams ability(well, at least on punt returns). I just think the split should be 50/50 or better in Dontre's favor, and I think most of what we have seen backs it up.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

The should put him in a wildcat/Tebow type of package. I realized they tried something similar ONCE, but with more blockers in front of him including a player serving as a FB to left or right in front(similar to what K-State runs on QB draws), I think he could effectively serve as a short yardage runner with his size, strength, and athleticism.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

He is definitely athletic enough to play at TE or as a DE, but I don't forget that JT barely edged him to become the starter late in the offseason. I don't think he would be behind Gibson or Burrow, but he would still be buried back there. Wouldn't be surprised if he transferred and did well, remember even Urban's backups are usually very good, he once had Cam Newton and Tim Tebow on the same roster. He definitely isn't as good of a decision maker, but I do think Jones is a better runner and has a cannon arm. Good thing is that there shouldn't be TOO much of a drop off if Barrett gets injured, especially since he finally got some true experience with a more open playbook.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Don't let silly old stats get in the way. Wilson having more YPT overall and in passing, as well as more yards overall easily, have nothing over your fuzzy memories about old games that have no relevance. Hell, the only area of advantage for Marshall is really special teams, Wilson would have more YPC without the one touchdown run, which I hate to break it to you, could have easily been done by Wilson as well if he had ever gotten that level of quality blocking from the line, and would have another long TD catch if Barrett hadn't delivered a duck to him a couple games back. Right now almost every indicator says Wilson is better, and if he got touches in the same situations I'm confident he would produce better. I think they should play them BOTH in the future; but right now nothing really backs up your delusional belief that your anti-popular prediction has been fulfilled, so no you didn't see it coming all along. Really, Dontre is the one who needs more touches.  

Comment 31 Oct 2014

It is starting to annoy me how much Marshall is being played when Wilson has been better in almost every way statistically, and even better in the wildcat, though he probably can't pass as well. Wilson should be getting the majority of the time, not Marshall. At best for JM it should be a 50-50 split to keep both of them fresh, it hasn't seemed like that recently.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Med school/doctor's salary also must be paid for, and is FAR more stressful. I think he made the right decision, build up some money in the d-league and see if it is possible to continue playing basketball before moving on to a medical degree.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Yeah, if I were him I would play oversees if I wasn't able to make a roster in the US eventually. Medical school and a job as a doctor is very stressful, playing a game that Craft is obviously loves plus making a solid living while doing it sounds like the better option to me until he gets older.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Poor calls despite the fact that they were generally successful?(getting our speed players involved with wildcat and outside runs). Sure it didn't work there, but both Marshall and Wilson averaged over 4 yards per run with no turnovers. Or did you want them to have Barrett keep on throwing despite the fact that the o-line wasn't blocking great, Barrett was off target with his throws, and he was getting confused by the defense(threw the hot route pass right to the defensive lineman dropping in to zone coverage)?

Comment 05 Oct 2014

The east has been terrible lately and the west is still much better, but I do think the east improved even with the George injury. Knicks and Detroit could do better with improvement in coaching. Toronto is an underrated team with a lot of young talent, that was able to lock up Lowry coming off his best season. Chicago SHOULD have Rose back in some capacity, though him holding up is no guarantee. Still, Bulls will improve either way as Gasol is a high quality big man even as he ages, the guy they have coming over from Europe is considered to be one of the best international players, and McDermott should be an upgrade over Dunleavy in time. Butler also is coming off his best season, so that Chicago team will be a legit contender in the east. Washington picked up Pierce, Charlotte picked up Stephenson, and obviously the Cavs have picked incredible star talent that hopefully will lead to titles in the future.

What I see as the east order: 

1. Chicago 2. Cleveland(will take time to come together) 3. Washington 4. Toronto 5. Miami 6. Charlotte 7. Brooklyn 8. New York. I have a hard time seeing the Celtics breaking through those 8 teams or even some other solid teams like Atlanta or Detroit, although I do think in time the Celtics will have a quality team.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Happens the other way quite a bit as well, you know. Locally, statewide, and nationally. The public is quick to assume especially with the media influencing them and it results in just as many pushes out of stupidity as it does changes for the better.

Too many people are sanctimonious and don't think things out, which is why it also happens the other way.