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Comment 23 Oct 2016

Great post but I don't even know if I would waste time trying to be reasonable in a thread like this. It Is one thing to make fair criticisms and another to get emotional calling for the heads of everyone on the staff. Anyone logical can easily see that the Urban Meyer buckeyes have had a historical run. You can hope for perfection but can't expect it every year.

Lets give the team a little bit more of a sample size before we call the year a failure. And Meyer has NEVER been known for excuses. He is the guy who got too hard on himself for success, which eventually led to stress and panic attacks.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

Your absolutely right that you can disable certain people from high levels of access. Which is why my mom thinks I just go around making nice comments on other people's profiles. What is living if you can't threaten to suffocate someone with their own entrails without your parents finding out?

Comment 26 Aug 2016

McCaffrey even while getting Heisman hype has been underrated by some people. Call it east coast bias, call it an issue of people underestimating a white RB because of stereotypes; either way he hasn't gotten enough recognition for his accomplishments. People always mention he had more games than Sanders to break the record but what makes it more legit is that he did it in less touches than Sanders. The guy is not only elite as a runner, he is elite as a catcher and returner as well. Last year he scored as runner, receiver, punt returner, kick returner, and passer. He is just an explosive and skilled offensive weapon that does damage everywhere.

Outside of J.T. this is the guy I am rooting for to get some much deserved recognition.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

I think that is likely to some extent but at that same time we don't have the playcalling depth Meyer used at Florida for the H-back position. With Harvin there were fake sweep dives(with the HB carrying the ball), HB/RB/QB triples options, HB/QB/TE triple options with fake jet sweeps, Fake jet sweep screens, etc. I suspect a big part of the reason we haven't had the same variety is that we've had the type of dominant workhorse RBs Florida never had(and no one who blossomed like Harvin at HB). Hyde and especially Elliot were some of the top producers at RB in all of college football.

Also keep in mind that despite all that has been said on the H-backs they have still been very productive...just not as much so as the HBs at UF. Dontre Wilson in 2013, Braxton Miller last season, and Curtis Samuel last season have all been productive from the position. All approached or surpassed 6 ypc and put up a decent amount of receiving yards.

Comment 30 Jul 2016

What a sham this whole decision by the IOC has been. Their behavior is corrupt, slimy, and perfunctory; leaving the Olympics in absolutely disgusting conditions. And that is leaving out several words I can't use here but that are entirely fitting for what the IOC has done. They're greedily staring at the money they're pocketing rather than the terrible conditions they're putting everyone in to. 

You've got basically sewage quality water, limited security, rampant crime looking to target the athletes, and the need for Olympic facilities to host distracting Brazil from its recession. On top of all of that you've got the problem with zika, though at least in that case it will have minimal effect considering it is currently winter in Brazil and zika is only transmitted through bites(and unprotected sex).

Comment 30 Jul 2016

Jesus robbed is bad enough, but puked on? That's not even necessary. Also who the hell can just puke on demand?

Comment 30 Jul 2016

I personally would like to see some of Samuel at RB, at least as the no.2 option. He was pretty effective when he got chances there as a freshman and I don't think Weber is ready to eat up even close to the percentage of RB plays Elliot was getting. Plus we've got a lot of depth of talent at HB with guys who should see playtime(Definitely Wilson, and maybe Campbell). There is no real no.2 at RB.  

Comment 30 Jul 2016

Hmm I guess I can see it a lot more after seeing some of his play. Obviously minus the post game and plus better handles than Leuer ever had. It has been a real long time since I watched him play against tOSU but I guess he is a lot more athletic than I remembered. Still wouldn't be the player I'd pick considering Young scores a decent amount comeback dribble moves while Leuer can pretty much only go towards the basket as a dribbler.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

He reminds you of Jon Leuer? I mean I get they both shoot 3s and are forwards but other than that I don't see the similarity. Maybe he is still growing but Young is only 6'6"/6'7" while Leuer was 6'10". Leuer basically became a college center by the end of his career and led Wisconsin in blks/rbs per game.

Young doesn't have the size to play C and is questionable at PF too IMO. And I don't know if you've seen footage of Young but I don't think Leuer ever ran alley oop curl plays or brought the ball upcourt and broke someone's ankles with a crossover. Young's lateral quickness and athleticism is pretty clearly superior to Jon Leuer's especially considering he hasn't gotten college level fitness training yet. He'll probably play on the perimeter at SF in college. A closer comparison would be(though Young is obviously not near his level at this point) Gordon Hayward.  

Comment 22 May 2016

I wouldn't hold it against him at all if he came out. This is probably his best chance to get picked decently high. Most of the guys up against him in the next draft class just don't have the strengths where Barrett is questioned(arm strength, size, accuracy on deep throws). Watson will definitely be a high 1st round pick but I could see Barrett rising above several of the other guys listed above him.  

Comment 16 May 2016

Perhaps but Thompson was being physical pushing him with his arm the entire way down. They went for a no call but I expect we'll see that corrected to a loose ball foul when the NBA releases its review.

Comment 13 May 2016

So you've got almost certainly 4 other players on the court who shoot worse on FTs than Curry and your choice is to hack him? Lol thank god you're not drawing up strategies for Lue.

Comment 14 Jan 2016

With OSU I'm glad I have a football team that I can always look forward to(especially under Urban) and get excited about how the team will come together by the time the season starts. Meanwhile the Browns are on to another cycle of drafting a questionable QB in to the worst situation a QB can get for a new coach that will likely get very limited talent to work with.

Comment 14 Jan 2016

He definitely needs to polish his game overall with things like finishing at the basket, shooting, and boxing out. As a passer though he has amazing vision and I see the 1 or 2 passes put on the feet as a result of inexperience playing with this team as well as his aggressiveness on passes. A lot of great passers initially have a high TO rate because teammates find it hard to anticipate their passes. Keep in mind he only played 9 minutes but had about 5 or 6 assist opportunities, his teammates just happened to shoot poorly on them.

I think this is the 1st time he has gotten a chance to play with the ball as the secondary ball handler on the court and you can see that is where he shines. He has also been a surprisingly solid defender aside from the touch fouls that have been called on him. Off-ball however, he still has a long way to go.