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Comment 30 May 2017

Not that it's saying much, but Richt is far superior as a recruiter and a coach to Hoke. He had nine 10 win seasons at Georgia, which while a good program, is not elite and their last legit claim at championship is 1980. He was competing in a really tough conference with guys like Urban and primarily Saban dominating. I think the best argument for his firing was that he peaked early on and got worse with time, but I still think he could be a good fit for Miami.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Lol dude stop trying to troll, even if your alma mater really does do something for students who get scholarships there is no way in hell they're giving everyone anything close to the level of attention the average top 150 recruit gets. Most highschools have an award show for a select number of kids who are getting specific merit scholarships that the school offers. I myself got one, but all you do is go up on stage in a ~200 person auditorium with some cheers and walk back down after 5 seconds of shaking hands. The scholarship that actually made a big difference(the one I talked about before was for 500$, which isn't complete chump change at least for someone who isn't from a money bags community like me, but not a whole lot either) was offered by my university online and didn't come with any fan fair other than a lot of competition online from other universities. Don't try to pretend that is similar to NSD.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

You'd be surprised how many people make bad decisions to go to big name colleges and end up with a ton of debt. Most of the time the differences in an undergrad degree aren't going to be that great anyway, and if you have confidence in your own ability then you should be able to compete with others with the same degree from self-learning, even if your professors weren't quite as good. Especially when there are actually a lot of public universities that are way more affordable with good academic ratings.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Good article, but listing Vrabel alongside Withers is a little misleading. Withers left because the secondary was awful, and the cause of tOSU's defensive woes that were limiting success against elite teams. Vrabel left because he did a great job with the D-line and got offered a job in the NFL. He was offered a position as a NFL D-coordinator but turned it down because he is likely to get a head coaching or more prestigious D-coordinator position soon. He left very willingly from OSU, and is a rising star in the coaching world.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Yep, Minnesota is definitely a step up from WMU talent wise. Yes he had an NFL WR but that was one player on a big football team and that player was developed in house. Minnesota has actually been pretty decent since Kill started coaching there, and with the addition of a sought after coach, I think they will pull solid recruits.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Yep, Ball and Leaf are legit top ten selections in the next draft IMO. They have several other players who were big time recruits too and Alford is one of the better SR shooters. They are absolutely loaded and a 13 point loss actually isn't that bad in that context.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

Wow never knew Fickell was such a legend as a highschool wrestler. Seems like he had Olympic level natural talent as a wrestler, crazy that it wasn’t even his favorite sport.   

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Now obviously I never want to see a win slip from the grasp, but If it told you Kam Williams wasn't going to hit a shot, KBD wasn't going to play, and Lyle was going to have 8 TOs you would probably tell me Virginia wins in a blowout. Not only did we prove we can compete with legit basketball teams, but we have shown that we still have a ton of room for improvement. We played far from our best game, yet we still were in the game to the final possession on the road versus the number 6 team.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Which is true, to a degree. However the best recruiter in the world probably wouldn't out recruit tOSU at Wisky. It is a dumb way to draw a conclusion, but it seems our constant excellence this decade has eliminated us from contention for the award.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Strangely despite that incredible run to the championship, I also think this was my favorite of any game I have witnessed from the buckeyes. I was too young to have watched the game vs. Miami, but I did see the 2006 edition of The Game. I think that was prematurely declared the game of the century. This was an incredible battle between two great teams and tOSU showed it had the heart to fight and win the game of inches in a contest that was decided by those plays.

All-time classic game. O-H

Comment 12 Nov 2016

The unfortunate politics of a society that has a complete double standard with DV that flies in the face of statistics. There was actually a study done that suggested a little over 50% of the aggressive actions taken in a relationship were done by the female. Of course most injury occurs the other way just do to physical ability, but nowhere near the 1/100 that many people seem to see it as. Something like 30-70 if I am remembering the same study right. And they're not accounting for emotional and legal manipulation there either.

The honest truth is that a lot of people would say that a woman is incapable of domestic violence. We're not just talking feminists here either, unfortunately a lot of men have misguided beliefs like that as well. Not only that but thanks to feminist activists who originally pushed for many of the domestic violence laws or DV support agencies, many of these around the world contain feminized language. In other words they only exist to protect woman. That pertains to not only DV laws but a huge portion of social welfare in general.

Comment 12 Nov 2016

The FIU player should have all the evidence to take custody of the kid and get a restraining order against the mother. It is absolutely what he needs to do. If she gets off lightly(certainly wouldn't be the first time with a woman in this situation) and he takes her back this will happen again in some other form, or even worse she will do something to the child.

The woman needs psychiatric treatment but also a good lengthy stay in Jail to think about what she did. Being a pregnant woman I don't see that happening though unfortunately. I'm not necessarily saying she is a sociopath, but to make herself out to be the victim because of her BF's lack of attention in a situation where she threw boiling water on him and then preceded to hit him since he didn't show enough pain is a worrying sign. Not trying to go all armchair psychologist here but usually those actions indicate at the very least serious mental disorder. Something like Borderline Personality Disorder.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Great post but I don't even know if I would waste time trying to be reasonable in a thread like this. It Is one thing to make fair criticisms and another to get emotional calling for the heads of everyone on the staff. Anyone logical can easily see that the Urban Meyer buckeyes have had a historical run. You can hope for perfection but can't expect it every year.

Lets give the team a little bit more of a sample size before we call the year a failure. And Meyer has NEVER been known for excuses. He is the guy who got too hard on himself for success, which eventually led to stress and panic attacks.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

Your absolutely right that you can disable certain people from high levels of access. Which is why my mom thinks I just go around making nice comments on other people's profiles. What is living if you can't threaten to suffocate someone with their own entrails without your parents finding out?

Comment 26 Aug 2016

McCaffrey even while getting Heisman hype has been underrated by some people. Call it east coast bias, call it an issue of people underestimating a white RB because of stereotypes; either way he hasn't gotten enough recognition for his accomplishments. People always mention he had more games than Sanders to break the record but what makes it more legit is that he did it in less touches than Sanders. The guy is not only elite as a runner, he is elite as a catcher and returner as well. Last year he scored as runner, receiver, punt returner, kick returner, and passer. He is just an explosive and skilled offensive weapon that does damage everywhere.

Outside of J.T. this is the guy I am rooting for to get some much deserved recognition.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

I think that is likely to some extent but at that same time we don't have the playcalling depth Meyer used at Florida for the H-back position. With Harvin there were fake sweep dives(with the HB carrying the ball), HB/RB/QB triples options, HB/QB/TE triple options with fake jet sweeps, Fake jet sweep screens, etc. I suspect a big part of the reason we haven't had the same variety is that we've had the type of dominant workhorse RBs Florida never had(and no one who blossomed like Harvin at HB). Hyde and especially Elliot were some of the top producers at RB in all of college football.

Also keep in mind that despite all that has been said on the H-backs they have still been very productive...just not as much so as the HBs at UF. Dontre Wilson in 2013, Braxton Miller last season, and Curtis Samuel last season have all been productive from the position. All approached or surpassed 6 ypc and put up a decent amount of receiving yards.

Comment 30 Jul 2016

What a sham this whole decision by the IOC has been. Their behavior is corrupt, slimy, and perfunctory; leaving the Olympics in absolutely disgusting conditions. And that is leaving out several words I can't use here but that are entirely fitting for what the IOC has done. They're greedily staring at the money they're pocketing rather than the terrible conditions they're putting everyone in to. 

You've got basically sewage quality water, limited security, rampant crime looking to target the athletes, and the need for Olympic facilities to host distracting Brazil from its recession. On top of all of that you've got the problem with zika, though at least in that case it will have minimal effect considering it is currently winter in Brazil and zika is only transmitted through bites(and unprotected sex).

Comment 30 Jul 2016

Jesus robbed is bad enough, but puked on? That's not even necessary. Also who the hell can just puke on demand?

Comment 30 Jul 2016

I personally would like to see some of Samuel at RB, at least as the no.2 option. He was pretty effective when he got chances there as a freshman and I don't think Weber is ready to eat up even close to the percentage of RB plays Elliot was getting. Plus we've got a lot of depth of talent at HB with guys who should see playtime(Definitely Wilson, and maybe Campbell). There is no real no.2 at RB.