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Comment 28 Nov 2015

PSU is actually playing well and moving the ball. The talent is there, they just make too many mistakes in crucial areas like the red zone. Maybe they can catch a break like MSU did with that BS fumble return and get back in to the game.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Yeah I thought that was an obvious incomplete pass...people can shit on PSU all they want but the reality is they are actually playing pretty well against MSU. Just making costly mistakes. Should be 13-10.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Yeah I suspect LA Tech will be a tournament team this season. Lyle has looked awful on defense and he can't make the correct decisions as the team's PG. We're really missing Mitchell as I don't think Lyle and Harris have proven they have the ability to start at PG.

Giddens looks great, he had a couple very questionable calls against him. His rim protection is going to be excellent eventually. My two issues with what Thad did in this game was not going to Giddens/Loving more in the post and taking out Grandstaff. Grandstaff looked great as a shooter and I think we have to put up with his growing pains elsewhere, he is the only player offering us serious spacing. The other issues(rebounding, FTs, etc.) seem to come with how raw and young this team is.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I don't think it is PSU beating MSU is that farfetched of an idea. Definitely unlikely, but a team without its starting QB coming down from an emotional high type game could be vulnerable. IMO if they can lose to Nebraska with Cook and allow around 100 yards to Purdue/Nebraska's running backs, then an explosive back like Barkley has a chance to help their offense score enough to win. Hackenberg needs to play at his best though and PSU needs to not be utter trash at protecting him.  

Comment 20 Nov 2015

It was a horrible performance and I'm not happy, but the same thing has happened to Wiscy already and nearly happened to MD tonight. It was a fluke victory based on terrible FT shooting, poor effort in the first half on the boards, and a lot of missed open 3s.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

I don't know, Grandstaff is a bit lost scheme wise(as all the freshman have been including Lyle to a lesser extent), but his shot is pure enough that I think it'll help him work in to the rotation. Harris hasn't looked much better so he has a chance for a spot as the third guard. As for Bell, I don't think he'll play much even though I think he has solid potential physically. Still too raw in comparison to Giddens and Thompson.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Yeah I don't think athleticism is the problem right now, he is just a bit inexperienced and lost when guarding his man. He showed good effort though and he should eventually get his angles/footwork down. He also needs to improve as a dribbler; his shot is pure for sure so if he develops a dribble game he'll be able to easily penetrate against defenses, defenders always over commit to great shooters.  

Comment 09 Nov 2015

A team can improve after losing one great player by improving at several other positions. I don't expect a 5 seed, but I think given Matta's history at OSU it is not unreasonable to expect a tournament appearance and quality B10 play, even from a very young team.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Kyrie Irving however, they will miss. Mo Williams is a very solid offensive PG, but his defensive is very poor. Luckily, they don't have a very tough opening schedule. Shumpert will also be missed as he and LeBron are the teams best perimeter defenders, because Bron carries a far heavier workload elsewhere Shumpert usually took the toughest matchups. Still with Mozgov, Kev, LBJ, Smith, Mo and better depth after the offseason, I expect the Cavs to start well, especially if they transfer more of the workload to Love who was underutilized last season. It was also serve to keep LeBron's minutes under control along with Jefferson(hopefully) being an effective backup. When everyone is healthy especially if Love is better utilized, watch out. This team realistically could field the greatest offense in the modern history of the NBA.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I don't think Thompson signing will be all that important so long as K-Love is healthy. Kaun is very underrated, the guy is a really great defender(other than being put in space on P&Rs). I don't know if you watched the first half of the sixers game, but he was trashing Okafor tried to isolate for a post up against him. I honestly think he'll be a better defender that TT, and as we all know(or should know from statistics/advanced statistics) Tristan actually isn't that great of a defender. In fact Kevin Love and TT have nearly identical stats in all areas on defense other than P&R switch defense. Essentially they have the same defensive value when playing at the PF position. Kevin Love is a pretty solid team defender, the guy gets a lot of undue criticism and became a scapegoat when the defense was having problems early last year much like Blatt became for the team overall.

The only skill TT has that is elite is his offense rebounding, but I think Andy will take care of that adequately for as long as TT holds out. Honestly Andy is probably a better team defender with his energy and he actually has decent offensive ability with shooting range out to 16 feet. Now Andy will most likely get injured at some point and TT works really well with certain lineups, so there is value in bringing him back. However I feel if he sits out too long for a contract his role is going to shrink with all the talent in the frontcourt.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I'm excited about this season. While there may not be as much experience, which could lead to some rough patches, I think this is the most complete team OSU has had for a couple years. Huge potential, versatility, and bigs that should be more capable down low at least defensively/activity wise. Lyle, AJ, and especially Mitchell are special passers. Grandstaff looks like he'll be a great shooter, and he also has decent ball handling ability that makes his offensive game more complete. Giddens should be an excellent rim protector. If they progress together as the season goes along they will be dangerous in the conference and national tournaments.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I don't know, it is a fact Wisconsin has been better as a football program under Alvarez as AD/Coach than they ever were before. The last time they won a B10 title before Alvarez was 1962. Under Alvarez as coach they won 3 big ten titles and under Alvarez as AD they have won 3 big ten titles with 10+ wins in 5 out of 9 years. I don't know if you have looked much at Wisconsin's history as a football program, but they were basically a doormat for 30 years before Alvarez's tenure. I actually think his results have been highly impressive, especially considering Wisconsin isn't a good base for recruiting other than its o-line talent.

If anything the most comparable team is Nebraska, although they have had 2 different ADs during that period of time. Historically great program that made an imperfect hire and made it worse with his replacement.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I think that was just some of his games last season coming off of injury. If you watched some of his tapes from his FR year he once ran in to a defender, double pumped with the ball ~6 inches or so above the basket, and still managed to make the shot. Still there are some highlights from his SR year that show him gaining back some explosiveness: . I think the only knock on him physically is the injury recovery and his length. This guy had offers from Kentucky and Kansas so I'm pretty confident he'll be a beast. With guys like Draymond Green and Demarre Carrol becoming big in the NBA I definitely could see Mitchell making it with a few strong seasons.

I definitely feel like if he can fully recover from his injuries, he'll be a guy who can play any position from 1 to 4 well for OSU. If he sharpens up his routine passing he could even be evaluated as a PG which would probably be a big boost to his draft(Much like Russell when he showed off an improved pass game). Obviously he isn't going that high, but if he shows the ability at 6-7 and his energy/defense I could see him being picked in the top 20.