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Comment 10 hours ago

With the athleticism, ball handling, ability to create for others; I actually think Mickey will end up a SF, not a PF. I know he isn't getting as much hype as some others, but I think part of that is the early commitment and the time he has spent off with his injury. Otherwise he wouldn't have been offered by top 5 programs like Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas. I'm really excited to see him play for OSU

Bragg would obviously be an excellent signing for the stretch four OSU is missing, but Esa Ahmad is a great second option if Bragg ends up with Kentucky.  


Comment 11 hours ago

I'm almost sure they're going to use it to some extent, and yes that is the formations name. I remember one day I was messing around making up ideas for a formation(obviously not to the level of technicality as real playbooks, but it was still fun), and I made up a formation with very similar placement as the diamond. I didn't even realize a real formation like that actually existed until I watched some OK St. games that year when they used it to a very high degree of success.

Comment 11 hours ago

300 was in reference to the number I have seen people talking about in other comments. Of course Urban wants more balance, even with a very good offense the coach still wants to improve. He isn't saying he doesn't want to be a running team though, he is saying he wants the team to be able to benefit off of the holes that running 37+ attempts with good efficiency opens up.  However, given his track record as a coach I think it is far more likely to see OSU going over 250 rushing yards. Meyer has only had 2 teams go over 250 passing per game, one in 07 with Tebow and one in 04 with Alex Smith. Both those teams ran a decent amount more than they passed(10+ attempts), they just capitalized on the opportunities the run game opened up very well. Also take in to account that Meyer never had the quality of RBs he has at OSU, and he has said so himself.

  I think, like you, that we need to have a far more efficient passing game to complement the holes the running game will open(especially with Hyde gone). My argument wasn't in reference to people thinking like you, it is those who blame everything on either Braxton, the offense(not passing well enough, the spread option not as good as pro), or those who illogically believe that Ohio State should play like a passing team. When, in reality, the defense was the true reason this team could not compete at the level desired against good competition(not to say improvements can't be made on offense, as I said in my last post). All statistics say OSU had one of the best offenses last season, all statistics say OSU's defense was below-average(and atrocious against the pass) . Bottom line with a better defense that team may have won the title. You can either accept this while still wanting to improve every area including having a more efficient passing game as I do, or you can argue against statistics from last year and in history, to blame it on not having enough of a passing game.



Comment 16 Apr 2014

Exactly the point I have been trying to make with people here. The future of this offense isn't becoming this 300+ yard pass team which appears to be a stereotype of the spread, it is winning via a vicious running attack. Could they have expanded the offensive playcalling at times? Of course, but Hyde/Braxton were so consistently effective at times that it didn't make sense when that attack was destroying defenses(MSU too). Bottom line, if they had a decent defense they probably make the championship and would have at least a decent chance at winning it considering FSU needed a kick return to beat Auburn. Auburn(10, now), Florida(06-09), WVU(RR days), Oregon, etc. If you want a passing attack, it isn't coming with Urban Meyer's spread option. 

Comment 06 Apr 2014

Doubtful considering the spread option offense Urban runs. The QB HAS to be a threat on the ground or the defense will overcommit to the RB or the sweep. I'll take Miller over Krenzel(as well as McCarron and maybe Murray) in every situation with this offense, it just wouldn't have the same explosiveness without a capable runner at QB. Which is why Urban's worst offense came in 06 and 2010, even with the compensation by allowing a backup to run read plays. 

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Actually Mickey Mitchell recently confirmed he was still going to OSU despite his brother decomitting (sucks that his brother did considering his potential, but family is more important). Mickey has excellent athleticism and floor vision at SF, the fact that he committed early and was out with an injury probably plays a big role in him not getting as high of a rating as others. There is a reason why he got offers from almost every top school.

Everyone is overreacting (as usual), Matta has been more consistently successful than any OSU basketball coach in history.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I could see him using Jones in a similar way to Tim Tebow. Obviously Braxton is far too good to not be on the field for 95% of the plays, but Jones could work well as a bulldozer in short yardage situations.

If Barrett proves to be capable enough to be on the field maybe they could do something similar with a more even percentage of usage. It has been done before and can work if neither separates themselves.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Out of what norm? Almost Every spread option team that has made a run to the title game or come close has been a running team. 2010 Auburn, 08 Florida, 09 Florida, 07 WVU, 2010 Oregon, 05 Texas, etc. Most with less talent on both offense and defense than the recent pro offense champions have had.  I'll admit that Auburn was on the more extreme side of that group, but the closest Ohio State is going to come to being a passing team under Urban is probably statistics similar to 09 Florida, which still had 13 more running plays per game. I get what you're saying about balancing out the offense to a degree(most passing offense occurred against underwhelming teams therefore skewing the statistics), but If you're expecting an OSU team to be passing more than running, it probably isn't going to happen under Meyer. What OSU really has to strive for is running for those huge totals while passing for that 150 with high efficiency. The run game should set up the passing game.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Meyer's teams have always been running teams, with the spread option system you might as well just get used to it. Florida, Texas(to an extent although it was only because of Young), and Auburn all ran spread option during their recent championship seasons. If you want to count those who came close such as Oregon, 07 WVU and 2013 Auburn, the same applies. The only one of those that didn't average more rush yards than passing yards was 06 Florida, and that was due to the fact that it was only Meyer's second season there. They also had the worst offense of all those teams by a wide margin.

Now do I think the offense needs to become more balanced to run Meyer's scheme as well as the 08 Florida team did? Yes, but let us not forget that OSU's defense was absolutely pitiful last season and nobody at WR was very talented. I'd still always rather see them running for 300 yards, because that means the system is playing out the way it is meant to; I would just rather see the efficiency a 08 Florida type team had in the passing game for that 150 yards.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

I wouldn't necessarily say he was simply running briles system, Briles incorporates a lot of down field passing off of play action. Briles' teams generally run a decent amount of option, even if they're much more dependent on throwing than say an Urban Meyer offense. Sumlin runs more of an air raid style, with 5 wr sets and a lot of crossing routes/screens. If you look at the run pass percentages, they basically flip flopped once Sumlin became coach at Houston. I'm sure he learned a lot from him, but I think KS deserves some credit for how successful his offensive systems have been.

Comment 28 Jan 2014

"African-americans are more likely better football players than the rest of the population as proven by the fact they make up 60% of the total NFL and much higher % of skill positions.  An African-American kid is 10x more likely to play D1 college football than all other races combined.  That isn't because African-Americans get preferential treatment. :P"


Be careful about saying all other races. Polynesians have a way, way higher percentage of nfl players per capita. Blacks(if you're going to complain about something else being PC, then why use a term we do not use for whites? I'm not going to call a white person European-American or Caucasian) are naturally more athletic in some ways than Whites, just like Whites will probably always dominate winter sports because whites were naturally adapted for the conditions over 1000s of years. Still though, average economic worth plays a very significant role in the situation, as does culture.

The black players definitely deserve to be where they are, you're right it isn't special treatment BUT, I do think it is a bit ridiculous what we're seeing with black coaches. Psuedo scientists publishing studies that more diversity is needed at head coaching positions, despite the fact that Black population percentage is already represented. That annoys me on two levels, the fact that Black people suddenly represent all Minorities(never hear them talking about the need for Asian coaches and Latin coaches), and the fact that they would NEVER endorse something like this to happen in sports(unless it is blacks in the MLB lol). I don't care that much, because I realize I am in a much better situation than the average minority, but there is definitely a solid presence of reverse racism in their reasoning. I'm going to laugh when enough illegal immigrants come over from Mexico that they are the most significant minority, and it suddenly all switches around because the leaders(politicians, businessmen, etc.) want to save their asses. Then suddenly Latinos will represent all minorities.

 Anyways since this is a sports site and I don't want to increase my already high chances of getting banned for this post, since these topics are so sensitive to so many; I'll leave off on this. Urban Meyer is one of the best recruiters in the country, he can pull players from anywhere in the country, and tOSU will match all the speed of southern teams. As a Midwest team I also hope we retain power, but given how much success he had with Hyde this season I'm sure that is in his plans.    

Comment 13 Jan 2014

Not necessarily true. I remember hearing the Braxton's correct read percentage was much higher for triple option, it isn't exactly as direct of a translation as you think, they are two different types of plays. The read option requires quick recognition of the end and good quick decision making. The triple option is often much slower developing.  

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Big difference between representing a team and being a fighter out there for yourself. You still see some great quotes in fighting sports(Chael Sonnen).

This one is not bad either -  `I'm not god but I am something similar'

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I know, Tressel was genius coach who conquered all of our most talented foes, bow down to the unimaginable scope of his football brilliance.  

Emotional and Reasonless. Urban's record is far superior to Tressel's. Tressel was a great coach but he never had a truly dominate team. Imagine how many chance scenarios had to go right in 2002, even with a team that had excellent talent. The last years of his career were spent getting clobbered in the national championship twice then never reaching that stage again. Go watch another team.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

No Bullshit, I never said the offensive play calling didn't have a part in it, especially at the end. You're blaming it on the offense when the quarterback was injured all fourth quarter, and the defense rarely could make a stop all game against what amounted to a series of screens for the most part. Miller could barely throw at the end of the game, you try taking 19 hits and while still throwing on target. Meyer has called many brilliant offensive game plans, we lost two games that could have gone either way against top teams. You have to understand that when one side of the ball isn't even average, the team is going to be forced in to uncomfortable scenarios where play calling becomes incredibly difficult.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Yeah Weak teams like Alabama, one of the best scoring offenses ever in 08 Oklahoma, and the best Cincy team in the last 20 years. Bottom line, if this defense was slightly competent, they win tonight. Offensive line struggled and Braxton was injured for the much of the game, still put up 35 points. Stop crying pro offense at two close losses against top ten teams. Same thing happened for Bollman against Wisconsin, Florida, USC, Texas,.....etc. Although they actually had a top 15 defense during those years.

Offensive play calling has been weak at times, but you can't blame it all on the coaches.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Tough game, Clemson matched up perfectly to destroy OSU's defense already mired with injuries and flu. Terrible play calling on defense for much of the night, no coverage in the flats. Didn't like the offensive play calling at the end with Braxton brutally beaten up either. I'd like to see some changes made in the defensive coaching staff, the play calling has been brutal the last 3 games against teams that ran screens over and over......and over. Confident in Meyer and the correction of their problems for a run at a championship next year....have to make some adjustments with the staff in order to get some chemistry on the defensive side of the ball though for that to happen. Anything can happen in one game though, even Bama got destroyed by a Oklahoma team that looked awful earlier in the year.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

This post doesn't have much of a point in my opinion. Urban is a pioneer of the spread option/spread to run offense. His offense is not predicated on have passers making reads in the pocket on multiple receiver sets with people all across the field. His offense is predicated on capable athletic QBs who can read the option and rip huge gains on it, as well as efficient decision making/accuracy to keep the passing game enough of a threat to open up the running game even more or profit on over commitment to it. Sure, this passing game can definitely improve, but Urban's teams have never been passing teams, common misconception with all spread teams. 

Look at Urban's best teams...Alex Smith....Tebow....Braxton. Even Alex Smith, the best passer of the 3, is more of an accurate efficient passer with good athleticism, not some gunslinger who creates offense through the pocket. Star ratings are irrelevant, we need the best QB that fits this offense. I trust Urban's judgment given that he has produced 3 Elite college level QBs; one of which is up there with the best QBs ever and another that could be depending on how his career finishes. Remember there are guys like Russell Wilson. He was only a two star player, now he is running some spread option plays in the NFL for maybe the best team in the league.

Danny Clark is the only pro type QB Urban has recruited so far, and Clark is only 14 so he still has time to mature physically. Hard to tell how he will end up, but even if he fulfills all the hype by the time he is playing, I doubt O-State will suddenly become a aerial attack.