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Comment 05 Oct 2014

I love what JT is doing, but that is coach speak. JT, like Brax before him gets his calls from the sideline. Simulated cadence (trying to make D show their hand), then looks to the sideline, makes any needed changes (from the eye in the sky THerman), then actual cadence.

I believe his skill set is perfect for this offense and his intangibles eliminate any ceiling. Also excited to see where this offense and team can take us.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I fully expect Kent State to mimic what VT did defensively.. Maybe they don't have the athletes in the secondly but I would expect them to try an exploit OSU's weaknesses.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

I'd like to see a breakdown of the offensive line by position as the game progressed.. Pat E started on the left, then moved back to right? Hale moved in.. Interested to see if Ed has it figured out

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Bought my wife a pro combat #2 and she was 'stoked!'.. It's been on the same hook in the closet for 2 years.. Apparently it's not even hanger worthy to her.. It's one season away from being re gifted..

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I just watched all those replays on BTN yesterday. I get what you all are saying but it's hard for me to say anything positive about anyone involved with our defense..

However, I believe defenses are really at a disadvantage in today's game and I think they're still in catch-up mode across the sport. Especially when facing an offense like our own. 

We've been spoiled with outstanding defensive units in the past. Hopefully this group (coaches and players) can put together a unit that can takes us to Indy and beyond..

Comment 03 Aug 2014

They've been talking up this rotation of D linemen which sounds like a logical way to promote production and health. My only concern is how you plan on doing this with up tempo offenses setting even loftier (number of plays) goals annually.

I don't doubt LJ and defensive staff can do it, I guess I'm just excited to see it in action.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I like the Ibaka comparison. This fiilm makes me nervous. I get his strengths are finishing and protecting the rim but I want a back to the basket scorer. Our program has had a lot of success with bigs that can create and I'm always expecting/hoping to see the next. 

Wonder what the U17 staff didn't like or didn't see that left him off the squad..

Still excited he's a Buck and can't wait to see him play next year. Hope Oak Hill has a lot of nationally televised showcases.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I think Urban is just keeping certain units on their toes. We know he's not afraid to praise certain groups for different things (focus, work ethic, trust, togetherness, etc..), but he needs to see it consistently on Saturdays. The off season work needs to translate into tangible production.

I agree with Spielman on the fact that the line will make the unit better.  I loved playing linebacker in a 5-2, see ball - get ball. Once I got older having people in my face changed everything. Wasn't until I moved to safety I truly understood how linebackers need to read keys to put themselves in position to make plays. If one or more of our thoroughbreds up front demands a double team, watch out.

The D lines dominance should and will hopefully have a 'trickle back' effect and make the whole D dominant.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I think as long as the 'gurus' and coaches technique beliefs are aligned there isn't much of an issue. From my experience coaching; 2-3 coaches can be preaching the same thing but one will use verbage that just makes things click.

Plus going out to (stay classy) San Diego in Braxton's case must be a pretty cool way to get away while maintaining focus on his goals.