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Comment 18 Sep 2016

One of the worst flags I've seen in a while. In the replay TP is making eye contact with the official the whole time and the ball squirts out at the end of his toss (pry why he's a WR now). What else struck me as odd is how there was zero hesitation by the ref, seemed like he was just waiting to throw a flag or any little thing. Oh Browns...

Comment 05 Sep 2016

That seems to be the way CBB operates, let's hope that doesn't bleed over to CFB.. As you said, who knows when you're going to need that 2nd or even 3 stringer.. If you don't see meaningful time you can always use the grad transfer rule to make an impact somewhere and be 'seen'.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

I think it's still going to come down to what OU does in the Big 12.  If they lose to UH and OSU, then run the Big 12 slate  it just shows that OSU/UH are superior teams. With 4 spots for the CFP a Big12 champ with two OOC loses (one to a non P5) probably gets left out, especially with no CC again this year.

Conversely if they beat OSU then struggle in the Big12, well let's not go there..

Comment 03 Sep 2016

Kirby Smart earned a head coaching gig, he should probably continue to be Kirby Smart until the people cutting his check chime in.. But I get what you're saying, I am and always will be a fan of emotions in sports..

Comment 30 Aug 2016

I like the recruiter asks that d lineman what he needs to get him at their school and the kid says "coach we got cameras" 

Comment 11 Aug 2016

Ahh, it's finally fixed!! My right thumb was getting carpal  tunnel from all that scrolling