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Comment 10 Oct 2012

OSU's Football Team (Band substitutes in for 2nd half and scores 27) - 63

Gene Hackman's team - 3

Comment 19 Sep 2012

Braxton Miller's Legs - 28

The UAB dragons (or serpents, or reptiles or whatever they are) - 10

Comment 15 Sep 2012

shoot! earlier prediction taken. new one:

Buckeyes 40

Cal Yogi Bears 10

Comment 29 Aug 2012


Well, since I'm now officially enrolled at OSU, I can now seriously root for the Bucknuts and not feel like a poser (shh..don't tell my fellow grad peeps at U of Illinois) 

Ohio St-42

Little Miami-0


Comment 24 Oct 2011

Seriously, some of these OSU football players must be mentally disabled. That's gotta be the reason why they are STILL breaking the simplist of rules. OSU recruits mentally retarded athletes. It's either that or they are the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, selfish, individuals ever to walk campus who think that nothing can touch them and that they deserve everything (ie; Pryor). From standing on top of a campus building with a GUN (bb gun but still WHO THE HELL DOES THAT???...) to starting random fights at 2am to everything in between. I mean, my God, elementary children have more self discipline than these OSU players!! Unbelievable...

At least the basketball players seem somewhat intelligent

Comment 22 Oct 2011

I'm supporting the Badger.  Yeah, yeah, I understand the argument to root for Sparty but WI is the best team in the Big 10 &, face it, OSU's season is a wash. Let 'em represent with an undefeated record & let's see if they can squeeze into the BCS Championship Game (probably not but whatever).   

Comment 16 Oct 2011

Michigan has regretted the whole "Little Brother" comment ever since it was uttered by professional practice squad member, Hart

Comment 13 Oct 2011

La Bamba closed??? DAMMIT!!!

Going to a game is cool there simply b/c you feel so much closer to the field. Even in the cheap seats you feel relatively close to the field.

U of I '95  

Comment 06 Oct 2011

Nebraska Children of the Cornholers - 48

Ohio State Walruses - 10 (scored entirely from the defense interceptions)


Comment 02 Oct 2011

Winter is coming.

Nay, Winter has arrived. Thought we had one more week to prepare for it's arrival in the form of Nebraska but I was wrong.

Comment 11 Mar 2011

With him leaving, does that mean we won't be subjected to those annoying "Click it, Try it, Buy it" car commercials? (or whatever the hell he says as he is randomly holding a football. I always change the channel when it appears)

Comment 03 Dec 2010

Glad someone snapped a picture of it. Indeed, it was taken down in a hurry when it was hanging over the wall. Where I was sitting, it appeared a stadium constable walked over and told them to roll it back up. I had initally just assumed that the ref ran over and threw a flag at the banner as well for unsportmanlike behavior.

Comment 08 Sep 2010

Tosh.O just had a joke involving a video with a Bear flipping a stick around its head like a pro (are there professional stick throwers?) and inserting him in the Band to dot the I in the Script Ohio. Oh that Tosh....