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Comment 22 Aug 2014

I coach 8-10 year old and this is the same thought I have after every single practice... some moo moo wearing mother walks up and  the following conversation takes place

Mom: why isnt little Johnny starting?

Me: did you watch practice? The ball is snapped and he behind the safety...

Mom: So 

Me: He plays defensive end... Your son does not like contact much less football

Mom: He is the best player out there

Me: where is the bourbon.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Im just telling you what I heard. I was excited too last season but the thought was Smith, Hyde and Wilson... Marshall was already hurt and you had a dynamic playmaker at QB. I saw a lot of nice things out of Barrett in the spring game running the football but I think we can all agree he is much closer to Kenny G than Braxton when it comes to leaving defenders with broken ankles. A formation with three sub 4.4 guys actual could be productive and I believe Urban Meyer is anything but predictable.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I agree Braxton was thrown in after thinking TP was going to be the starter for a year... also had to see Tress leave. I think Barrett or Jones will be fine... We have one of the best staffs in the country no time to panic.

JUST A THOUGHT.... If we need some explosive plays could we see Marshall take the snap with Wilson and Samuel in the backfield? Smith if he is running as well as he looking in camp?

Comment 11 Aug 2014

All of these camp videos are great but i want the whole bucket of ice cream not just a little scoop!!!! Samuel had a nice run and it looks like Rod Smith is doing big things... good to see!!! 

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I hope it brings a championship, but I think this is a little too pricy... why not see what you have with Wiggins, Irving, and James 1st. Granted the next 1st round pick will not be worth that much because Irving, Love, and James will be at the top of the east but couldn't we have waited until the end of the year and picked up Love in free agency? I also hope this was a sign and trade deal where we can get him locked in for a few years and not get Boozer'd again.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Would up vote this if I could. This is another writer who has never stepped on a court... Craft does not hold or grab at all.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

YES!!! HARDWORK pays off! Happy to see a great kid get a shot. I have been watching this closely all summer in hopes of seeing him on a roster. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Its okay Jameis Winston makes "mistakes" everyday.... I hear he is also releasing a new Hooked on Phonics infomercial.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

If you hear uk fans tell it every 5* in the country is picking them and they will win 9 games this year... They are still spewing this stoopstroops and air raid garbage... I get a good laugh daily down here in Redneck land.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I think this has to be a case of Harris is helping us with Conrad. He has said in the past that he had already camped and would not camp again for an offer... he was crutin Harris hard during the opening. me reading into this is that Harris told him Im going to OSU you wanna win or go to UK? Now Conrad is willing to camp. Nothing really to base this on other than my opinion. 

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I found it odd that Kentucky did not offer him... was this because he was already committed? He is from Lexington and a consensus top 50 player at a position of need for Calipari.... strange. He looks like he can ball and with Slam Thompson, Marc Loving, and Bates Diop this season should be exciting!!! If we can just find a big man that can catch an entry pass....

Comment 04 May 2014

Still think Wimbush is the better QB. Gibson seems to love the spot light and have more of the Terrell Pryor hype. I like Wimbush's mechanics... I think we get the Haskins kid next year anyway Lifetime Buckeye fan and with Urban pulling the strings we get him.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

Looking at tape from their Junior years I like Wimbush better. Gibson maybe an overall better athlete, but Wimbush is the better QB. Wimbush still has plenty of speed and shake if he needs it. He throws a better ball and thats what we need to make this offense really takeoff. I sat 10 rows up 50 yard line for the B1G Championship and Braxton missed several throws that would have turned that game around... we need a guy that can sling the rock more than run circles around defenses. We do have Wilson, Elliott, and Samuel to handle that.