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Comment 7 hours ago

This was the first thought that came to mind for me. We are really tight on scholarships for the 2016 class, however. Moyer's father didn't exactly sing the praises of Ohio State a few months ago, so even if no Syracuse for Moyer, there'd be some work to do on Matta's part. It's really a shame b/c right now it looks like a class of VJ King, Derek Funderburk and Matthew Moyer would be a very legit possibility. It looks like there's really only room for two in 2016, unless there is a surprise transfer.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Big time fan of the basketball team here, but I've been frustrated with the lack of development in Sam Thompson's offensive game the last two years. I love to see him get fired up and get motivated, but a big part of me wishes he got this serious a couple years ago and put in time (i) on his shot, (ii) in the weight room and (iii) on his ball handling skills. His jumper hasn't improved in the last two years (it's worse, if anything). He's athletic and I think he'd be an effective slasher if he were stronger and handled the ball better. Sorry to be skeptical of Sam, but some people can back up the talk. I don't think Sam can at this point. Prove me wrong.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Ohio State ranks quite high on the "Efficiency" rankings, like (#15) and ESPN's BPI (#13). A lot of the lines in Vegas are based on these rankings, and of course are adjusted by the market to reflect their thoughts. If you disagree, argue with the actuaries that are paid big $$ to set these lines. I'd be shocked if OSU were a 4-seed, but Vegas uses these efficiency rankings. They are the ones putting $$ behind (not Joe Lunardi) so it's worth something.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

TJ Yeldon reminds me of Curtis Samuel

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Haha, Rickey Dudley? Rickey Dudley was a physical specimen with an NFL body. Sam Thompson has hardly spent any time in the weight room his four years in college. Does he refuse to lift? He has nowhere close to a college football body, let alone an NFL body like Dudley. This talk of Sam Thompson playing football is silly.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Good insight, thanks. I love Sam Thompson, but the guy is no better of an offensive basketball player today than he was when he was as a sophomore (he's improved defensively a good deal, IMO). The dunks vs. North Dakota State are cool and all but the guy hasn't improved his shot at all and he hasn't added a pound of muscle in 3 years.

It's a shame the guy hasn't developed beyond highlight dunks. The 2011 recruiting class was great on paper. I'll always fondly remember Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott as good Buckeyes (I won't Amir Williams), but their lack of development the last two years is a primary reason why this team will be a 7-8 seed in March and likely out in the round of 32 as opposed to a 4-seed with a legit shot at sweet 16/elite 8. Sorry but I think it's true. Down vote away.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Zeke is the man, no doubt. I probably have watched this loop 30x in the last few minutes, and you can't help notice Jalin Marshall's speed creeping in at the end of this run. Damn!! The future is indeed bright.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Ohio State is going to need at least 2 QB's next year. The offense runs QB's a good deal and they get banged up, as evidenced by the last few years of injuries.

I wish the best for Braxton Miller. It may be best for him if he switches positions, but that is what is most likely for him at the next level, particularly if the shoulder isn't the same. How much fun would it be to watch JT and Cardale at QB with Elliott, Braxton, Marshall, Samuel and Wilson in at RB and H-Back? That's just crazy. That would be incredible to watch. It's already insane without Braxton if he chooses to leave, but Ohio State fans should love him for the battles he's already fought for fans.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I get all the Amir Williams stuff. One of my major concerns with this team is that Shannon Scott and Sam Thompson have never stepped it up to the next level the way I think we all hoped they would after watching them early in their careers. They are both good players and I respect the hell out of them but they haven't developed. This team should be led by them and instead they've got a freshman taking the lead. It's not too late for them, particularly Thompson that has shown glimpses of hot shooting in his career.

I also feel the switch to zone early this year hurt the team’s development. It’s a big change for guys like Thompson and Scott that are great man-on-man defenders. Adjusting to the new D probably didn’t help them develop their offensive games.

Still love Thad Matta and couldn’t imagine this program without him. Just a bit disappointed with the development of the 2011 recruiting class…it had so much potential even with Ross leaving early.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

How about Joey Bosa plays run defense on Saturday, instead of trying to get sacks 24/7. Not being a hater, but I think TTUN took advantage of his pass rushing prowess last weekend.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

I think you could probably throw Joe Burrow into one of the most underrated 2015 recruits in the country. The comeback he orchestrated vs. St. Vincent-St. Mary late in the game made a statement about his moxy -- he's building a legend status. I don't see how this guy can be a 3-star player ranked in the 300-400 range nationally. We are going to be very happy we have Joey Burrow in Columbus soon. He plays at the 'Shoe tonight...get yourself comfortable, Mr. Burrow.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

It's not about gambling. I was purely mentioning the odds to derive a probability of one of the teams ahead of OSU losing. TCU, Bama, Oregon, Florida State are all favorites but the odds say ~50% chance one of them loses. Just for info purposes, my man.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Based on the moneyline odds in Las Vegas right now and the related probabilities of victory....TCU is -13,650, 99.27% win probability; Oregon is -485, 82.95% win probability; Alabama is -370, 78.72% win probability; Florida State is -196, 66.22% win probability

The chance that at least one of TCU, Florida State, Oregon and Alabama loses, based on moneyline odds in Vegas (which are not adjusted for the juice), is 57.1%. If you adjust for the juice (bid/ask spread that bookmakers get their money from), it's probably closer to around 50% but just some info. Pretty fair chances one of them's like flipping a coin. Of course, OSU needs to win and they are not favored to do so in Vegas right now.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Interesting, although not comprehensive, reads on the D-League vs. Europe linked below. Serbia was specifically brought up in the second article; players sometimes get batteries, lighters, coins, etc. thrown at them. I looked at this team's current roster and Craft would be the only American. Still, I'd sign the contract if it were just me: a very good salary for someone that age ($100k-ish, tax free) and it'd be a real character building experience, but I imagine it'll probably be Mrs. Craft making the decision. Good luck to Aaron! I'll speculate that he signs with another team in Western Europe (far easier sell to the wife), but I have no insight.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I think when all is said and done, Jae'Sean Tate is going to make the largest impact on this team (over four years). I'm so excited for D'Angelo Russell but I fear he may be around for one year (maybe two). Tate isn't a true NBA talent b/c he doesn't have a real position but he does so many things well and he's a grinder. Not a 2-guard, not a small forward, not a power forward...he's all of those things lumped into one and I think he's going to drive fans of other Big Ten teams nuts the next four years. The first year he may struggle but I really think he's going to be a big factor in the Big Ten his JR and SR seasons. Tate is a very good basketball player, even if he doesn't fit any specific role perfectly.