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Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'd be happy with just Ahmad. He seems like a really solid player that'll make an impact for four years.

I'd love to see Carlton Bragg in Columbus, but I can see him going to college for one year and then leaving for the NBA. That first year in college may be him developing his game with the associated growing pains, and may not be as good as what Ahmad could be his JR and SR seasons.

We shall see. I love the basketball recruiting updates on this site. Great work, Mike!

Comment 21 Aug 2014

This isn't horrible news for Ohio State basketball, to be honest. Mitchell is an electrifying athlete and he would have been fun to watch in Columbus, but I don't think this is so bad for Ohio State...

OSU was in a scholarship crunch. There are some excellent guys in the 2016 class that have OSU at the top of their list; VJ King, Omari Spellman and Derek Funderburk are all top 50 in their class next year and OSU looks like the early leader for all three. If Esa Ahmad commits, OSU would only have 1 available scholarship (with Mitchell on board) for all three. It'd suck seeing Spellman and Funderburk go to a B1G rival b/c we didn't have the scholarships. I'm sure Matta would try to work something out, but that isn't an ideal way to go. Mitchell is now gone, but there will be another very strong recruit to take his place this year or next.

Esa Ahmad isn't the flashy athlete Mitchell is, but I think his game is more complete (Ahmad can hit jumpers). I think Ahmad is a really good player and could be a major contributor for multiple years. I'm not too optimistic about Bragg committing to OSU -- it'd be great to get him but he'd likely be a one-and-done guy.

It's a shame we won't see either Mitchell display their athleticism in Columbus -- both are athletic freaks in my eyes. I wish Mickey and the family well, but I really don't think this is that bad of news for Ohio State. The recruiting pipeline looks loaded.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

It looks like OSU has a serious scholarship crunch for 2016. There are some GOOD players in Ohio that are interested in Ohio State; can you imagine Ohio State having to turn away VJ King, Omari Spellman or Derek Funderburke? All three of those guys are the type of talents that could potentially be the gem of any recruiting class, and the crystal ball predictions for all of them are for OSU (albeit it’s still EARLY). That just goes to show why OSU didn’t show much interest in Moyer, a very good player in his own right.

I think Bragg ends up going to Kansas or Kentucky, which is fine. I still want to land Esa Ahmad if he wants to come to Columbus, but if not it looks like that’ll open up a spot for someone else in 2016 that’ll be an impact player.

I sure hope we don’t have to turn away a player that is top 50 in his class b/c we don’t have an open scholarship. It’s a good problem to have. It’s amazing where Thad Matta has taken this program. Big thumps up to Thad.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

After a rough start his freshman year, he turned out to be a very good player. I think fans should respect his decision -- he can make good money for someone in his early 20's even if he ends up playing in Europe. I hope he makes an NBA roster, but playing Europe could be pretty cool if you're up to living abroad. People will tell Ross, "Look at DeShaun Thomas...what a mistake he made leaving early". DeShaun Thomas is getting paid ~$150k/year, which is big money for someone that age, and playing in Paris, France (not a bad place to live!). He's also on the same team as David Lighty. We forget about these guys when they go abroad, but they do well for themselves.

Good luck to Q. I'll never forget that "cold-blooded 3" he made to beat Arizona in the Sweet 16 last year!

Comment 28 Mar 2014

I wish Ohio would do what Indiana does with IU, Notre Dame, Purdue and Butler, or the "Crossroads Classic".

Who wouldn't get excited about a 4 or 8 team tournament in December for Ohio? Ohio State, Xavier, Dayton, U of Cincinnati, Ohio U, Kent State, Akron, Cleveland State, etc. There's lots of good basketball programs in the state of Ohio and this would be a good test to prepare you for Big Ten play, and probably the NCAA tournament, too.

These pre-conference match-ups vs. Louisiana-Monroe, Delaware, North Dakota State, Bryant -- who the hell cares? It's nice to develop young talent, but to be honest, I think young talent will develop better in games that are actually competitive.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I think a primary reason why Russell committed to OSU was because he expects to play early with Craft and Smith departing. I really doubt Kameron Williams starts over D'Angelo Russell. I think Williams will be a nice player at OSU, but Russell could be great. D'Angelo will be given every opportunity to start as a true freshman. I hope he's up to it because OSU needs him.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Myles Turner sounds quite unlikely for Ohio State. We're stuck with another year of hoping Amir Williams can turn into something useful offensively. OSU's 2015 class must get a true post guy, so landing Daniel Giddens would be a tremendous boost to this program. I think a lack of a true post presence hurt OSU's jump shooting this year b/c they got less good looks than they did when teams had to double team Jared Sullinger, and even DeShaun Thomas, down low.

We'll see what happens with Mickey Mitchell. As much as I like watching him showboat (he's a great athlete) on his YouTube videos, I think he's probably going to de-commit. 

If OSU can land Giddens and Carlton Bragg to go along with this very nice 2014 class, this program will be right back there contending for a Big Ten title in coming years.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

First, I'm worried about this game. OSU's offense can go through very bad stretches of scoring no baskets and you can't do that in the NCAA tournament.

Second, Dayton's team includes a guy that couldn't cut it at OSU and a bunch of players OSU didn't want out of high school. If OSU can't beat Dayton on Thursday, this team should be ashamed. This team is assembled of JR's and SR's that Matta offered scholarships to over the guys that ended up at Dayton. I realize Dayton is a good basketball program, but when you take a step back and look at OSU's resources, the Buckeyes ought to win. If they lose (it could happen), this team will go down as a major disappointment this year.

Screw Sibert. He wasn't good enough for OSU and I hope Thursday's outcome reinforces that.