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Comment 21 Jun 2011

hey --- what's up with the Kalis kid (OL for '12) .... thought he was solidly re-committed after talking to Fickell, now he's taking a trip up north to scUM ... hope he doesn't defect to the dark side

Comment 20 Jun 2011

true true ....  I just think a lot of these guys from ESPN, and Dohrmann were really salivating and foaming-at-the-mouth because it's somebody with Tressel's clean image.

And, Pat Forde, Mark May, Mark Schlabath, etc.   I don't see the same attacking tenacity when they covered say the Auburn Cam Newton issue, or USC, or Florida State --- those are all big programs, too.

ESPN has basically devoted College Football Live programs, in their entirety to the OSU scandals; if nothing else --- it's unbalanced reporting, and not consistent with other schools, who have done much much much worse than having players who got discounts on tats.

Dohrmann deserves a Pulitzer like (too far).


Comment 20 Jun 2011

agreed ---- he is a tool for sure, just his picture alone says tool

Comment 20 Jun 2011

agree to disagree.

Im not saying that that was the main motive at all...Im just saying at the very least --- he's getting some satisfaction out of this because of not just sports reasons.


Comment 20 Jun 2011

"There was no motive of Dohrmann's to oust Tressel because of his political or religious affiliations"


I disgree with you 100%.

Comment 20 Jun 2011

may be, but my gut tells me there's something more. And, you KNOW Dohrmann just is doing cartwheels and patting himself on the back.

I didn't say it was about politics or religion, but I STRONGLY BELIEVE, depsite what anyone will say, that this is part of it --- the kind of person Tressel is. It may explain the SELECTIVE reporting by some in the mainstream sports media (not any different than the political media), who SELECTIVELY go after certain people more than others.

Comment 20 Jun 2011

Well, after checking Dohrmann's twitter page, and who he's "following" , I'm not surprised, and it speak volumes about the kind of guy I thought he was. Nothing but a "getcha" (hackjob) journalist, in the same bloviated class of Barry Obama (Nobel Prize...really? for WHAT?)....Al Gore (Nobel Prize for pushing his hoax down everyone's throat), and Dohrmann himself won a Pulizter (which officially gives the Pulizer Prize zero credibility).

He follows: left-wing economist Paul Krugman of the NY Times, actor Alec Baldwin, big-headed Pat Forde from ESPN, and the re-elect Barack Obama 2012 campaign. For me, as if I needed more reasons to despise this guy, it's obvious he has poor judgment for one thing.

But, now, I'm starting to wonder if there was something more to his recycled hit job on OSU...perhaps he could never stand Jim Tressel and his success because Tressel is a Christian conservative; and Dohrmann is a liberal elitist hackjob, they usually sink to whatever depths to bring down their opponents. I've always thought that this was more than just football --- part of it was about bringing down the kind of people in "flyover country" that these journalist snob types despise.

Comment 18 Jun 2011

Watching the Big 33 Game --- Ohio vs. PA. The Ohio squad looks good.

But, bad news: Devin Smith turned his leg akwardly on the turf, trying to catch a TD pass from Cardale Jones in the 1st quarter. Hope it's just a sprain, but it does look like it's his (left) knee, and not his ankle.

We are already thin at WR as it is, I'm sure the coaching staff is depending on this Smith contributing as a freshman in a few it rains -- it pours.

Pray that it's a just a knee sprain.

Also, OSU should have offered the kid from Ursiline in Y-town, Akis Teague, (headed to Cincy). I know we are loaded at RB and he's small. But this kid runs a 4.4, and is looking Barry Sanders-esque in this game so far. He is fast and quick, and productive. Teague already has wo TDs in the 1st quarter, one a 60-yarder, the other about a 15-yarder and a thing of beauty --- cutting on a dime and making defenders look foolish.

He's gonna be a great return specialist if nothing else.




UPDATE --- Smith apparently is fine --- he's back in the game, and just caught a 54-yard TD pass from Cardale Jones. Great to see two future Buckeyes hook up for a scoring connection, and happy to see Smith is ok.

Comment 14 Jun 2011

well, my larger point  is that it was NOT Tressel's idea for him to "take one for the team", but Les Wexner's and the Board.

Comment 14 Jun 2011

As per Gene Smith, rumors abound that he could be out by the end of June.

I know Tressel made some mistakes, (think they've been blown waaaay out of proportion), & the cover-up was worse than the crime.

But, I have a feeling that Tressel DID notify Gene Smith when he initially received the e-mails about the tatoos, etc.

I think the timing of this was to protect Gene Smith because of the fact that was head of the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee for this past season, (thanks for the crappy bracket placement, b.t.w. Gene). I think Smith (and the powers-that-be) wanted to protect himself and also thought it would be really bad PR for the university.

My hunch is Smith knew. Tressel is the scapegoat for (the dispensable) Smith. Hope it's wrong, but that's my gut feeling.

Comment 30 May 2011

well, we know all of the so-called "journalists" at esPEEn are joyful...those foaming-at-the-mouth for more negative news about tOSU types....Pat Forde, Mark May, Bob Ley, and co.

F them all. I boycott ESPN now....I cancelled my subscription to the their magazine after that last garbage. It's not that they were reporting the news, its that they dedicated entire programs to it, with such veracity that was missing in other scandals (i.e. Auburn, Tennessee, Okie State, USC). ESPN has agendas, clearly.

I would have loved to have seen Coach Tress not resign, if for no other reason, just to piss off the media hacks.

I STILL think it was not warranted....covering up for players who sold their stuff --- it pales in comparison to playing a QB in a NCG who's father knowingly pimped him out for cash to be rented for a year. (This happened in the SEC, Mark May).

The NCAA is the most hypocritical, phony organization imaginable.

As for dealing with reality ---- the new coach should not be Urban Meyer. He didnt look so great without Tim Tebow last year and he had a few top-ranked recruiting classes. U of F was not exactly squeaky-clean, either. Plus he resigned twice in the span of 13 months due to "health issues". Plus he works for the toilet bowl media org. called ESPN.

I say Gary Patterson of TCU -- you win with defense, esp. in the Big 10. Just look at the guy's track record --- always always a top 5 defense, and a great offense...and this is with second-tier recruits. Clean program. Great coach. Always double-digits wins. 14-0  last year after beating a darn good Wisconsin team in the Rose Bowl. It's a no-brainer to me.