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Comment 18 Jun 2015
All i can say is, that being a buckeye football guy is one tough, competitive business. All the chatter about super frosh coming up behind you, academics, social struggles, spotlight, pressure. of luck to this kid. I hope he kicks ass in the sec. I hope kentucjy beats alabama...and bielema
Comment 18 Jun 2015
Ive been quiet for awhile, but as a Cincy native, i simply had to come out of hibernation so i could put a pox on brown and his stooge, marvin. Say what you will about pryor, but he deserves better than a quick release. Dalton, mccarron? Jokes. Fuck the bengals. Tke out.
Comment 02 May 2015
So, if the consensus is that "we're a football school and not a 1st tier basketball school and never will be"...then why in the hell did we pour untold gazillions into the Schot and have one of the highest paid coaches in the country?? Why oh why?
Comment 08 Apr 2015

I've got my BS from OSU and my MBA from UC. I've lived in both cities. Cincinnati has a lot of history, great tradition, world class museums and symphony, top restaurants, beautiful location, a revitalized downtown, and a love of their sports teams. Columbus has THE, an unbeatable fanbase, some great neighborhoods, museums, etc. 

I've never bad mouthed any city in Ohio. I'm proud to be from Ohio. I follow and pull for all Ohio sports teams, especially my Buckeyes....but I honestly can't stand haters and badmouthers. If you don't like Cincinnati, or Cleveland or wherever, for whatever reason, keep your petty wimpering whining to yourself.

go Bucks!

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Three things about today: 1. I'm afraid the selection committee has it right. Ohio state probably doesn't belong in the tournament and a 10 spot is just a bone thrown our way. One and out.

2. Bosa and all the other ballers need to stay from chicks like this. Pure disgusting.

3. Thad is winding down...the era is just about over.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I agree that I'm really concerned about Thad's health and, although who to replace him opens up a ton of criticism on this site, I like Shawn miller at Arizona. He squeezes the most out of every player and seems to get guys who stay in school. Coaching is not forever and ohio state offers too many resources to be mediocre like this year. Forget past records, the future is not looking bright right now.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Selection committee respected the bucks by allowing them in...But as a 10th seed, and after that Wisconsin slaughter,  they recognized that the team is really not competitive and Thad's guys will tap out in the first game. 

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Matta takes em to final four...

(sarcasm font)... Afraid them days is way over.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Pete = hof. Period. Forget the ...for the 'integrity of the game' bullshit. Self righteous fans remind me of something we really despise on this site: Haters gonna hate. 

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Stop it. Stop it. Nothing more than a suckers bet for this tourney. Our ballers have only won twice ...2 hear that...twice... all year on the road against winning teams... Minnesota 17-14 and Penn State 16-15. And you think mattas got something up his sleeve come tournament time? 48-72... That's the buckeye momentum this March.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

$3,200,000....I want more from this...every single year. Never expect a championship every year, but no tail between the legs embarassment in a home game finale...Unacceptable...period.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Thad's about to become the winningest coach in our schools history...pretty cool and congratulations...although that next win might not come until we play a cupcake next November. Seriously, someone's got to look in the mirror and say, "the roster has mcdonalds all Americans, four star recruits, heralded big men...but we got nothin." One of the ballers said they were discouraged by the outcome...they should be totally embarrassed. I can't remember being slaughtered like that at home. Afraid the program this year was a train wreck. Wish the seniors well. Buckeyes forever.