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Comment 20 Mar 2014
I feel bad for craft. If they throw this one away, he ends a pretty good career with a bunch of turnovers. Hopefully, the flyers finish the game throwin up bricks...cause we sure cant shoot better than we have in 1st half.
Comment 19 Mar 2014

I'm so stoked about this year that I'm losing sleep waiting for it...we got a wake up call last year with the lousy defense, some bad play calling, and perhaps coaching complacency....but look out this for this bunch riding hard on an undefeated season. I don't care if my seats ARE top six. I'll be there for my team.

Comment 17 Mar 2014
A lot of people forget that ohio is a good bb state and osu is bound to c0llide with proven programs like uc, x, and dayton. Bottom line is not conspiracy because most prople dont really care about ohio state....especially after a mediocre season. Take away the cupcakes and the bucks are a .500 team. Can't blame committee if osu loses to dayton. Want to,play american? Then win your conference. Earn it.
Comment 16 Mar 2014

At a 6, you're going to get a 11 that is a regional rival if possible, and a team that's only a couple wins from a 6-8. Dayton and others  fit that bill, so the bucks would have it tough anywhere. Even though they came from 18 back against Neb, their shooting will cost them especially against a zone that Dayton loves. I hope they can sneak by Dayton, but Smityh and Williams have to show up. Unfortunately Carft and Smith continue to shoot volume, but miserably off target. If the Flyers win, it's an upset to all of us, but if the Bucks win, they probably flame out in 2nd against the Cuse. Very tough year...  

Comment 27 Feb 2014

I love my Bucks, but this program is in a lot of trouble. The talent just isn't enough to compete. Point guard turnovers, no big man. Poor shooting all season. Probably an 8 seed after possible losses at Indiana and/or Sparty. Bounced out in first round. Probably one and out in Big tourney as well. If it was a horse they'd shoot it.