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Comment 55 minutes ago
Clearly, twilight/night games bring huge intensity to any college football game and it's pretty unfair to throw under the bus the 105000 who fought traffic, horrible weather, early start, non-marquee opponent to get there. Those constant blaring annoying snippets of noise Saturday do not rev up a crowd... Remember _ichigan, penn state, wisky, sparty every year and texas, miami, usc, Ive been to em and the fan noise is indescribable. As far as me giving up my tickets to younger 'louder' fans...nope.
Comment 16 hours ago

No status quo!!! We move up a notch. No get jumped. The frickin  coaches poll and AP are demoralizing. Hope to hell the CFP ignores the haters and the rubber stampers when they critique everyone, one by one. As long as there's a Deep South qb named Bo, you know ther's gonna be a happy ending somewhere. And FSU..what a joke. Really? That clown pushes the referee out of the way and doesn't draw a flag? 

Stomp an animal pelt Saturday...

Comment 19 hours ago

We have problems in a lot of areas such as both parts of the kicking game, run defense, and some breakdowns on WR effort.....BUT every team 1-6 in the CFP has problems also. The big12 score points, but no defense. We jump both of them either Tuesday night or next week after the game. Go Bucks...go get us one more stinkin animal pelt.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Coaches must've told punt returners not to take anything remotely resembling a risky return. Maybe open space of about 20 yards. Hoosiers getting lots of good rolls on no catches.

Comment 19 Nov 2014
I remember last year at this very same game sitting in C deck and watching the snow blizzard swirl into the stadium from the north. A message from the football gods: "Crush the hoisiers!"