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Comment 28 Jan 2015

I've always cringed (fingers on chalkboard) when NSD begins creeping up and some of these kids are taking in their last impressions of OSU, making last official visits to the dead of winter! !! After taking in the likes, by contrast, of the warm southern campuses, you REALLY REALLY have to have faith in them loving our staff and remembering how beautiful the Oval is the other times of the year.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

It actually is amazing that so mAny of these early commitments pan out on signing day. With so many choices in a young person's life, to stick with your first one is mind boggling.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

That pic of JT and Cardale smiling at each other is priceless...two friends enjoying a moment in time

Comment 26 Jan 2015
Glad they didnt call it...because it coulda been a flag on that hit...probably shoulda been. But it was our night...
Comment 26 Jan 2015
Russell's most likely gone after this year....and then what? Entire team built around #0. Kentucky just reloads...looks like we start over. I'm worried about the next several years if we can't keep up with the Jones's. Getting a 9 seed is nothing to look forward to IMHO.
Comment 22 Jan 2015

This team is going to make the NCAA because they'll get close to 20 wins and because the field is large. But reality is they are a one man show and could be a one and done in the tourney if they go in as a 6 or 7.

Comment 20 Jan 2015
I see nothing. I know nothing....but i have read nothing in a looonnnggg time updating the world about Miller's rehab progress. I hope to god he doesn't have one of those fluke injuries that never heals.
Comment 20 Jan 2015
Dalton's probably in his last death throes in Cincinnati. I suspect he may make it thru next season, but seeing them take the ball away from him in the playoff game shows they've lost complete faith in him. Gone.
Comment 16 Jan 2015
The guy's the deserving Heisman winner. Without him, Oregon's an average team. Remember, 4 of his top 5 receivers were out for the NCG. And those first half drops killed em. Good luck to a fine young man and a true leader.