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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU Memory - Sitting A Deck (actually standing the entire game) during the OSU v ttun Game in '06 and charging the field after the W.
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Comment 26 Oct 2016

The elusive heady-topper - the unicorn of beers.  I have not been fortunate enough to snag one, but I have heard good things. 

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Agreed.  And to elaborate on your point about 'crisp' routes, it doesn't seem that the receivers are completing their routes.  I assume each play is designed intricately so that each player has purpose.  So, if receiver A is first look and likely to get the rock, the route receiver B is running is designed to pull a defender to another side of the field etc....  If they don't complete their routes or are not running crisp routes it all starts to break down. 

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Thumbs up to Leon Bridges - They nabbed one of the guitar players from one of my favorite bands - White Denim. 

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Excited for the new Two Door album.  I have seen them live and they are a ton of fun.

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Thumbs up for Shakey Graves - I saw him most recently in Louisville over the summer and it was a fantastic show. 


Comment 18 Oct 2016

Postseason MVP to this point goes to Miller, IMHO.  What he is doing is simply absurd.  However, Kluber and Frankie are very fair considerations. 

What are your thoughts on a season MVP?  I'd say you have a pretty solid list, but would have to include Jose Ramirez if you opened up the convo a bit. 

Its great having this discussion because they have truly embodied TEAM all season long.  Constantly picking each other up.  This team has been soo much fun to watch.     

Comment 18 Oct 2016

I went to game two of this ALCS and sat next to a number of Blue Jay fans.  They were intense and proud of their team, but were not inappropriate.  Perhaps it never went too far because they were largely outnumbered.. who knows?  I can appreciate a respectable level of banter (talking sh** the right way), but have little tolerance when it becomes ignorant and offensive. 

As an aside, I have been to sporting events of all types and I have seen some downright awful behavior.  So, I guess it can happen anywhere.  It's always that one person or a small group of people acting a certain way that casts a negative shadow over a much larger group.  The ugly draws most of the attention.  Unfortunately, it is what it is...  

Comment 14 Oct 2016

Its crazy to think that timeouts were removed and eventually penalties were called for excessive crowd noise.  I will say soaking in the pageantry of other universities on game day is a lot of fun.  I have never been to Camp Randall, but I would like to think the jump around is pretty awesome. 

Thanks for sharing!   

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I am not sure if you have had any of the following, however if you are looking for quality thick crust pizza in Columbus you might want to check out Adriaticos or even Bexley Pizza Plus.  Or even Meister's in the Grandview area for deep dish.  All solid options.