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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU Memory - Sitting A Deck (actually standing the entire game) during the OSU v ttun Game in '06 and charging the field after the W.
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Comment 29 Sep 2016

There are multiple stores selling jerseys on those sites, so I guess it all depends on which store you purchase from.  I recently purchased an Indians throwback jersey and I have to say that the quality is impeccable.  I wore it to a game a few weeks ago and received multiple compliments.   As far as size, I purchased a Med (size 40, I believe) and it fits perfectly.  Some stores, if you clink around a bit, will have a size chart which is helpful.


Comment 27 Sep 2016

That's awesome!  Glad you got to share it with your mom.  I had a phone call with mamma Shaffe last night as well.  After the '97 WS loss I cried (I was in grade school) and seeing how distraught I was she allowed me to skip school the next day.  Mom's always know best. 


Comment 22 Sep 2016

Playing baseball growing it was a thing to trade pins with the other team.  So, when we would travel out of state for tournaments we'd trade pins and engage with the other team in a way I always thought was really awesome.  So, I guess, that concept has morphed into trading Buckeye necklaces and I never expect something in return, but often it happens.  Its awesome. I have met some really awesome people and had great conversation as a result. 


Comment 21 Sep 2016

There is an individual in my office who tries so hard, but far too often falls victim to malapropism among other egregious grammatical miscues... I am not a huge fan, so I just sit back and laugh..

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Zach - I have had very similar experiences.  I had great conversation with VT fans and those same people welcomed me the following year and even gave their email address had I decided to take the trip.  Last year's game against ttun was also my first true away game.  I had a great time and the opposing fans I engaged with we all really friendly.  One guy offered up directions while another lady let me jump in line with her while we waited to get down to our seats.  I had a few college students boo me (girls mostly which made me laugh) while walking around, but that is all harmless. 

PS Cool avatar pic.. looks almost identical to mine.. Last years blackout against PSU?


Comment 19 Sep 2016

That is fantastic to hear and I certainly hope tOSU fans behave accordingly when OU visits Columbus next year. I hate to say it, but too often have I seen tOSU fans act like idiots to opposing fan bases - I can't stand that type of behavior. 

After the OSU USC game at home and the OSU Kansas (final four) game I had great conversation with members of the opposing fan base and even offered up my buckeye necklace as a souviner of sorts (I am superstitious to say the least and my luck ran out with the necklaces) and unexpectedly I received a USC pin and Jayhawks hat in return.  These types of interactions make the entire experience mutually memorable for good reason. 


Comment 19 Sep 2016

  I also don't believe that the whole academic  is as prominent as people are led to believe  

I agree with you here.  Slightly higher, but hiding behind that get a bit ridiculous after a while.  I have a friend who graduated from ND and served as a tutor to a number of football players during the early 2000's and has always maintained they probably shouldn't have been admitted anywhere let alone ND.  For what that's worth, I guess..