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Comment 20 Sep 2015

Yes Missouri being in the top 25 is a joke, They barely beat Uconn this week. SEC bias. I hate Alabama but if they had won last night....we would deserve 2nd place. Because we've played nobody. It's great to see MSU getting some love. In a perfect world we'll go undefeated and only beat MSU by (less than 10) putting 2 B1G teams into the playoff.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

What seriously bothers me is it's Saturday so we have College game day at 9:00 am and games past midnight..... All Good.

However, some ranked teams are playing real games. Against a very good MAC team (Sarcasm) we struggle. WTF would happen if we played a ranked team about now ? We're playing teams who aren't near the top 25 and you'd think it was a top 5 team with our performance. We are under achieving in a major don't have to worry about the Heisman least not until we show up.

Crazy is doing the same damned thing and expecting different results.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

NIU Did NOT get dumped. That dumping sound that you heard may have been our guarantee of being in the final 4, going down the toilet. We completely sucked today and I suppose there are going to be some hard conversations today, tomorrow, Monday, between our coach and his staff and team. We've stumbled, tripped, hit the wall and now people are wondering how we looked so bad 3 weeks in a row. Oh that's right......we haven't even played anyone GOOD yet. Changes are needed.

Comment 17 Sep 2015

We've got 2 guys with healthy shoulders and they pass it very well. Nobody wants to see Braxton get hurt again. Imagine being the guy who calls that BM pass if the shoulder gets hurt incredibly uncomfortable 30 seconds as we go to a commercial.

Whenever he seems physically ready...... give it a couple more weeks with soft passes in the practice facility. I personally wouldn't have him pass the ball until the training staff says he's 110% no limitations.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

It was beautiful to see. Everybody wants this guy to reach very high levels.....the sky is the limit.

I wonder how he's feeling today ? Many hits and he kept it going. I hope the trainers can teach him how to be protective so he isn't dealing with negatives. Imagine in December.... Heisman trophy winner is: (OSU)_____ and in second, third, 5th, are various other Buckeye stars.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

In my perfect world, NFL GM's look at a need their team has and they ask the obvious.....Can I get a Buckeye ? I'm still hoping teams will wake up and realize that Troy Smith is being asked to watch NFL games at home when he could start on 1/2 of the teams and be a solid back up on the other 1/2. Let's hope all Buckeyes with health and talent are picked up by someone. Hey Browns..... Have you looked at your roster recently ? Want to be the favorite team in Ohio or the tri state area ? Pick up a few Buckeyes.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

11 WR on scholarship. I hope at the end of the season we have 2 with over 1000 yards (Very possible) and all WR having playing time and a couple hundred yards or more. We'll need to pass much more but who cares ? I'll take a Buckeye championship in any shade of Scarlet.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

We could do better. Here's a concept..... challenge yourself. We should lose the 8 or 10 teams that would lose 99 times if we played them 100 times. Those teams provide us nothing except a few more dollars in the bank account. Lose those games and have a bake sale. Seriously this is an embarrassment.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

9 Absolute cupcakes in the preseason......No change from last year. Why doesn't Men's Basketball follow the lead of the league (Football) and tell these cupcakes to just go away.

This is a research university........ It's time to spend a few dollars and do a major study....... What's needed for The Ohio State University to become a college that you can imagine (expect ?) to get to the final 4 on a regular basis (3 out of 5 years) and to win a CHAMPIONSHIP in the next few years. The number of fans who were alive when the last championship was won is getting smaller all of the time.

I love Thad Matta but a fabulous recruiting class once every 15 years is just not enough around here. Yes that class was fabulous but college basketball teams that are "Great" make the final 4 more consistently.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Things are getting better but Army and FAU were sad additions. Suggestions for teams to play: NC, NC State, Oklahoma St., Miami, FL, Pitt., Duke, Washington, Washington St., Oregon St., Colorado, Cal., BYU, Tennessee, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky,  Auburn, Kansas, Kansas St., Mississippi, Mississippi St., Georgia, Arizona, Arizona St., Stanford, Texas Tech, Iowa St., West Virginia, Syracuse, Clemson, etc..

Look at the bottom 70% of the power 5 conf. and schedule those teams. Nobody listed above would beat us most years. Not until we play and beat other conferences can we say that we're better. I'm seriously hoping the schedule improves. Sadly because the comish  orders it.....we're not allowed cupcakes anymore (sarcasm). We need to challenge ourselves with tough opponents. Once that's done and we beat them, we'll know that we have faced the best and beat them.

Hope and pray that Wisc. beats Alabama, and almost all B1G teams beat opponents from other conferences

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I look so forward to the days when we pull in 6 or 8 five star prospects in a season instead of 1, maybe 2.

This young WR looks very good. I hope that we get him. I think a commit to a back to back National Champion is much better so all we need is to continue ruling the football world.

I'd hope this kid continues to grow. 5 feet 9 inches is small. Very small.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

ARMY and FAU are both weak opponents and therefore somebody should be embarrassed. The new teams that we will play including: Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, TCU, etc., etc. are fine but Army is not good and FAU is a joke. Throw a freaking dart at the center of the SEC, Big 12, ACC, and play one of those instead of two weak, pathetic teams in this thread.

With VT, and 3 cupcakes our strength of schedule is mid 50's. Alabama is number 1 or 2..... we should always be top 25 which can't be guaranteed but you can bet an N,W,S, or E in front of a state name means they are and will always be weak. Somebody is getting paid for this.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Silver Bullets...... Platinum Bullets.....maybe time for an upgrade. Defense wins championships.

Comment 22 Aug 2015

I expect and pray that everything will be great. New or changed makes me worry. Obviously Ed W. has done fabulous and Urban believes in him..... In the "Preseason" I would like him to consider calling the offensive plays from the booth/press box....... maybe not his style, but you can see the entire field. See the entire field Ed. You can give up slapping the slobs on their ass when they walk off the field if it makes you a better play caller.

A great play caller is known as something else......"New Head Coach", enjoy the large pay raise. (somewhere) Maybe Kansas

Comment 19 Aug 2015

Between J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones, the question is in BOLD PRINT, who do you not play ? Correct answer:  This is no correct freaking answer. These young men are at the cusp of something very special. A year where all that we can do, we will. do. The bar is raised to a spot that most can't imagine. We'll exceed expectations even though they started out strong. A historic season is just 18 or so days away. We have a fabulous 2 deep at every position. Even deeper in some spots. We should be unstoppable offensive team this year. We should almost score at will.

A strong win over Oregon gets Mich St. respect and a slight bump in the polls, After we beat MSU in a close game in Columbus, they fall just a bit, leaving open the chance for 2 B1G teams in the play off. If MSU has one close loss on the road versus the number 1 that really a negative ?

Comment 15 Aug 2015

It's all good. Great point made by Urban, this is a major program and there will be depth. Given a hill he could not climb, Gibson found an area of need and got in line. A fabulous example for all young athletes in a competitive  situation. That doesn't stop the same QB battle in his next couple of years. Good luck to all Bucks.