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Comment 30 Nov 2015

A huge fan of CHAOS........Cause if chaos wins, Buckeyes go to the top 4.

Even though it's not too likely, we need to hope a lot that NC beats Clemson and/or Miami beats Bama. Bama failing will also help by keeping Henry from winning the Heisman.

I would love to see the B1G champion look damned good and both 1 and 2 fail. A perfect top 4 would be 1. Iowa or MSU, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Ohio State, 4. either NC or Stanford.....    W O W

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Topgun, You are absolutely correct. What we've had was nice but small compared to the dynasty that should have started. It was fabulous seeing greatness revisit our team. The big question now is who stole them 8 days ago ? I think the crew could be fine tuned. In college football circles, there must be talk about best offensive coordinator ('s) in the that persons services with an immediate start date. Press box may not be enough. Just in case the college football gods smile upon us with chaos next Saturday.... it will take a loss by Clemson (chance 40%) and/or a loss by Alabama (chance 20%) for the Buckeyes to make top 4. Currently 6 with Iowa or MSU to fall.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Houston / Navy game is ending now. Tom Herman had his Houston offense score 52 points. 51 weeks ago it was 59 on Wisconsin. Hou was 16/19 on third downs for 5 TD's. Sound familiar ? I'm thinking maybe TH deserved more credit for the win last year. What have we done since TH left ? We've collapsed like a cheap tent.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

I just watched last years offense and it was/is a thing of beauty. I was like damn, that's how we looked. Trouble is I am watching the Houston game, and Tom Herman was a joy to watch. Problem recognized....shouldn't a school with a massive budget hire the nation's best play caller ? Of course they should....or at least someone who's in the top 3. Where do we a hole....Mr. Beck might rank very high two digits or low three digits. With some of the top talent in the USA, I expect the expectations are as high as ever because that's what makes sense. Beat Michigan and the world moves forward.

In life what's important should be the well being of loved ones. Hoping for great college football is reasonable as well. Hoping for PSU, Auburn, S.Carolina, Okla St., TCU, and Stanford... to deliver a much needed upset win.

GO BUCKS !!!!!! Thank you Seniors !!!!!!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

O line sucked. Block somebody or sit your big ass down and let someone else do the job.

Play calling sucked. For 525,000.00 you should get the concept....That's not working - we should try something else.

JT ran the ball 857 times in the 2nd 1/2. Well it seemed that way.....There's a pattern here....some plays JT loses 4 yards, other plays he gains 1 yard. Let's keep doing this because it isn't helping things at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense couldn't stop MSU on the run. We knew they weren't passing the ball but we still couldn't stop them.

MSU were ranked about 85th nationally against the pass. Good thing we didn't pass the damned ball  ?!?!?

A lot of disappointed fans in Ohio today........ DON'T MAKE ANY CHANGES BECAUSE THIS (FAILURE, WEAKNESS, INABILITY) is what (SARCASM) we all want. This week it's coordinators we're calling out. Make no changes and deliver a loss to Hairball next Saturday and the temp will go way up. Excuse me, I believe something stinks.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Make the news again....We have found the problem and we cut it out. Time to move forward. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

It happened. It should have been fixed before last Saturday but it wasn't. Keep things as they are and keep answering the question: Did you step in dog shit ? Because something stinks.


Get rid of Mr. Beck and Mr. Warn.... (The O line guy)...... Things are bad and you might as well address it because America is talking about it non-stop. I don't care if we have no OC this Saturday because we had no OC last Saturday. It can't get worse that that poor excuse. Mr. Meyer, check the bottom of your shoes.

What a great deal we had with Tom Herman. Imagine what we could have accomplished with even a half decent Offensive Coordinator. Tom Herman made 1.6M this year. Houston has offered a raise...... I think we should offer him 2.5M per year.

Comment 22 Nov 2015


 It takes guts to say the truth sometimes. Sadly too damned many homer fans will gladly stick their freaking heads back into the sand and hopes it just goes away.

You, Braxton, and 8 - 9 others should have been shown more respect in your final game in the shoe. You all earned and deserved better. The current administration is having trouble with honesty at the moment. It's never easy to fire someone but 99.99999% of the time, he or she who is fired........deserve what they get. A lame ass approach would be to deflect attention until you're actually ready to deal with it.

Never question the value of saying the truth. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

UFM stepping forward to take the bullet for Tim Beck. If you're "Really" calling any've been terrible all year. Terrible is all you get for 525,000.00 a year. Any homeless person (even a drunk one who hasn't eaten) could/would call better plays. Remove the cancer before it spreads.

Receivers dropping the ball was very bad. That's right........they weren't catching the ball in that multi million dollar in door practice facility. That's why they should have practiced in the rain !!!!!!!!!!!!! So it will seem like you've seen rain before.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Bigmarty, Take your head out of your ass. EZE is not nearly responsible for this loss in any way. Wanna know who is ? Urban Meyer. If you Captain the ship you are responsible if hit hits an Iceberg. In my opinion Tim Beck should be polishing his resume. He looked very bad this last Saturday. His play calling and lack of player development has looked bad all year. I'd fire Luke Fickell and Tim Beck. I'd put Ed Warinner and Chris Ash on notice. Below is from a Sept. 11W article. You decide where money is being wasted

URBAN MEYER HC $5,800,000
CHRIS ASH CO-DC/S $590,000
TIM BECK CO-OC/QB $525,000
ZACH SMITH WR $170,035 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I would like the 4.5 million dollar explanation. ___________________________ was the problem, and ___________________________ is how we're going to fix it. Accountability. People screw up sometimes. People aren't up to the job sometimes. Acknowledge that the problem is recognized and advise how we shouldn't expect a shitty game from now on. I think at least 1 and perhaps 3 or 4 persons should be called out for not earning their pay.

We have a fabulous CEO but bad upper management. A good CEO wouldn't let dead wood bring down the ship.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Sad Sad Sad. A punch in the gut. Many people  worked  very hard....... Good people are disappointed. Mister Meyer, who gets credit for this mess ????? The team was entirely ineffective....., play calling was very bad, you ran out of cup cakes....offensively we were ineffective. Defense could not stop the opponent..... somebody should be fired today. Coordinators seemed to have no idea or no ideas on how to be better. I think Mr. Beck and Mr. Fickle should be called out......Worth the dollars being spent ? NO..... Today we didn't get 4.5 million dollars worth of coaching.... maybe 2.0 worth. What changes were made a 1/2 time....? Let's have a plan...

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Wow, I would have liked to hear the audio of the above two segments. Perhaps You tube or espn's web site will have a better version.

I am so damned hopeful that we play GREAT the rest of this year and into January. I would love to win and would love to do so in a strong manner such as 42 - 14. The most important thing is to get to the playoffs, beat Alabama on the way to winning it all. I am so sick of the mindset this country has on over estimating the entire sec conf.. Only showing that they are very beatable will that start to change.

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Back when we had an OC (on the way to a championship) would have been conceivable that Braxton Miller could get 10 receptions in a game. A great way for this young man to enjoy his last game in the shoe.

Instead we'll continue stumbling, bumbling as we have the previous 10 weeks......... Luckily we've had far more raw talent and a superior head coach. Difference now is we're starting to play teams with small numbers in front of their team names. Too late in the year for second chances. Mr. Meyer, would you mind calling plays this Saturday ? We've been busy playing down to the competition. Probably because (as some morons have said) we have been hiding our good plays until it matters. I believe we have the talent to beat MSU and probably UM. When it's Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma (or State) it will be much tougher to just show up without an excellent attack plan.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

OSU BB, Keep your expectations low. We'll get there. That's if there is ranked 18 or 20. Better than that is reserved for colleges that play both FB and BB. Remember our last good run ? After their freshman years they left. They took our hopes with them.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

We have it very good, that is for sure. Without doubt we're blessed with a great university, great talent, and a great head coach. That being acknowledged.....There is much room to improve and reasons for expecting much more !

First person who should be punished is whomever is responsible for our weak ass schedule. We know these are done way in advance but since the new emphasis during the play off era considers strength of schedule as a very important factor, it screws us that we appear so damned weak.

Next is our offense co-ordinators. They may have fabulous potential but what they are producing is because of great talent not because of great coaching. We're being constantly reminded of just how good we had it with Tom Herman. Preparing QB's has not been done well. Play calling has not been done well. I think Mr.Meyer should sit these guys down and do a week 11 job performance meeting. Then a clearer picture on how we're going to improve should be seen. Develop QB's and depth at other positions. Call a better game including call to surprise and keep opponents of balance. Make great adjustments and half time.

We should be respected and feared. We should be a dream destination for recruits. We should play and beat ranked teams throughout each year. We should get the benefit of the doubt - always. I sometimes complain here about the buckeyes but it's because I see a team that should tower above all other teams every year. I agree we are good. We can and should be GREAT.

Comment 14 Nov 2015

Back to Buckeye football.......

 Not much time left in the 1/2. We look very bad. I think we're trying to force the play off committee to eliminate us from the top 4. Coach, if the team under performs.........that reflects badly on you. I don't care who is's on you since your paycheck is the largest. Figure it out, make some good adjustments, whatever it takes. This game (like all of our previous cupcake games) should be one where we're up by 30 or 40 points and we look superior. When you earn a lot, people expect a lot. You're not performing like a multi million dollar employee.

1/2 time score should be 42 - 3.