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Comment 22 Jul 2015

I hope that we get at least 30 more years out of him. Made more possible because his entire family will be 110% healthy and happy.

National titles in 26 out of 30 years. 20 Heisman winners. Go Bucks

Comment 22 Jul 2015

The country and the football gods gave us a second chance. We rose up and beat the best available. GO BUCKS.

However, let's not forget what happened less than 12 months ago. Let's give them their due respect. Their team and coaches beat us that day and we got showed the door.

Revenge is what everyone wants but let's be classy and show that we respect every opponent and will over look nobody.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I hate the SEC because their feelings of being superior. BUT, we need to clean up our own messes.

First is better scheduling. Like this year, there are some good match ups. Now win those games. This must continue.

Second is bowl games and their results. When we put 7 teams into bowl games..... We should win 5 of 7 or 6 of 7 That's what it takes to get respected.

Third is the life blood - Recruiting ! Ohio state does very well but I'm looking for us to move up that ladder until were number 1 in the nation - every year. We need to look outside of the horse shoe.......Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois, etc., etc. We need to cheer for better recruiting for all because this will make the B1G a stronger group.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I voted yes because with this stock pile of talent.......who do you sit - and when. Personally, my idea is Braxton at WR because re-injurying the shoulder means broadcasting games on the Big 10 network next year. And a good year at WR/KR means 7 - 10 years in the NFL. JT is our starting QB and Cardale is just too damned good not to play. I wouldn't rotate too much but 1st and forth versus 2nd and third quarter is a nice plan. Braxton should be working with strength and conditioning coaches.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I voted for JT because the starting QB at Ohio State is a very high profile position.

I hope the season/ year ends with 5 Buckeyes getting Heisman votes.

Winner: JT, next Zeke, then Cardale, then Bosa, then Braxton (a damned fine WR/KR

All of our skill players need to get on the field. Great coaches will decide how to play this chess game.

GO BUCKS !!!!!!!

Comment 17 Jul 2015

We now seem to have everything going in the right direction. I think the program is shining bright with a battle towards the National Championship. I believe we could win a few in a row if we keep recruiting top 4 or better. If we can win it all again, who wouldn't want to play for Mr Meyer ? I think we may be able to play to an even higher level. 7 or 8 titles in a 10 year period.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

My choice for starter is JT. I do worry about his ankle and knee. I think he's the best thing that we have seen at QB for a very long time.

Lot's of Braxton fans out there. I love him and his commitment to the program but he's not the best QB. I love Cardale as well. We have the problem that every other coach in America would love to have,

Comment 16 Jul 2015

2 from one conference would be very unlikely but it will happen. What it will take is a conference championship between 2 highly ranked teams. Number 1 Ohio State beats number 2 Whomever in the conf. championship game and it ends 38 - 39 in double overtime. One goes in as highest ranked team and two goes in as a 3 seed. Avoiding 4th seed because too soon for a rematch.

For this to be even possible...... B1G teams need to schedule tougher opponents. Too soon to criticize but this years preseason schedule is too damned weak. We should put 1 quality opponent and 2 - 3 others who are not jokes into each preseason.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I voted for WR. Only 1 person voted for RB. If Braxton gets the starting job.......he'll look like a RB. How do you kill a star RB's season ? Put another good RB in the backfield for every play. That would make me feel like crap. Won't make Zeke happy either as his draft value will continue to fall each time Braxton remembers that he can't pass and runs for 6 - 50 yards.

Whats needed ? A great QB. What might we get ? RB number 2. When the opponents put 8 in the box (because we're not passing)... it all starts to go to hell. That would be a very bad choice as we have great QB's available, ready, and very accomplished.

Comment 12 Jul 2015

I voted yes.......Undefeated to get in. But, who expected that last year there would be so many teams with a lost heading into the selection. I sure didn't. Seeing Alabama, and Oregon lose in the regular season was very refreshing.

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Homers are letting "Feelings" get in the way of logic. It was Jim Tressel who won us our last championship. Not Braxton in '12. Not Braxton in '13, not even close. Obviously not Braxton in '14. Everybody expects Braxton to win because Meyer is coach. That might be the case but don't be let down if it looks like Clemson kicking our ass - last time Braxton was "The guy".

Braxton is a great Buckeye and I hope he has mad success this next season. In my opinion he will do so in a position he can look forward to persuing - WR and KR,

I voted (stick with what has worked) JT. Cardale playing as well and occasional  trick plays with Braxton. A perfect season is undefeated national champs with all key players healthy.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Class Act !!!! One of my kids and my grandchildren ran into Cardale at a (different) baseball game. Cardale was very nice and talked to everyone and gave autograph's. He's made a big impression on so many people. I think this is how the best in college sports is supposed to be. I expect this will take him very far into success. You win with people.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I'm sure hoping it's to say I'm healthy and working to improve my strength and conditioning.

I watched ESPN all day and it was on the bottom of the screen scroll. The wording sounded vague. Hmmmmm

I believe WR and Kick returner with occasional wildcat would be a great move. Then we / they need to decide who's going to be 3rd team QB so they can get more familiar with everything. If BM transfered and then got re-injured, he'd be nowhere. If he got re-injured at OSU he would be at home and with family who care about him.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Very stupid question.

Because of the huge one and done factor he doesn't belong in the conversation. Probably 6 - 10 players that deserve consideration.

Had he won a national championship, won the Wooden award, or been the first overall draft pick, maybe.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I hope and expect that after all talent / efficiency / preparedness judgments, that all 3 will feel like they were treated fairly and given good advice of what they should do next to continue to improve. My opinion is JT should start and play 60% of snaps, Cardale should be a key contributor and play 38/39 % of snaps, and Mr. Miller should be a great WR and KR with a dozen or so snaps in the wildcat and goal line situations.

With his youth, I wouldn't mind a flip of Cardale and JT in the above numbers.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Jack Tatum. But seriously I believe it said recent players so that must mean within 3 - 4 years. My pick without question is

Ryan Shazier. One of those Buckeyes who was missed after he left.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

OSU football seriously screwed up on this one. An 85 year old ex-manager of Woody Hayes !!!!!!!! and a former AF pilot. !!!!!!

Money isn't everything and somebody should have stepped up and talked to their boss and said - Take a look at this one. Can't we make an exception a few times.

This is very disappointing to me. Time for a do over. At 85 he wasn't going to buy tickets for 20 more years so they could have whored for the top price in a couple of years.