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Comment 13 hours ago

I hope that Weber doesn't change his mind but if Harbaugh comes in it could cause a wave in recruiting.

Question:  Why doesn't Ohio State look at JUCO transfers ? I was recently on and they listed the top JUCO transfers nationwide...... only a handful were 5 stars, many were 4 stars, and some were 3 stars. It seems like something we should consider if we could pick and choose based on need at a position. The cut off date for signing JUCO transfers was a few days ago (I believe)

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I really like Herman and I wish him good luck. However, as I have said before....... if he would have been patient and waited another 12 - 24 months....... I believe Head Coaching jobs will open up at better Universities. Jump too quick and you get what you get......

It's very important that we fill this position with a high quality OC. To mesh with Urban, it will need to be someone who runs an open read option system. I would pay top dollar for the top talent. Muschamp just got 1.6 M per year from Auburn. Kiffin is doing well at Alabama. It's a time where you need to strengthen the ranks. Certain acquisitions can certainly help with recruiting as well. Initially I would suggest looking at TCU, Baylor, Oregon, FSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, USC, Arizona & Ariz state, Miami, (FL), and perhaps a few others.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Either a key member of the #4 team in the country or the head coach of the #79 team in the country. If he stays here....... an offer as head coach of a better university will come up.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I always loved having J.T. as our coach. He brought us a National Championship, that's something that nobody else has done the last 40 years. He was a great man who was brought down by some immature misguided players. That's sad and unfortunate.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Thanks for the info. I was wondering as well. I'm not sure how this is typically decided. What seems fair to me is that the higher ranked team should have the option of being the home team  Home team = Red jerseys.   GO  BUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

The cards are stacked against us. All we can do is WIN against Wisc. and hope and pray that some of the current top 4 lose.

Alabama probably won't lose.

Oregon might lose

TCU most likely won't lose

FSU might lose

Baylor might lose

Comment 03 Dec 2014

The cards are stacked against us. All we can do is WIN against Wisc. and hope and pray that some of the current top 4 lose.

Alabama probably won't lose.

Oregon might lose

TCU most likely won't lose

FSU might lose

Baylor might lose

Comment 02 Dec 2014

The High School video of Cardale was pretty damned cool. I hope we see much of that ability on Saturday and the next 2 games.

Did anyone mention: BALL SECURITY,  That's huge.

Also, don't try to be a run first QB. That doesn't work, Mix it up and use all of your weapons.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

I would love to see Mr. Jones have a Fabulous game. 350 yards passing with 4 td's 120 yards rushing with 2 td's and a great game by Elliot, Marshall, Samuel, Smith, Spencer, Thomas, Huerman (sp?), Vannett, the O Line, Special Teams and the kicking game, and the entire Defense and coaching staff.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Immediate Need: Replacement QB to win 3 big games.

Not Needed:  6' 5" 250LB  Running Back.  We have RB covered. Run sometimes - Hell Yes but not 20 or more times.

The doubters are saying that we can't win now. We need 20 - 25 passes on Saturday including some touchdown receptions. Best of Luck and Make us Proud Cardale.   G O     B U C K S   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense needs to rush 5 or 6 and blitz to stop the running game.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Just watched on ESPN  Championship Drive: Who's In ?

They are all down grading OSU because Barrett is out. They're saying Jones is unproven and team won't be selected because OSU is down to 3rd string QB. For OSU to have any chance at the final 4 in the final committee vote, Cardell has to pass 25 or more times with success hitting the receivers and scoring. He can't go out there and try to out gain Melvin Gordon...........That would be a serious mistake. We need a Big Strong, Quick, Capable Quarterback who gets us voted into the final 4 on Dec. 7 or 9 whatever date the final date is done. We have to be a great defense against Melvin Gordon. I'd love it if we held him under 120 yards. If we blitz we can do that.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Good luck to you going forward. Remember bad choices have a price. A Fabulous Buckeye - and now NFL Hall of Fame member

Cris Carter made mistakes too. He learned from them and went onto to major success. I hope you do the same Noah, I hope you get your college degree also. You need to continue challenging yourself in a positive direction. The mistakes will cost you money. Everybody loves your talent but the mistakes will cause you to slip in the draft.

Good luck. Stay focused. Be a Buckeye for life.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

If we continue to be lack luster it doesn't take us up. Last week 3 turnovers in the first 16 1/2 minutes of the game. Doesn't sound like a top 4 team to me. This Saturday we need to win big. Huge is better, plus who wouldn't enjoy a 88 - 3 win over _ichigan. I wouldn't mind sending Brady out with a triple digit loss.  118 - 3. Crush their hopes.

Around the country: Alabama loses to Auburn, FSU loses to Florida, MSU loses to Ole Miss, TCU loses to Texas. 1,3,4,7 going down. All very possible results. We crush _ich and crush Wisc. and hope Oregon loses in the Pac 10 championship game, We then waltz into the Nat'l championship series ranked number 1. Life is good. GO BUCKEYES bring home another championship as we get the mindless morons to stop talking about the SEC ruling the world. Urban needs to remind the world that we and he are very much Superior and our new dynasty can start where we win a ridiculous number of National Championships (8 in the next 10 years)  

Comment 24 Nov 2014

LL Cool J  -  It's Time For War.......  Very cool. I had never seen or heard that before but it was great. I'm sure my kids are much more familiar with it.  SO - Let's get the university to invite LL to the game. Sideline passes, a Friday performance at the Woody Hayes facility.... We should be building up this event big time. More press, more hype, more attention, more talk..... It's a big deal and we should ride this wave. I think if feasible we should invite LeBron and any other celebrities who love OSU to be at the game. Big Hype, a Big Win, Big attention, Big votes from the committee. A path to the national championship series.   G O    B U C K S    ! ! ! ! !

Comment 22 Nov 2014

We faced a weak opponent and they scored much too easily. Imagine if we played like that

against, Oh I don't know A  TOP  FOUR TEAM......We would have been killed. Our defense was way to easy to

move the ball against. Maybe Mr. Fickell and Mr. Ash should polish their resume's. Our offensive play calling was suspect also.

Jalin had a great game. Good job.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Regarding Cager....... I like the 6'5" height. I think the new trend will be taller WR.

I was just looking at and for available CB and S with OSU as a potential destination, I liked the guys

who were over 6 feet tall. That helps covering tall WR and TE. We have 21 commits. Wanting another or two more OL

RB, DL. Does anyone know how many we can sign ? WR - Broadus 6'2" Vegas, Snoop Dog's son 4 star WR, any interest by Ohio State ?

According to OSU is currently ranked 8th for 2015 class. So much for 3rd..............

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Apparently logic isn't required this question. It was will 2015 class finish as a top 3 class ? Not Do you wish OSU had

a top 3 class. I imagine we're about #6 currently. We'll probably finish number 5 - 9. Top 3 is no way. I hope that I'm wrong

but use your brain...... Most of the 5 stars have committed elsewhere. Let's all hope Alabama loses to Auburn and misses the

playoffs. Then maybe they'll stop getting such dream classes of recruits.

Comment 16 Nov 2014


 I completely agree with all of your points. You are exactly right. We all want what's best for the team but some commenters are very willing to forgive any mistake as long as we got a W. Problem is not correcting those mistakes hurts you in the play offs when there is no next game unless you win. I have great respect for JM and think he'll be very successful and will do great things. A little bit of time to think about it and a stern reminder from the coach is a good idea as well. I would try Devin Smith, Brionte Dunn, Curtis Samuel, or Spencer at returns.

Mad props for JT for another fabulous game. I can't imagine him not starting next year. Maybe Braxton can be an H back who can have the option to pass as well.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

7:34 left in the 3rd, #4TCU is down 10 pts to Kansas.... #1 MSU is down by 16 at half. Clemson lost to GT. Notre Dame struggling with Northwestern, Arizona struggling with Washington, other good match ups as well. Navy is beating (8-2) Georgia Southern 24-7 in the 3rd

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Sorry for multiple posts. I tried to delete all but one. - Didn't work.

Note to Urban:  Make a list of people who can handle the football. Brionte Dunn, Curtis Samuel, Devon Smith, Cardale Jones, WHOEVER>>>>>>>>>>  When somebody fumbles a punt, tell them "Have a seat on the bench........maybe you'll play better next Saturday". We've had too damned many fumbles. Seems like a simple rule to follow. There should be a price to pay for being sloppy. The team will suffer from lack luster games. You are trying to impress people. Stop turning the damned ball over. Hoping for a day full of upsets. VT beat Duke (Thank God).... Hopefully everyone ranked above us suffers today. Everyone in the top 25 except Big Ten teams.