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Comment 30 Apr 2016

Maybe if you live in Cleveland and your last name is Cleveland and you work for the Browns and your hair and eyes are Brown. Maybe that's a reason to be a Browns fan. 

The Browns seem to be avoiding Buckeyes like the plague. If I wasn't the guy described above I would have to think about finding a new team. There is another Ohio pro team. Saints, Bills, and others are welcoming Buckeyes while the Brownies are acting like it's dog $hit to avoid........ Perhaps they think that if they had a Buckeye or two it would confuse the rest of the team when they use those crazy unusual words like win, try, effort, championship, etc.

Comment 01 Mar 2016

I believe the chances of these kids improving greatly is fabulous. However, when asking in January of '17 why we don't have a few 5 star players.......remember how in March of '16 we were sweeping up 3 star players. This kid may improve to a 4 and maybe one day a 5 star. However, I don't know why commitments are the best idea when it's not a key - need player. Where will we be if the class fills up and we're looking about as average as usual. Top 20 is fine with me(Sarcasm). I want us to be the top recruiting class in the country. If this kid gets us there....I'm in. I would encourage commitments from 4 and 5 star kids and tell 3 star and lower..... we like you and we'll stay in touch. This December it will get more specific. You are who you are and we are who we are.

Comment 01 Mar 2016

Wow, a small window of opportunity there. For those who studied hard - best of luck to you. Some will have a less clear path. Not all Buckeyes will see greatness although I think all should. I think not running, not lifting, and not giving it everything is a cheap and not respected way to go. You get back the same as you put in.

Comment 24 Feb 2016

I love the combine. It's college football at it's core. It's a small showcase at a time where (other than unerased games on the DVR) there's no fix for college football. Buckeyes are getting a lot of good attention. Drink it up, enjoy it all. Spring game and the draft are just around the corner.

Best of luck and Best of health to all Buckeye players. I hope you're all very happy with the chance being set before you.Make the most of it and please represent yourself, your family and the university well.

Comment 19 Feb 2016

I'm a Mn Viking fan. I'd love to have him our our team. Rick Speilman is the GM. We have Peterson, Bridgewater, and a good young team. Made the playoff's this season. Haven't had a Buckeye in about 4 years. Perfect fit.

That's something the Browns will never be able to say..... Made the playoffs, errr I mean we got the 2nd draft pick.

Comment 19 Feb 2016

Strength / Conditioning / and Toughness. Get these men in very hot, cold, wet, and windy conditions so nothing is a deterrent. No excuses this year. National championship equals success and a loss (at any point) is a disappointment. I always believe we'll rise up and surpass expectations. Great year to go undefeated and win it all. Go Bucks !

Comment 18 Feb 2016

Conklin claimed his team knew it was over shortly after halftime. From  "The key turning point in that game was we came out at halftime and it was really cold. We're running around stretching and we looked over to their sideline and they're all huddled around their heaters. It was actually that moment where we said, 'We're going to win this game.' It just didn't seem like they were in it as emotionally as we were."

Hell a radical idea here.... Maybe these young start players need to get used to throwing and catching the ball in the rain when it's cold. Unless we build a dome, weather will happen. If our guys are concerned about getting to the heaters........Their not thinking about the opponent. Woody would be shaking his head thinking about the spoiled brat who's not played in harsh weather being most concerned about the heaters. News Flash, November 2016 will have weather also. Get these young men out of the WHAC and get them the upper hand by being accustomed to playing in wind, rain, snow, or sleet. May the coaches tablets won't like the harsh weather but who cares about that. Get out and toughen up. Not all conditioning is done in a 5 million dollar weight room. Imagine the irony if we face ttun in late November and that weather shit happens again and the team is busy trying to get closer to the heaters while our  QB, WR, RB, Line, Defense, and special teams are looking for a van ride to the WHAC........ Not good. Blast me if you like but it's about getting positive results and 11/21/15 we looked like we couldn't beat a tough opponent. Not a great opponent (obviously - see Bama 1/1/16) but one who had been rained on before. You can have a beautiful house on 5 great acres but if your child wouldn't consider leaving their tv/tablet...... it's just grass to cut. Get your @SS outside and play  !!!! said the good Dad.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

March Madness....... Yahoo, the chance to play one more it time for us to win a title ? Imagine saying you saw a non Football national title and you're not over 55 ? That would be nothing short of AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! You can always hope. Hell it wouldn't hurt our chances to recruit in hoops as well. Anything is possible if we believe.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

I so hope all Buckeye play fabulous today.....I also hope the great performances are followed by a story on non-local news noticing how "Buckeyes" did so well. Go Bucks.

Above it was asked how someone could not love Cam Newton....probably a million answers to that question including one that starts with an R and ends with an ism. It's alive and well in this country. (Sadly)

Comment 04 Feb 2016

The above shows that whatever your interest is, you can find a poll to back that up. Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz....... there's a poll to show how they're killing it. I know a lot of people bash ESPN and I admit that they have SEC love...... but they also have a network and the rights to telecast national championship games and about 5 Buckeyes on payroll getting valuable air time.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I love the above chart. What concerns me is that in the last 3 recruiting classes we have 14 OL. I seriously hope that our new OL coach is in favor of rotating in back ups. Doing so will keep fresh players on the field, will allow more guys to play, and will yield positive results because a fresh 300 pound guy should block a tired 300 pound DL. This also allows player development, experienced depth, and the ability for an injury replacement to be achieved with a kid who has been there and done that.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Saltydogg, Great point, You're exactly right. Teams that recruit poorly often don't play well on the field because as important as coaching is, having talent to start with is essential. On that network, they said how no team has won a national championship without previously having a top 10 recruiting class. Team with many number 1 recruiting classes just won a national championship. 2 + 2 does equal 4. Bama and Florida state did very well yesterday. I honestly hope we do whatever is necessary to rise to the top in recruiting.

The idea of a NSD party sounds crazy to me but I admit that young people love the attention. Maybe it's worth considering.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

ESPN rankings of the top 75 programs and where they all stand. I would think whoever is AD at Illinois should polish the resume. Several others sucked as well.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I think this class is an A- for MSU.   9, 4stars & 10 3 stars gets you an A-  ?   HUH ????

Wisconsin  I give the class a B.   3, 4 stars, 22  3 stars and 1  2 star gets you a B  ?   Not good at all !!!!!!!

My final grade for the Minnesota class is a B+.   1  4 star,  19 3 stars  and 1  2 star gets you a B+    Seriously  ????????

I guess by these standards everyone in the top 20 rankings  See  is a solid A++++

Crazy stuff here. OSU gets an A (no plus because we started the day at 2 and ended it at 5) Mich gets an A as well. 15 kids in the espn 300. 2 more than us. Penn State did fine and MSU did fine but neither was near the top 10. SEC had 5 teams in the espn top 10. That's what our league should aspire to. Aside from The Buckeyes and Mich the entire Big ten was piss poor. News Flash, This is why the preseason polls will have OSU ranked top 10 and Mich close behind. I wouldn't expect anyone else (perhaps MSU) to be in the top 25. The big ten did terrible today. 

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Great job. I'm hopeful that Mr. Pantoni has a great year late 16 thru 2/17 and we finish on top for recruiting. That's a position we should fight towards because finishing below Bama is not where we belong.

What sucks is the Big Ten as a league. It's the big 2 and all the rest again. We finish at 5, Mich at 6, then we get some space before the next 3 or 4 teams. At one point today the SEC had 6 of the top ten spots (espn). As a league our bottom half seriously struggled.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I think this young man will be HUGE for us. A very important signing. I hope that our coaches keep him well fed and use his massive talents to escalate us to the top in offensive efficiency. I'd love for us to start passing much more and have great receiving stats. It's time to forget about Tim Tebow (running QB) and pass the ball so we continue to have players drafted high.