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Comment 14 Oct 2014

Thank goodness for Ray Hall. What he is doing is a very classy action. Helping a kid who has gotten off track is a real gift.

I hope life gives back to Ray Hall for this selfless act. A great way to show that once a Buckeye - Always a Buckeye.

Thank you Ray for your time and attention. You've earned respect from the home crowd !

Comment 11 Oct 2014

Whether or not the 2nd bye week was a bad idea will be known Sunday evening. OSU is not playing. If we go up 1 - 4 spots in the polls it was not a bad thing. If we fall 1 - 3 spots in the polls, it will have proven to be a negative thing. Out of sight / Out of mind. If you're not winning, you are losing. We need to win out and hope teams above us continue to lose.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

In past years I don't remember 2 bye weeks. I can't imagine there's anything that requires 2. I'd much rather have OSU look to find an additional game for one of 2 bye weeks. Against a power 5 conference team. That would help us. More than 1 bye a year is too much.

I agree bye week placement seems suspicious. How our opponents get byes before playing us (Good opponents that is) is strange.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Did you ever tell your assistant coaches: Next year we can't have 3 losses !!!!!!

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I was at the game. I went to the rest room mid to late 2nd quarter. 7 pts when I left, 21 pts when I got back. Last year the defense was bad. This year I'm wondering how much better they are. We gave up too many yards and too many points and this was against Cincinnati. What would the result have been if we were playing against a talented team ? Against a top 10 team it might have been ugly.

I'm very pleased that we've made some improvements. I worry though that if we win the rest and win the B1G with only one loss...... and we make the 4 team playoff, can our defense stand up against better competition ? I sure hope so.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I agree we shouldn't run up the score but we must improve all players for game time situations. Thank God JTB has remained healthy but I worry about the repaired knee and that's why huge leads should be a time to prep back ups and avoid injuries. Especially because we will need the improved depth when playing tougher opponents as the year goes on. GO BUCKS !!!!!!

Comment 15 Sep 2014

To: Nutinpa,

 Don't pass because we're up by over 50 ????? Are you afraid of hurting Kent State's feelings ? It was a game and the back up QB can improve on his skills in a game. Plus, I don't care if we score 125 pts if we're playing with back ups. We should use games with large leads to get back ups more experience ! If we had done that last year - playing back up linemen, maybe our O Line would look better this year. If the O Line was better than what they have shown, maybe we would still be undefeated and in the top 10. Again, poor coaching. I love our coaches but they can make better choices.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I put the responsibility on the very high paid coaches. We get great recruiting classes but you couldn't tell that by looking at our offensive line. They are very weak. Again I blame the coaches. And in games when we're up by a lot, we should have back up linemen in there in case there's a need for a change. Bad O line play is the reason we lost to VT. Poor defensive execution is an issue as well.

Better play calling would leave defenses more off balance. It's past time for major improvements.

Last but not least, When we went to CJ at QB mid 3rd quarter, why didn't we pass the damned ball. We know a QB is one play away from being a starter and our back up QB should have more game experience running the offense not just running out the clock.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I don't want to say I told you so...but I did. I recently posted to get the back ups as many reps as possible because the fact that Braxton couldn't effectively pass spelled TROUBLE. Let's prepare, work hard and hope for the very best. Maybe one of these two young QB's might perform better than expected. Hopefully Braxton's injury is not serious and perhaps he'll miss 3 or 4 games. I especially hope that he's back for MSU. I'm wondering if he really reinjured the shoulder or if he got a bad surgeon in February.

G O   B U C K S  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 18 Aug 2014

To: D.J. Byrnes: You don't have to be an ASS about little league baseball. Nobody is asking you to watch it. That's why you have a remote control. I'm thankful kids have something decent to watch. Especially kids that play baseball.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I am very concerned. The fact that he's not yet 100% is very troubling. I hope both back ups get serious reps for the next 2 weeks.

So many are saying - If he can't throw, he can just run more. WRONG. If it hurts to throw, imagine how he will feel taking a hard hit and having a tackler take him down on that tender shoulder. Just like every year I want everything to be perfect for the Buckeyes. It seems like Braxton should have been throwing consistently a month ago. The fact that he's not sounds like a big problem. Finally, if he has injury problems this season....... it will kill him on draft day.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

I was very disappointed that Urban didn't notice Braxton was hurt - therefore ineffective at the end of the Orange Bowl. With KG in for the 4th quarter...... we would have had a chance to win. If Braxton is not health by now, get the back ups as many reps as possible. I don't want excuses or bad performances this year. If BM can't go....... Have a seat young man. While you're sitting there, cheer for your team.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

There's a kid that I think TOSU should consider. A WR from California with good height. Last name is Brodus (spelling ?) He's the son of rapper Snoop Dog, from a segment on ESPN. I'm not a fan of rap but I think this kid looks very good.  I think we should start getting taller WR as it seems to be a good trend. He will sign next February for college. 2015 class

Comment 21 Jan 2014

Basketball....... Where have all of the cup cakes gone. Nothing like competition to show how weak that you are.

Comment 13 Jan 2014

I checked out and there were several uncommitted kids who were in the top 100 national rankings who had OSU as a team of interest and a couple had visits scheduled to OSU in late January. I hope we can get a couple 4 star players. Also not yet committed was the number 1 TE. Instead of trying to get the kid committed to PSU I think we should swoop in and steal the top TE in the country. That will be important as we prep the next QB.

Comment 11 Jan 2014

The above candidates sound great. I would suggest going for a young coach. Hart may be good but with 44 yrs of experience he's got to be near retirement. I choose Tressel. Youth will help us with recruiting. I also would strip Fickell of the DC title. I know it would be an embarrassment for him but he hasn't earned the title.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Great story. I sure as hell hope the OSU coaching staff reads this site. It would do them a service hearing the real opinion of the fans. They do still work for the university and fans don't they ?

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Two things that I want to say.

If the defense is this bad....and it is very bad...... why isn't someone being fired?????????????

I hope that Braxton decides to go pro. Is he ready ? NO But who cares...... we need a QB not another RB. Watched too many bowl games where QB's threw often and well. Imagine having 300+ yards passing in a game. Imagine passes being thrown accurately. Not 6 feet off the ground where they can easily be intercepted.

Declare Braxton

Comment 16 Dec 2013

I love B. Miller but he's not yet ready for the pro's. They insist that you pass well. BM is improved but still over throws or under throws too many receivers. He would get drafted behind McCarron,  Mettenburg, Jordon, Bridgewater, fifth QB.... is that the 3rd or 4th round ? Stay, learn, improve, grow....... if you're tired of being hit...... hand off the damned ball or pass it.

Comment 17 Mar 2013

Today is HUGE. I would love to see something very different. I would love to see the Buckeyes challenge the ball after it's been in bounded. Including occasional traps/double teams in the back court to try to force turnovers. I know many just want more of the same but a high pressure defensive attitude could keep the Badgers of balance.


Anyone know who's wearing Red and who's White today ?

Comment 12 Mar 2013

I am a Minnesota Viking fan. I've posted on a Vikings message board that I think Troy Smith would be a great choice for QB. Minnesota has terrible back up QB's and an unproven starter.

 I hope I can get other Viking fans and team management to consider him. Career QB rating of 159.7 according to wikipedia