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I am from Columbus, grew up an Ohio State fan. I actually wanted to play football for the Buckeyes, but when I hit 5-foot-8 and stopped growing, I figured it wouldn't work out too well for me as a linebacker, so I fell back to journalism. I figured if I can't be a player, I might as well be as close to them as possible. I'm in my third year at Ohio State studying journalism with a minor in philosophy, and graduated from Marion-Franklin High School in south Columbus.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: In the first pitch of my first at-bat of high school baseball, I was hit by a pitch. It set the tone for the next four years of my high school career.
  • NFL TEAM: Philadelphia Eagles
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Los Angeles Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 17 Feb 2017

I was told no Snyder for this week in Ithaca by the head coach. At least, not for competition. His plane back from Iran will be landing earlier that day, so it would be risky to throw him in the lineup immediately.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I have no idea what it was. I was in there roaming for approximately 20-30 mins, and not a soul seemed to be alone or willing to be interviewed. Not in the lobby, not in the lounge downstairs, not leaving a gym, nothing. I generally stay away from people who seem to be studying or with headphones in, and I might have to drop that policy moving forward to get some more contestants. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

While I see the value in your points, I think that the entire point of this segment is to ask really obscure questions. Your point about Snyder is exactly my point in this video: the dude might be the single most impressive/accomplished athlete currently at Ohio State and we don't even know his name for the most part. What I have noticed in the past few weeks is that perhaps my fanbase with this video aligns with more mainstream things -- so if you call yourself an Ohio State fan, I'm asking things you should know (i.e. last Heisman winner, Wooden award, etc). Gonna try to get a few more straightforward questions this week. Thanks for the comment!

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Thanks for the comment, I did totally blow the Byron Russell question. I think I got a little jittery and was aiming for Byron Mullens, so I would fail this week as well. And asking the missionaries was just something that kind of moved away from me interviewing students every week, I thought it might be a little funny/ironic/whatever to interview the people who always seem to be stopping students on campus to get them into a conversation they don't want to be in. And, as we've seen in some previous HBAY episodes, they were not our worst contestants. I'm trying to come up with a way to find some contestants that know some things about OSU to name them the HBAY champion for the week, that way this segment isn't always an embarrassing two minutes of students knowing nothing. Again, thanks for the feedback, and go Bucks!