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Comment 26 Sep 2015

Cardale hasn't looked great, but we are desperately missing Devin Smith. What makes Cardale so great is his ability to throw the deep ball, and we need a WR to step up and allow him to do what he does best. We need to find our deep threat, and soon. Stretching the field is what helped Zeke run all over everyone at the end of last year. I think if we can find that threat, our entire offense will explode.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

"Kareem committing doesn't do much of anything to me, to be honest," Hill said. "He's really good and you can see he's fast. He's competition and that's all good. I'm looking forward to being teammates. I've got a lot of respect for him."

At 180 or 202...Hill's attitude is WAY more impressive than anything else I read or saw; he has a bright future ahead of him.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

He's covers Ohio State football news in Columbus.  He could be wrong, but it's what I've been told and he has usually been right about recruiting forecasts.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

From what I've heard he was told to look around too...and while I'd hate to learn that was true, it's probably related to Baker coming this way.  While getting Baker would be awesome, I'd be extremely disappointed in our staff if this was true.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

You're right the teams' experience is comparable, but at least on offense they've got experience (starting or competing) where it's needed most in my opinion, at QB and on the OL.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

By young I mean in terms of college football experience, but I thought that was clear.  And you're right, USC has a young OL too, but Banner came out of HS at 6-9 330 and enrolled in 2012 and Mama was the #1 OG coming out of HS and is 6-4 370 (monsters compared to our guys).  I'll give you Toa though; he's just stepped up.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

I hope he becomes a stud!  He came back to Bedford near the end of this past school year and spoke to my students, as well as the rest of the students at the intermediate schools in Bedford.  The best part...he stressed the importance of being a diligent student and model citizen (very little concerning athletics).  No matter how he plays we should be proud of this young man.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

So is this kid being recruited as a QB by tOSU?  I know Danny Clark is committed as a QB in '17, and if he is rated as highly as it appears Judson may be, we "could" land two absolute stud QBs?  That'd be nice, but signing day for the '17 recruits is beyond far away...but we can cross our fingers.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

Shaking up his top 5 doesn't mean anything if it doesn't dislodge his top 1...hopefully on his potential visit Urban can do...well...what he does

Comment 10 Jun 2014

My fiancé baby sat Liam when he was younger and I met him and his family down in Columbus last summer...a very kind and humble young man...bring him in!

Comment 08 May 2014

Yes, but by ESPN's standards a .500 team in the SEC would dominate the B1G...HA!  We will be just fine.

Comment 27 Apr 2014

I understand this, but for us to be recruiting him hard meant we really wanted him.  Suddenly we stop...what does that tell us?  Probably that nothing changed concerning our staff, but something changed on Settle's part, and for us to completely stop recruiting him?  Something happened we probably did not like.

Comment 27 Apr 2014

I bet he knows the reason, but doesn't want anyone else to know; so, he's throwing our asses under the bus to cover his.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Shouldn't we be happier about this?  All I read on these forums is how the B1G needs to do a better job recruiting, and when they do, we shrug it off or get pissed!?  McLean was one of our targets so it stings, but in the long run it's good for the B1G.  Don't worry unless this becomes a pattern year after year; and I do not see that happening.  GO BUCKS!