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Comment 16 Dec 2014

Sometimes the kid is better off with just the one parent than an abusive or negligent father/mother.  Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and kids are collateral damage in those failed relationships.  Some people just can't be civil with their former spouse after their relationship is over.  The reasons vary, but the results are the same.  Everyone that was connected to that marriage is affected.


Comment 10 Sep 2014

I like Eze a lot but he only carries the ball in his right hand because of his injury.  He doesn't even use the left to cover the ball before contact.  That is going to bite us in the ass before the season is out.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

The drugs may not be his, but I think there is a good chance the other issues are valid.  I mean I haven't been a college kid for a long time but I don't spend much time in my backseat.  I think a drug test should be able to determine rather quickly if he was using.

In either case I hope he is able to learn from this and is able to turn things around for the better.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

They test guys multiple times a year and their fastest times get posted on the speed board. It's not surprising to hear that some of the guys don't match their best 40 ever on combine day.


Comment 28 Oct 2013

They can take a tendon from a donor called an allograft.  Essentially it is the Achilles tendon from a cadaver that they take and use to replace the busted ACL.  Recovery time was faster for me because of the issues I had with the harvest site after the surgery on my ACL.

Comment 18 Oct 2013

I've always seen Philly as a possession receiver.  He'll make the catch but he doesn't really do much with it after that.  There have been exceptions but they are few and far between.

Comment 07 Oct 2013

I guess the only issue I have with the comparison is that we don't have anybody on offense that we can switch over and help the defense in the area greatest need like last year.  Boren really helped fill the gap at linebacker last year, this year  I think we need more secondary help and one guy isn't going to fix it.