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Comment 02 Jun 2016
I've been seeing Phish since 94, so this article rings true on a lot of levels with me. The friends I made at tOSU I still see Phish with, we have endless things in common and have an absolute blast when we meet up at shows. I'll be at the Gorge as well, let's get a beer Chris.
Comment 03 May 2016

I think its going to come down to the health of Smith and Brown...same goes for Samuel and Wilson.  Lots of unknowns at this point.  I also heard Gibson is going to be in the rotation.

Comment 14 Mar 2016

I was once in your shoes.  I worked in Hospitality, hell my degree is in Hospitality Management.  I decided I hated working at hotels and went to pursue my career in the Audio Visual industry.  Its fun work, I do sales, but I still get to play with the latest and greatest AV devices.  I also get to work with all the big name tech companies here in the Bay Area. You may want to consider AV as an option.  If you get certified on the right products, can learn how to configure systems and are presentable you could be making a 150k a year in a matter of a couple years.

I can point in the right direction and what you all need to learn.  You need to be naturally tech savvy and the ability to learn multiple software platforms.  There is such a need for these types of people in and around San Francisco, just not enough to go around.  We are hiring people all over the US to move here.  Plus its an awesome place to live.

Comment 12 Mar 2016

I hated living in Texas and got out as soon as I could.  But I realize some people love it there.  Your swamp ass factor is going to go threw the roof, I hated constantly feeling like I needed to take a shower. If you hate highway driving I don't think Texas is the place for you.

the lack of a music scene and weather alone would deter me.