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Comment 11 Jan 2017

I've watched pretty much all of the games this year, maybe missed a couple minuted here and there.

They are really tough to watch, bad basketball in general.  The team plays with no flow and very mistake and turn over prone.  There is no clear leader and they play like a broken unit.

Some bright spots have been Trevor Thompsons play, when he's not in foul trouble and Tate has seemingly returned to form after the shoulder issues of last year.

This team isn't going anywhere and the coaching staff seems indifferent to their success. 

I'll continue watching but it isn't a "fun" team to watch as most act as if they don't give a shit.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

Cut to the chase; WR underdevelopment or QB skIlls and protection to blame for passing woes?

Comment 29 Oct 2016
Terrible play ballling, like really bad. Inability to cover a walk on receiver #80 Missed tackles Dontre Wilson gets way too many opportunities with very little productio, #2 needs to find a seat. JT had severe accuracy issues.
Comment 18 Oct 2016

At what point does PSU realize that James Franklin is garbage and the hot seat officially heats up? 

Comment 25 Sep 2016
Can't say he didn't deserve it though.
Comment 09 Sep 2016

he's a clown, there to do nothing but drawn attention to himself.

definition of a clown:

a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.

Comment 07 Sep 2016

It looked like KJ Hill dinged his shoulder, has he been practicing?

Comment 02 Sep 2016

Yes, did it all the time when I lived in UA. It's awesome.  The bike corral is fast and efficient. They are always heavily staffed and never run out of room. It's free, but you should tip them. I always gave them a 5 and they would give you a coupon for a free burrito at chipolte. Easy as can be and sooooo close, do it!