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Comment 04 Dec 2012

here's my prediction on the ap vote next month after a bama 20  nd 7  champ game.

1 bama 1500 votes

2 ohio st 1498 votes

3 nd  1350 votes

just guessing, since these are people's "opinions" that we'll get a close but no cigar.  it will probably be so obvious when we get snubbed it will almost be comical.  think there will be any certain phone calls the night before the champ game to make sure who's voting for who? maybe in a certain part of the country? where ya'll is a word?   stay angry my ohio friends, just more gas on the fire for 2013.     



Comment 27 Nov 2012

seems scum is a little desperate trying to get an extra year for gardiner.  they better hope there is not a rule against asking for a redshirt from two seasons ago.    "yeah, i have a 6th year sr who played only 3 games in 2007, can we get an extra year? "     denied 

Comment 20 Nov 2012

i can sort of handle the games vs ichigan we lose when we're both 8-3 and it's on to the 2nd tier bowl for each team. winning in those years is great too. but when we have a season with a huge oppportunity and then lose, it's unbearable.  like the 90's.   we did well with tress when we had that opportunity. we have another this year.  just seems like it's lining up correctly. at home, going for perfect season, and urb as the coach.   hoping to see the field flowing with fans at about 3:30 on saturday....  

Comment 31 Oct 2012

as shown in the program, the current student body president is a black women.  of course, she had a small racist incident but handled it with grace and dignity.  i wish in the show they fit in bob dylan's "oxford town".   

Comment 22 Oct 2012

don't forget we won in '07 and '09 at psu and those may have been the best games we played all year. i'm just glad the games we treat as a rec league game are over except illinois.  purdue was horrible against the run but that good against us?  that's just lack of effort. we'll come to play in the last month.  

Comment 18 Oct 2012

for every td purdue scores i'm doing a shot of ammonia and cleaning part of the kitchen floor. that's multitasking right there...

Comment 15 Aug 2012

i like urb's style. he's intense but not a screamer.  he's an encourager not a berater.  he'll yell at you but in a positive way.  like "that's a bad play son, you can do better,come on!   and the players respond.  tough but fair is much better than a respect loser.  you'll produce rebellious players who won't care anymore. 

Comment 08 Aug 2012

maybe penn state will go xfl and instead of just mcgloin on the back of his jersey, he'll have MOXIE.. "and starting at qb for the lions... number 11... MOXIE..     

Comment 08 Aug 2012

i bet thomas is working so hard because at  the miltary school it was that way or the highway. i don't think a drill sergeant like the guy in full metal jacket yelling at kids is beneficial, but learning discipline and feeling good about working hard are good habits that a school like that develops. 

Comment 07 Aug 2012

we almost blew the game vs ind last year.  that would have been harsh.    

Comment 03 Aug 2012

of course the wwl wil do whatever it takes to get interesting stories and ratings and stay away from stuff that will damage them like unc and the acc.  they may not have any ethics and integrity but hey ya know,  they are running a business...   capesh? 

Comment 03 Aug 2012

if we win the the first 6  games including msu and neb then it's ok to talk about having a really good record  because the next 4 games are very winnable too.  including a trip to penn st(will be interesting who is on their team/what their mindset is)   10-0 going into camp randall would be awesome.  i almost think urb should take the reverse psych view and put his pressure on them-i expect you to be 10-0 going into wisc.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

anyone see shane morris at the camp yesterday?  i don't know.  he seems pretty good, but i can't say he'll be awesome.   hard to tell just playing 7 x 7 or whatever.   i thought the qb going to georgia was better. 

Comment 30 Jul 2012

opening day vs miami will be like deja vu.  hyde backed up by rod smith. because 2 other guys are out again.   just like vs akron

Comment 18 Jul 2012

at bgsu, the cleve and cincy dudes  were all in together on saturday rooting for the bucks but on sundays of browns vs bengals, there was a environment change.   not too bitter though, just semi mean banter. 

Comment 18 Jul 2012

say it ain't so joe..    no, it's so delusional, stuck in central cultish  pa farmland people.  seeing a video pic of the shower gives me the willies.   don't drop the soap jerry   you're new nickname will soon be someone'e bee-ot*h   

Comment 17 Jul 2012

hi bc eagles, i'm your new coach bollman, here  is our new play, it's called dave.. 

Comment 10 Jul 2012

the worst was when "rentalcar gate" was rolling across the bottom of the wwl complete with thadius gibson car record, etc.  can't the gov't  or an attorney get  involved with the wwl to give then a reminder that they can't just spread rumors as news stories? they are like 7th grade gossipy girls. 

if mr miyagi (being a wise old man) was a osu fan he would say as of today, danielson, you go paint the fence, football long way off.   if you count the minutes from 7/10 til 9/1  it will take forever. 

at least the the summer sports are mildly interesting enough to patch us through until 9/1.  a little british open here, tennis there, olympics, an inning or two of tribe or reds.  at least it's not life or death  who wins or loses.     

Comment 03 Jul 2012

i hope everyone started growing their mullett too so it's at the correct length for tomorrow.  but along with jorts and mullett, the best bet for a complete outfit is a fla gators tank top..    

Comment 27 Jun 2012

i would say at the end of the 2010 season, nate williams was the #1 d lineman and simon #2.  so it should be a big help if nate is back at close to full strength.   

Comment 22 Jun 2012

two more years and that 50 years without a championship for cleveland.  lebron leaving was just another cruel chapter.  lets see you deal with 50 years without  a champioship detroit,new york, boston,chicago, pittsburgh, etc..        

Comment 12 Jun 2012

too many students sitting on campus playing guitar and smoking green leafy substances and not going to the game.  but jefferson airplane is at st johns tonight.  lets go to that man...   tickets are $4.00...      

Comment 12 Jun 2012

right, remember it was going to be howard island last year and he was almost off to the nfl, but then he got burned a bunch of times for td's and catches.  so lets see some improvement this year. 

Comment 11 Jun 2012

funny how the ncaa has thousands of arcane nit picky rules that cross the border of absurdity like a bunch of 18 yr olds from san diego going to downtown tj, but oversigning is up to any renegage coach who can do whatever  he pleases.   like recruiting classes have a "suggested" number, but packs of gum bought for a recruit can't excede .75.   another classic entity to college football and the ncaa.    

Comment 08 Jun 2012

let the country think we're a football  school and then when we play in our 12th final four, no 2nd or 3rd  like an alabama, or texas who are also fball schools, but 12TH final four, the folks will say damn, ohio state has that good of history in basketball too?  like i said before, who can touch our history in the two major sports combined?   NO ONE CAN  did you hear that sec schools who only care about winning football games, and crookedly if needed?  or notre dame, usc,texas...    NO ONE.    and to add on, just a few years ago,  we made the freekin finals in both sports in the same school year!   and a note on that-you never hear how extrodinary that is that osu vs fla in both major sports in same year   why?  that may never happen again.   we also came very close to playing on our 5th championship game in the last 10 years.  and we may make another champ game soon, but fla-i don't see that happening. sorry jorts and mullett gater fans...