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Tim Shoemaker is the Ohio State basketball beat writer for Eleven Warriors who also assists with football coverage. Before coming to Eleven Warriors, he worked for both the Columbus Dispatch and Ashland Times-Gazette. Feel free to email him with any tips, comments, questions or concerns at [email protected]

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Comment 20 hours ago

Gibbs' dad told a local paper: "It was something he felt he had to do for his state of mind.” Sounds like he just wasn't happy there. His best friend apparently transferred out of the program, as well. Couple that with the fact Seton Hall is bad and he probably just didn't want to play his final season of college basketball there. Not having to sit out a year certainly played a big role.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

^^^^ This. 

It's also a numbers thing. There are only 13 scholarships available for college basketball teams. Ohio has great basketball talent — usually with about three top-100 players every year. You simply can't offer all of them and all of them can't come to Ohio State. It doesn't work mathematically.

And the elite players often want to go to elite programs. It's not that difficult.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

There's a slight flaw in that logic, though. Thad is fully capable of getting big-time recruiting classes like the one you mentioned, but the problem is programs like Ohio State (to no fault of Thad's) can't do it year after year after year like Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, etc. That's where the difference is. When guys leave early at those schools they simply reload with the next year's class — that doesn't happen at Ohio State, it's impossible.

Recently, Thad missed badly in 2012 just signing Della Valle. In 2013, he signed Loving and Kam Williams (not a bad two-man class at the time). In 2014, he signed one of the top classes in the country (including D'Angelo Russell) and has another top class in 2015. The 2011 class, at the time, was very good, as well. Nobody had any complaints about it in 2011. 

Recruiting hasn't been the problem — 2012 was the only year I would consider "bad" in that regard.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

The bottom line: Ohio State in basketball is not what it is in football. Sometimes, you're going to lose the state's best prospects to Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, etc., the basketball powerhouses. 

The same thing happens in football. States with second-tier programs sometimes lose the best in-state talent to the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

As of right now, there are no scholarships available for the 2016 class anyway, so this isn't much of a surprise. Both of the 2016 commits Ohio State has right now are from Ohio. Thad got A.J. Harris from Ohio in 2015 and Jae'Sean Tate and Dave Bell in 2014. There simply isn't room for everybody. It's not football.

Once V.J. left Akron SVSM, a commit to Ohio State wasn't likely.