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I'm a Buckeye fan who is not from Ohio...


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning the Cub Scout Pack 89 Badminton Tournament back in the day... Didn't lose a single game the entire tournament and just absolutely dominated my fellow Cub Scouts. While I had some great moments on the football field and the basketball hardwood, nothing compares to obliterating the opposition in that Tournament.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde, Teddy Ginn
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner, Kemba Walker (UConn BB fan also)
  • NFL TEAM: Philadelphia Eagles
  • NHL TEAM: Philadelphia Flyers
  • NBA TEAM: Philadelphia 76ers
  • MLB TEAM: NY Yankees

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Comment 06 Feb 2014

RDS was great. A legendary tOSU linebacker...

More importantly, A.J. Hawk was ROBBED by not being awarded the Butkus. Still irks me to this day and will forever. At least in my era, I'm a young guy, Hawk was the best tOSU linebacker I've ever seen. Miss him.

I'll miss RDS too, good luck in the pros.

Comment 06 Feb 2014

4 star? If an SEC school offers you then you are a 6 star, if Bama, it is 8...

If you sign with Ohio State and run a 4.36, you instantly run a 4.6...

If you are the best LB in the country but sign with tOSU over Bama, you are no longer the best...

If you sign the best class in the B1G, it doesn't matter because the Alabama and Florida pee-wee leagues sign even better classes... and pay better too

If you aren't Alabama, it's not really a good class, it's just alright comparatively...

If you aren't a Bama commitment, you are just leftover scraps for other teams...

Screw E$ecPN... Screw the $EC... Screw them all.

Great article 11W!

This is an amazing class! Welcome to the Family, make us proud.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

"Having been to multiple games there, I can't assure you, don't buy the hype."

I wish you could assure us not to buy the hype... I think this game could go either way really. MSU has a great defense, though they definitely lost some talent. Oregon has struggled against great defenses before but they have also obliterated opponents. Oregon's defense usually is their Achilles.

Interesting though, UFM made a trip out to see Chip Kelly and his offense when he worked for ESPN and I think said something along the lines of really respecting Kelly's offense. Kelly isn't there anymore but they probably run a lot of the same stuff.

Do I think Sparty will win? Maybe. Do I care all that much? Only because if they win, it makes Ohio State's strength of schedule better. I'm becoming increasingly weirded out by the MSU love fest that has kind of been going on here lately, though I'm sure it is just because we really like Dantonio and the fact that they kicked scUMs ass recently. More than anything, I just don't want to see Oregon annihilate Sparty and drag the B1Gs reputation through the mud even more.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I'm no Oregon apologist, honestly, but who else are they going to put that high?

Oregon has gone 11-2 (2013), 12-1 (2012), 12-2 (2011), 12-1 (2010), and 10-3 (2009, Ohio State beat them in the Rose Bowl...

Very few programs have that kind of consistent success over the last 5 years. Sure, they often blow it in the biggest game, but sadly the same is often said about tOSU. I think the biggest reason why they are ranked that high is because Mariota is coming back.

Maybe they shouldn't be Top 3 but realistically who else would they put there? And if not #3, where should they realistically be ranked? They have finished the last 4 years ranked in the Top 10 at the end of the season... Like I said, I'm not a fan of Oregon football or all of the hype they get, but at the same time I can't look past the success they have had in recent years, though they have blown it in big games. If Ohio State deserves to be in the Top 10 after 2013, I'm not sure how someone can argue Oregon doesn't deserve that either.

A lot of programs would love to have done what Oregon did the last 5 years (57-9)

Comment 04 Feb 2014

#2, #4, #5, and #8?

You don't think the committee will "two-the-line" with what the majority of the media says, mostly ESPN, and have the same #1-4? Maybe you didn't exactly mean 2, 4, 5, and 8 but it is hard to see a committee leaving out #1 and #3 for #8... Though I'm glad the BCS is gone, I think it generally got the right two teams in the Championship, usually. Top 25, maybe not as accurate. I would be surprised if the new Playoff didn't get the right Top 4 teams in, or at least Top 3, more often than not.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

"Seattle scored in every way conceivable"

This statement could be taken different ways... maybe it wasn't meant to be taken 100% literally but had more punch to it than "Seattle scored in various ways" or "Seattle scored in a plethora of manners." I think they just meant Seattle scored a lot: on offense, on defense, special teams, safety, pick six. They scored quite a bit through a multitude of aspects.

This was no Superbowl, it was the BoringBowl.

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I'm claiming the 1998 Cub Scout Badminton/Shuttlecock National Championship. I went undefeated in my Pack 89 Tournament without losing a single game in any of my matches and never had the chance to play anyone in a post-season tournament from any other packs or dens... In my humble opinion, undefeated = national champion, so the 2012-13 Buckeyes deserve a title too.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

This should be on a test with the question being "Which of these do not belong?"

Answer: Oregon... Unfortunately, followed closely by tOSU :(

Basketball season has been rough lately... is it Fall soon?

Comment 28 Jan 2014

On Netflix there is a documentary called "Schooled: The Price of College Sports". For those interested in the "pay for play" debate, I think it is at least worth checking out.

Comment 27 Jan 2014

Looks like scUM is trying to get David Sills to flip:


EDIT: ^ this guy beat me to it by .073 seconds

Comment 21 Jan 2014

"Trying to lure some of the new folk here on 11W away from the GIF threads to something with a little more....substance?"

GIFs lack substance? What??? GIFs forever.




Comment 20 Jan 2014

Didn't know Urbz is a wrestling fan... Good to hear he got to see one of his former players though and spend time with his family. Good stuff.