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Comment 15 Dec 2014
Have an upvote before the dvs start pouring in. I may not word it as hyperbolicly as you, but I definitely think the key is to pressure Sims and force him to put up some ducks. Cooper is going to pull in the good throws but if the line can get Sims frustrated, I like the chances of pulling in some jump balls.
Comment 27 Nov 2014
Hopefully those rusty, dusty 'Horns can do us another solid tonight!
Comment 26 Nov 2014

I live in Houston. There is nobody in my current circle who understands what *ichigan Week means to me. Someone asked me why I'm so fired up for the game when *ichigan is so, so bad? Don't I want them to be good so that the game means more? No. No, I do not. I want the Buckeyes to win, and I want it to hurt. I want it to hurt as much as all of the losses in this series have hurt. If that no good team up north fields a good team and the Buckeyes have a chance to hurt them by wrecking their season (like 2006) then fine. Good. But if they're a miserable squad that has only the last dying gasp of fight left in them and the Buckeyes can stomp it out of their chest, then I'm good with that too. Go Bucks. F*** *ichigan. Hang on, Sloopy


Comment 22 Nov 2014
I really hope for the best for Spence and anyone else in that position. In my (unfortunately extensive) experience, problems with drugs like ecstasy result from problems unrelated to the drug itself. Hopefully he got his mind right and can move on.