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Comment 08 May 2014

Yes, HTC. Those were for Manhattan salary numbers. 

Was recently interviewed for a job in San Francisco and even though cost of living is about the same (excluding home buying), salaries are still $20-25K less.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

Agree. Unfortunate but true. They gained a nice flow with him on the bench. That translated to a lead. Think the prudent thing would've been to wait until that flow was disrupted or they lost the lead. 

Sometimes the best move is to keep the best player on the bench. Don't think the D could've been any tighter in the front court and the O was certainly more in rhythm. 

Comment 26 Nov 2013

Amen to that! I'd love every year that we are the one shit stain on the record. Seeing hope continually dashed is like country fried steak for the soul.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

Wonder if last year he overthought too much. Not hard to go from shooting with assuredness and overshooting. Got the confidence back later in the season. Sure given the loss of Thomas, he will step up to be a strong second/third scoring option. 

Comment 02 Oct 2013

And would you believe it, a tumblr site dedicated to that orgasmic distortion! Oh internet, you're my MVP of the Day again!


Comment 02 Oct 2013

Urgggh! So wanted to be there! Glad it was a success. Planning to come next year...even if my wife freezes my credit card again. Cash in hand!

Comment 02 Oct 2013

When I walked into the opium-smoked catacomb headquarters of the Gypsy Syndicate, Gilderoy Scamp, the naked, morbidly obese, self-styled King of the Gypsies, was having tubs of melted butter poured onto him by a gang of naked slatterns.

Holy hell that is hilarious! 


Comment 28 Aug 2013

41 - 3 Bucks.

Shazier goes 13+ tackles.

Washington 4 sacks. Spence 3 sacks.

Wilson scores on run back. 

Miller 250+ air. 105+ ground.

Can you get anymore excited for an opener?!? 

Comment 07 Apr 2013

Excellent recap of DT's career, Chris. Few players have grown on the court as much as Thomas has. Most important, he didn't lose confidence in his own ability or the core of his game. He was a baller who became a great all-around basketball player. Good luck DT. We'll all be supporting you.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

I'm sorta surprised Thomas' stock hasn't gone slightly up. Especially since he has worked much harder on his D, especially support coverage. And since most NBA players seem unable to hit or don't cotton to the midrange jumper, would think DT would be a sure 6-7 man. 

Never like "easy games." Especially in tournaments against a team that's playing well as a unit. Need the 2nd half ISU and AZ Bucks to put their foot on the Shocker's neck and keep it there.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

Well done. Well done. 

Stallone and Deniro gifs should be an auto +5.

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Thought the inconsistency of the refs HAD to be screwing with the players' minds. To their credit, they played through.